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Here are the answers to CodyCross Beverages Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Moving back and forth, like a dog's tail.

The patella, a bony lump in the middle of the leg.

Actor Ben who connected Gone Girl and Argo.

Mountain town in Colorado next to the Rockies.

Create this by closing the door, curtains.

Gulp a drink down.

To give evidence at a trial.

Word at the end of a standard NASA countdown.

Circus entertainer who tosses balls in the air.

Like mashed ice used for some cocktails.

Puzzle 2

Rope battle with people pulling on either end.

Bright, decorated paper parasol for cocktails.

Tank for fish and marine life.

Woman with hair that isn't blonde, red or gray.

Ru Paul's reality show.

Creator, like Henry Ford or Tim Berners-Lee.

__ Silver, villainous sailor from Treasure Island.

Month in which St Valentine's Day is celebrated.

Stuck in a tight spot, like these fish in a can.

The holidays are coming with this brown drink.

Has the ability to attract other metals.

Puzzle 3

One who writes online diaries.

__ cats and dogs.

Hoppy lager or the tall glass it's served in.

Garfield the cat's favorite dish.

The pair of blood-filtering organs of the body.

Long-handled teaspoon for agitating cocktails.

Small Australian marsupial with powerful hind legs.

Knotty-sounding Disney film about Rapunzel.

Changes, the way DNA does.

City some call the Big Apple.

Puzzle 4

Large jug for serving drinks in.

Answer a call or question.

Thermidor is a traditional dish of this seafood.

Island in the Caribbean associated with Reggae.

Idea that pops into one's head.

A thousand times a thousand.

Sacred metal cup used in ceremonies.

Microsoft Office email program.

Flat kitchen utensil for frying and stirring.

A bridegroom's male assistant at his wedding.

Vicious stinging insects, larger than wasps.

The grass is always this on the other side.

Puzzle 5

Green brassica vegetable, grows like a mini tree.

Stimulant found in coffee and black tea.

The most sugary.

Opening your eyes at the start of a new day.

Piece of ground from the lunar surface.

Tile game where you match the spots or pips.

Out __; off limits.

Volcanic event like the one that covered Pompeii.

Framed decorative images hung on walls.


Boston political protest with refreshments?.

Puzzle 6

Spiral metal device for opening wine bottles.

Military vessel that travels under the sea.

Kids can't move if they get caught in this game.

Person who carries someone's clubs round 18 holes.

He helped save the world in Independence Day.

Beer brand known for Whassup? campaign.

Animals on a farm, e.g. pigs, sheep or chickens.

It is power, according to a famous phrase.

Vertical tunnel in a pit to extract coal.

Three dozen.

Puzzle 7

Battles, sparring rounds.

Cow milk substitute made from nuts.

Ink marks in passports showing international trips.

Describes an email that you haven't opened yet.

Language from which the word blitz has been taken.

Prizes on ribbons presented to race winners.

Cocoa __, dry solids used in drinking chocolate.

Number of degrees in a right angle.

Desk ringer for teams on quiz shows.

Third hue on Irish flag, not green or white.

__ control; measures taken to save a reputation.

Sharp claws of an eagle.

A glass panel in the wall of a building.

Sleep, healthy diet, and exercise increases this.

Puzzle 8

Fictional character also known as 007.

Professional who studies laws of nature.

People who subscribe to a Twitter feed.

Most probable.

Red fruit that's sometimes turned blue in drinks.

__ ever after; when things go wrong.

Under 21 card game at the casino.

You stand on this when being pulled behind a boat.

Tall coffee made from espresso with hot water.

Necessary oils used in aromatherapy.

Puzzle 9

Game where you might say "right hand red".

Spiced hot drink from South Asia.

The planet closest to the Sun.

It's said to get buried when two people end a feud.

Perfect societies.

The middle of an ovum, it's deep yellow.

Machine for turning coffee beans into powder.

Wrist-worn timepieces.

Legal term for physical harm.

Rocker and Reality show star Ozzy's last name.

Raiders of the __, first Indiana Jones film.

Singer known by her fans as RiRi.

A prolonged absence of rainfall in an area.

Streaming site, created Bridgerton and The Crown.

Puzzle 10

First name of actors Modine and McConaughey.

Climb down a flight of stairs.

Instant coffee brand that "it all starts with".

Legendary kingdom ruled by King Arthur.

Synthetic material such as PVC.

The Prohibition movement stopped its sale.

Singing along but deliberately no noise comes out.

Entertainment genre with unicorns, trolls, elves.

Bodies of water like smaller rivers.

Crime committed against your own country or state.

American whiskey.

Force of physics discovered by Newton.

Infection of the hearing organ.

Jimi who played guitar upside down and left handed.

Henry who played The Fonz in Happy Days.

Puzzle 11

Chain of coffeehouses with mermaid logo.

People who are not members of the military.

Type of pen that dispenses ink with a metal sphere.

Yellow tropical fruit juice in a piña colada.

Person who studies the events of the past.

Sci-fi show about theme park cowboy robots.

Like an avalanche but of mud and dirt.

Actress who married Ashton Kutcher in 2015.

Weather-predicting rodent in Bill Murray film.

Electronic amusement played on a computer or TV.

Puzzle 12

Hot drink brewed from unfermented verdant leaves.

A long, wide view or image, often of a landscape.

Leg-joint protectors worn by a skateboarder.

Monthly payment for homeowners.

Tall glass or drink such as a Long Island iced tea.

Sunshine provides this, some bulbs mimic it.

Animals and plants found in nature.

2008 Grammy-winning Taylor Swift album.

3D shape with circular ends and flat, smooth sides.

Life on the __, a modern-day nomadic existence.

Sound made by a traditional clock.

Puzzle 13

Mozart or Beethoven, for example.

A secret place or clubhouse.

Two kids can sleep one above another in these.

Castle that can be defended against attackers.

Strong drink from France; the green fairy.

It can be isosceles, right-angled or equilateral.

Large broad key at the bottom of a keyboard.

Boxing equipment and fitness wear brand.

Writer of fiction books.

__ Dew, US sweet drink; snow-topped peak.

Puzzle 14

Short drinking glass; acrobat.

Follow-up films.

Small glass balls, dropped into toy runs.

Large explosion said to have created the universe.

An exact copy; anagram of caliper.

The PA in IPA or India __.

Flashed in the light, gleamed.

Lingers, often illegally.

Type of lenses worn as an alternative to glasses.

__ experience; active participation.

Puzzle 15

The 24 days that lead up to Christmas.

Sums, cumulative figures.

Bash herbs in a cocktail glass to release scents.

Stretched out rectangle or oval shape.

The long, narrow individual leaves of a grass.

Arenas or stadiums for live music concerts.

Getaway islands Corfu and Kos are in this country.

The type of building where royals live.

"Hungry Hungry" animals in a children's game.

Surname of the actress known as SJP.

Fortified wine from Spain, aka Jerez.

Change the fit of an article of clothing.

Food that complies with strict Jewish laws.

Long, bendy pool float, also known as a woggle.

Puzzle 16

You're said to bring it home when you earn a wage.

High, backless chair for drinkers in a saloon.

Regular medical checkup.

Substance that counteracts a poison.

These rates turn one currency into another.

Thorny garden plant with bright blooms.

Number of full weeks in a year.

Devastating 1930s drought on the US prairies.

Someone who performs by playing an instrument.

Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down actor Josh.

Orange juice that has been freshly pressed.

Noisy anti-theft device fitted on a vehicle.

Puzzle 17

Religious celebration of Jesus' resurrection.

Pinkish-orange metal used in pots and pans.

Small parcel of leaves for a hot brew.

US bookstore chain: __ & Noble.

Elle Fanning's older sister.

Measure of liquid in science; one book in a set.

Blue __, Jeff Bezos' spaceflight company.

The protective inner layer of a garment.

An eco-activist who embraces elms is a tree __.

Thin wedges of lemon or lime for drinks.

Material or technique used for an artwork.

Left a game because only had a pair of queens.

Greek city famously overlooked by the Acropolis.

Sea mammal with long tusks.

Puzzle 18

Espresso with foamy milk on top.

A move to the next level at work.

Toe or finger injury from exposure to cold.

Home nation of football star Lionel Messi.

Tall yellow garden plant, produces edible seeds.

Latin phrase meaning "Seize the day".

Girl detective mystery stories since the 1930s.

Ancient people associated with the Pyramids.

No-sugar cola brand with red, white, blue logo.

Person who oversees an Internet page or forum.

Puzzle 19

In business terms, it's the O in CEO and CAO.

Silly and pointless, unimportant.

American diners do these coffee top-ups for free.

An archipelago is a group of these.

Nobel prize won by Marconi in 1909.

Tom __, tall drink with gin and lemon juice.

Where honeycomb is found; a hairdo from the 1960s.

National __, satirical magazine.

Cork or bung for a bottle of wine.

The first name of the Dutch painter van Gogh.

__ loom; automatic textile machinery.

Legendary popstar who had a hit with Vogue.

1988 Christmas action movie starring Bruce Willis.

Puzzle 20

Fire-breathing insect?.

Red fruit juice component of a sea breeze.

Edison helped invent this bright idea.

No longer in use, like the human appendix.

Some say these attract.

Narrow line in fabric and a description of suits.

60 minutes of cheerful cut-price drinks at a bar.

__ Redemption, starred Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins.

Team running event, with baton passing.

The study of the physical features of the Earth.

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