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Here are the answers to CodyCross Bedtime Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

I bless the rains down in __; Toto's verse on a hit.

Evening meal.

Mothers' brothers.

Rip Van __, farmer who went to sleep for 20 years.

Look at, analyse or evaluate.

Set of orange playing cards in Monopoly.

Dry yourself on these after a shower.

A water or food container for horses.

Laced garment worn by women to shape the figure.

Stirring during sleep.

Puzzle 2

Orange aquatic pet.

Someone who is serving time in a jail.

New York City's nickname.

Celebrities Donnie and Mark.

Large, cushioned platform to sleep on.

Hold something very dearly, look after it.

Flat Stanley's family name in Jeff Brown's books.

Do something in your mind, not physically.

Advent __; helps you count down to Christmas.

Water overflowing causing damage to homes.

A truck used to move heavy loads in a warehouse.

Stimulant in coffee, tea; avoid it before bed.

Puzzle 3

Saying the words of a poem from memory.

Greetings played on trumpets.

He was shot in the eye at the Battle of Hastings.

Stopping the flow.

Shouted loudly.

Naughty behaviour, getting into __.

A large, insect-eating mammal with a sticky tongue.

Eats between breakfast and lunch.

You declare you are this if you run out of money.

The child born this day works hard for a living.

The name for a Sikh place of worship.

Word describes the saltiness of water.

These pillows are scattered on beds.

Purple, scented flower said to help with sleeping.

The nickname for Lady Gaga's fans.

Puzzle 4

Clothing with frozen pockets used to cool athletes.

Graceful and classy.

Cuisine known for its mole poblano.

What are Fiver and Hazel from Watership Down?.

Making noises while sleeping.

Two-piece swimsuits.

The sons of a king or a queen.

To draw something away, distract, divert.

British artist David, who painted A Bigger Splash.

A smoking pipe at the back of a car.

Time to hit __; a saying meaning time to go to bed.

Weekends consist of Saturdays and __.

Puzzle 5

Rinse your cheeks with this minty liquid before bed.

Obstinate and stubborn, like a grunting animal.

Hot __, brown, milky, warm drink.

The small people in The Wizard of Oz.

The Tiger Who __; children's book by Judith Kerr.

Footwear for equines, thought to bring luck.

Columbus and Magellan were famous __.

Shaped hood used to shield a lightbulb.

Emily Elizabeth's pet Clifford: the __.

Bird in a pear tree in The 12 Days of Christmas.

Puzzle 6

Americans call this season fall, Brits call it __.

Fights and debates with someone.

Pina __, cocktail with coconut cream and pineapple.

Ball game with scores including love and deuce.

Night __; overnight work patterns or periods.

Maths acronym for order of operations: Brackets....

A Spanish afternoon nap.

Keep in custody.

City in Portugal on seven hills.

Painted-faced entertainers in the circus.

Puzzle 7

Something that is past its best.

Boat destroyed on rocks or struck in the sea.

They perform card tricks and create illusions.

Insect that seems like it might breathe fire.

Screaming; a sound you make when you are scared.

Lengthens muscles, doing yoga or Pilates.

A room for sleeping, with lots of beds.

Around the outside edge of something.

Honesty, honour, truthfulness.

The name of the decade from 2000 to 2009.

Sea where the Bahamas are located.

Puzzle 8

A sudden rain shower.

A dark-coloured feline, considered unlucky.

A pad of paper to jot down ideas or reminders.

Something that is rotting or going mouldy.

Buses, trains, cars, etc..

The bosses of a company.

Something to __, Madonna single.

Confident, extroverted.

An event or something to do.

When the clock turns to 12, when morning begins.

American city known as Sin City.

Puzzle 9

A heavy __ is a person who doesn't wake up easily.

Journal keeper.

A very large African bird that cannot fly.

Read these to children before bed.

Runs off the tracks, e.g. a train.

Evel __, motorcycle daredevil leapt London buses.

Pinky Malinky's best friend Babs __.

You/plants are doing this to get bigger.

Tops of mountains.

Daniel __; main character in The Karate Kid.

To own something, rhymes with "address".

Brought something back to life.

Stretches of sand or shingle next to the sea.

Puzzle 10

__ wire, spiky fence material.

Wildlife and countryside.

Take very small bites.

Small West African country, capital Banjul.

Soft cushion to rest your head on in bed.

Measuring sticks.

First digits on human hands.

A quick, feline sleep.

The opposite of danger.

A journey by air.

Puzzle 11

Tomato sauce known as catsup in the US.

Mace __, plays quadruplet Dicky.

Spun a videotape back to the beginning.

Toiling in employment, doing tasks for an employer.

Where metal moulds are made.

Taking short sleeps.

Complete peace and quiet.

__ tower, also described as a mast.

Don't cut __, do it properly and carefully.

Four-legged reptiles such as geckos and iguanas.

Puzzle 12

When you get on a boat, you climb __.

When the police stop and handcuff someone.

Bird that can be found in a clock.

Disney's Lucky Rabbit.

Household tasks that need to be done.

Have a break, have a __.

To make holes in something.

Make or produce.

End your working career; or take yourself to bed.

Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum were there.

Puzzle 13

Assorted cool clothing made from flax.

Something from the country of Rio de Janeiro.

Person who shows travel visitors around a place.

__ Bratt, 1980s-style baddie in Despicable Me 3.

Taking air in and out of the lungs.

Two words meaning an overwhelming amount.

Keenness is shown by having bright eyes and a __.

Males who play football, baseball or hockey, etc.

Superman's secret identity.

Sleep-inducing, tedious.

Exhaustion, having no energy and needing to sleep.

A woman who is the head of a family.

Ice cream with nuts and marshmallows.

The address of the Order of the Phoenix, __ Place.

Instructed musicians in an orchestra.

Words that express regret or that you are sorry.

Gadget that makes holes in paper ready to file.

Pirate allowed by law to plunder Spanish ships.

Puzzle 14

Type of Power Plant Homer Simpson works at.

To reach a goal, an ambition or a milestone.

Circus swing for acrobats high in the big top.

Cold seasons.

Birds that flock around Trafalgar Square.

To put someone in a better mood.


Meat portions, e.g. pork, like chops.

Two-wheeled foot-powered mover without pedals.

Social gatherings, birthday celebrations.

Tweeter's pound sign.

Rhythmic pacing, in poetry, cycling and so on.

Rub the shoulders to release tight muscles.

Puzzle 15

One of the Post-Soviet states.

The opposite of noisily.

Month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast.

Jewellery piece on a chain.

A green precious gemstone.

Soothing song to sing to children at bedtime.

Pay someone money to raise money for charity.

Seafood found within fan-shaped shells.

Big Bang Theory's Dr Leonard Hofstadter, Johnny __.

Puzzle 16

Markings on the skin where wounds have healed.

Small pickled cucumbers.

Felt dispirited or let down.

Someone who creates statues.

Sport: headfirst down a frozen track, __ bobsled.

A thin glass container used in the science lab.

Gently sleeping or dozing.

Flying insect with green body and delicate wings.

The sister or wife of a prince, usually.

Gender-neutral word for "manning", e.g. a stall.

Celestial body in night sky, a circle, not half.

__ belt, area by a city where workers travel from.

__ the Giant Peach, by Roald Dahl.

Waves a baton.

Congratulating someone on their achievements.

Long tropical fish with sharp teeth.

Puzzle 17


This time of day comes after the afternoon.

Cabot's 1497 ship sailed from England to N America.

Sibling __, jealousy in families.

Opening the mouth wide to let in oxygen when tired.

Potato __, breakfast fav made with tuber.

Examples, especially of material or fabric.

A gun, a weapon soldiers shoot.

Little Bear author.

Jim __, British men's fashion vlogger.

Puzzle 18

Soft shoes to wear with pyjamas.

Slow-moving, shelled herbivore.

Computing technology, not soft.

A news programme is also known as a __.

Saying, talking.

Someone who enters a home illegally, a burglar.

Board game where you collect money for passing Go.

An universal chocolate-covered confectionary bar.


Eat these on Shrove Tuesday.

The type of trees that the Lorax saved.

Mixes something up, causes bewilderment.

Black grass grain native to North America.

Remove hair from the body.

Infants who are just learning to walk.

Rocky __, no.2 Red Power Ranger.

Using large needles and yarn to make warm clothes.

Music without any electronic accompaniment.

Three goals.

Flagship of Henry VIII sank in the Solent in 1545.

Puzzle 19

A rocking bed for a baby.

Artful __, youthful leader of Fagin's gang.

Cocktail with rum, ice, mint, soda and brown sugar.

A mountain lion or lady with younger boyfriend.

Let's go back to __ and start again.

Madonna song Oh __ : "I have sinned…".

Moans, complains about something.

Season when the Jewish holiday of Passover occurs.

Part of a shirt that goes around your neck.

Measure of eight pints.

Take off, e.g. __ makeup before bed.

Delicate hanging structure spun by a spider.

Colourful sky in the evening, before nightfall.

Puzzle 20

__ and turning; moving around in sleep.

An amazing event that cannot be explained.

ID to wear around your neck at work.

Angel __, retro blancmange.

Moana's Maui actor Dwayne __ Johnson.

Temporarily uses before returning.

Mom's mom.

German geologist discovered continental drift.

Activity of rolling down a hill in a ball.

Opposite of older.

Home invaders.

Sit in hot water and bubbles to get clean in this.

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