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Here are the answers to CodyCross BE Words Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Lisa Kudrow's character in Friends.

Metal associated with a 25th anniversary party.

Combining ingredients in a cocktail.

Collection of wild rabbit burrows.

Confirm to be true, check something.

Spain and Portugal's peninsula.

Green character who tried to steal Christmas.

State of water at room temperature.

Scottish kilt pattern.

The spraying head of a hose.

Puzzle 2

Japanese delicacy of pieces of raw fish.

The insulating fat layer of whales and seals.

Certificate of graduation from a university.

Seeds __; initial inklings of suspicion.

2010 Disney movie about Rapunzel.

One of them sank the Titanic.

Ms McCarthy who was chef Sookie in Gilmore Girls.

Society without a form of coherent government.

Versatile artificial material; anagram of cat slip.

Grasping surgical instruments.

Puzzle 3

Theatrical department responsible for costumes.

Old valuable items found in houses.

His sidekick is Boo-Boo.

Balletic, dainty.

He starred in Troy, Ocean's Eleven and Fight Club.

The Trevi in Rome is a famous one.

Shut down a laptop or games console.

The nut that Nutella is made from.

Women throw underhand in this Olympic sport.

To fraudulently obtain money or property.

Short name for Beyoncé's old group.

Puzzle 4

This animal has quills and loves eating bark.

English name for the constellation Ursa Major.

What __, 2000 romcom starring Helen Hunt.

__ the Great, king of ancient Macedonia.

Thick, fluffy blanket.

Rigid, straight.

Leisure attraction with thrilling rides.

Leonard, composer of West Side Story.

Running costs, operating expenses.

June festivities marking the solstice.

Puzzle 5

Full figured, slightly fat.

Comparative form of the adjective good.

Weapons of love carried by Cupid.

Counterpart to imperial measurement system.

Contend over the ball in a game of football.

US state with capital Carson City, not Las Vegas.

The __ Games, Jennifer Lawrence movie series.

Strong wishing or wanting for something.

Thus, agreed; an expression of acceptance.

Becomes more palatable, like a fruit.

Household appliance to keep food cool.

Puzzle 6

Princess from Aladdin; fragrant climbing flower.

Leafy salad base material.

Metal pole a weightlifter's weights are placed on.

Shakespeare play: __ for __.

Monies given by a bride to husband at marriage.

Russian goldsmith known for making decorated eggs.

Routine appointment with a doctor or dentist.

Place for growing plants for sale; infant's room.

Job role of many doctors on Grey's Anatomy.

Strike __, hit upon something valuable, like gold.

Puzzle 7

That's the way the cookie does this.

A diver's decompression sickness.

Beautiful and shiny, blinding.

Refuses to go to an event for political reasons.

Susan who played Louise in Thelma & Louise.

Antonym of oldest.

Style of armchair that leans backwards for comfort.

Type of pause that might be nine months long.

Tea with bergamot oil.

Toxic material once widely used in fireproofing.

Puzzle 8

Wrapped around, embraced.

Where Santa lives and works.

Slim pieces of plastic kept in a wallet.

Someone who frees someone else.

Vodka and pineapple for the Californian film set.

It's designed to sleep two people.

Another word for lawyers.

A triangle with two sides of equal length.

Text translating foreign films on screen.

Mount Etna and Mount St. Helens, for example.

Puzzle 9

Job that has been Urban and Rhinestone in film.

Female head of a nunnery.

Mammals known as people.

Sports equipment used to hit hockey balls.

Rags to __, from destitution to great wealth.

Individual sponge cake; breakfast item.

Shakespeare's King of the Fairies.

Slovakia is a country on this continent.

Living room, sitting room.

The digit you probably stub the most.

Puzzle 10

High __, very important, in the public eye.

Skull; also a popular board game.

It puts bubbles into water in an aquarium.

Body part commonly pierced.

Sweetest age of a young adult.

Taking or offering money for advancement or gain.

Jungle-based movie franchise now starring The Rock.

The smallest country in the world, __ City.

Novel that features Manderley, Max and Mrs Danvers.

James Corden sings with stars in this Carpool.

Puzzle 11

A popular type of dry red wine.

Shakes violently through fear or cold.

Brawny, strong.

Fraction equal to 20 percent.

Process of settling a row with swords or pistols.

As tough as stone, solid.

Franz, Austrian composer of the Trout Quintet.

Country: the United Arab __.

Barbie doll legs have this quality.

Maleficent actor Jolie.

Puzzle 12

Supposed purpose of a cellular device.

Laundry setting that is the water-draining stage.

The Terminator's famous line in the 1984 movie.

Heavy clubs or sticks used as weapons.

Spreadable butter substitute.

Addition to an outfit.

Professional who counsels those with grief, stress.

Named after their Mexican origin, smallest dog.

Another name for a tropical cyclone.

Charles, legendary US aviator.

Puzzle 13

To chatter quickly and unintelligibly.

The fleshy areas on either side of the face.

Type of skate with a wheel in each corner.

They can be killer, beluga, blue or humpback.

Shape with four parallel sides of equal length.

English city where Buckingham Palace is located.

What to cook doughnuts and fair food in.

Surname of the sisters in Pride and Prejudice.

Ball game with a low net, stringed rackets.

Composer of the comic opera Così fan tutte.

Iran area, with video-game prince.

Puzzle 14

An animated show meant for children.

Work out differences, make a firm decision.

Month that ends with Halloween.

It's said to paint 1,000 words.

This social media platform streams uploaded videos.

Houston who sang I Will Always Love You.

Perrier is this type of water.

The Social __, 2010 David Fincher movie.

Vast region of northern and central Russia.

Ten make a big cowboy hat.

French cheese.

Puzzle 15

White and blue, green or brown, they're in a head.

Like 3 to 27, or 10 to 1000.

Eats between breakfast and lunch.

Handover of a patient to another professional.

Pencil __, bits left after a sharpening.

The day before two days from today.

Popular foreign language-learning app.

Buzzy insect, makes sweet stuff from nectar.

A natural ray of white light after dark.

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for __".

Video chat on an Apple device.

Puzzle 16

Go ahead, __; famous Dirty Harry quote.

Round inflatable for playing by the sea.

Antiquated wire message system.

Monday or Tuesday evening.

Capital of the Netherlands with canals.

Sign up to.

Dates when assignments are due.

Confection featured in Roald Dahl's factory.

Experimental rodent.

Famous resort town on the Florida coast.

Shape of You and Galway Girl singer-songwriter.

What Harry Potter's cloak makes him.

Puzzle 17

Unit of sound intensity; an anagram of bed lice.

Kelp, wrack or nori for instance.

In the middle, midway through.

Spirit used in sunrise cocktail.

The Beatles' final studio album, released 1970.

Very very short hair.

__ Nightmares, reality TV show with Gordon Ramsay.

Impossible task, should you choose to accept it.

Furniture with doors or drawers used for storage.

After Edinburgh, Scotland's second city.

Puzzle 18

Battleship's bane.

Frozen soft drink.

A square stone pillar with a triangular top.

Bidding sale format that eBay uses.

The Spice Girls' 1996 debut single.

Bite off more than you __, take on too much.

Island that gives its name to a style of shorts.

Italian town famously buried by volcano.

Wooden piers from which boats are launched.

It's the eighth planet from the sun.

Wild Bill __, American outlaw.

Religious buildings where Muslims worship.

Puzzle 19

The New York Yankees' legendary baseball star.

Find them on the periodic table.

Tropical shrub that grows in brackish water.

Racing or cruising in a large, luxurious boat.

Greek hero with an unprotected heel.

All-in-one outfit with trousers and top.

Condition caused by blood glucose imbalances.

Cristiano Ronaldo plays for this country.

An extremely easy task; winning with ease.

Satisfying candy bar that is put in dessert salads.

Margaret Atwood wrote this person's tale.

Igniting devices for cigarettes.

Puzzle 20

One who reads people well, a __ of character.

To go to sleep for the winter.

Entry point to a house.

Atmospheric pressure measurer.

Largest creature in the weasel family.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's younger sister.

Emergency responder who gives first aid.

A win by a huge majority; a natural disaster.

Chain of people snaking across the dance floor.

Canine star of 2019's Curse of the 13th Ghost.

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