CodyCross Bathroom Renovation Pack answers

Bathroom Renovation PackBathroom Renovation

Here are the answers to CodyCross Bathroom Renovation Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Quick meetings giving information.

Wall-mounted circle for hanging things.

Proverbially, it killed the cat.

Oven with timed rotation to prepare ready meals.

Source used for academic research.

Tropical fruit that divides opinion on a pizza.

__ steel, metal that doesn't tarnish.

Round objects a caddy might clean for a player.

2008 Mark Wahlberg thriller, The this.

One who assists in the act of a crime.

Puzzle 2

Turn the key on a clockwork device.

Caustic chemical used for bathroom cleaning.

Person selling wares on the streets.

Type of Love that was a 2020 hit for Lady Gaga.

This vegetable is said to repel vampires.

River flowing from Germany to the Black Sea.

John Steinbeck's classic book, Of Mice __.

Low sound made by a hungry stomach.

Flowers that ignited Dutch bulb mania in the 1600s.

They can be emulsion, gloss or matte.

Comic, film about group of extraordinary gentlemen.

Puzzle 3

Halfway point of the traditionally warmest season.

Extreme weather with showers of ice.

Soap __, plunger-topped bottle for liquid soap.

Creamy pasta sauce containing ham and cheese.

Out of bounds, not allowed.

Roman gladiator who led a slave revolt.

Activate this to wirelessly connect headphones.

Describing symmetrical shape-based designs.

He ran the 100m in 9.58 seconds in 2009.

Brass instruments with long slides.

Kids often have this cold symptom.

Puzzle 4

Giving a gratuity.

Raw, not cooked, like a cake or bread.

An enclosed stall for showering; a square office.

Female species who was married to Mustafa or Simba.

Motivational chat to raise spirits.

Cell division that creates two identical cells.

Famous waterfalls on Canada-US border.

Pre-iPod portable music player, battery-powered.

Liquid cleaner for hair in the shower.

Nero is said to have done this while Rome burned.

Wonder Woman, Katniss are great at this sport.

Book of the Bible that introduces Adam and Eve.

Puzzle 5

Sticky stuff on the back of tape.

Hostility between two countries or states.

Boxer Ali who was "The Greatest".

Black volcanic glass.

A guilty one is something you shamefully enjoy.

It can come in handy to keep hair off face.

Tales between short stories and novels in length.

Airy and roomy, like a room that isn't cramped.

Explosive material invented by Alfred Nobel.

2009 documentary about Michael Jackson's tour.

A flat, moveable shelf for resting over the tub.

Venus __, plants that eat insects.

Puzzle 6

Document holder with a metal clasp at the top.

Sex __, Netflix show with Gillian Anderson.

Block-building game with Creepers.

Don't get sucked into this sinkhole at the beach.

Style of bath with swirling water.

Jumping out of a plane with a parachute.

Title of the wife of a US president.

Product __, form of advertising in TV shows, films.

Places, situations.

Fast-food circular alternative to a French fry.

The basic design sheet of a project or renovation.

Heavenly bodies in a belt between Mars, Jupiter.

Practice session to prepare before a performance.

Puzzle 7

Greek messenger with wings; French luxury designer.

These gates await those who go to heaven.

Pays off a judge.

The anatomical anomoly in polydactyly: an extra __.

Prestigious English university, founded in 1096.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character in Seinfeld.

Flat lands at river mouths, with many streams.

Back__, the protective tiles behind a sink.

Medical professionals who treat patients.

Curved edible seed from a Brazilian tree.

End an online session by signing out.

2004 Supercar album.

Cosmetics; a type of free-standing bathroom mirror.

Totally radical, dude.

Puzzle 8

Whirling Sufi follower.

Softly; with little or no noise.

Baggage X-ray device at an airport.

Warm knitted shoes worn by infants.

A wall-mounted bathroom storage space.

Domesticated birds, e.g. chickens or turkeys.

Italian manufacturer of coffee products.

Navratilova, iconic tennis player.

An old iron bathtub might qualify as one.

Red submarine in Tom Clancy book title.

Mouth, Chunk and Data sought treasure in The __.

Highly sought-after fungus, unearthed by pigs.

Traditional customs or practices.

The rock band who sang Don't Stop Believin'.

Puzzle 9

Liane Moriarty bestseller and HBO series, __ Lies.

A bathroom that can act as a sauna.

Ship that carried the Pilgrims to Cape Cod.

Tropical plants lining the streets of Los Angeles.

Groups of musical performers.

Fried potato cake at breakfast.

Dutch city where you can visit the Van Gogh Museum.

Chairs, cupboards and dressers, for example.

Fritter hours away unproductively.

Bridge Over Troubled Water singer with Simon.

In business and branding, it's what TM stands for.

Puzzle 10


Long sponge-like scrub used while bathing.

Clips shown on YouTube, MP4 files.

Number of players on a cricket team.

Scientist who wrote On the Origin of Species.

Purify fat by heating it.

It keeps bugs from coming in open bathroom windows.

Annie, American sharpshooter of the Wild West.

New York's MOMA gallery displays this kind of art.

Coiled hair tightly with a chemical treatment.

Often wild playing cards outside of the normal 52.

What the Academy Award statuette is mostly made of.

An artificial structure that resembles a cave.

Singer and actor Jennifer, starred in Dreamgirls.

Puzzle 11

Backwards and forwards.

Sci fi series with Captains Kirk, Picard, Janeway.

There's egg on it when you're made to look foolish.

Another name for a rock group's male lead singer.

Type of plastic flooring often used in bathrooms.

Caribbean nation with a trident on its flag.

Basketball pass thrown above another player.

Rum-based cocktail named after a Cuban port.

Loops of electrical current.

What little girls often wear in their pigtails.

Legendary Hollywood actor and director Clint.

Keep these pincers in your bathroom cabinet.

Businesspeople develop these professional groups.

Puzzle 12

This Englishman discovered the laws of gravitation.

The flat revolving boards of an electric fan.

Club used on a green in a round of golf.

Number of independent countries in South America.

Black __, dystopian Netflix series.

Mortgages help people buy them.

Grande, singer of Positions and Thank U, Next.

Lustrous white metal used in luxury interiors.

Black and white tile that sets off chain reaction.

The movable angles where bones meet.

Sacred Indian river, personified as a goddess.

As the saying goes, health is this.

Small canine that will sit on one's legs.

Giant conglomerate founded by Sir Richard Branson.

Cooking oil derived from rapeseed.

Material used to make a bathtub duckie companion.

Another name for warm pantyhose.

Puzzle 13

Not susceptible to a particular disease.

First name of Fred Flintstone's best friend.

Giant squid-like creature feared by sailors.

Tablet versions of printed materials.

A recess in a wall where shelves can be built.

Gas added to balloons to make them float.

Nickname for the heart, and its beating.

Robot vacuum brand, cleans floors when switched on.

Béchamel, veloute, Espagnole, and Hollandaise.

Flat boards that enclose a bath.

Henry VII's relation to Henry VIII.

Bend, Eugene and Portland are cities in this state.

Surname of Shawn, better known as Jay-Z.

A person or animal that is fully grown.

Casper, Jacob Marley and Moaning Myrtle are these.

Mercedes Benz singer Janis.

A plan for a pattern for making something.

Puzzle 14

Sports arena with seats for spectators.

YOLO, NATO or UNICEF, for example.

A bad mistake in a chess game.

A style of wall-mounted sink on supporting legs.

Traditional gift on a 60th wedding anniversary.

King or queen, or a regal butterfly.

Series of exercises or sessions to aid in recovery.

Reuse and renovate an existing item of furniture.

Round, flat leaf of a water plant.

Country with a winemaking region called Wnningen.

Beatrix Potter's Flopsy and Mopsy, for example.

Painter of Still Life with the Caned Chair, 1912.

Puzzle 15

A group of spectators at an event.

Items exhibited during a court trial.

Woody, spiky herb that many add to potatoes.

US rapper behind 2021's What You Know Bout Love.

They represent energy levels in food.

Weightlifting movement raising a bar to the hips.

A window in a ceiling for natural rays.

A __ in disguise.

Time when the sea edge is nearest to the shore.

It blends hot and cold while filling the sink.

Character associated with parboiled rice brand.

Passenger-side dashboard compartment.

Human who shapeshifts during a full moon.

Where friends' statuses show up on Facebook.

Puzzle 16

Logged out of the internet and away from one's pc.

Use them to clean your teeth - or your toilet!.

In Japan, it's called Pocket Monsters.

Person who breaks out of jail.

__ Ice, frozen dessert sold in carts.

What meteorologists study.

Device that connects chargers that don't fit.

US state represented by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Style of shower door opened by moving to the side.

Birds come in gold, brush and Darwin's varieties.

What the M in MD stands for.

A line from Casablanca, "Here's __ at you kid".

Small, powerful watercraft to move other vessels.

Puzzle 17

Olympic court sport with throwing to score goals.

Wet form of pollution that damages plants.

Five-sided shape; US national security HQ.

Japanese hot liquid dish with tofu pieces, seaweed.

One-piece body fashion item.

Enclosed cabinet often found on a bathroom wall.

Slang for a large sum of money.

Octopus arm.

Brand of batteries that has a bunny.

Italian city Michelangelo's David is on display in.

Describes a design uniting many different styles.

Ford who's played Indiana Jones and Han Solo.

Puzzle 18

Necessary, crucial.

Nut that looks green when bitten into.

Chamber in which a legal trial takes place.

Creator of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Style of tap with a flat, wide flow of water.

In music, when something is repeated with changes.

Subconscious drawings, often done when bored.

Animal fleece lining for boots or jackets.

Using the tab key before a new paragraph.

Wheeled robot exploring the red planet.

Sleep during the winter, like a bear.

Air __, fragrant bathroom ornament.

Puzzle 19

This flightless bird lays the largest eggs.

Relating to stars.

Type of lettuce, also called cos.

Father and daughter performers Lenny and Zoë.

Bathtub with jets to bubble and circulate water.

Yellow food product used in tempera painting.

Those in front who are backed by followers.

A spa treatment consisting of kneading the muscles.

Make a captain into major.

Another word for leaves and greenery.

Musician who beats the tempo using sticks.

Greek goddess of hunting and nature.

The upper surface of a room, often painted.

Salon treatment for sleek, smooth hair.

Names, in the CB radio world.

John Wayne often starred in this type of film.

Puzzle 20

Well-mannered, like a fairy-tale prince.

It's the A in telecommunications company AT&T.

TV's wisecracking teen detective Mars.

Giant reptilian monster from 1950s Japanese film.

Billionaire born in Pretoria in 1971.

Wall-mounted heater.

Gymnastic performance bars of equal height.

Violent troublemaker at a sports match.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, for example.

Of the sea; a popular decor style in bathrooms.

Body part that is cold when you ignore someone.

Cooks in flame, like steak Diane.

Toy with tracks to build and put vehicles on.

Once in a __, iconic Talking Heads song.

It puts the N in the gas NO2.

An automatic reaction to stimuli for survival.

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