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Here are the answers to CodyCross Basketball Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Instinctive feeling that something is wrong.

Religion founded by Joseph Smith, Jr..

Joining or fastening one thing to another.

Basketball timer to quicken pace of game.

Denying parentage.

Removing goods from a vehicle.

King of Mycenae during Trojan War.

A complicated maze.

Sand tells time in one of these.

Political crisis in All the President's Men.

Tables and chairs and other household decor items.

__ oils: rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender.

Russell __; highly decorated NBA point guard.

Puzzle 2

Declare to be true or the case.

__ pin; cylindrical tool for smoothing out pastry.

A style or method of cooking.

Run off and leave someone.

Immune system's negative response to dander, nuts.

Describes major speech or speaker at a conference.

White __, famous track by Billy idol.

Pardon, excuse.

Professional shooters.

Shoemaker and mender.

Name of the Charlotte Hornets, 2004-2014.

Coloured screens put over the lens to change image.

Country bordering Cambodia on the south.

Puzzle 3

50s dance style using slapping and crossing arms.

First name of Cortes who ended the Aztec Empire.

Soothing greasy substance for itches and wounds.

Exchange of goods or services between businesses.

Rear-end, buttocks.

Jeff __; head coach of Houston Rockets, '03-'07.

Remains of something that has been badly damaged.

Additional play if score is tied in basketball.

Proverb: Once bitten, __ __.

Kathy Kane's alter ego.

Completely fascinating.

Belonging to a galaxy, the Milky Way.

Attacked by surprise.

Puzzle 4

Intercepting a pass in basketball.

Metal finger protectors when sewing.

Alexandre Dumas novel based opera by Verdi: La __.

Rudolph is one, as are Comet and Prancer.

Native American chief of the Chiricahua Apache.

Having wide space between canines.

Procedural rules that govern the affairs of state.

Discord caused by a clash of opinions.

Home of the Seattle SuperSonics, 1978-1985.

To surpass in heaviness.

Overhead window pane.

Collectibles that are valuable due to their age.


Somniphobia is the fear of doing this.

Puzzle 5

Shot that doesn't hit the rim, backboard or net.

__ Stones, rockers with hits including Start Me Up.

This type of oil can be used for teeth whitening.

Use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

Disposable paper squares for wiping mouths.

Hug tightly.

Type in the wrong phone number.

Lion mascot of the Sacramento Kings NBA team.

Stuck on the sand, like a whale.

Third wife of King Henry VIII: Jane __.


Virgin Group founder: Sir Richard __.

Puzzle 6

Rigid device that immobilizes a broken bone.

List of players on a sports team.

Marshy, boggy areas.

Predominant original language of the Old Testament.

Benedict __, American traitor of the Revolution.

Top up.

Player competing in his first NBA season.

Window type, inserted into a roof space.

U.S. State with highest canned Spam consumption.

Fluid that carries blood components to the cells.


Brimmed felt hat with crease along the crown.

Puzzle 7

Santa might go down it on Christmas Eve.

Line where the sky meets the Earth.

Ashton __, first to hit 1 million Twitter followers.

A disruption in the surface of the roadway.

Minor competition counterpart of NBA.

Speak now, or __ hold your peace.

Where one keeps wrenches and screwdrivers.

Canadian professional baseball team bird.

Computer key that affects how the number keys work.

Informative graphic.

Land ruled by a monarch.

Power or small position on basketball team.

Square of chocolate dessert with US origins.

Puzzle 8

Wrist restraints used by the police.

School dining hall.

A residence for monks.

Retired LA Lakers guard, nicknamed Mr Clutch.

Espresso drink with a dash of hot milk.

Government where a few people have all the power.

Fishy lender that charges sky-high rates.

Russell __; highly decorated NBA point guard.

A mechanical failure.

Without limit or end.

Puzzle 9

Tip-off play used to start every basketball game.

Maurice __; first president of the NBA; 1949-1963.

Government decisions/actions; opinion on policies.


French prison that was stormed on July 14, 1789.

Army wear.


No longer state-of-the-art.

Nationality of Michael Jackson's girl from 1989.

Casting off skin, dropping leaves.

Relating to the running of a home.

Puzzle 10

Its capital is Stockholm.

Spectacular disaster.

__ Knight, Licence to Kill's theme song singer.

Suppress, restrain.

A foot in poetic meter.

Globe, ball.

__ flags, symbolic blessings in the Himalaya.

A hole-boring tool.

Cameroonian NBA player nicknamed The Process.

Capital city where Mozart lived and died.

George __; San Antonio Spurs expert shooting guard.

Goose that lays the __ egg.

A long-haired carpet or Scooby Doo's best friend.

Central and South American alligator relative.

Metallic strand decoration.

Puzzle 11

One who causes unnecessary panic.

Ground almonds are essential for this cookie.

Travel across a place.

Unsure as to the existence of God.

Skin tumor, often the result of sun exposure.

Enthusiastically, with gusto.

__ Nationals; early name of the Philadelphia 76ers.

U.S. Republican party symbol, a huge trunked beast.

Hill or mountain in a dessert, changes with winds.

Religious official in the armed forces.

Towards the opposite direction to west.

Puzzle 12

Possession gained after missed shot in basketball.

The period for gathering crops.

The range of colours used to decorate a room.

The service a barber provides.

Boston basketball team with Irish roots.

Fixed amounts when supplies are low.

The __ Triangle is said to make boats disappear.

Beetle with a luminescent tail.

Deterioration of health after some improvement.

Bivalves rumored to be an aphrodisiac.

People lacking in courage.

A scheduled stop on a metro or railway journey.

Snake-headed sisters in Greek mythology.

"A house __ against itself cannot stand" - Lincoln.

Composer of the piano piece Clair de Lune.

Puzzle 13


Distension or enlargement of a body part.

Out at sea, account used as a tax haven.

"Let __ dogs lie" means to leave well enough alone.

In flight, carried by the breeze.

Barest, most desolate.

Hamlet quote: "To be or not to be--that is the __".

Sacramento __; former WNBA side, defunct in 2009.

Flexible basketball player, a.k.a. guard forward.

To have a reverie during work hours.

Brawny, strong.

One who marries again before getting a divorce.

A car exhaust.

Of a climate that is hot and humid.

Where photos are developed without light.

Christ the __, statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Singer-actress of Pillow Talk and Tea for Two.

Puzzle 14

Footwear hung by the fireplace.

Making better, ameliorating.

Quick advancing counterattack in basketball.

Not having courage, or a backbone.

Young, male church singers.

Term for an egg-laying mammal like the platypus.

Rancher's headgear.

Alternative name for a point guard in basketball.

Large area of continuous land on Earth.

Iron Man's alias.

Puzzle 15

Large Canadian isle named after an English mariner.

Sleepy __, headless horseman tale by Irving.

Snoopy's dog breed.

Nickname for Margaret.

Opera by Rossini: The __ of Seville.

Color worn by officials in Euroleague basketball.

Usually the tallest player on a basketball court.

Thin stems of a palm used to make furniture.

Small cake often containing blueberries.

Car maker with Celica, Corolla and Sequoia models.

Sudden heavy downpour of water.

Unbroken, not opened.

Puzzle 16

Basketball pass to start a fast break.

The act of combining two things together.

The island where Tokyo is located.

Balance, match.

__ Arena; the Golden State Warriors' Oakland base.

Threadbare and raggedy like the edges of material.

Thelma & __, they drove a Ford Thunderbird.

Yankee __, patriot song of the American Revolution.

Someone who does not belong.

The sum total of money allotted to a project.

Puzzle 17

Dodge __, General Lee in The Dukes of Hazzard.

French term meaning social blunder or "false step".

Not level, on a slant.

Romantic relationships.

Wars, skirmishes.

Mandatory basketball clothing: tank top and shorts.

__ Attack; John Calipari's double-dribble play.

Emerald isle divided into two parts politically.

Insulation material of sea mammals.

Where musicians stay while traveling on the road.

Before eighth.

Soft toffee sauce.

At Prince Harry's wedding: David and Victoria __.

Puzzle 18

Stimulant in coffee.

Flower shop owners.

Finger joints used in boxing.

Headwear made from grasses.

Enough, sufficient.


Plan of action.

Beatle, George __.

Chilean capital.

Mid-game breaks in basketball for resting players.

Blended term for England's two top universities.

Raising one's glass as a goodwill gesture.

Puzzle 19

Ancient Greek author of the play Antigone.

Florida NBA team with mascot called Burnie.

Container for taking home leftover food.

Damagers of property, especially in wartime.


The San Antonio Spurs' Dallas-based NBA rivals.

Postponed temporarily.

Only surviving Bee Gee.

Wrist restraints for an arrested criminal.

Highly sought-after cup used by Jesus.

Precious minerals made into jewelry.


Puzzle 20

Field goal in basketball from jumping position.

Changed in order to improve.

Follows orders.

The G in VGA, video __ array.

Setting alight.

__ Packers, defunct 1940s Indiana NBA side.

Showing impressive beauty or dignity.

Adult male horse used for breeding.

The place where you come from.

Dreamer, romanticist.

Italian almond biscuits aka cantuccini.

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