CodyCross Bees and Birds Pack answers

Bees and Birds PackBees and Birds

Here are the answers to CodyCross Bees and Birds Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Dress __, practice performance of a play.

As of this moment, in three words.

People local to an area; US sitcom set at college.

Creatures like crabs, shrimp, and scallops.

Country to which emus are native.

Jamaican record-breaking sprinter.

People who saw criminal acts taking place.

Wireless technology for sharing between devices.

Soft feathers from a sea duck used to make bedding.

Senior university lecturer.

TM sign of registered intellectual property.

HG Wells first wrote about this Man in 1897.

Puzzle 2

A-shaped boards for supporting painters' works.

Birds' prominent head feathers.

Tropical fruits with white or pink pulp.

Country that first sent person into space.

Quid __; give and take, something for something.

Now is the __ of our discontent.

Groups of bees flying closely together.

Erase an unwanted message.

Outer casings for windows or photos.

Peter Dinklage was this Game of Thrones Lannister.

Joining together of two businesses to form one.

Diving platforms.

This luxury brand includes Emporio and Giorgio.

SI unit of force, symbol N.

The ocean bounded by Africa to the west.

Potential deciders of a trial outcome.

Songwriter John known for Imagine, Instant Karma!.

Puzzle 3

Container outside a home for postal deliveries.

Unit of energy in food.

Frets, panics.

Shape of each individual wax cell in a honeycomb.

Selfish, inconsiderate pig-like motorist.

Girl with ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz.

This Gray's is a textbook on the human body.

Whale with a large tusk resembling a unicorn horn.

Crime of copying someone's signature.

Singing over recorded pop songs as entertainment.

Legendary bird said to rise from its own ashes.

Gliding high in the air without flapping wings.

The study of living things.

Gustav Klimt's 1908 mosaic painting.

Puzzle 4

This suit's ace is the top ranking playing card.

Stubborn, talkative sidekick in Shrek.

Extraterrestrial beings.

Group of eggs laid by a bird at one single time.

Dress that has a tie around the middle.

__ band, solo multi-instrument player.

Stay overnight in this low-cost accommodation.

Spinach-loving sailor in love with Olive Oyl.

What climate change experts say Earth is getting.

Country that held the first modern Olympic Games.

Waterworld and Criminal Minds actress Tripplehorn.

The subtitle of Frankenstein, the __ Prometheus.

French-speaking province of Canada.

Poultry eaten at Christmas or Thanksgiving.

20:20 __, near perfect eyesight.

Puzzle 5

Shakespeare wrote about this Night.

Pheasant with an eye-spotted train of feathers.

The closed path an electric current flows around.

Georgia city that hosted the 1996 Olympics.

First name of flamboyant Queen frontman Mercury.

Movie where Wolverines stopped a Soviet invasion.

Nesting home constructed for garden birds.

Clinton who ran for US president in 2016.

Hard grain seeds.

Roald Dahl's book about a girl with telekinesis.

Like a toenail expanding under the skin.

Let sleeping __, don't open old wounds.

Showy, tropical houseplants.

Material used for motorcyclists' jackets.

Puzzle 6

To put off or delay.

French financier, gave his name to a basic sauce.

Someone who has legally separated from another.

__ Gloop, he fell in a chocolate river.

Precious jewel, e.g. a ruby or emerald.

Alteration in one's DNA.

Ballet with graceful, white water bird dancers.

Uno, Poker, Cribbage, for example.

Knightly combat on horseback.

Using birds to hunt.

Capital of Connecticut.

Sport where a stick with a net is used.

Puts into code.

Quality shown when one has bad manners.

Entry phone to gain access to communal buildings.

Insult for someone who is not very strong.

Brass instruments played by Wynton Marsalis.

Demonstrations against something unpopular.

Puzzle 7

Commissioned __, military people.

Natural vision, without binoculars or a telescope.

Cleaning and arranging feathers with a beak.

To surgically remove a limb or body part.

Unit of electricity equal to one million volts.

Teaches or tutors; anagram of aces duet.

French disco duo behind Pharrell's Get Lucky.

Comment from the author at bottom of page.

Brides should have something old, new, __ and blue.

Mysterious Russian monk who aided tsar Nicholas II.

Super-warm undergarments for the winter.

YouTube trend of taking products out of packaging.

The physical parts of a computer.

It's the C in Washington DC.

Slang for beautiful woman or a match-ending punch.

Carnivorous birds of prey that eat dead animals.

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader.

Puzzle 8

Tap-dancing penguin in Happy Feet movies.

Cloth, textile.

Oceanic phenomenon that means "the girl child".

Internet access using a telephone line.

Powdery pastels for drawing.

Roman Caesar assassinated by Brutus and company.

The study of plants.

Number at the very top of a dart board.

Australia's national airline.

Traditional head coverings for Muslim women.

Expensive handbags or shoes are these symbols.

Bluegrass musicians call this instrument a fiddle.

Kidman known for Big Little Lies, The Undoing.

A cure or way to reduce symptoms.

__ eagle, dark brown bird of prey.

Pop a wine bottle open.

Take a criminal into custody.

Puzzle 9

Start again by going back to this board.

Medical term for extreme exhaustion.

Large, flightless bird with a long neck.

Pens for permanence or for whiteboard writing.

Charles M. Schulz's comic strip featuring Snoopy.

Medieval science involved trying to create gold.

Clothes fasteners secured through holes.

Wall-mounted storage planks for ornaments or books.

2019 Avengers sequel to Infinity War.

More delicious.

Final car on the train.

Nova Scotia city with Titanic cemeteries.

Describes fluffed up feathers of a bird.

2006 novel in the Twilight series.

Place to escape to, or vehicle for bank robbers.

Medieval court entertainers.

Oprah's last name.

Single payment, rather than many at intervals.

Puzzle 10

__ displays, dramatic mating rituals of some birds.

Film studio that shows a rocky peak on its logo.

Animated sitcom featuring the Griffin family.

Performance that follows a warm-up act.

Event in which sprinters pass on a metal baton.

Washing cuts and scrapes can prevent this.

Popular ways found online to learn to do things.

Recorded story that you listen to.

Only US state whose name begins with L.

To have legal possession of something, like a home.

A honey farmer or apiarist, who tends hives.

Amy who sang Rehab and Mark Ronson's Valerie.

Puzzle 11

Personal crops of veggies are grown here.

Upper chamber of the United States Congress.

Lift-off phase of a space rocket.

Tropical, forest-dwelling bird with a bright beak.

NASCAR or F1 contestants.

An official language of Belgium and Monaco.

Name given to a child named after their parent.

It can be loud or soft, high or low.

Money earned; the cash coming into a business.

Dawn __, early morning birdsong.

Greek goddess of reason and wisdom.

Bilbo's book and ethnicity.

Caribbean rumba shaker instrument.

Coats with fur-lined hoods.

It might be acidic, but it's still a fruit.

The location of Brandenburg Gate.

Lounge around in glorious mud.

Tile with dots, in a well-known tabletop game.

Puzzle 12

Affronted, displeased.

Portable light worn strapped around the forehead.

Dance footwear that make a clickety-clack noise.

Cooking implements.

Management of a museum's collections.

Oxygen from the outdoors.

From or relating to Italian watery city.

Recognize or pick out a suspect in a lineup.

Finding a spot in a tree to rest overnight.

Business enterprise, anagram of moon ploy.

Planet that mainly consists of helium and hydrogen.

Thumbs-up, nod of assent.

Small parrot with romantic name.

Citrine is a traditional birthstone of this month.

Paper money.

Leia, Peach or Diana, for example.

You'd see these in a Madame Tussauds museum.

Gems or hoops worn in a pierced lobe.

Sound of Silence: Hello __, my old friend.

Martin, director of Taxi Driver and Huge.

Puzzle 13

Young bird that is learning to fly.

Aircraft that can land on water.

Those who hire workers.

Surgical cuts.

Miguel de _, author of Don Quixote.

Long robe for wearing in the evenings.

Nelly's 2002 hip-hop song about the heat.

Emma Thompson film about a stand-up comedian.

North American raptor with a white head.

Time of year when the most rainfall is experienced.

Puzzle 14

Opening for light in a camera.

Video game company that makes the Switch console.

Partying person who seeks pleasure.

Wading bird with pink feathers.

Fellow singer or musician in the same group.

An extremely intense, persistent headache.

Jack Nicholson's character in 1989's Batman.

Sitting on a branch or fence.

Cold treat people scream for.

Matter that sinks to the bottom of a river.

Puzzle 15

__ Home, film about migrating Canada geese.

Seated string musician, plays large upright violin.

Asian country of which Hanoi is the capital.

Sudden sharp or shooting pains.

Crime of paying someone to influence them.

Another name for a bullfighter.

"2-4-6-8 __ appreciate?".

Another term for a car's transmission.

Grid opening on a building for exchange of gases.

Western TV series with a "rollin'" theme song.

Yellow and black markings on a bee's body.

First female pilot to cross the Atlantic, Amelia.

Naturally occurring sugar in milk.

Puzzle 16

Person who proofreads and makes corrections.

Gossip Girl star Blake, wife of Ryan Reynolds.

Representative icon in a game; blue alien movie.

Long-legged freshwater birds that nest in trees.

Blood is divided into these, called A, B, AB and O.

Wedding helpers who show guests to their seats.

Ancient religious building.

Largest desert in Africa.

Paris fashion house whose logo is two Cs.

Thinner bone of the lower leg.

Writing implements made from birds' feathers.

A mixture of flour and liquids used for baking.

Proverbially, you shouldn't cast them before swine.

Emma, star of 2017's Beauty and the Beast.

Rap battle insults.

Puzzle 17

Food type that makes you feel at home.

7-letter country found mixed up in Leningrad.

Water bird with a large throat pouch.

Gun used in crafts, melts sticky stuff when on.

Use peroxide on a brunette's hair.

Relation of Hades to Zeus in Greek myth.

Accidental escape of fuel from a pipe.

N Carolina capital named for Queen Bess's favorite.

Agitating with a brush to add volume to hair.

Photograph taken when one is arrested.

2016 film with Amy Adams as a scientist.

Victorian-era game, goal not to have the last card.

Schematic drawing of a system structure.

Tall, yellow, beaked Sesame Street character.

Donors can give one of these two organs and live.

Leafy Christmas decorations hung on doors.

Combat sport with swords and all-white outfits.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of these.

Meat from a deer, elk or antelope.

Puzzle 18

Aiding and doing this for a criminal is illegal.

Music event, e.g. Glastonbury or Burning Man.

Czechoslovakia became Slovakia and the Czech __.

Sit on eggs to keep them warm before they hatch.

Napoleon was defeated in this 1815 battle.

Slang word for close friendship of two males.

Russian, French, or Thousand Island.

Surname of runway superstar Naomi.

Space __, early shooter video game with aliens.

Driving an 18-wheeler.

Keeping in the same spot in the air.

Puzzle 19

Luxury sketchbook brand; anagram of meek lions.

Fuzzy striped insect that feeds on nectar.

Dangerous spinning water vortex.

Director of Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Jackie Brown.

Bird trained by Chinese fishers to catch fish.

Advocates of women's rights and equality.

Formal suit fabric with a pattern of thin lines.

Seaport city on Canada's southwest coast.

Short clip taken from a longer audio recording.

Make up a skit on the spot.

Puzzle 20

Another name for the author of a book.

Where locks reach the forehead; men's can recede.

Corn __, freshly picked, unprocessed maize.

Extracting gas or oil from bedrock.

Game birds living in their natural habitat.

__ identity, getting confused about who someone is.

It Never Dies in the title of a James Bond movie.

Nitrous oxide is known as this kind of gas.

Swinging mechanism in a ticking clock.

Cellar; room or rooms beneath the ground floor.

Heavenly hall for Norse heroes.

Ring denotes love, has stones set around its outer.

Singing without musical accompaniment.

Tuneful warbler; Eva Cassidy compilation album.

Elegant, smooth.

Not consume enough.

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