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Here are the answers to CodyCross Bears Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The location of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

Undercover cop drama with Sonny and Rico.

Having knowledge about a situation.

Little John was a bear in this 1973 Disney movie.

Expression wishing someone a good trip.

The Age of __, 1920 novel by Edith Wharton.

While hibernating, a bear's can fall below 20bpm.

Rover that landed on Mars in 1997.

Part of the skeleton found in the thigh.

Annoying banter to goad opposing teams.

Puzzle 2

Feeling nauseous, having an upset stomach.

YouTube entertainer with a blue and orange cap.

Scottish delicacy.

Largest island of French Polynesia.

What a brood of bear cubs is called.

Emma, of Harry Potter films and Little Women fame.

Medical name for near-sightedness.

Fictional bear who lives in Nutwood.

Field event involving throwing a round flat saucer.

Period of powerful government.

Heat and cool metal.

Poked someone on the bottom.

Puzzle 3

The gradual wearing away of the coastline.

The trunk of the body, between the head and legs.

Expressing deep sadness or uncontrollable laughter.

A bear's long fang-like front teeth.

Schemer, conspirator.

Agreement between landlord and resident.

Yogi was "__ than the average bear!".

Describes cooking temperatures of 240°C/gas mark 9.

Sound effect named after physicist Christian __.

Disney Princess of Aladdin.

Fox or mink outfits that can be worn without guilt.

Las Vegas' local NFL team.

Puzzle 4

Publicly promotes a product or supports a person.

Television show: Antiques __.

Norwegian archipelago known for its polar bears.

A large pot used by witches.

Not up to one's usual standard, a golf term.

Describes things on the cutting edge.

Jim Davis' cartoon cat who has a bear called Pooky.

2002 smash hit for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Country whose first president was Canaan Banana.

A layered Italian dessert of cake soaked in coffee.

Puzzle 5

Spanish human vs. animal contest.

Country where legendary Drop Bears supposedly live.

Waiting in the wings, ready for action if needed.

Chocolate cake with scarlet food dye.

Your star sign if you're born on December 31.

First name of car designer Porsche.

Active at night, as some bears are to avoid people.

Small garment that Tarzan wears.

Tennessee Williams wrote The Glass __.

Act of being saved from harm.

Paul Simon album named for a mansion in Memphis.

Puzzle 6

First name of Miss Trunchbull in Matilda.

Mucky, smeared with dirt.

Chopped down, toppled.

Kind of Little Pill Alanis Morrisette had in 1995.

Common carbohydrate in human diets.

Deducted, e.g. wages or points in a sports league.

Citizen Kane director Orson.

French baked egg tart.

Fast-growing grass eaten by pandas.

A three-dimensional rectangle; an elongated square.

Number of people on a hockey team.

Heavy-duty coats with hoods.

Country with the most brown bears.

Puzzle 7

Rudyard, author who created Baloo the bear.

Said at the start of a fencing match.

Butterfly-shaped throat gland.

Longest river flowing through only one country.

A small sweet or tablet to soothe the throat.

A seal's insulating fat, eaten by polar bears.

Style of oven-baked pizza served folded over.

Red, white and blue disc on an airplane's wing.

__ pan, long-handled utensil for raising bed temps.

Louis who learned how to keep milk from spoiling.

__ Sisters; Jake Shears' rock band.

Puzzle 8

Writer of literary or journalistic papers.

Romans raced these battle carriages.

Like a bear with a __, extremely irritable.

Moaned, complained.

Spoons, knives, and forks.

Female caped crusader in TV show.

Illegal hunting, a threat to some bears' survival.

New Zealand singer, ex-Crowded House lead vocalist.

Spicy pepper found in Mexican dishes.

Chemically break a solid down.

Puzzle 9

Sense of shame or self-respect.

Counting Crows wants him to pass a bottle.

Channel where the sea goes in and out.

__ Bear, 2003 animated Disney movie.

Feeling nauseated on a vehicular journey.

He painted Les Demoiselles d'Avignon in 1903.

Distilled drink made from fermented grain mash.

The smallest ursine creature, native to east Asia.

An official order prohibiting or banning something.

A pressured metal container or spraying liquid.

Puzzle 10

Investigators for the FBI.

Meal where food is dipped in melted cheese.

Yogi Bear's short-statured sidekick.

Colloquial expressions.

Chest or decorated coffin.

"Keep your __ dry".

The upper legs, between the hips and knees.

Shakespeare's longest play and longest role.

__ Fish, Mickey Rourke played a gang leader.

Arab prince once popular as romantic hero.

Polar bears are classed this type of mammal.

TED talks, Technology, Entertainment, __.

Puzzle 11

A mute clown dressed in a diamond pattern.

One who reads people well, a __ of character.

Latin name of the Great Bear constellation.

A football play when the ball reaches the end zone.

Carbon trail that companies are trying to reduce.

Rejected an objection; reverted a decision.

A koala isn't a bear, it's this.

Singer and author John of The Mountain Goats.

Robin Williams flick: The World __ to Garp.

Steroid hormone used to reduce inflammation.

Puzzle 12

Singer Julio or Enrique.

An oily medicated lotion applied to the skin.

Mark, starred opposite a bear in 2012's Ted.

Poses a question to find out more.

From where downhill skiers begin a race.

Protestants whose believers are immersed in water.

Mr Toad's home in The Wind in the Willows.

King who kept a polar bear at the Tower of London.

An actor's preliminary performance or interview.

An itinerary of songs in a music-streaming service.

The money coming into and out of a business.

Puzzle 13

Classic horror film about a gelatinous alien.

Bear dogs are native to this Scandinavian country.

Accumulated debris deposited by a glacier.

ABBA's 1975 song, __ Queen she's only seventeen.

First name of modern artist Pollock.

Unlike cats, bears can't do this to their claws.

Covered porch around a house.

Made something identifiable by company name, logo.

Classic TV detective played by Peter Falk.

First name of German ex-chancellor Schröder.

A small onion.

Thornton Wilder's 1938 Pulitzer Prize winning play.

John Lennon married her in 1969.

Puzzle 14

Economic period when employment is down.

A gaseous bubble trapped in a liquid or solid.

Asian mountain range inhabited by pale brown bears.

Leader of easy listening strings orchestra.

Handheld weights used in gyms.

Inserted a microchip under one's skin.

Stage play based on the life of Fanny Brice.

1960s TV series about a friendly grizzly.

Central American country, name means rich coast.

Yield or give condescendingly; reveal information.

Puzzle 15

Landlocked body of water on which Romania stands.

First name of Bonaparte.

A bear's is excellent, they can see as well as us.

Surfaces, finishes; how things feel to touch.

Lather from bars of cleaner.

Not correct or lawful.

French word for an after dinner alcoholic drink.

Store that sells tools, building supplies.

Describing a rib not attached to the sternum.

Cocktail bar worker in Human League hit.

Milla, star of the Resident Evil movies.

What the Three Bears were having for breakfast.

Puzzle 16

One of these a day may keep heart attacks away.

Water connection point for firefighters.

Anagram of armrest.

Japanese waist-tie seen in martial arts kit.

Fat Tony is the __ in The Simpsons.

Dishing out food onto crockery in a restaurant.

Plastic sack filled with compost.

Restraining action of a police officer.

Mary, writer and artist who created Rupert Bear.

Architecture style of eastern seaboard of the US.

Shipping document for consignments of goods.

When the sun covers the moon or vice versa.

Fruits that make up much of a black bear's diet.

Escape to __, WW2 football film with Stallone.

A person with auburn or ginger hair.

Puzzle 17

Grey who's the lead character in Grey's Anatomy.

Pandas were once wrongly thought to be giant __.

Invasions, such as by a mass of tourists.

Greta Gerwig's Oscar-nominated debut film in 2017.

Jack, US golf star nicknamed The Golden Bear.

Common English name for Parmigiano cheese.

Fatally poisonous fungus not to be worn.

Type of bank account that's in another country.

Old-fashioned, slow, Spanish dance.

Rome's first Emperor.

Puzzle 18

TV show starring Timothy Olyphant as a US marshal.

In The Winter's Tale he exits "pursued by a bear".

One of the longer sides of a rugby or soccer field.

Fitted couch cloth to make it look new again.

Letting air out of a balloon.

Vast Arctic island with a bear on its coat of arms.

Type of legal resolution that focuses on agreement.

Yellow flower, or someone who's told to suck it up.

A word that sounds identical to another.

1980s Bowie fantasy film; complex maze.

Sleeveless jacket part of a three-piece suit.

Puzzle 19

__ strip, textured roadway that alerts drivers.

Firmly fixes knowledge in the brain.

Medical paleness of the skin.

Fashion designer Marc, maker of Daisy perfume.

Describes lines of cattle on the move.

Large poles tossed during the Highland Games.

UK city where the Browns found Paddington.

Midmorning meal often eaten with a mimosa.

George's wife and adversary in the Albee play.

Like an email that hasn't been opened.

SI unit of electric current.

State where Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz lives.

Illegally seize a ship.

Snooping name given to a group of bears.

Hot volcanic jet of water out of the earth.

Comedian Eddie, known for running marathons.

You put this on things when you ruin them.

Puzzle 20

Admission or a VIP pass permits this.

Marvel supervillain, a grand warlord from Titan.

Unit of currency in Dubai.

Boils and __, sore skin swellings.

Outline, border.

Typical wooden Alpine hut.

Tony Stark and Kirk Lazarus actor, __ Downey Jr.

Alaskan islands home to world's biggest grizzlies.

Novel by Frederick Forsyth, The __ File.

Christian music genre of the Southern US.

Bright green tea powder.

An animated comedy series, __ Tunes.

__ tongue, another expression for a liar.

Vertical distance from base to top of a triangle.

German toy company famous for its teddy bears.

European capital where you could visit Belém Tower.

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