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Here are the answers to CodyCross Beer Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Chatter inanely.

Stork deliveries, to kids.

Author of Life of Pi, Yann __.

Caveat __, or "Let the buyer beware".

London museum of art and design, Victoria and __.

Only national capital starting with the letter Z.

Using one's teeth.

Composer who married Franz Liszt's daughter.

Keep track of money spent and saved.

Allotted mooring spots for ships and yachts.

San Francisco brewery famous for its steam beer.

Mount __, active volcano in Indonesia.

Noted early nuclear physicist, __ Rutherford.

Puzzle 2

Device that converts digital signals to analogue.

Counter stone.

Fata __, a mirage seen just above the horizon.

One day __.

Wallis __, American socialite who wed Edward VIII.

Moved quietly.

Spend these in Panama.

Part-goat anti-Santa who whips children in Germany.

All multicellular animals.

Dutch pale beers with swing-top fasteners.

Dark roasted brews for luggage carriers maybe.

Puzzle 3

Tegestologists collect these ale-drip catchers.

Joined together.

Old __, slightly sweet old ale from Theakston Brewery.

The study of wood.

Ireland's "Marble City".

Star of the 1930 film The Blue Angel, Marlene __.

Just one.

Horseback duelling.

Inhabitants of ancient Anatolia.

A sofa to face your fondest.

Puzzle 4

Author of the novel The Decameron.

Extreme weight loss procedure: __ Surgery.

Chew your food.

German Air Force in WWII.

__ Brown Ale, blue-star brew called Newkie Brown.

Inventor of the pocket calculator.

Person who explores caves as a hobby.

Kicked out of school for a while.

Danish beer company named after the founder's son.

The 19th hole.

Puzzle 5

Got out of the way, avoided.

Bad luck.

Large wooden staved container to hold beer.

French for "cake".

Beat about the bush.

Cat-like jump.

Phantom Atlantic island, named after a philosopher.

SI unit of angular measurement.

West African handheld drum.

Cereal beer ingredient that is malted in brewing.

Puzzle 6

Goods brought into the country.

Choral work.

Type of triangle.

Clothes compartments.

Royal house founded in Spain by Philip V.

Short form for citizens band communication.

Beer dispensed under pressure using a pump.

Seattle brewery famous for Long Hammer.

Bitter and __; miserable and hard-hearted.

Body of water where Bahrain is located, __ Gulf.

Candy bar container.

Lolita opens, "Lolita, light of my life, fire of __".

Puzzle 7

India's "White City" of white marble palaces.

Put a sock in it.

Pale, spicy, bottom-fermenting beer from Bohemia.

Wheel runner.

Substance used to clarify beers.

It’s neutral in pool.

Pinky color, named after mythical northern land.

French fauvist.

West Slavic language of Germany.

French army units linked to French North Africa.

South Australian wine producing valley.

Puzzle 8

Airship created in 1852 by Henri Giffard.

Teen mystery solvers in literature, The __.

Train operator.

Dutch festival of techno and electronic music.

German regulations regarding brewing ingredients.

Weak or inferior ale or lager; low-alcohol booze.

This morphing amphibian seems to disappear.

__ syndrome, the tearing down of successful people.

Month when Malta celebrates Independence Day.

One's children.

Tyrolean skiing resort, site of the Hahnenkamm.

The craft of making women's hats.

Puzzle 9

Chinese brewery founded by Germans in 1903.

Curling match or tournament.

"Off with her head" screamer.

Road crossers.

King Charles's dogs.

Monastic beer such as Chimay, Orval and Achel.

C, D, A, E, K, multi, et al.

Process of sealing joints, historically on ships.

Lynyrd Skynyrd's often requested song.

Opening one goes through.

Model after.

Bath bridge with terraces of shops on either side.

Puzzle 10

Accompany someone on a date.

Beer type includes milk, oyster, oatmeal and sweet.

Ship taken by Charles Darwin to explore the world.

Final battle of the Anglo-Zulu War.

This idiom is totally wrong.


This ghost is nicknamed "Blinky".

Ancient Roman garden.

Jordan Peele's horror movie.

Partly tamed horse.

Anatomical term for armpit.

South African brewery that sponsors sports teams.

Puzzle 11

Shell of an insect.

Traditional festival marking the wheat harvest.

Fastened a pair of trousers.

German earthenware, often hinged, beer mugs.

To talk and negotiate with the enemy.

Meaning of the word astronaut, space __.

Who __ Roger Rabbit?.

Early currency of Fribourg and Schwyz Swiss cantons.

Settle bill in advance.

First and only Empress of China: Wu __.

His is a Brave New World.

Czech city with pale lager named after it.

Not permitted or allowed.

Improve the firmness of muscles.

First S in SIS, also known as MI6.

Puzzle 12

Copper-coloured old beer from near Dusseldorf.

Dirty Harry's adversary.

Ancient city of the Temple of Artemis.

Company or factory for producing beer.

Old-fashioned term for a jail keeper.

A Brother Grimm.

Branch of physics.

Don't trust this cat in a game of cards.

What one pulls when ending a project.


Puzzle 13

With child.

Minnie Mouse's uncle and Mickey's rival.

Nintendo game based around news deliveries.

Large cask holding 54 imperial gallons.

Irregular-rhythm poetry created for comic effect.

Julie Andrews' favorite things, crisp apple __.

Vain and conceited person, dresses extravagantly.

Building where soaked cereal is allowed to sprout.

Ratted on.

Second-smallest of the Canary Islands.

Puzzle 14

In the heat of __.

Extreme or obsessive interest in work or exercise.

City dubbed the Silicon Valley of India.

Food value.

In this forest, the WWI armistice was signed.

This one's a hugger.

Can be proven to be false.

Toxic European plant used to kill lupines maybe?.

Equine who pulls beer barrels to a pub.

Singing without accompaniment.

Cereal grain ale, called weiss, white, blanche.

Keen sighted like a bird.

Puzzle 15

Roman name given to Dover, UK.

Vienna-style maltish sweet beer.

Mindless drawing.

Hem and haw.

General term for dark beers from Germany.

Miss __, Agatha Christie's spinster detective.

Intense dust storm over dry land.

First Estate, French social order pre-Revolution.

Archaic term meaning now, at the present time.

A sandy area, a horse's riding school.

Nom de __, a pseudonym, especially when fighting.

Puzzle 16

Fuss, indulge and cosset, at a spa maybe.

Wispy high-altitude clouds.

Adjective that describes Jupiter and its many moons.

Single images in animation.

Battle where the Ottomans killed King Louis II.

Give a note for.

Good morning in Japanese.

Glass jug for water or wine.

Bet from the field.

In great abundance.

District of Lisbon below the Castle of Sao Jorge.

General term for light, pale beer, from the German.

Latin term for female ruler.

It's a nice way to be.

King who was murdered by Macbeth.

Benazir __, Pakistan's first female prime minister.

Country that's home to the Faveiro de Wilson tree.

__ upon Trent, notionally the centre of UK brewing.

Of or relating to yaks.

Puzzle 17

Elvis Presley.

Dominant nation of Olympic water polo.

Alternate name for the Filipino language.

__ and Gromit, clay characters who love cheese.

Doing it together.

Secondary gate in a fortification or castle.

Dwight __, fictitious beet farmer.

Winey, sour fermented beers from near Brussels.

Irish pottery-making village for over 150 years.

Playwright who wrote Look Back in Anger, John __.

Greek herald who gave his name to a loud voice.

Raining cats __; loud storm.

Capital of the Mediterranean isle of Malta.

Desert considered the driest place on Earth.

Beer that is not on draught is invariably __.

They dig the beach.

Puzzle 18

Served by Moe and drunk by Homer in The Simpsons.

Shared, between groups of local people.

Passing through the poles.

Truro is the only city in this British county.

Casino game that sometimes has an "en prison" rule.

Owner of an establishment selling beer.

__ quoi; French phrase for a certain something.

Philosopher who was proud to be poor: __ the Cynic.

Small boat for emergencies.

News reporting.

Name of the pauper in The Prince and the Pauper.

Purple flowers in the fields of Provence, France.

Aerial combat with fighter planes, but no canines.

Snake-like fish.

Rapturous, blissfully holy.

Not my ditty, ballad by Elton John.

Traffic-slowing racetrack components.

Habsburg rulers title.

Drops of paint.

A sum of money paid periodically.

Puzzle 19

Headsail on a yacht.

Long drinking vessel measured in imperial amounts.

Bare chested.

Of or relating to weasels.

Charlie Brown's piano-playing pal.

Famous Jamaican lager with colourful sash.

Noted 5th century Byzantine Emperor and lawmaker.

Heritage, lineage, descent, extraction.

Non-conductive line fixture.

Kick off the Sunday shoes.

Puzzle 20

The least polite.

In a tidy way.

Hose supporter.

Largest national park in Australia.

Silver __; Marvel's metallic space traveller.

Ancient Assyrian lens, possibly earliest telescope.

__ Adams, Bostonian, his name given to beer brand.

__ ware, red pottery from Ancient Rome.

Hungarian composer, Bela __.

North African city centre or castle.

Japanese motor company prominent in rallying.

Greek word for "hello".

EGOT stands for Emmy, __, Oscar and Tony awards.

Colourful bird, advertising symbol for Guinness.

Remembrance of Things Past was his only novel.

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