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Beat the Heat PackBeat the Heat

Here are the answers to CodyCross Beat the Heat Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__ ball, sports sphere made from Bakelite or resin.

1983 crime film starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana.

Period of excessively high temperatures.

Coastal Spanish province in Galicia.

Italian tomato sauce for pasta and dipping.


Executed king who wore two shirts.

Popular medieval-themed deck-building game.

A container for the disposal of garbage.

The set of letters from A to Z.

Michelle Obama's memoir.

Jefferson __, 60s act famous for White Rabbit.

Puzzle 2

Portion of the whole, as in an orange slice.

Person involved in sports.

Captain, especially of a boat or ship.

Agent Dana Scully, __ Anderson.

Flat French crusty fruit cake or buckwheat pancake.

Animal __; place for strays or rescued creatures.

Red firefighting water source.

It is mixed with lemonade in an Arnold Palmer.

Infectious wart on the sole of the foot.

Someone hired to learn as they work.

Cartoon strip with Snoopy.

This tape is often used by painters.

Lyrics: "It's not __ to be loved by anyone".

Puzzle 3

Common name for an industrial excavator.

The __ of My Tears, Smokey Robinson.

Hardening or glazing of ceramics.

Naughty male child.

__ polishing; technique for producing glossy wood.

Country where entertainer Howie Mandel was born.

Bill __, writer of Notes From a Small Island.

Floor covering, can be made from recycled plastic.

Hugh, who played House.

Using a needle and thread.

Allison __; Oscar-winning actress for I, Tonya.

Thanksgiving bird.

__ Jean King, winner of many tennis grand slams.

The Sahara or Kalahari.

Legwear that ends above the knee.

Hit the parallel lines button on a remote.

Puzzle 4

Two matching singles for sleeping on.

TV Chef Ina Garten's show is called "__ Contessa".

Someone who is unfamiliar to you.

Nationality of novelist Tobias Smollett.

Relax, calm down.

Mali city, on the edge of the Sahara.

Succulent plant used in cosmetics, sunburn lotions.

Guns of __, ska track by the Skatalites.

Sambuca is a sweet Italian liqueur of this kind.

2009 movie based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

Australian who won the U.S. Open twice: Ken __.

Puzzle 5

Light umbrella used for shade.

Car maker with Clio, Kangoo and Laguna models.

Food that is grown without pesticides.

Decoy medication used as a test.

Open shoes worn in the summer.

Myopic cartoon character.

Balcony or café expanse.

Russian revolutionary assassinated with an ice axe.

Bondi, Copacabana, and Waikiki.

A raging fury, going __.

Futurama crew's delivery company, Planet __.

Puzzle 6

Slow water ride with inner tubes.

__ leave, time off for dads after a recent birth.

Durable, reinforced to withstand hard wear.

Bet on one or ride on a bus of the same name.

Apartment on the highest floor of a building.

Anti-UV lotion.

The outermost layer of skin.

Hershey's best-known product.

Tongue twister: She sells these by the seashore.

Butterflies hatch from this hardened casing.

Puzzle 7

This NASA Program landed men on the moon.

Laze around in a reclining chair.

Legendary king played by Graham Chapman on film.

A space for creativity; where films are produced.

Planting space.

An angle larger than 90 degrees; to be oblivious.

Google Ads users hope to get lots of these.

__ Taupin, songwriter with Elton John.

Breakfast cake that might have blueberries in it.

Slang term for sunglasses.

Clothes made from woven flax.

Puzzle 8

American name for ice block.

Vegetable that looks like little trees.

The Pope is the head of this church.

Shorts named after an island.

Butch Cassidy's friend, the __ Kid.


Activist played on-screen by Denzel Washington.

Name of Gulliver's shipwrecked boat.

Tourists can see these lights in Alaska and Canada.

Coconut producer.

This superhero would excel as a delivery person.

Brain disorder that commonly causes seizures.

Puzzle 9

Reproduction without gamete fusion.

__ moss, beard-like plant that grows on cypresses.

__ Palace, glass edifice of the Great Exhibition.

Tennis star Navratilova.

Dan __ and Harold Ramis wrote Ghostbusters.

__ Bobbidi Boo, tune turns a pumpkin into a coach.

Door noisemaker that replaces knuckles or bells.

Exploding __, card game with Taco cat among others.

Small axe that can be buried.

Sparkling water.

Housing, safe haven.

Puzzle 10

Italian ice cream.

Pro who's good at getting a hole in one.

Jamie Lee, star of Halloween movies.

Crew members.

Hammerheads, threshers, and great whites.

Tom Selleck starred as __, P.I..

The Sun Is Also A Star author __ Yoon.

__ bags, loose university trousers, a 20th C trend.

When a book is put on sale for the first time.

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot __.

Post-war president Harry S..

Highest capital city in Asia.

Puzzle 11

Likely outcome from bathing a cat.

Rodent with a spiny coat.

Maid Marian's true love.

System that controls smell.

Events that cause destruction and loss.

This man succeeded George Washington.

Aged Italian cheese, sometimes comes in pear shape.

American sitcom about sorceresses in the 1960s.

Quick watercraft with a motor.

Automatic lawn waterer.

Puzzle 12

Pixar's Nemo and his father are this.

Elastic headgear to catch perspiration.

Chemical for killing insects on crops.

How vaccines are usually given.

To acquaint someone with someone else.

Sugar-free brand of cola with red and blue logo.

Photo-sharing site with camera logo.

Heart chamber.

IFC baseball comedy starring Hank Azaria.

Drenching cloudburst.

Puzzle 13

The __ Off Hotel, Banksy's West Bank inn.

Fin de __; French phrase meaning end of a century.

__ Smith; crisp green apple variety.

Loud insect with long life cycles.

Images, often shared on social media.

Large, shade-giving headwear.

People's physiques, covered in skin.

A bit cold.

The Star-Spangled Banner is the U.S. national one.

Prince married to Queen Elizabeth II.

Invisible alien in John Wyndham's 1968 novel.

__ Craig first played James Bond in 2006.

Winter sports slope.

This musical company makes sewing machines.

__ and Dan Levy, creators of Schitt's Creek.

Puzzle 14

Desert, give up.

Temperature scale used by most of the world.

Iconic hotel named after Singapore's founder.

Adobe program that opens PDFs.

Drink made in Ireland by Jameson.

U.S. Paralympic snowboarder Brenna __.

Edward __, author of the Patrick Melrose series.

Paved with small, smooth stones.

Using pencil or ink to make art on paper.

Dirty __, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze starred.

Super ones are made by NERF.

Puzzle 15

What one makes if life gives them lemons.

Vegetable put over one's eyes at a spa.

1897 novel by Rudyard Kipling, __ Courageous.

Swinging mechanism on a clock.

Monopoly square with a police officer on it.

Hockey player who protects other teammates.

Eroded particles of rock.

A person's concept of who they are.

Shoe with a slim, sharp heel.

Alexander Graham Bell was a scientist and __.

Coming of age movie with Evan Rachel Wood.

Puzzle 16

John __, Canada's first prime minister.

Fruit that SpongeBob lives in.

Tables, chairs, and couches in a home.

Injury when the skin is exposed to cold weather.

Venezuela's Angel one is the world's tallest.

Name of an Amsterdam house and diarist.

Writer known for his crime novels about the Mafia.

Sings with the Coconuts, originally August Darnell.

Removing impurities from water.

Future predictions based on one's astrology chart.

Ballet requires many of these foot arrangements.

Puzzle 17

Watched, observed.

Mangos, pineapples, and watermelons.

Ours is Earth.

Kevin Arnold's childhood, The __ Years.

Important plant tissue for conducting sugars.

Native American festival ceremony.

Bad Guy singer Billie __.

Coming to America's Eddie.

Hard-backed book, published on a yearly basis.

Drummer for the Pussycats in Archie comics.

Black and white mammal, lives in a sett.

Aftershock from diving into water.

Puzzle 18

To create something, like a new policy or rule.

Type of steel for reusable bottles.

Germany's Tropical Islands is the world's largest.

The Roman Empire's continuation to the middle ages.

Without a top on.

Wooden boy whose nose tattles on him.

Inactivity or inaction, penalised in martial arts.

Small Mexican dog breed.

Muscles worked out with sit-ups.

What Tom Hanks was in Seattle in 1993.

Puzzle 19

Past the deadline, like an unreturned library book.

Giving presents.

Fred __, partner to Ginger.

Gripping tools.

Austrian composer known as the Waltz King.

Spending time outdoors in a tent.

The Red Badge of __, Stephen Crane's war tale.

Astronaut Meir who did female spacewalk with Koch.

Cold-water immersion tub.

Egg dish that must rise.

Tree-hanging mesh bed.

Pioneer in developing a rabies vaccine: Louis __.

Puzzle 20

U-shaped skateboard ramp.

Movie that introduced Wookiees.

Related to books.

Palm __; tree-shaped artificial island in Dubai.

South American rainforest.

African wetland bird with distinctive head shape.

Return a phone call.

Black or red game of chance.

Relax after a workout.

Laxative Milk of __.

Pureed fruit drink.

Legal filing or piece of paper.

Verdict delivered in a court case.

Congratulatory expression in Hebrew.

1st winner of the TV show American Idol, Kelly __.

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