CodyCross Beauty Routine Pack answers

Beauty Routine PackBeauty Routine

Here are the answers to CodyCross Beauty Routine Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

With no sense of right and wrong.

Set free, anagram of oodles.

Vehicle operator.

Towards the inside.

Mickey loves this bow-wearing mouse.

Make possible, facilitate.

Department; division; office; bureau.

Pounding, beating quicker than usual.

Glossy finish for nails.

Academic papers.

Slang term for sunglasses.

Green liqueur in Shamrock shakes: creme de __.

Outer cover or shell of a mobile phone.

Pointed metal rod, used to test if a cake is done.

Men's hair stylist.

Puzzle 2

Triangle shape, used to bury an Egyptian pharaoh.

Time of day for cooking breakfast.

Slogans, sayings.

Choices, different selections.

Spray can for deodorant or other mist.

Tricking, fooling people.

Commercial cargo.

Walks like a two-year-old.

Cruel and despotic absolute rulers.

Very hard rock used for building monuments.

Chopping hair off.

Computer display of favorite files and programs.

From which to hang mugs in the kitchen.

Leftovers from making a decent cup of coffee.

Lucky leaves.

Specialists, people with in-depth knowledge.

Puzzle 3

This is dropped to secure a ship in place.

__ Duff; red-headed girl in Tiny Toon Adventures.

Card game played by partners, with bidding.

Carnivorous fish viewed on Caribbean scuba trips.

Homegrown bands that practice in this car port.

Chinese dumpling.

Stripping off body hairs with sticky substance.

Squidgy foam pad for washing the body.

Not married.

Photo __; when race winner is decided by an image.

Problem __; someone skilled at finding answers.

Who Bella loves in Twilight.

Explode with anger.

Immeasurably deep gulfs.

Puzzle 4

Ordered food at a restaurant that is picked up.

Situation or circumstance, e.g. best-case __.

Dairy substitute made from Asian beans.

Kitchen utensil for separating solids from liquids.

Leather made from the hides of young cattle.

The pope is this, that's for certain.

Individual troops.

Makeup used on the mouth, often bright red.

Metal cutters for nails.

Voluntary, done by choice.

Male astronaut, cosmonaut.

Car light that illuminates the road ahead.

Puzzle 5

Noughts and __; tic tac toe game.

Flight deck on an aircraft.

Birds of prey.

Connected by family.

Broad blade of an ax.

Condensed or abridged version.

__ By the Light, song by Bruce Springsteen.

Boring speaker who goes on and on, full of hot air.

Slyness, furtiveness.

Scented spray for the wrists and neck.

Walkers in The Walking Dead.

Cleaning oneself with soap and water.

Rolled, stuffed tortilla.

Puzzle 6

Device or machinery, like in a clock.

Supervised fun-time for preschoolers.

Apply this to underarms to stop smells.

Drunk, single father raises six kids in this show.

Decline, refuse, turn down.

Tumbler, highball, flute, shot and pint.

Dedicated to a cause; involuntarily sent to clinic.

Talked or chatted with.

Hard part of the face, highlighted and contoured.

Circular dough on which toppings are sprinkled.

Puzzle 7

Permanently kicked out of school.

Guidance suggested by the movie rating PG.

Thai hot mayo sauce with garlic.

An animal that chews its food.

Markings on road for keeping a safe distance.

Putting words into sentences.

Quickly finish a book without absorbing details.

Toenail beauty treatment.

Using string to remove food from between teeth.

Mournfully, painfully, resentfully.

Puzzle 8

Snipping tools for fingernails or hair.

Acquire things by paying money.

Angered, annoyed.

Jam or pickle.

Decorative container for a geranium, for example.

Jumped to conclusions, supposed.

Adverse reaction, especially of public sentiment.

Large printed photos hung on walls.

Frank Hornby, Erno Rubik, Margarete Steiff.

Attach this to a hair dryer for curly hair blowout.

Puzzle 9

Relating to time; describes non-religious peers.

Little oniony vegetables.

Gives public seal of approval.

Decorative pouch attached to hose.

Glimpses into someone's mind.

Making eyeshadow shades merge into one.

Small turtle.

Business finances; money going in and out.

Reverse somersault.

Get knots out of hair.

Puzzle 10

Take makeup off at the end of the day.

__ baggage; luggage over an allowed weight limit.

Fling, romance.

Battled, contested.

Transparencies viewed in a projector.

Equipped to fly.

Spoil oneself with beauty treatments.

Wildboyz and Jackass stunt performer.

Friendly, gently.

Slithery reptiles with no feet.

___ Christie, best known for her detective novels.

Lucky, stuffed animal.

Computer criminal.

Sugary viscous liquids.

__ Rouge; red windmill cabaret in Paris.

City in Ireland that's home to Croke Park Stadium.

Puzzle 11

Insult about cowardice, a bird analogy.

Person who goes into combat.

Time when crimes go unpunished, weapons handed in.

To undergo the process involved in bread-making.

Brave, courageous.

Darkening product for the eyelashes.

Cream and sugar candy.

Ocean mammal with feline name.

Soap for washing hair.

America __, star of Ugly Betty.

As a result of, accordingly.

Door __, without these you can't enter rooms.

Puzzle 12

DJ stands for disc __.

Places to get hair cut or nails painted.

Words found on last page of a book; in conclusion.

Grassy field for grazing livestock.

Pick-me-ups; drinks with restorative powers.

Dress style where anything goes.

Not on the level, furtive.

Both a hat and a Central American country.

City of __, illuminating nickname for Paris.

Told little white lies.

Snow White's seven roommates.

Glossy fluids to add shine to hair.

Shiny, not matte.

More lofty.

Puzzle 13

Oaty traybakes, cut into slices.

Discard something that is no longer useful.

Typical start of a personal daily record of events.

Makeup products.

Eponymous movie portrayal.

Long speech by an actor.

A small unique speck of winter precipitation.

Superior rating, exemplary.

Weaponry, munitions.

Head covering to keep hair dry when bathing.

Puzzle 14

Arena for indoor Olympic cycling.

The white end of a natural manicure.

Timepiece hung in a room for all to see.

Dishonest, not genuine.

Treat hair with a creamy lotion after washing.

Musical ensemble with trumpets and horns.

A trained wine steward in a fine French restaurant.

Narration for cartoon character roles.

Dancer's end-of-performance palm gesture.

A perfect copy, a Xerox.

German shepherd who became a Hollywood film star.

Rinsing, cleaning.

Infants' chatterings.

Puzzle 15

Make food more sugary.

Charting for navigators.

Dabbing paint effect.

Hire cars.

Tools with bristles for applying eyeshadow.

Dispensed liquid from an aerosol can.

Requests made to a god.

Organic matter turned into soil.

Hide spots using makeup.

Least busy and expensive period to travel.

Dairy animal excretions.

Iridescent sparkle.

Beg, entreat, beseech.

In a big way, enormously.

Hand signal, beckon.

Puzzle 16

Cultivated agriculturally.

French word for the face.

__ Kong, arcade game to try to reach a princess.

Except if, if not.

Days, weeks, months or years ahead of today.

Hollow place to apply anti-perspirant.

Written verse; not prose.

Drink made from roasted beans.

Clint Eastwood's Dollars Trilogy role, Man with __.

Top-level domain for companies.

Spittle, drool.

__ spray, defensive mace but not a big staff!.

Seats, e.g. in an office, studio.

Puzzle 17

About to happen, pending.

__ preen, make oneself presentable.

Rots like metal.

Tile game for word lovers.

Outlined, depicted.

Buy, take ownership of.

Style of sweatshirt without a collar.

Being able to move the body and run.

Limb of an octopus.

Established or conservative, eg faith or religion.

Dreamer, fantasist.

Vegetables served raw.

Supply an area with water for plant growth.

Detangling hair with a comb-like tool.

One who supports a cause with violent methods.

Barney is a purple one.

Puzzle 18

Lotion to protect the skin from UV rays.

Brief film appearance from a well-known person.

Later than intended, after the event.

Phrase meaning a dead cert.

Possessor of many acres, he/she may have tenants.

Breaking laws, committing criminal acts.

Fixative aerosol for styling the head.

Most important or senior male in a family.

Dilute, make less concentrated.

Historic Berlin building damaged by 1933 fire.

Puzzle 19

Amber light on a monitor to indicate sleeping mode.

__ out a song; singing loudly and enthusiastically.

In front for now.

Person who cuts hair into a new look.

Removing hair with a razor.

Presents for being loyal to a company.

Receptacles for ember disposal.

Serving food to customers at tables.

Nickname of trumpeter Louis Armstrong.

Promised, vowed.

The one that is most generous and helpful.

These creatures make cobwebs.

Outline, silhouette.

Most faint or unclear.

Puzzle 20

No. 1 hit song for the band Europe: The Final __.

Mark a measurement scale on something.

Royal pink crustacean from a takeaway.

Crafted, adapted into something different.

Behind, towards the rear.

Taking hair several shades lighter.

Misfortune, tribulation; triumph over __.

End point of a limb, for example a fingertip.

Using cotton to remove eyebrow hairs.

Dirty lines that form around the sides of a bath.

Wild, sudden change in emotions and feelings.

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