CodyCross Begins with M Pack answers

Begins with M PackBegins with M

Here are the answers to CodyCross Begins with M Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Business is __, enjoying a period of increased.

It's the NY in Donna Karan's DKNY label.

Something that stretches and springs back is this.

Yellow relish often served on burgers and hotdogs.

Objects used for taking photos or videos.

Vibrating like a happy cat.

Apprentice learning the ropes in a new job.

He's visited by ghosts in A Christmas Carol.

Not solids or gasses, these are pourable.

Extremely vast or large.

Puzzle 2

Grins, signs of happiness.

Bob, reggae star who sang No Woman, No Cry.

The word corresponding to the last letter in CIA.

Vegetables that make one cry when cut.

__ skating, ice dance sport.

Cause and this, basically the result.

A unit of time equal to 60 seconds.

Long, frozen spear that forms in winter weather.

Men's bristly facial hair styles.

Garden figures often placed next to ponds.

First name of movie director Spielberg.

Puzzle 3

Cook eggs with light beating or stirring.

Takes into employment.

Bad habit that makes you lose money.

Longest running race in the Olympic Games.

The period between day and night.

Enclosed set of shelves for volumes and papers.

Heroic son of Zeus with superhuman strength.

Leonardo da Vinci's famous portrait of a woman.

General name for a mixed alcoholic drink.

In TV, the person who oversees filming of a show.

Polluted precipitation.

It transports humans up and down buildings.

The Ugly __, children's story about a misfit bird.

Puzzle 4

Describes a prize no one showed up to take.

A vast landmass, like Asia or Africa.

Ladies and __, formal way to address a group.

Office and Outlook are programs by this company.

Broadway musical; substance to keep locks in place.

Music ensemble with trumpets and French horns.

Fed up, downhearted.

Existence that follows death, according to some.

Thin, flat maize-flour Mexican pancakes.

Dark green creeper plant that causes rashes.

Game of doing only what the S guy tells you to do.

Puzzle 5

Game of guessing letters in a hidden phrase.

Suitcases for travel.

Small protective mat for resting a cup on.

What it's like outside, e.g. raining, sunny, cold.

An unsolved puzzle or enigma.

Athletic occupation of Michael Phelps.

Destructive, fast-moving, swirling wind storm.

A hideous or terrifying creature.

Drawing around the edge of a shape.

Creepy-crawly bugs.

Mark, who plays the Hulk in the Avengers.

Fragrant beans and pods used in ice-cream making.

Puzzle 6

Referee in baseball.

These animals are Hungry Hungry in the game.

__ for a friend, common Internet query phrase.

Long cream-filled pastry topped with chocolate.

Currency of Australia and New Zealand.

Member of the Round Table.

Manny the Mammoth starred in this film series.

This wizard helped the legendary King Arthur.

Theatrical musical performances.

Steps between floors of a building.

Rainbow hue and a sweet-smelling flower.

A female parent.

Of Mice __, famous 1937 novel by John Steinbeck.

Puzzle 7

Enjoying stories in your sleep.

Opposite of a lender.

Hairdos that are very short, military style.

Making sounds like a duck.

It comes 12 hours after noon.

Nationality of a person who was born in Hokkaido.

3D image made of light.

A putter always hits it.

Small fish that come in a can.

Reject a decision (by a superior).

Herman Melville's novel about a great white whale.

Puzzle 8

Ghosts, spooks.

Popular musical based on the hits of ABBA.

To the greatest distance.

It describes grapes with no crunchy parts.

Popular messaging app for texts, calls.

Tax-exempt shopping.

They're what a bad workman blames.

Shape that's an anagram of integral.

Abdominal organ that may burst if not removed.

Painkilling drug, often given as an injection.

The tops of rooms.

Puzzle 9

Desktop devices requiring screens, keyboards, mice.

Toxic, venomous.

Borough of NYC where Central Park is found.

Process of making teeth more dazzling.

Jack climbed this and met a giant.

Study of the night sky and stars.

Domestic chores done around the home.

A sweet preserve often made from oranges.

Doodling, making a quick drawing.

State capital of Tennessee.

Puzzle 10

Coping mechanism, take things one day __.

Someone or something from the planet Mars.

The BBC is this Broadcasting Corporation.

Wood-eating insect.

Kate, star of Titanic, The Reader and Ammonite.

Bubbles and boils steadily.

Fragrance marketed to women.

This Hook tried to outsmart Peter Pan.

Pop superstar who sang Like A Virgin.

Carbon __, gas that we exhale.

Puzzle 11

Light this for cooking outside a tent.

How Liam and Chris Hemsworth are related.

Midnight is this spooky hour.

A __of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Sweet dessert made from baked whipped egg whites.

Apple's video chat app.

Pixar film starring Buzz and Woody.

Live sales of goods to bidders.

Times one number by another.

Cover your face to play this game with babies.

Puzzle 12

Workwear, outfits you have to wear to school/work.

Canadian city that hosted the 1976 Olympics.

Found on birds or used for crafts.

Describes when the weather is dull and cloudy.

Monstrous creature that lived in the Labyrinth.

Accumulations, growths.

The park in the famous film about cloned dinosaurs.

Feline Batman villain.

A fabric band that protects a driver in a car.

The inability to hear.

Puzzle 13

Invent in your mind, think up.

To move from one place or country to another.

Eight-legged ocean dweller.

Household appliance for icy food preservation.

Keep your hands in these to keep them warm outside.

A mix of tar and stones used to make roads.

When the Sun is covered by the Moon.

Occurring 12 times every year.

Official language of Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile.

Like butterhead, iceberg, Batavia or Romaine.

Puzzle 14

A creature that rears its young on milk.

2021 hit for Justin Bieber.

Point of no __, after which there is no going back.

Female sibling.

Electronic illuminators on the ceiling.

TV watcher.

Yellow fruit needed to make an ice cream split.

Head __, business exec who seeks top candidates.

They flush red when we're embarrassed.

Academic qualification from a university.

Coarse-textured; anagram of gin ray.

Take someone away, for ransom maybe.

Asian Empire once ruled by Genghis Khan.

Puzzle 15

Decorative Japanese art of folding paper.

Describes the best quality.

Every man for __, survival of the fittest idiom.

A souvenir or keepsake, something that reminds you.

Non-Apple smartphone with Google Play store.

Online page giving information.

Arena where sports are played.

Roald Dahl book about a girl with special powers.

__ bag or plastic bag.

Term for a female lion.

Puzzle 16

Another word for coming out.

The galaxy in which the Earth is found.

Sparkly, shiny.

Making loud, sloppy noises when eating soup.

Animated New York ape-man who captured Fay Wray.

Putting the hair back with an elastic band.

Bills of payments due.

Male vocal range between bass and tenor.

Fly in the __, an irritant that stalls a plan.

Frogs are often heard doing this.

Someone who fixes vehicles or machinery.

Seats chosen for a passenger by the airline.

Puzzle 17

Louise's road trip buddy in 1991 film.

The paper on which a person's vote is cast.

Mythical king who uses the sword Excalibur.

Changing position; emotionally stirring.

Hang these up to illuminate a party outdoors.

Australian cuddly marsupials that eat eucalyptus.

Jewish spiritual leaders or teachers.

Just a brief amount of time, an instant.

Cheddar, gouda or parmesan for instance.

Photograph of yourself taken on a smartphone.

Singer Ariana, who had a 2020 hit with 34+35.

Spring festival associated with painted eggs.

Puzzle 18

Sleeping in a tent or under the stars.

Allowed someone to have, gave permission.

Nordic home country of Lego; anagram of darken M.

Good friends might be as thick as these criminals.

Breakfast treats baked in an iron.

Plug in this cold cupboard to make ice cubes.

Bicep, triceps and abs, for instance.

Room in which a waste disposal might be found.

Lay it on the ground for a picnic or at a festival.

First Gospel in the New Testament.

Multi-hued arc in the sky after a daytime shower.

Big cat with spots, native to Asia and Africa.

Jada __ Smith, host of Red Table Talk.

Puzzle 19

Adjective used for Prince Charming in fairy tales.

Smoke outlets on the roofs of houses.

Inspire, encourage; provide an idea for.

Design of a Roman road, no bends.

A simple five-sided geometric shape.

Popular property-trading board game.

You're said to bring it home when you earn a wage.

Home to a domesticated avian.

Emergency medical care learned by non-medic types.

Delicious highly prized food.

Period of 365 days starting after this December ends.

It'll help keep you dry in the rain.

Puzzle 20

Studying last-minute for a test.

Wrist jewelery item.

Part of a whole number, like 1/4.

A single-track passenger train.

Travels/discovers new territory.

Resting through the night.

Branch of the military with fighter jets.

Sir Ian, Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films.

It's what the P in P.E. stands for.

Making a happy pig noise.

Promise menace.

Game with pieces with varying numbers of spots.

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