CodyCross Begins with PRE Pack answers

Begins with PRE PackBegins with PRE

Here are the answers to CodyCross Begins with PRE Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Animal group that includes lizards and snakes.

Volkswagen is known for this nation's engineering.

Settled a bill, invoice or fee beforehand.

By 2020, he and Nadal won 20 Grand Slam singles.

__ Doors, Paltrow in rom-com about opposite lives.

Small salty fish in a tin.

Room in which you'd find a garbage disposal.

This gemstone is a girl's best friend.

Powerpuff Girls Blossom, __, and Buttercup.

Mineral needed for strong bones.

Made ready in advance.

Puzzle 2

Lotus or downward facing dog, for example.

The Day After __, 2004 climate disaster film.

Ghostly apparition or manifestation.

Brown aromatic spice often used with apples.

Rhyming declaration of amour, romantic verses.

This turtle species name scares away your finger.

Reserve ahead of release, e.g. a book or game.

Gaseous chemical element whose symbol is N.

French for goodbye until we meet again.

Glacial chunks found in the ocean.

Puzzle 3

Round toys that spin around your hips.

A strictly meat-eating creature.

Johnny, a US man who planted many fruit trees.

O positive, AB negative, for example.

A foresight or knowing in advance.

Listerine's most well-known product.

Amazing, like Roald Dahl's Mr. Fox.

Interpret words into another language.

Safety device around the edge of a ship's deck.

Forerunner or herald.

Watching a broadcast over the internet.

Puzzle 4

Chris Martin's chilly band, who sang Yellow.

Tree dwelling or like a tree.

Kevin Spacey starred in The Usual these.

Strong Italian coffee.

YouTube phenomenon of opening packages.

Debut showing of a film or stage play.

Ride the waves without a board.

Birdy name for someone more active in the evening.

Former, the one before.

Propaganda, online articles that aren't true.

Basic SI unit of weight, symbol kg.

Puzzle 5

HBO series about gangster Tony and family, The __.

Cook an egg in hot water to solidify the yolk.

Getting popular on Twitter.

Precise, spot on, unlike a weather report.

Common sense __, logic and good reason triumphs.

Bonaparte, French emperor and military leader.

Natural substances for health, such as C, D, B12.

Jacket usually worn in storms.

Blue or lilac bloom with a relaxing scent.

Action movie franchise with Alien crossover.

Puzzle 6

Big cat known for climbing and sleeping in trees.

Olivia, singer of 2021 hit Drivers License.

As thick as __, an expression of good friendship.

Making fabric by interlacing strands of material.

Take precedence over; commandeer.

Kitchen appliance; computer graphic software.

Garments one wears.

The X-Men are examples of these enhanced people.

Youngster aged no older than 12.

Unit for measuring sound levels like at a concert.

A business' TOS are its terms of this.

Hugh Grant attended Four Weddings and a __ in 1994.

Puzzle 7

A paper orientation that is wider than higher.

Before the current era, from the past.

Fictional velocity for spaceships in sci-fi series.

In a decent state of health; in __.

Yellow thoroughfare Dorothy followed in Oz.

Pink summer fruits often made into jam.

Tallest mountain range in the world.

Dish device used to pick up TV signals.

Author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Spicy-smelling flower.

Head of state of a republic.

Puzzle 8

Style of someone who attends an exclusive school.

Hepburn known for My Fair Lady, Roman Holiday.

Response to a knock on the door.

__ mule, cocktail made with vodka and ginger beer.

Clause that allows a contract to legally be broken.

Stones in this bean-shaped organ can really hurt.

Lens on a computer for video calling.

Smooths feathers with a beak.

Ocean in which the Maldives are located.

Led Zeppelin sang about a stairway to this place.

You wear your heart on it by showing your feelings.

Space vehicle that arrives on the Moon's surface.

Puzzle 9

Area with restricted view in a vehicle.

Rodent-catching device.

Choose in advance.

Superman's power crazy CEO archenemy.

Acts of theft.

State east of Pennsylvania, south of New York.

Blessed liquid at a church.

Elephant __, something avoided being mentioned.

Commercial aquaculture breeding locations.

Negative opinion based on preconceived ideas.

Type of music used in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Puzzle 10

Small cutlery item for stirring hot drinks.

Equipped with weapons in advance.

Microorganisms that curdle milk into yogurt.

Devote a piece of music to someone.

Tight-fitting trousers akin to footless tights.

Where the stars and stripes might hang.

This cereal issued a challenge to lose weight.

Animal or beast found in nature.

Largest airline of the Middle East, based in Dubai.

Good standing or reputation.

Shootout at the Ok Corral.

Direct, frank chat between two males.

The captive princess with extremely long hair.

Puzzle 11

Connector of compound words, a little dash.

Continent on which aardvarks are naturally found.

The UK's departure from the European Union.

__ tree, Mojave Desert tree; U2 album of 1987.

Word part added to the start of a word, e.g. un.

Floppy headwear worn in summer.

Short trip for pleasure.

Rough-textured grit used on paths and driveways.

Darth Vader and RoboCop are examples of this.

Steam __; surface-flattening construction vehicle.

Before government duties are deducted.

Puzzle 12

Brand name for popular permanent marker.

Someone who has served in the armed forces.

Turn the oven on in advance of cooking a meal.

Direct __, movies not released for the big screen.

Carves marble.

Transparent beakers sometimes kept by the sink.

Fire-creating object instead of matches.

Highest quality or enhanced service option.

Equilibrium; current amount of money in an account.

Use yeast to breakdown ingredients, used in beer.

South American country whose capital is Quito.

Puzzle 13

Game of slamming vehicles together, __ cars.

Two or more piano notes played at the same time.

Ryan __, stock car racer in NASCAR series.

Food such as meat that's gone putrid or stale.

List-like objects in computer coding.

An evergreen tree often grown for Christmas trees.

Beautiful, attractive, e.g. __ as a picture.

A building where people gamble, think Vegas.

This big bang describes the birth of the universe.

A Clockwork __, famous book by Anthony Burgess.

Puzzle 14

Nationality of golfing legend Seve Ballesteros.

Feign, make believe.

__ in yourself, have self-confidence.

Unstoppable huge tidal wave speeding to shore.

Jim Carrey's pet detective character, Ace.

Default or original factory configurations.

Standing __, extended enthusiastic applause.

A bank clerk; a business employee handling money.

Creating designs on a metal plate.

Last name of Charles, author of Oliver Twist.

Ordinary, standard, typical.

Lots of strips of fabrics.

Puzzle 15

A roof-like cloth covering, usually over a bed.

Chameleon, iguana or monitor, for instance.

__ Service, hush-hush US government agency.

Not outdoors.

Liam, Irish actor who stars in the Taken movies.

Turn it up to hear the song louder.

Brief summary of a book or written article.

Paper towel brand with a lumberjack mascot.

Glass container for preserves and marmalade.

Grande who sang One Last Time.

Hey __, conjuror's phrase meaning "as if by magic".

Grand religious building; anagram of pet elm.

Foot races with teams of four passing a baton.

Puzzle 16

Out of the __, into the fire.

Person who doesn't follow traditional social norms.

Laundry cleaning powder.

Type of hockey move to "snap" puck.

Lotion to protect against UV rays on bright days.

Ahead of being released on public sale.

Females in a pride of big cats.

Carbohydrate grains, but not the white kind.

Expert who sells paintings and drawings.

Commonly existing, widespread.

Puzzle 17

Officially agrees.

Presidential number assigned to Joe Biden.

FBI agent Emily in Criminal Minds TV series.

Attaches above bike wheels to prevent splashes.

Nocturnal insects that chirp.

Refined, showing restrained style or manners.

Having wide space between canines.

Weather that kids hope for in the winter.

UK word for what Americans call cookies.

Urgent, requiring immediate action.

Pop music star known for her extreme fashion.

Puzzle 18

Use a keyboard without looking at the keys.

Ahead of the time it was due or planned.

Famous German pianist who later became deaf.

Expert in how money and industry work.

Funny guy who voices DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda.

The FIFA World Cup is held every __.

Type of car that changes gears for you.

Countryside, scenery.

Confined, in a cage; bears can live decades in it.

Crime novel where the suspect's identity is sought.

Nursery or kindergarten, before formal education.

Italian dictator who fell from power in 1943.

Puzzle 19

One who delivers the news.

Delicious, sweet almond paste used in desserts.

Tooth located next to a canine.

Stock __, where stocks can be bought and sold.

Booty dancing craze.

An actor's preliminary performance or interview.

Grinning cat in Alice in Wonderland.

A sort of cream rubbed onto skin, often medicinal.

Scottish home of legendary water monster.

Already blended when sold, e.g. concrete, paint.

Puzzle 20

Handheld medical device used to grasp or open.

City where you could watch a Broadway play.

Knot-shaped baked pastry.

Soft pad or pillow for making a seat comfortable.

Alba, Simpson, or Chastain.

Australia's vast desert interior.

__ of proportion; make a big deal of something.

Wakesurfers hold on to this cord to be pulled.

Baby born several weeks ahead of its due date.

Decade of first crewed moon landing.

Bruno Mars song or incendiary device.

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