CodyCross Begins With a Vowel Pack answers

Begins With a Vowel PackBegins With a Vowel

Here are the answers to CodyCross Begins With a Vowel Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Blurry, hard to see.

Compilation recording of all your most-loved songs.

Retail __; shopping to make yourself feel better.

Microwavable snack to eat while watching a movie.

Soft soapy spheres that make up foam or froth.

Belly organ.

Bucket who won a Golden Ticket to meet Willy Wonka.

__ Dunn, British supermodel and actress.

Dig up from beneath the soil.

Young dogs.

Puzzle 2

Set of 26 letters in the English language.

Having imaginative ideas.

Flaky baked goods like croissants.

All that __ is not gold.

Middle of a dartboard, or a winning hit.

Justin Timberlake's 2003 song for a Spanish lady.

Shade of blue reminiscent of the last hour of day.

Flower adopted as a symbol for fighting cancer.

Heavy mammal with tusks and a trunk.

Court proceedings.

Puzzle 3

Juniper spirit and soda water cocktail.

Clothing worn by military personnel.

The Grapes __, John Steinbeck novel.

Fasteners found down the front of a duffle coat.

These are built over water so people can get across.

Tinier, less large in size.

What teachers are doing when they check your work.

Font effect that creates sloping text.

Baby cats.

Impish, mischievous little sprites.

Fishing using a hook and line.

Puzzle 4

Someone who discovers new lands.

Tools for gripping and turning nuts.

Tree-like vegetable bought at vegetable stalls.

Ridged, plush fabric used in jackets and trousers.

Leg-joint protectors worn by a skateboarder.

ID badges are hung around the neck on these.

Using a brush to create pictures on paper.

Traditional Scottish music wind instrument.

American ring-tailed animals, with "bandit" masks.

Usual, nothing special.

Puzzle 5

Extremely attractive.

Of key significance.

Rug made from shepherd's animal.

Oven used to heat food quickly.

Fairy __, magical mentor of Cinderella.

Puzzle that has words across and down.

She played Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues.

Country famous for koalas and kangaroos.

What bees do to flowers.

Celebrations of turning a year older.

Puzzle 6

Curved bright yellow fruits.

Raise or lift upwards.

Large sculptures on public display.

Someone who loves books enjoys __.

Hard, expensive stone popular for kitchen surfaces.

One-horned mythical creature.

Glass spheres thrown in a childhood game.

Zebras and tigers have them.

Catching water animals with a pole.

Round of applause, perhaps standing.

Changing from frozen ice into water.

Puzzle 7

Exciting or risky experience.

Transparent sea creature with stinging tentacles.

Tropical fruit found on Hawaiian pizza.

Spoken message service when phone isn't answered.

A spring holiday item; a clue hidden in a movie.

Males with flashing blades, D'Artagnan types.

Hidden out of view, cannot be seen.

Insincere distress, __ tears.

Collections of signatures demanding change.

Pain you would see a dentist about.

She released the album Smile in 2020.

Puzzle 8

Icy region around the North Pole.

The opposite of receiving.

Celebration march with floats and marching bands.

Playground chutes for slipping down.

Electronic, high-pitched noises.

Body part on which a ring is worn.

Female foxes.

The movie genre intended to make people laugh.

__ pork or chicken, meat served in juicy shreds.


European country where the Olympic Games originate.

Boy who asked for more in Charles Dickens' tale.

Puzzle 9

Turn on a pot for hours for this meal-making mode.

Shield used against the rain on wet days.

Towards the opposite direction to west.

Controlling the direction of a car or boat.

A wedding ceremony.

The last 30-day month of the year.

Cutlery for stirring or sugaring your drinks.

Coming out of an egg.

All space, planets, stars and galaxies.

Bent down, stooped low.

Simple snack of a filling between slices of bread.

Puzzle 10

A large water-filled container for washing in.

This type of cookie has a paper prediction inside.

Business place where vehicles are cleaned.

These attract metals.

Expressive facial feature that can be raised.

Proof of your order, often paper or email.

Noise made by involuntary spasms of the chest.

Film studio that created Shaun the Sheep.

A song sung to babies and small children.

What you do to a deck of cards to mix them up.

Plant that grows from an acorn.

Puzzle 11

Exactly the same.

Jam-like preserve often made from oranges.

Main disk on a laptop where all info is stored.

Hans Christian Andersen's frosty fairy tale baddie.

Group of classical musicians that perform together.

Star, famous person.

Two times forty-eight, reads the same upside down.

Seabird with giant wingspan.


People from Abuja or Lagos.

__ paper is thick-grained and used for drawing on.

Puzzle 12

The flat glass viewing window of a television set.

__ around; not doing anything too important.

Beautiful and attractive.

Animals that might neigh or whinny.

Seats with backs.

Ask guests to attend a party.

Superhero who battles the Joker and the Penguin.

A follower of Islam.

Female face cards in a standard deck.

Chris __, cyclist, winner of the Tour de France.

Winnie-the-Pooh's tiny, pink best friend.

Steam-powered locomotive that pulls a train.

Salad vegetable in ketchup sauce and gazpacho soup.

Puzzle 13

Joined together, with a shared outlook.

Ice cream dessert sounds like a day of the week.

Cows, bulls and calves.

Number of pipers piping in the festive song.

Dance style associated with tutus and pirouettes.

Athlete who plays 18 holes.

Composes a novel.

Requiring immediate attention.

Magical charms or incantations.

City where the UK's parliament is found.

Type of wooden bird that pops out of a clock.

Vim and vitality; power that may be electric.

Puzzle 14

First name of Mr. Crusoe.

Liver illness that turns the skin and eyes yellow.

People watching a play or a concert.

Competition between two teams pulling a rope.

The most recently picked fruit or vegetables.

Painting or drawing of a person.

Secondary entrance to a house.

Soft material used to fill cuddly toys.

Someone who is native to Cairo's country.

Follower of Jesus, one of 12.

Puzzle 15

Hard, tropical fruit with brown hairy shell.

Chess pieces that only move diagonally.

Video-based website with many vloggers.

Large building in which goods are produced.

Grown naturally, without pesticides.

"__ speak louder than words".

Someone being held captive by a criminal.

RMS __, ocean liner that hit an iceberg and sank.

Straight away, immediate.

Rubbing or kneading of muscles to relieve tension.

Puzzle 16

Printed words used to describe pictures.

A person's name and date of birth.

They look like white carrots.

Small, hand-held telescope, for James Bond maybe.

Cooking implements.

Dracula and Nosferatu are these famous creatures.

I Feel __; 2017 hit for The Weeknd and Daft Punk.

A melody made by a sparrow or a finch.

Shoes, boots or anything you wear on your feet.

Outer casing of a letter sent in the mail.

Puzzle 17

Feeling tired, wanting your bed.

Planet that is between Saturn and Neptune.

A four-leafed one of these is said to bring luck.

Switch these on to tune in to music, news stations.

Surname of Hollywood legend Marilyn.

First signs of green plants sprouting in spring.

1930s outlaw who robbed banks with boyfriend Clyde.

Parts of glasses that surround the lenses.

Put funds into a business project.

Meal eaten outdoors on a blanket.

Stringed instrument popular with rock bands.

Puzzle 18

Asian nation of which Jakarta is capital.

__ contact details are vital for trip arrangers.

Made a hole in a balloon.

Hard spheres that fizz when added to tub water.

Permit allowing people to legally work in the US.

__ eggs; dish made with heated beaten eggs.

Garments worn beneath clothes.

Explosive pyrotechnics set off at parties.

A fuzzy flyer that pollinates and makes honey.

Science subject where you study the periodic table.

Puzzle 19

Places to buy things.

Jumping off a high board into a pool.

Feta, Gruyere or Cheddar, for instance.

Comic book publisher behind the Avengers.

__ the sailor, loves spinach and Olive Oyl.

Continent to which France and Italy belong.

A boat is this, when tied to the port edge.

What violin strings are sometimes made of.

One searching for hiders in a children's game.

Brothers of a mother or father.

Water boiling device for making hot drinks.

Verdict when found responsible for a crime.

Stone slabs used to make garden paths.

Images you see in your mind when you're asleep.

Puzzle 20

Glowing part of an electric lamp.

The B in BASE, from which jumpers throw themselves.

Online, user-edited encyclopedia.

Queen of England, mother of Charles.

Device used to open a bottle of wine.

It illuminates a single performer on stage.

Edges of a town or city, suburbs.

Crash __, fox-like video game character.

A lean and wiry racing dog.

Emergency vehicle for sick or injured patients.

Comes to an end.

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