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Here are the answers to CodyCross Bath Time Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

A large-built wild ox; also a type of mozzarella.

Styling product that hardens locks.

Broad-minded; centrist political parties.

Collided with something.

Cleansing, removing dirt.

To make something level and even.

If you stand on __, you are as tall as you can be.

Used your arms to push someone out of the way.

Small sheathed weapons.

Rain pools.

Squashy, squeezy toy.

Puzzle 2

Contains, e.g. the cake __ of flour, eggs, sugar.

How Now __, phrase for perfecting the vowels.

Button used to alert a homeowner you are visiting.

Pencil __, bits left after a sharpening.

Copied, mimicked... but never duplicated.

Nail __; instrument for trimming fingernails.

Fashion brand that features Japanese graphics.

Brown, salty, Asian condiment.

From the cold country known for maple syrup.

Making chicken noises.

Tiny bubbles created by lathering.

The two nasal openings.

Award statues given to champions.

What people yell on arrival at a secret party.

Puzzle 3

PM, or the hours following midday.

Container that gives out soap in small quantities.

Catching brief sight of.

US card game known elsewhere as Twenty-One.

Float like a __, mantra of boxer Muhammad Ali.

Usually yellow transportation for young students.

Saccharin is an artificial example of this.

Breath-freshening liquid, not to be swallowed.

Heads, __ knees and toes; upper arm joints.

Supervision of criminal offenders.

Puzzle 4

Begin a journey; __ on a journey.

Small rooms filled with hot air for cleansing skin.

Another name for a burglar.

The joints midway up the arms.

__ powder; fine white powder to use after a bath.

Votes someone into office.

__ wire, spiky protection for fences.

Long yellow fruit that peels.

The large tent used to host a circus.

__ figure, a man – not your dad – who guides you.

Puzzle 5

Sport that takes place on the sea; riding waves.

Shape that has eight sides.

People who practice ballet or tap are these.

Personal cleanliness.


Hotel assistant who presses elevator buttons.

Springy material used in waistbands.

Service or religious rite used after a death.

Small lumps of breaded chicken.

Make plans in advance.

Gave formal signal of respect in the armed forces.

Japanese pocket monsters in games, cards, movies.

An underground prison.

Bathroom __; small cupboard for medical supplies.

Designated place where public transport picks up.

Puzzle 6

Powerful cutting tool for felling trees.

To teach someone, rhymes with "untucked".

Remove knots from hair.

US name for what Brits call "pavement".

Bushy tailed brown little animal who likes nuts.

The G in GOAT, the "__ Of All Time".

__ + the Machine sings Shake It Out.

Small pincer tool for plucking hairs.

Loyal, trustworthy.

All the clothes a person has; rhymes w/ ear lobe.

The pear with the most liquid is the __ by far.

Puzzle 7

Long __ Iced Tea, cocktail.

TV bar where everybody knows your name.

Removing body hair with sticky strips.

What an emperor rules.

Seated pose, legs stretched in opposite directions.

Empty inside.

Cream added to hair for volume and shine.

Pirate song: __ and a bottle of rum.

__ and fishes, food that Jesus multiplied.

Arm muscle, opposite to bicep.

The words to a song.

Puzzle 8

Place on the head where hair doesn't grow.

Jacuzzi-style bathtub which adds air bubbles.

Round fruits: dark skin, green flesh, large stone.

__ guarantee; a refund if you're not satisfied.

Disorder/disarray, panic when things are jumbled.

From __; entirely, covering the whole body.

Negativity, seeing the worst in things.

Chemically processed rather than natural fabric.

2019 film about Elton John's early life.

Tool with bristles for smoothing and styling locks.

Singers with pop groups.

An underwater warship.

Artist Salvador Dali's famous facial trademark.

Puzzle 9

Saying bad words, swearing.

Another word for a bunch of flowers.

A sister or brother is a __.

Bones in the chest to "jail" the heart and lungs.

Famous orange British cheese.

Spray can.

Venue for sports or sometimes concerts.

Small shiny discs sewn on clothing.

Did a __ erupting cause dinosaur extinction?.

__ bath; Middle Eastern public bathing practice.

Puzzle 10

Problems of a digital nature; __ difficulties.

Hazardous, potentially risky.

__ card, celebratory message carrier.

Beatles song where all troubles seemed far away.

Make-up products.

Real, not fake.

Tequila cocktail served in a salt-rimmed glass.

Storm that produces frozen pellets.

__ test; sports event demanding much stamina.

Head & __; anti-dandruff shampoo brand.

Don't look one in the mouth; be grateful.

Puzzle 11

Three singers who share a name; the Jonas __.

Skincare product for removing dirt and impurities.

Soft deer-skin shoe worn by Native Americans.

Headless __; disorganized hens.

Tough, experienced, e.g. __ criminals.

Peered intensely with eyes half closed.

Gushing out suddenly.

Domestic imprisonment for avians.

Cuddled up closely.

Cup winner in a sport, "we are the" one of these.

__ toothbrush; automatic teeth-cleaning device.

Welcoming, genial.

The most delicious.

Puzzle 12

Rocker and Reality show star Ozzy's last name.

This blows to make a breeze or a hurricane.

A small cupboard found in the bathroom.

Obvious, with plenty of proof.

Lightweight disposable paper napkins.

Nasal noises heard at night.

Eternal, lasting forever.

People who shoot with a bow and arrow.

Shower __; partition to stop water spraying out.

Take in air.

Exchanged or traded, at a meet?.

Undead brain eaters.

Puzzle 13

Unpleasant odor from the mouth.

More miserable than.

Device that blows warm air onto wet locks.

Fronds on the top of an orange vegetable.

Dunder Mifflin's workplace comedy series.

British rock band Electric Light __ (ELO).

Round wall target, often in bars, for arrows.

Scent, perfume.

__ bath; alternative name for a hot tub.

Puzzle 14

Point in the night when you go to sleep.

Rock a bye baby, on the __; in the nursery rhyme.

Weary tiredness, exhaustion.

Enclosure for babies and their toys.

Washing soap suds out with clean water.

Qualifications from university.

Turning from ice to water.

__ bear, is this big brown character irritable?.

Home for nuns.

Stand or lie on this to exercise and meditate.

Frozen mass that sank the Titanic.

Having got on a plane.

Shirts for females.

Cooked food with the heat of an oven.

Anti-slip rubber surface at the bottom of a tub.

Puzzle 15

Proctor and __; personal care products corporation.

Inhalation or exhalation.

She's a go-__, a high achiever in business.

Delicate flower, source of vanilla.

Opposite of oldest.

Clutches tightly, clutches.

Shiny surface for checking one's reflection.

Two words found on last page of a story.

Connecting structure across a river.

Eaten with teeth, or gnawed.

Puzzle 16

Brie and camembert are soft __.

Large, luxurious busses.

Close, e.g. __ the tap.

Permitted to do something.

Highway __ was the crime of Dick Turpin.

High-ranking army officer.

An exact copy of something.

Lotion applied to create a sun-kissed appearance.

Psychological treatment, analysis.

Create musically.

Puzzle 17

Goody __; someone who displays perfect manners.

Cosmetic treatmenr for hands and fingernails.

Clarkson says "what doesn't kill you makes you __".

Captain America's rouge headed archenemy.

A baby's hairbrush has soft __.

Flexible scrapers used for baking cakes.

Giving someone positive feedback.

Operating buttons on a vehicle dashboard.

Jellystone Park resident who loves picnic baskets.

Freedom __; the right to voice one's opinions.

Tube of rouge for painting the mouth.

Moving oneself through water.

Small dimpled sphere that's knocked about a course.

Destressing, unwinding.

With the most wintery weather.

Jennifer from the Hunger Games and Red Sparrow.

Puzzle 18

Very importantly.

Long luxury car used to transport VIPs.

Asia is the largest; Australia is the smallest.

Someone who drops trash, but not an insect.

Eight-legged sea creatures.

Musical player of discs or platters.

Broken or smashed.

Spray or roll-on to cover sweaty odors.

Winter sport on a thin plank attached to the feet.

Thick liquid for washing oneself.

Puzzle 19

Something that someone has chosen; they made a __.

Chilling out.

Homes, safe places; for homless or animals maybe?.

Speaking like a duck.

A raised area on the floor of the sea.

Cooking pot with a long handle and lid.

Detailed study of something.

Taking care of one's appearance.

A wolf in sheep's __, Aesop's saying.

US state home to Detroit.

Petroleum jelly and skin hydration brand.

Lights going on and off.

Puzzle 20

Out __; off limits.

Orange Halloween fruits for carving.

Brass musical instrument with a slide.

Letting out one droplet of water at a time.

Trance-like state.

Idea of a bad world, setting for novels like 1984.

Increased in size, got bigger.

Ten and three.

Left, e.g. the plane __ at 10 o'clock.

Appealing to ordinary people, to the population....

Spill over the edge, e.g. water from a full bath.

Something built or designed to be easy to carry.

Not said or uttered aloud.

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