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Here are the answers to CodyCross Berlin Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Random criticism, cheap jibe.

Air-based exhibition sport at 1936 Berlin Olympics.

English poet who drowned on a sailing excursion.

Game fishes come in black, white and striped types.

Cor __, musical instrument of the oboe family.

Homily, speech.

Buffet where sliced meat is served.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels director Guy.

__ Woods, planning site for the World Bank in 1944.

Sherpa who first conquered Everest, Mr. Norgay.

Aquatic title for heir to the old French throne.

Spot that appears in vision when getting older.

Berlin's main train station from 1871 to 2002.

Typed shortcuts to specific functions.

Puzzle 2

Team based at Berlin's Olympiastadion.

Secret, runaway marriage.

Build something from one's own efforts and funds.

Annus __, Latin term for a wonderful year.

Stiff, structured underskirt.

Site of Battle of Arapiles in the Peninsular War.

Term applied to Southey, Coleridge and Wordsworth.

Designer of Deutsches Stadion for 1916 Olympics.

Country where Chinese-Takeaway was filmed.

Parallelograms with four equal sides.

Affected by a very yellow complexion.

Time after which adult-content TV can be broadcast.

Puzzle 3

Plans of action, strategies.

Salad that Basil Fawlty struggled to make.

Subatomic particle with no electric charge.

John Kander musical set in Berlin's Kit Kat Klub.

Boulder-filled wire baskets used for landscaping.

Golden city sought by conquistadors.

Trumpet sound to announce an important event.

To tread on a floating tree trunk in water.

Ms. Lange, Chastain, or Alba.

Outer jacket often worn by sailors.

Italian manufacturers of kitchen appliances.

Berlin borough with infamous prison.

Scientific name for German measles.

Puzzle 4

Name picked by Rosalind as a boy in As You Like It.

Largest group of baleen whales.

Julius Caesar's adopted son.

Official palace residence of the German president.

Cool hit for George Michael in 1992.

Coastal fog formed by cold air over warm water.

Tetchy, irritable, term named after a bodily organ.

Russian caviar hors d'oeuvres served with vodka.

Berlin university with the same name as a penguin.

Dish the dirt, expose scandal.

Encroach on, break a copyright law.

Fun word that's how you kiss and cuddle your love.

Puzzle 5

First name of Frankenstein, Hugo, Ortiz.

Popular punk-rock haircut.

Sculptor Arno, won 1936 Olympic medal for statues.

Starchy root vegetable from Mexico with a crunch.

Looking slightly shifty but debonair.

Storage warehouses.

Followers of Zeno of Citium.

Asian city with National Palace Museum of art.

Subgroups of animals below a species.

Fanatical Italian football fans.

Describes policies about government money.

Algorithm to decode encryption; secret language.

First name of Mantel author of Wolf Hall.

Spiritual retreat in Hinduism.

Simple machine with a wheel on an axle.

Songwriter Berlin, who wrote White Christmas.

Number of degrees latitude at the North Pole.

Puzzle 6

Jewish holiday when eating ice cream is encouraged.

Country, alphabetically between Myanmar and Nauru.

Flamboyant bird on Berlin's Pfaueninsel.

New business enterprise or undertaking.

Last name of NCIS agent Tony.

Major Berlin university hospital and research hub.

Corporate 24-hour outing.

Barbarian kingdom in W. Europe in post-Roman era.

Woman's private bedroom.

With a pattern like expensive stone.

Blanchett played this Katharine in The Aviator.

Seeds or pods, such as from a pea or bean.

Seoul district with style.

Puzzle 7

Aquatically-named plastic food container.

Costs involved in running a business.

Cheese types made by monks in France and Belgium.

Berlin Fashion Show's creative cultural event.

Battlestar Galactica Cylon with human emotions.

Widespread Australian conflagrations.

Get out of a tricky situation.

Jumanji, Ride Along actor and comedian.

Sneaky celebrity photographer.

Danish war monument temporarily moved to Berlin.

The location of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

Pioneering US blues-folk singer jailed for murder.

A mammal that lays eggs.

Puzzle 8

Ornamental, open-patterned wood carving.

Berlin art museum with Ancient Greek altar.

Slide of text in silent films with darkened edges.

Australian slang for rough or uncivil acts.

Inspirational song by Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana).

Nationality of someone from Tallinn.

Satellite constellation launched by SpaceX in 2019.

Describes crime carried out by mob groups.

Lamb of God prayer in the Catholic mass.

Formal term for an alcoholic drink.

Matilda of __; queen consort of King Stephen.

1800s painter known for a portrait of his mother.

Women's long divided skirts.

Support, shore up.

This produces 18,750 gallons of milk over its life.

Lost actor Dominic, born in Berlin in 1976.

One country's dominance over the rest.

Puzzle 9

The reputation left behind after one's death.

Rolls-Royce engine in Spitfire fighter planes.

Used a pole to propel a varsity boat.

Jolly japes, antics, escapades.

Naiad pursued by Apollo.

Barbed Wire __, start of Berlin Wall construction.

Cold War-themed Elton track about a border guard.

Large, slightly blunt sewing needle.

Diane, who voiced Dory's mother Jenny.

Where two Shakespearean gentlemen live.

Knitted throw from a country known for textiles.

Space telescope astronomer Edwin.

TV show where Olivia, Peter, Walter investigate.

Republic, 1918-33, also called the German Reich.

__ 20; highest possible score with one dart.

Ledges, raised grooves.

To swear an oath.

A speaker's opening remarks.

Tape used by stockbrokers.

Puzzle 10

Rita, president of the Bundestag from 1988-98.

Dark trees with purple fruits from the West Indies.

In The King and I, the king says this three times.

Property that descends to an heir.

Flour is shaken from these vessels.

Rouge monarch from Through the Looking-Glass.

Iconoclasts go against this.

Surname of British-Lebanese singer Mika.

German pastry, similar to a filled doughnut.

Killing of a reigning monarch or emperor.

Canada's cultural hub, Cree word for muddy water.

Minimalist Dutch painter of geometric grids.

E.g. Ask the Audience or 50-50 on TV quiz show.

Attacking an enemy from both sides.

Puzzle 11

Mortal who is the child of a god and a human.

Ancient Norse fighters were the root of this word.

Ardern, New Zealand prime minister.

Sculptor who crafted the Brandenburg Gate chariot.

Trail for walkers alongside a river or canal.

French art movement meaning raw art.

Initial main character on Orange is the New Black.

Berlin district home to Olympiastadion.

Wine grower.


Competitive sport enjoyed by dogs.

John Stuart Mill wrote an influential book on it.

Tile game with symbols, made by MindWare.

Type of desk with a tambour cover.

Puzzle 12

Rum and strawberries for an 80s Florida cop show.

Showing bravery despite difficulties.

Endocrine gland at the base of the brain.

Berlin district home to the city's punk rock scene.

Ten-year-old Lost survivor, son of Michael Dawson.

Like glass made by an artisan.

Kind of person who sues others for wrongdoing.

Less important boxing match.

Bond film that begins in East and West Berlin.

Cypriot seaport city, lying in the country's North.

Puzzle 13

Precursor to calculators made in Ancient Babylon.

Tone Loc was looking for a Funky Cold one.

Type of images that should not be worshiped.

Disease that causes potatoes to rot.

Tess actress Nastassja, born in Berlin in 1961.

This substance covers the outside of teeth.

Partner shade to green in Tiddlywinks.

Tripod for cooking or mat for putting hot pots on.

The surname of the creators of Stranger Things.

__ Kerk; 15th-century Amsterdam church.

Men's fitted sleeveless jacket, often of leather.

Ras el __, North African spice mix.

Country where the Dnieper River starts.

Flowery language that's the opposite of prosaic.

Greece's capital gets its name from this goddess.

Missive, perhaps to America.

Tackled illegally.

Heinrich, designer of the Berlin Victory Column.

Element of British law based around custom.

Puzzle 14

Garden feature of a circular opening in a wall.

Highest energy form of electromagnetic radiation.

Ramparts around historic city of Berlin.

Cake squares made with vanilla not chocolate.

Targeted hate campaign.

Shakespeare's fairy midwife in Romeo and Juliet.

Berlin's pneumatic tube mail service.

Highly productive, fertile, creative.

He cleaned the Augean stables.

Large active volcano in the Andes' Ring of Fire.

A state of increasing chaos.

Mr. Hickok, folklore hero of the American Old West.

Tiny bright green aquatic plant on pond surfaces.

Puzzle 15

Symmetrical curve with two branches.

National trees of Iran and Bhutan.

Student of Plato, tutor of Alexander the Great.

Month in which the Berlin Marathon is usually held.

Gaps between two notes played together, in music.

Author of You Can Heal Your Life self-help guide.

Puny types, with no strength or morals.

Berlin's iconic airport that closed in 2008.

Suede ankle footwear of the 1980s.

German iced coffee.

Puzzle 16

The nickname of Louis XIV.

Adam Sandler remake of Frank Capra rom-com.

Popular bathing and recreation spot in West Berlin.

Run aground, as a boat upon rocks.

Popular South Korean MMORPG series by NCsoft.

French design style dating from before WWI.

Nutty, Swiss cow's milk cheese made in rounds.

Artist who wrapped the Reichstag in 1995.

Walk ploddingly or trudge aimlessly.

Don McLean's Starry Starry Night hit.

Jack terrier; Actor Brand.

Coral island archipelago in the South China Sea.

Pulled out of the game.

Puzzle 17

German word meaning freedom and liberation.

Churchill's description of his depressive episodes.

Groups of people who buy from local businesses.

Root vegetable between a turnip and cabbage.

Alternative name for a propeller.

Collective name for Jupiter's four largest moons.

Weathercock that shows the breeze direction.

Ship location for the cheapest passenger tickets.


Belgian province of which Mons is the capital.

__ I listen, line from poem Ode to a Nightingale.

This Patty sang Blame It On Your Heart.

Benz car brand, sponsors of Berlin Fashion Show.

John Krasinski plays this CIA hero on Amazon Prime.

Current epoch in Hinduism.

Puzzle 18

Stories of phantoms and hauntings.

Gist of a meaning, the nub or core of an idea.

Sci-fi drama starring Jessica Alba as Max Guevara.

Downright, absolute.

Manual crafts.

Made a terrible chess move.

Country music star, sang Breathe and Fireflies.

Linden, citrus fruit plants on Berlin boulevard.

Relating to church legal scriptures.

Investment received for a business.

German budget airline with hub at Berlin Tegel.

Laundry tool, musical instrument, and shredded abs.

Polygon without equal sides and angles.

Puzzle 19

Group of US Navy special forces.

Glittering nickname of Berlin Victory Column.

Peoples of a Russian region with capital at Grozny.

Garth lip syncs this in Wayne's World.

Device that supports two radio frequency channels.

Native Australian explorer who assisted Flinders.

Vietnamese general who rejected Nobel Peace Prize.

Hold off an animal or withhold funds for rainy day.

The M in IMO, a UN agency based in London.

Ornamental needlework.

__ Cats, felines in Eliot's Book of Practical Cats.

Malted dairy drink introduced in 1904.

Housing development for 1957 Berlin exhibition.

Perplexing, difficult to understand.

Puzzle 20

Alchemy, astrology, and witchcraft.

Ancient Greek mathematician from Miletus.

Seabird with a notorious appetite.

Basic reading textbook.

Simple side-scrolling app: __ Bird.

Stuffed tiger toy in a cartoon strip.

Worked hard.

House __, Vienna artwork of upturned house.

Call girl of the Profumo Affair, Christine.

Heroes who don't get credit are this.

African gourd plucking musical instruments.

Prix __, broadcasting festival held in Berlin.

Stripy T-shirt or sweater with links to Brittany.

A classic dairy and alcohol Christmas drink.

Jake from CNN, journalist and cartoonist.

One who sends information to a spy.

Museum __, Berlin culture area surrounded by water.

Piece of goat leather used for polishing cars.

Richard Branson's private island.

Bad Boys and St. Elmo's Fire actress Ally.

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