CodyCross Benefits of Pets Pack answers

Benefits of Pets PackBenefits of Pets

Here are the answers to CodyCross Benefits of Pets Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

A gusty appliance used to herd leaves.

City served by Heathrow airport.

People who pets belong to.

Locations or sites for events to take place.

Sleepy, tired.

Word describing things relating to the visage.

Mr. Depp, Carson, or Cash.

Not rough or bumpy.

Flat, wooden packing crate.

Swiss breakfast of grains and fruit.

The opposite of falling.

Plan to do something, have it in mind.

Every seven days.

What an archer aims at.

Largest search engine on the internet.

Neck band ID worn by dogs and cats.

Puzzle 2

Children's game of skipping in chalk-drawn squares.

To think on the spot, often as performance.

Approximately 3,281 feet.

Dog lover.

A resource to find words with identical meanings.

The person you admire on February 14th.

A doubt or worry; rhymes with living.

Gravely, with solemn intent.

Something that you can't go without.

Pale rock formed from shells and sea-bed matter.

A parent's female children.

Person who feeds your animals when you're away.

Sparkling white wine from a certain French region.

Puzzle 3

To moan or complain about something.

Shiny surfaces that create reflections.

Apprehensive, agitated or anxious.

Surname of Marge with the blue hair.

A casual shirt with no sleeves.

To shock or disturb like a very scary movie.

Heavenly and innocent.

Online platform for a business or person.

Low humming made by a contented cat.

Chilled out, calm and unstressed.

Achievement, personal accomplishment.

To equip a house with beds, tables, etc..

Puzzle 4

When bothered, your feathers do this.

One of a kind.

Someone who runs to keep fit.

Portable Apple smart device.

The clothes one chooses for the day.

Cardboard stationery item for holding papers.

People eating at a restaurant.

Runs off to marry.

Animated dogs Max and Duke have this kind of Life.

Rule over.

Class, tutorial.

Robinson, marooned on a desert island with Friday.

Volcanic rock used in the bathroom for smooth skin.

Picture of the past in someone's mind.

Doghouse outside the home.

Puzzle 5

Optical instrument for viewing stars and planets.

Unable to be seen.

Active at night and asleep during the day.

Frank and Joe; brothers and crime solvers.

World's largest personal computer software company.

Botanical collection consisting of trees.

Warfare that sounds like monkey business.

Grasping, like with straws.

Person paid to exercise other people's pet canines.

Not greedy or egocentric.

It may be the most important meal of the day.

Puzzle 6

Pink end of a pencil.

Men's neckwear for formal occasions.

Roger's surname in the live-action 101 Dalmatians.

Enclosed area where horses and riders are trained.

Dark red stone or the hue of the same name.

A ride in a plane.

Flat pottery you eat from.

Make bubbles from soap.

Measuring sticks.

Part of a tree that juts off of the trunk.

Put these up to indicate OK.

Houses made from blocks of ice.

Looking after with kindness.

Sharp glass splinters.

Mythological woman with snakes for hair.

Puzzle 7

A good flow of conversation between people.

Long-sleeved knitted garment.

Bram Stoker's night-wandering villain.

Harvesting fruit.

Another name for the United States.

Hard sweets that take a lot of chewing.

Laugh out loud.

Also a thousand million.

Noisemaker blown to call a dog.

Imprisoning a criminal.

To reach a new accomplishment in a video game.

Decorative badge awarded at a pet show.

Wrestle with an issue.

Puzzle 8

Person who wrote on behalf of others.

The opposite of remember.

To be connected to the internet.

What Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor do, per their title.

A celestial place.

Use this kitchen utensil to shred cheese.

Solid ground surrounded by water.

Dance form with tutus and pointe shoes.

Short branches that dogs play fetch with.

Raised up.

Male feline.

Tough tooth coating.

Giant, heavily guarded home for royalty.

Cease employment upon reaching a certain age.

A fire-breathing mythical creature.

Where the first Little Pig went.

Neither past nor present.

A ring of foliage and flowers placed on a door.


Puzzle 9

Steep cascade that drops into a pool or river.

Canine used by law enforcement officers.

Shone unsteadily, like a candle flame.

Great, wonderful.

How a teen greets their journal.

Opinionated newspaper writer.

Monopoly or Risk, for example.

Pre-performance runthrough for actors.

How fast your pulse is beating.

Skilled, talented, gifted.

In a weird way.

Puzzle 10

Removing hair from limbs with sticky substance.

Onomatopoeia for going fast or zipping around.

Basket for storing dirty laundry.

Twinned, teamed up with someone.

Find an abandoned animal a new place to live.

Lucky plant.

Use a needle and this to hem a dress.

Eggs baked in a crust with various fillings.

Four-__ friend; a common term for a pet dog or cat.

A Russian meerpup.

Pave a street with round stones.

Not rough.

Fruit-based slang for fine or satisfactory.

Puzzle 11

They're worn on Halloween.

Tiny version of a sport played with a putter.

Catchy music tracks that stick in your head.

Grains fed to caged parakeets and finches.

Friendly, enjoys company.

Nick is a short version of this boys' name.

Metal made into foil used for food preservation.

Communication that varies geographically.

Pulsating pain in your noggin; migraine.

Unlimited number, time or distance.

Last month of the year.

The first showing of a film.

Puzzle 12

Baseball accomplishment; Denny's big breakfast.

Someone who works for free.

Causes admiration and respect in someone.


Hosted late night TV talk shows for 33 years.

Being healthy and happy physically and mentally.

Practice of sticking to certain religious creeds.

Shangri-La US presidential retreat.

A thick-walled cooking pot from the Netherlands.

Sleep during winter months.

Robust diecast metal trucks.

Puzzle 13

Lasagna-loving ginger cat.

Found at the end of a rainbow and in pirate ships.

An optimist's glass.


Across the ocean.

Arwen in The Lord of the Rings films.

Go outside to breathe some of this.

The Rock, The Undertaker, or The Body.

A patron of a store or business.

Canine that keeps your home safe and protected.

The inside of a space or car.

Frozen treat on a stick.

Cutting tool one shouldn't run with.

Puzzle 14

Drinkable ice cream.

Plaintive cry of ET.

Tennessee's Music City.

How far you have walked, measured by a pedometer.

Garden plot for tulips and roses.

Dish from which a dog or cat can take a drink.

Mouthwatering, yummy.

A vessel designed to carry goods.

Scary and frightening dream.

Thankfulness, appreciation.

Puzzle 15

Loudly pushing air out of the nose.

Shoreline of a freshwater body.

Not inside.

Try to be as cool as this green vegetable.

Bringing back or retrieving balls or sticks.

Communicate or engage with.


Tales between short stories and novels in length.

An electric piano; used to type on a computer.

The largest and oldest trees on earth.

Popular free-to-play shooter from Hi-Rez Studios.

Country where Addis Ababa is capital.

Invisible power in Star Wars.

Fire __; cubes used to get a BBQ started quickly.

Old-fashioned counting devices.

Disney movie featuring The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Flakes from the scalp.

Images, photos.

Front door fixtures or harsh critics.

Puzzle 16

A chair or coat with stuffing in it.

Volkswagen bug, not British rock band.

Inked body art.

Kevin Smith's first movie.

The rider of a horse during a race.

Of each other, reciprocal.

Opposite of softer.

Season when nature is reborn and animals return.

Scottish alcohol drunk at Hogmanay.

The cure, the solution.

The Milky Way is ours.

Finding something funny.

Building material used as mortar for bricks.

Rough collie created by author Eric Knight.

Puzzle 17

Three words said to a partner.

Planner with all the days and months in the year.

Parr family baby in The Incredibles.

Effigies of celebs in Madame Tussauds.

Infamous Prohibition era firearm.

Not deserving of something.

Title of Downton Abbey's earl and countess.

Excellent at following orders and commands.

Container for a midday meal.

A zoo for fish.

Cymbals on stands.

Space by a hearth.

Response, reply; a nuclear process.

A bound collection of recipes.

Document necessary for international travel.

Unwind, relax.

Puzzle 18

Three-wheeled bike.

University teacher or professor.

Serenity, peacefulness.

Justin Timberlake's Grammy-winning 2006 single.

Abandoned, left alone.

Dobby's profession.

Uncontrollable combustion in a forest.

Pickled purple salad root vegetable.

Starving, hungry.

Surrounding or nearby areas.

Table of elements that is essential to chemistry.

Storing food in a very cold environment.

The world wide web.

Staying fit, physical training.

Puzzle 19

Visitor who looks at the sights and landmarks.

Purple-pink pigment named after an Italian battle.

Well, not sick or poorly.

Watch closely, look at attentively.

Sugar which is heated until it turns brown.

Not common or expected.

Climbs of peaks.

Saturday plus Sunday makes this.

The world of money, stocks and shares.

Watched over, protected.

Feline fodder.

Small country between France and Spain.

A soap used specifically to clean hair.

Store for buying puppies and hamsters.

Journeying by car.

New York punk rock band of the 1970s.

Neighbors you try to keep up with.

Puzzle 20

To monitor by watching closely.

Stringy things that attach muscles to bones.


Living quarters for horses and ponies.

Real, not fake.

Operating a motor vehicle.

Disposable packaging on food.

Knots that tie a rope to a stationary object.

A prototype made of tissue paper for dressmaking.

Sang like a bird, warbled.

Physical healthiness.

Getting together of old school friends.

Curds __; what Little Miss Muffet ate.

Wooden planks for storing food on in a pantry.

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