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Here are the answers to CodyCross Baseball Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Quote from Shakespeare: "The world is my __".

Baseball footwear.

Deino, Enyo and Pemphredo, Gray sisters of myth.

Actress Isla __.

Wallace's pet dog.

"Tomorrow" in Spanish.

RAF acrobatics team, Red __.

Kuala __, Malaysia's largest urban center.

Big cat MLB team from Detroit.

Surname of the young Twiggy.

Musicians Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Pras Michel.

Where the Biblical Ark came to rest, Mount __.

Puzzle 2

Hidden or little known.

Joint term for catcher and pitcher in baseball.

Shakespearean play subtitled "The Moor of Venice".

__ aircraft, designed to avoid detection.

Lorelai and Rory were TV's __ Girls.

__ Gun, a NY piece of public art against firearms.

Receptacles for boiled breakfast items.

__ Pavarotti, opera singer.

Ahead of followers.

Anna __, leading actress in Rome, Open City.

Batting __; baseball batter's performance stats.

Part of the skull's temporal bone, near the ear.

Puzzle 3

Cooked meats that are not heated before serving.

Architecture style associated to king James I.

Proving to be wrong.

Mythological three headed "Hound of Hades".

Norwegian archipelago once known as Spitsbergen.

The Great Bambino of Major League Baseball.

Enjoys wealth and health.

Nationality of Tenzing Norgay.

Shape of the home plate in baseball.

Woodland, hooting avian; former Brownie guider.

Puzzle 4

Actress Catherine __, star of Chicago.

Walking swaying the hip.

Royal song from Disney's Aladdin soundtrack.

Can be smashed or shattered.

__ Sky with Diamonds, The Beatles song.

Unrefined, unprocessed consumables.

Containing, including, highlighting.

Gogol's account of the ownership of deceased serfs.

The German city where Volkswagen is based.

Spinning toy or decoration driven by the wind.

A.M. __ art deco poster designer of Normandie.

Baseball fielder position between 2nd and 3rd base.

Crowned, sworn in, installed.

Washington MLB team, used to be Montreal Expos.

Puzzle 5

Country where Volvo was founded.

Initial assessment to prioritize patients.

NY MLB team that relocated to San Francisco.

South American rodent, similar to the guinea pig.

Put garments on.

Domestic cat looks like a wild cat with rosettes.

__, Tramps & Thieves, 1971 hit for Cher.

Flour that's been put through a sieve.

Hours spent at work, especially on a rota basis.

Personal small annoyances: pet __.

Spores from trees, weeds and grass.

Boston MLB team with scarlet footwear.

Puzzle 6

LA MLB team, established in NY, moved in 1958.

Acting knight who won an Oscar in 1982 for Arthur.

Country where the peppermint candy PEZ originated.

Moved quickly, anagram of Swedish.

Insect larvae used as fishing bait.

They were the first to destroy Baghdad.

Music for private performances by small ensembles.

Insurance company approved by Snoopy.

Female member of British nobility.

You shouldn't do this to a book by it's cover.

Highest ranking Hindu caste.

Site of most of the physical action in baseball.

Fleshy bit of your derrière.

Toastable fruit-filled snack.

High pitched, like a loose wheel or dog toy.

Crankshaft-turning motor powered by a car battery.

Puzzle 7

Joyce's day in the life of Leopold Bloom.

Circular, Catholic Epiphany cake.

Wooden boards used in factories.

Occasional and varied employment opportunities.

Player crouched behind home plate in baseball.

Sad, glum.

City where Churchill's Iron Curtain began.

Beach__ is searching the beach for items.

Pittsburgh MLB team; old rival of the Phillies.

Totally amazing.

I Was Born to __, no one else, sang Queen.

First woman Prime Minister of France: Edith __.

Puzzle 8

Places where sparrows dip their feet.

At the __; leading the field.

Pigmented structural glass of the art deco period.

Fourth base in baseball.

Seaside stripy seating.

City in Iceland whose name means "smoky bay".

Risky 1991 Michael Jackson album.

Domed Milanese loaf with sultanas and citrus peel.

Ohio seat of the Indians MLB team.

Central, densely populated residential area.

Puzzle 9

Very lady like.

Highstepping like a horse.

Grasped tightly.

Feathery MLB team based in Toronto.

St Kitts __, volcanic Caribbean island country.

Green beans hung to dry on a string: leather __.

Flag carrier airline of Tunisia.

Wooden strip that runs around a room.

Three Coins in the __, song from 1954 musical.

Marilyn Monroe's big-hitting NY Yankee, Joe __.

Making a padded bed cover.

At full moon, a person who becomes lupine.

Most likely.

Boxing equipment and fitness wear brand.

Glasses __ as people say "Cheers!".

Puzzle 10

Big lizard native to Mexico.

Country where the Pindus Mountains are located.

Small motorbikes.

Shigetaka __, Japanese inventor of emojis.

Open with a key.

The strangest, weirdest.

Composer of "Auld Lang Syne": __ Burns.

Organized competition between several sports teams.

Originally France, Poland, UK, and in 1941 the US.

Spare baseball player, not in starting line-up.

Puzzle 11

Opens a large map.

Obviously, without any blurring.

Spectacle for one eye only.

__ alley, rolling heavy balls at a retail park.

Baseball playing field, not necessarily sparkling.

The Chamorro jawbreaker cookie.

Founder of IKEA: Ingvar __.

Holiday __, festive knitwear with amusing images.

__ Bizet, Carmen composer.

NY MLB team; major rivals of the Boston Red Sox.

Puzzle 12

Local laws of Pashtun people.

__ Gaulle, international airport in Paris.

Intense weather event with strong gales.

To transform women's appearances, beauty __.

__ Connection; 1971 Best Picture Oscar winner.

Acted on anticipation.

Hound, oppress, harass.

Early 20th C art movement on speed and machines.

Life-threatening seizures in pregnancy.

Travel distance of produce from farm to consumer.

When a batter fails to hit after three pitches.

Body position of a shortstop in baseball.

American Pie and Vincent singer.

Puzzle 13

To have had an effect on somebody.

The god of theater.

Crushed a piece of paper.

Bathers at __, painting by Georges Seurat.

Ocean between Ireland and the United States.

Fruity Spanish white wine from Galicia.

Star of the 2012 film "Prometheus": __ Theron.

Baseball pitch that is thrown at high speed.

Baseball throwing motion from above the shoulder.

Ability to understand and work with numbers.

1930s conflict between Bolivia and Paraguay.

Ancient Egyptian jars for a mummy's entrails.

Puzzle 14

Curdled dairy product in gourd eaten in Kenya.

Compos __, Latin for "sane".

Stop a plan from being realized.


Prolific English children's writer: Enid Mary __.

Person from the country whose capital is Suva.

Mr Cash, the Man in Black.

Company which owns the free web platform "Blogger".

The Great __, POW movie with Steve McQueen.

Player in their first year of a sport.

Measure of the mass of a diamond.

Headquarters city for the high fashion line Escada.

Fractional equivalents of 0.2.

Soft floor covering.

Game official who oversees diamond action.

Puzzle 15

Connects, links to, be next to.

Blooms worn in buttonholes.

Garment coverings for arms.

Creator of the statue of Athena for the Parthenon.

Instrument family including viola, harp.

Country where the Nuremberg trials took place.

Long-distance runner, with Mobot celebration.

The O in AOC (French word).

Big-hitting batter in baseball.

Sinkholes in karst landscape.

1904 venue where baseball made its Olympic debut.

Puzzle 16

Informal, common speech of uneducated people.

Global decaffeinated coffee brand.

It holds a bobbin.

City of the ancient kingdom of Assyria.

__ Vane, Peter Wimsey's love interest.

City home of the baseball Braves.

Professional casino employees.

Bicycle lighting system powered by wheels.

A baseball hit that goes high up into the air.

Black spot __ is native to the Orinoco River.

Roughly search a house.

Point nearest to the orbited object; not apogee.

Wear __, natural and inevitable damage.

Burnt to a crisp.

Puzzle 17

Joely and Natasha Richardson's mother: __ Redgrave.

Inflexibly fragile, or a sweet peanut hard toffee.

Medieval name for Wales.

Touching the batter with the ball in baseball.

Made a noise like a frog.

Lone Star State MLB team, based in Arlington.

Revelations, religious dreams, apparitions.

__ Hall, Freedom Trail building in Boston.


First elected President of Russia: Boris __.

Puzzle 18

Nationality of someone from Tallinn.

Girl's name meaning of or relating to dolphins.

Releases an egg from the ovary.

Not being naughty, being good.

Largest bay in Madagascar.

Red rows that hold together a baseball.

Baseball team based at Citizens Bank Park.

__ on the Wall, Sam Smith's James Bond song.

Nationality of film and TV actor Leslie Nielsen.

Colombian cake made with alcoholic drink.

Slick like ice or oil.

Philippines pre-Xmas spectacle: Giant __ Festival.

Check pattern named after canines.

In a __ means to be explained in few words.

Last House of Hanover British monarch: Queen __.

Army personnel residences.

Inventor of Esperanto: Ludwik __.

Visual images that can be painted or drawn.

Those who shirk work.

Large biblical boat that has never been located.

Puzzle 19

The Mastersingers of __, Wagnerian opera.

Fair __; area in baseball between the foul lines.

Censoring, obscuring, editing.

Famous executioner used by Charles II.

A non-straight baseball pitch.

Snack-sized sweet indulgences.

Film for which Tatum O'Neal won an Oscar.

Hens allowed roam about in natural conditions.

Britain's floating army.

Aquarium fish with elongated lower fin.

Mountain that towers over Rio de Janeiro.

One who travels in search of warm weather.

Puzzle 20

Gives out prizes.

Raised earth on which pitchers stand.

__ ball; low batted shot in baseball.

Sounds from knitting needles.

Founder of Hull House: Jane.

Jodie __, who played Clarice Starling.

Container filled with seeds for garden birds.

The __ Girls, Judy Garland is waitress, 1946.

__ Republic, name for Germany 1919-1933.

__ apple tart with frangipane from Normandy.

She lay out in the sun, she __ in it.

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