CodyCross Beethoven Pack answers

Beethoven PackBeethoven

Here are the answers to CodyCross Beethoven Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

World's second largest landlocked country.

Central body section of an aircraft.

Horse or deer after its first birthday.

Chamber ensemble with oboe, horn and bassoon pairs.


Chinese-style brush and ink scenery paintings.

Step down from power as a queen or king.

Strings to keep a tent in place.

Michelle Obama's bestseller.

Fat collected from roasted meat.

Musical composition that tells a dramatic story.

2004 film with Kirk Douglas as an aged director.

Mullet-wearing volcanic US golfer.

Dining establishments.

Puzzle 2

Getting the deal over the line.

Hop-drying farm building.

St. Petersburg art museum with Fabergé objects.

Revolting, repugnant, repulsive.

French name for Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 26.

Tissue surrounding a seed's embryo.

HP server line including the Superdome.

Alternative name for a triangulation station.

Anton __; Beethoven's secretary and biographer.

Elementary particles with the smallest known mass.

French railway station in Salvador Dalí painting.

Artery enlargements.

Puzzle 3

Norman; author of The Executioner's Song.

Rules for computer language to function correctly.

To beg earnestly.

Edible sea snails.

Kris, Kylie and Kendall.

Sibling of Pollux, in mythology.

Scooped water out of a flooded boat.

Music, dance, and sketch shows of the early 1900s.

Crests of rock formed by glacial erosion.

Traditional pattern seen on Scottish kilts.

Beethoven symphony preceding the "Fate Symphony".

Japanese martial art debuting at the 2020 Olympics.

Direct opposite of the nadir.

Animal stomach content used in cheese-making.

Rousing name for Beethoven's Third Symphony.

Frank, maker of a famous model railway brand.

Movie clown played by Brian O'Halloran in 2000.

Puzzle 4

Dense, curly bluebell-like flower from a bulb.

Overture for Heinrich Joseph von Collin tragedy.

Ponder, weigh up the pros and cons.

UK Caribbean dependency; its capital is The Valley.

Australian footwear popular with surfers.

Repeated disease based on a Vitamin B1 deficiency.

Anna's ice harvester boyfriend in Frozen II.

She starred as Batwoman in the TV series.

Japanese emperor, after Akihito abdicated in 2019.

Flatfish with both eyes on one side of the body.

Uprising or rebellion, in an Arabic country.

Friedrich __ wrote the poem Ode to Joy in 1785.

Not quite legal or illegal, in this foggy place.

Australian slang for a rowdy youth.

Declare illegal, not count, e.g. a goal.

Puzzle 5

Cute short female hairstyle with fringe.

German rearguard battle in the Ardennes in 1944-5.

Name for ligament pairs in an X shape.

Judged or measured.

This Ford played Han Solo.

Large, important church, especially in Italy.

The Time Machine's brutish underground workers.

Southern islands of the Lesser Antilles.

Beethoven's set of 33 piano variations on a waltz.

These are usually the jobs with benefits.

First name of Polish astronomer Copernicus.

Unintelligent, thick.

Austrian carrier, owned by an F1 champion.

Maiden name of Beethoven's mother Maria.

Puzzle 6

The N in NHK, the Japanese national broadcaster.

Main branches of a tree.

Competitive solvers of Rubik's puzzles.

This creature loves his precious.

Permission for immunity from prosecution.

Charles Osborne did this for 68 years straight.

A little (alcoholic) drink.

Greek goddess of maths, arts, justice.

Catherine Tate's "Am I bothered?" character.

Pleated fabric added to the neckline of garments.

Nancy, from 2019 the US's most senior woman.

Off-the-wall, unusual.

Actor Gary who played Beethoven in a 1994 film.

Pinocchio's cat in 1940 Disney film.

German chemical firm sponsors of Borussia Dortmund.

Large central kingdom in Anglo-Saxon times.

The King's __; film featuring Beethoven's Seventh.

Stork-like tropical wading birds with curved bills.

Puzzle 7

Award given to the year's best illustrator.

Swiss scholar who listed complete Beethoven works.

Soft French abbey cheese, with an orange rind.

The most abundant free amino acid in human blood.

This caused a Dutch market bubble in 1600s.

Rage Over a __; Beethoven showpiece rondo.

Belief that God is one, not a Trinity.

Swim coach who worked with Michael Phelps.

Enjoy being the focus of attention.

Revealed information, let slip.

Resident or native of the city of Moscow.

Web key used to filter human users from bots.

Puzzle 8

Relating to a thin connecting passage.

Greek herald known for his powerful voice.

Leather shoes with small decorative holes.

Communal funds or money pots.

Moderately slow tempo in classical music.

Gabe, Percy Jackson's cruel stepfather.

Mass given for the dead in the Catholic church.

"Braided torpedo" fried pastry.

Boxer whose nickname was Smokin' Joe.

Leaves a person on a desert island.

Catch and lever mechanisms on doors.

Short introductory musical composition.

Screening for security.

Reduce pressure, become less strict.

Puzzle 9

Book, film about a boy and a tiger in a lifeboat.

The world's largest monkey.

Looking to get even, bearing a grudge.

Alter-ego on Xbox or PlayStation, for example.

Curved, polished gemstone that has been shaped.

Popular Beethoven bagatelle with girls' name.

Man who invented quick-freezing; food company.

Territories ruled by highest-ranking noblemen.

Catholic leader chosen in opposition.

Artwork celebrating the work of another artist.

Beethoven's Third was initially dedicated to him.

Collective intelligence.

The female owner of dog Preston in A Close Shave.

Puzzle 10

Place or setting, of a book maybe.

Having a place to live.

South-East Asian spicy vegetable relish.

Beethoven composition for 1787 Goethe play.

All Fall Down and In Her Shoes author Jennifer.

Historical societal classes in India.

Programming language created by Niklaus Wirth.

The weak top part of a fencing blade.


Olivia Newton John musical fantasy nightclub.

Beethoven's age when he wrote his earliest work.

Island off La Rochelle in France.

VIP, important person.

1871 Manet portrait of Berthe Morisot.

Polish hybrid of a cow and a European bison.

Desire, yearn for something.

Name for an emperor during the German empire.

Puzzle 11

Australian rock formation also called Mount Olga.

Food, usually eggs, cooked in a small vessel.

Self-importance, grandiosity.

Short, mellow piece of piano music.

What project Ultra did to the Enigma machine.

Wasted away like unused muscles.

Someone who cluckingly interferes.

Video game set in America after nuclear holocaust.

Plant that thrives in a saline environment.

Peanuts character and huge Beethoven fan.

Shackle-style metal hook used by climbers.

Puzzle 12

Adjective for three Roman slave wars around 100 BC.

A collective term for leaves.

Long-published guide to service and manners.

Country in which Beethoven died in 1827.

Circular room or building, often with domed roof.

Tasty feline palindrome.

Something contained inside a vessel; a pill.

Supergirl's star Melissa.

North-east India state whose capital is Imphal.

Rude (but rhyming) term to call others.

Notice on a stick carried at a demonstration.

__ Reiss; Beethoven's sister-in-law.

Mikey, Brandon, Data, Mouth and Chunk.

A double loss in trading markets.

Letter, missive, especially by religious figures.

Puzzle 13

Bill Paxton line from Aliens that became a meme.

Interactive equine attraction at a petting zoo.

Coconut cookie, from the Italian word for "paste".

Brand name of asthma drug salbutamol.

Beethoven composition with Australian city's name.

Gold store in Kentucky.

Settle firmly, become established.

100 of these make 1 peso.

Household shrines in Japanese Shinto worship.

Tree-climbing blue-gray garden bird.

Month of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth.

Date when the Khmer Rouge seized Cambodia.

Woven items associated with Witney, Oxfordshire.

Dramatist of What the Butler Saw.

Puzzle 14

Director of Rainbow unit in Tom Clancy novels.

Beethoven's dramatic introductory operatic works.

Indifferent, uninterested.

Rotating measuring device associated with Foucault.

Extinct marine arthropod found often in fossils.

High altitude condensed mist patterns in the sky.

Trail, fail to keep up.

Trolls animated film sequel, released in 2020.

Republican Senate leader Mitch.

Quick-growing leaves and tendrils for salads.

US college athletes who wait to officially play.

Puzzle 15

Fastened down with a rope.

William the Conqueror's not a king eldest son.

Sedative brand name for drug diazepam.

1934 stone bridge across Venice's Grand Canal.

Homeland actress Danes.

Tempo: __ e molto mesto; slowly and very sadly.

20th C writer who lived on Scottish isle of Jura.

Big-eared desert fox.

German environmentally friendly search engine.

Game whose villain is named GLaDOS.

Blend of spices specific to Indian cuisine.

Joke: A deer with no eyes.

Name of the world's first combat submarine in 1775.

Sparring form of karate.

He was artful, per Dickens.

Bolivian silver mining town with colonial mint.

Being placed in a specific location.

CR-Vs and Civics.

The Three Bs: Beethoven, Bach and __ (or Berlioz!).

Kaia, model daughter of Cindy Crawford.

Finishing a comic book drawing after pencil sketch.

The Goblin King in Labyrinth.

Puzzle 16

Sugar seen in plants; named after French for sugar.

Pity, pity --__; reputedly Beethoven's last words.

Last king of Lydia, "as rich as...".

Fictional setting of Black Panther.

Five-piece musical ensemble.

ThunderCat with huge fear of bats.

This city on River Tigris is also Iraq's capital.

Occurring, cropping up.

Describes a dry rasping noisy cough.

Mini pore in algae that discharges spores.

Inventory of endangered species by the IUCN.

Most successful country at rally driving.

__ noble; male principal ballerina.

Puzzle 17

Country once led by Haile Selassie.

Outdoor freestanding clay fireplace.

Calm composition, often for flutes and strings.

Manny who is a great Filipino boxer.

Sam Gamgee's job.

Occurring every two years.

Without bounce or volume when describing hair.

Comic book that came before Doomsday Clock.

Modern return to religious worship of nature.

Examples are testosterone, cortisol.

Poached fish or meat dumpling in sauce.

Lacking energy and enthusiasm.

Tree-dwelling, living in the branches.

Humanoid race with demonic blood.

Flint __, making arrowheads out of stone.

Italian carmaker known for luxury, sports, style.

Hit for Chuck Berry; do this Beethoven.

Close companion, partner.

Dick, Sally meet this cat on a cold, wet day.

Subatomic particle with a negative charge.

Aria on Pretty Little Liars.

Those in charge of irrigation canal water (Sp).

French weaver and loom.

Sliding or gliding ballet movement.

Puzzle 18

Whacked or punched, with a foot garment maybe.

Three Fates' spinner of human life.

Civilization emerging in Crete around 2700 BC.

Horse coat with dark pigmentation around the ears.

German playwright deeply admired by Beethoven.

US business magazine founded in 1917.

Hindu deity married to Lakshmi.

Visual description of a coat of arms.

Container used by a milliner.

Christ on the Mount of __; Beethoven oratorio.

Portuguese islands in the mid-Atlantic.

Book and movie about a boy with facial differences.

Sour-tasting Belgian beer.

When one file format is converted into another.

Old rickety motorcar, with a red-flag guide maybe.

The strung part of a lacrosse stick.

The blood group named after a species of monkeys.

Puzzle 19

Making a material resilient by coating.

Ships that transport coal.

__ Rudolph; Austrian noble patron of Beethoven.

Something that is supposed to happen.

Adjective describing the members of Mystery, Inc..

Election platform and political activities.

Magritte's raining men painting.

Extended composition; Beethoven wrote nine.

Vinyl figures with oversized heads.

Purple butterfly bush.

Bogart crime drama set in a Florida Hotel.

Leafy vegetable with crimson stalks.

Puzzle 20

__ Beloved; famous Beethoven love letter.

Archaic term for food and drink.

Major Beijing university, founded in 1911.

Group of participants in a program or app.

Big, rowdy party, usually with live music.

Safety move in chess involving a king and a rook.

Large cooking tureen for soups and stews.

Area of no wind for boats north of the equator.

Movie about mogwais.

French Symbolist poet Arthur; died age 37.

Stringed lute Beethoven composed music for.

Demonstrating good sporting manners.

Name of the oak tree where Charles II hid in 1651.

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