CodyCross Best Friends Pack answers

Best Friends PackBest Friends

Here are the answers to CodyCross Best Friends Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

__ key; device for opening several different locks.

Cher, Dionne and Tai navigate high school together.

Stamping for postal delivery.

Compromise, quid pro quo.

What Britannia rules according to patriotic song.

TV host Chris or 9th US president William Henry __.

Vaud canton town in Switzerland with ancient roots.

Sven the reindeer's human companion.

All-in-one winter garment for infants.

Surprised, alarmed, disarmed.

Yellow trumpet-like flower.

Most effervescent.

Tiny organisms found in the gut.

Puzzle 2

Fellow feeling.

A secret one of these might be written in code.

I Want to Hold Your Hand was a No. 1 song for them.

The first Pope and apostle.

Generally hard, chewy, caramel sweets.

Short story by Arthur Conan Doyle: The Final __.

Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and __.

Unit of light intensity.

Office machines for duplicating paperwork.

Wind that blows in the NW USA; also a helicopter.

Winces in embarrassment.

With a great variety of types or species.

Bill & Ted's Bogus __.

Puzzle 3

Large camper van.

Regina George is queen bee in this flick.

California city known as the home of movies.

Novel by Oliver Goldsmith: The Vicar of __.

Trusted friend who won't repeat secrets.

WW2 anti-aircraft weapon with a Swedish name.

Astrological sign represented by a goat.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's second wife: singer Sarah __.

__ jelly, topical ointment used in skin care.

Grilled beef patty with lettuce, tomato on a bun.

Security __ grants access to classified intel.

Prized, cherished, held dear.

Puzzle 4

Postures, in yoga.

Dicey, risky, dodgy.

You've Got A Friend crooner James __.

__ Norton, UK tv show host.

Vulpes vulpes, wild animal with thick, furry tail.

The D in CAD, Computer-Aided __.

Vegetable prep tool.

Beauty treatment for skin on cheeks, forehead, etc.

Swiss city that is a global financial center.

Evil, cruel people.

Sherlock Holmes' sidekick and pal.

Sampled by eating.

Puzzle 5

Mother and daughter besties Lorelai and Rory __.

Held firmly with a tool.

Blended port wine with sediment.

Removing earth with a shovel or spade.

Gandhi's name, meaning Great Soul.

__ Rodin, sculpted The Gates of Hell.

Bus with no roof.

Material squares used to mend ripped clothing.

Bars common in American Old West.

Underground passageways.

General period of conflict.

Rabbit homes.

Holiday hotel destinations.

Not succeeding.

Hilary Swank boxing movie, __ Dollar Baby.

"Sisters" collaborator and gal pal of Amy Poehler.

Second-largest city in Germany.


Full of fun, frisky, joyous, bouncy.

Puzzle 6

Calms down, like a storm.

Soft wool from a sheep that originated in Spain.

Movies: __ Pizza and __ River.

Lake __, vibrant Canadian waters with a chateau.

Large plant-eating mammals with short snouts.

William Styron wrote about her unpalatable choice.

Sweet food disc, can have chocolate chips.

Pevensie siblings meet new friend Mr. Tumnus here.

Not passive voice, in grammar.

Colman, who played Queen Anne in The Favourite.

__ Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.

Warnings, signals, alarms.

Puzzle 7

__ in a pod.

Small open pastry case and filling.

Not leaving.

Sea creature with eight arms.

Those two are "thick as __".

They're wrapped up in death.

Minnie the __, Cab Calloway jazz classic.

Slums of __ Hills, 90s Natasha Lyonne flick.

Scottish town and a teardrop-shaped motif pattern.

Returning into the atmosphere from outer space.

Emerging, just beginning to develop.

Puzzle 8

Petting a dog or cat.

Following the status of an online order.

S African city founded by Jan van Riebeeck in 1652.

__ has its day; your time will come.

Harry Potter's smart, opinionated muggle friend.

That's __; goodbye from Looney Tunes.

London train station named for an 1815 battle.

Togetherness, unity.

Escape from prison; large number of zits on face.

"Small" rapper with country name, facial tattoos.

Introduce a new twist on an existing idea.

Ancient Greek philosopher; anagram of "coasters".

Doubles partners and sisters Serena and Venus __.

Official form of Chinese spoken in China.

Puzzle 9

Birds who create mesmerizing whirling murmurations.

__ Alone; 1987 protest hit for Sting.

The Sisterhood of the __ Pants.

China container for an espresso or cappuccino.

Building site vehicle for pushing soil and rubble.

Concur, have same opinion as a person.

Becoming smaller, losing stature.

Advocacy, financial backing.

Younger brother of film director Joel.

Ancient Greek philosopher: anagram of "late riots".

The edges of your breakfast rashers.

Greek island also called Zante.

Himalayan massif climbed in 1950.

Tethered tennis for summer gardens.

Punting job for a Venetian in a fancy uniform.

Portuguese soccer star Ronaldo's first name.

Ken __ played oil magnate Cliff Barnes in Dallas.

Invisible friend.

The radiology technique MRI or magnetic __ imaging.

Puzzle 10

Lilo's alien sidekick.

Prodded with something sharp.

First NASA space station, fell to Earth in 1979.

Wool garment, and British island.

Canadian singer Carly Rae __.

Houston and Bassett explore life in Waiting to __.

Music has charms to __ a savage breast.

Sausage in a bun.

Circus jokers.

Song of __, Walt Whitman poem from Leaves of Grass.

Puzzle 11

Large Brazilian aircraft manufacturer.

Matching ones inked forever seal friendships.

Elevated footbridge.

Restored to life.

Japanese warrior class, linked to martial arts.

Shone brightly, sparkled.

__ Farewell, Harry Belafonte song about Caribbean.

Knickerbocker __, sundaes in tall glasses.

Breed of lamb with curly fleece from Central Asia.

Fried Green Tomatoes served at the __ Stop Café.

People who watch TV shows.

Merry or celebratory.

Puzzle 12

First brand to sell tubes of toothpaste.

Praising loudly, expressing approval of.

Severe and strict.

Avtur; substance used to power aircraft.

Promised a donation.

Italian "Appliance of Science" manufacturer.

They get by with a little help from their friends.

__ Sanders; bearded founder of the KFC chain.

Most plucky.

Surrealist French poet, Arthur __.

Jumps on suddenly, in a feline manner.

Blanket outerwear of the Americas.

Legendary Caribbean pirate Jack __.

Wading birds; anagram of octaves.

Pieces __; popular parrot's phrase.

Poker liar.

Help bear the weight.

Puzzle 13

Who's On First chums Abbott and __.

Pastime of linking spots to create a picture.

Being more vitreous.

Buzz and Woody are hero friends in this franchise.

With the deepest sense of satisfaction.

Filled dough; lovable nickname.

Queen Elizabeth II's sister: the late Princess __.

Domestic appliance not as wide as standard.

Swinging one's arms wildly.

Pure and chaste; unwed.

__ Bowl, tiki cocktail often lit on fire first.

Country where explorer Vasco da Gama was born.

Twitches with pain.

Owing money or gratitude.

Puzzle 14

Ms Fältskog, blonde ABBA member.

__ Street, City of London road for bankers.

Belgian white wheat brew.

Talented youth.

Wind Beneath My Wings Bette Midler movie.

Biblical king, synonymous with wisdom.

First name of actress who founded Goop.

Door __, brass hammer for alerting householders.

Cave rooms.

Dividing of assets, like snacks.

Assault and __, crime of making a physical attack.

French-island home of Napoleon.

Puzzle 15

Relax, cool off.

__ Hall; Flowers in the Attic mansion.

Chinese lager brand.

Tight-knit group helps Eleven in __ Things.

Lack of strength.

Transport of goods, not always by plane.

Glass receptacle for putting wine in to breathe.

Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad friendship song.

Traces, remnants, indications.

Largest friendliest rodent in the world.

Puzzle 16

Portrays, represents, shows.

"Speech is silver, but __ is golden".

The __ Letter, a novel about adultery by Hawthorne.

Amy Tan's decades of friendship Club.

Stop from happening.

Mario __, Pittsburgh Penguins ice hockey player.

Large hoofed ruminant; Cervus elaphus in Latin.

Chocolate spread for sandwiches and pancakes.

French artist Toulouse-Lautrec's addiction.

John Lennon song: anagram of "a Gemini".

Isaac's father, according to the Bible.

Norwegian actress and film director: Liv __.

Greek goddess of hunting and wild animals.

Intense brief infatuations on others.

Puzzle 17

Aimed and delivered a blow.

She has a crime spree with her best friend Louise.

Venetian Renaissance painter of Diana and Actaeon.

Ocean surrounding the island of Mauritius.

Types of insect-eating lizard with smooth skin.

Friends might weave these into each other's hair.

Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter.

__ to Terabithia.

Leg bling, like a necklace for the leg.

French word for "horse".

Puzzle 18

Not western.

Public display in an art gallery or museum.

Regarding, viewing.

Ancient-styled paper, a gift from an Egyptian stay.

Birds of a __ flock together.

Empire ruled by Suleiman the Magnificent.

Wooden frame or archway with climbing plants on it.

Chocolate festive treat shaped like a branch.

Messaging on a phone instead of calling.

Member of the US Marine Corps, and a 2005 movie.

Author of environmental moral tale The Lorax.

His album Transformer was produced by David Bowie.

Puzzle 19

Elastic, rubbery.

__ when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend.

Moaning in a sheep-like way.

Immersed in boiling water prior to cooking.

Flushing out poisons from the body.

Scottish founder of Presbyterian Church.

__ Bad, meth drama show.

Closest friend.

Styling product for facial hair.


Veronica Sawyer rebels against these alpha females.

La __, seaside resort on French west coast.

Puzzle 20

Female only multiple day adventure.

Salutations; ways of saying hello.

2nd smallest country in Asia in area, also a city.

Fruit flavored, candy-shell sweet.

Armored mammal from South America.

Factory worker, especially in manufacturing.

Shoes with red sole, made by designer Christian __.

Hutch, he had a no. 1 with Don't Give Up on Us.

Members only meeting place.

Tennessee Williams' A __ Named Desire.

Restores and replenishes; makes feel new.

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