CodyCross Big City Life Pack answers

Big City Life PackBig City Life

Here are the answers to CodyCross Big City Life Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

First of the major Hebrew prophets.

The sum of its units; indefinite total.

Gradual urban expansion of cities and towns.

Vascular thick layer of skin.

Czech capital, home of Bohemia.

A device or symbol used as an identifying mark.

A moderate reddish brown color.

The highest voice part in harmonic music.

Standing with hands on hips, elbows turned out.

Demon, torment, bête noire.


Famous US swimming star from 1950s, __ Williams.

Puzzle 2

__ drinker, Picasso's "blue period" ode to alcohol.

Cone like gelatin candy.

War __, monument tribute to lives lost in conflict.

Inside paths.

Max __, Swedish actor appeared in Bergman films.

Murderer with high profile victim.

Ned __ is the Simpson's neighbor.

South __, body of water to the east of Vietnam.

Town with strong stone fortifications.

Every couple years.

I'm the Boss! is a __ strategy game.

Puzzle 3

Scientific study of unidentified flying objects.

Cape Fear character played by Mitchum and De Niro.

Female monarch or wife of a ruler in Russia.

Monumental sculptures of famous figures.

Easy to talk to, friendly, pleasant to approach.

Cured spicy Spanish pork sausage.

Penny wise, pound __.

First of three Abrahamic religions.

A person who shoes horses.

Travel website; from exploration and speed.

Site of conference to plan for post-war Europe.

Pair of small drums hit with sticks or hands.

Knight who finds the Holy Grail.

Opposite of acceptance (e.g. of an invitation).

__ reef anemonefish is also known as Clownfish.

Protein found in skin and hair.

Soft, thick, warm wool fabric, usually plaid.

Poland's longest river, aka Wisla and Weichsel.

Particularly ugly building, blot on the landscape.

Puzzle 4

A due date is an __ date for a baby's birth.

Large cat named after a New England state.

Caravan trading road from China to the Black Sea.

Holding an office.

Outdoor visual masterpieces, or even graffiti.

Venetian motorized waterbus.

__ Dumas, bon voyant author of 3 Musketeers.

Right on the edge of a town or city.

The __, uplifting movie set on a death row.

December fete.

This channel hosts Shark Week.

Under the surface of the water.

__ blanc, white wine with grassy, gooseberry taste.

Scale that includes all the black and white notes.

Bounce pole.

Puzzle 5

Scott __, rag composer of the early 20th century.

Swiss breakfast of oats, grains and fruit.

Henry Ford's first car for the masses.

Franklin's ship, lost in Canada's Victoria Strait.

Pattern made with small pieces of glass or tile.

Female with children, mom.

Crows collectively.

East Asian island formerly known as Formosa.

He stars as Red in The Blacklist.

Aussie flag carrier.

A type of dance originally from Cuba.

Large Middle Eastern capital, City of 72 Nations.

Marine mammal from the same order of the manatee.

Creator of Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Scenic picture puzzle with interlocking pieces.

Largest Swiss city, on the shore of a lake.

Chronicles of __: Prince Caspian is a 2008 movie.

Renault small van range, a little like a marsupial.

Puzzle 6

Mermaid movie with Daryl Hannah.

Wood for building.

Onto a ship or vessel.

Los __, National Security lab in New Mexico.

Spanish for 'city'; e.g. __ Juárez in Mexico.

__ Actors Guild, award given by fellow actors.

Popular kissing game requires player to spin this.

Sporting fish with long, pointy nose.

Crystal mineral, 2nd most popular on earth.

Condition of the goatherd in The Sound of Music.

A gambling or gaming club.

Mathematician who introduced logarithms.

Massive migration, second book of Torah, Bible.

Second longest S American river.

Long clip to secure a head piece to a woman's hair.

In Aesop's tale the fox couldn't reach this fruit.

FOX TV series about Batman origins.

Cook an egg in its shell in hot water and it's __.

Largest airport in Warsaw, named after composer.

Resident of rented dwelling.

Puzzle 7

__ Ford plays Han Solo in the Star Wars films.

Mountain range running along the length of Italy.

Safe place to be in case of a tornado.

Hard bread cubes for salads.

Place hands on ten and two on this wheel.

"Brolly" in the UK, slang for __.

Petroleum processing plant.

Branch of medical science concerning tumors.

To become foul or stale, not flowing.

__ Crusoe was all alone on an island.

Moving water feature found in city squares.

Construction result.

Tried to make a deal with the FARCs in 2016.

She has a great Poker Face.

Penguins use them to swim.

Thoroughfare that encircles a city.

Sweet nickname of boxers Leonard and Robinson.

Puzzle 8

Russian Nobel peace laureate, ended the Cold War.

Spiritual belief in posthumous existence.

Sporting months of inactivity.

Beijing's Gate of Heavenly Peace.

Unforeseen or unplanned events.

Luxurious top-floor apartment.

Hospital transportation.

Aka marigold, yellow/orange flower used in tea.

Outermost region of the atmosphere.

Formed a famous songwriting team with Hal David.

Container for writing fluid.

Shiitake and Portobello are edible types of __.

Puzzle 9

Manifestly cheery.

Low-income residential area of a Brazilian city.

Wood garden shelter and seat for training climbers.

Walter White's wife in Breaking Bad.

__ Miller, American Sniper actress.

__ and ladders, board game with ups and downs.

Hidden __, an undisclosed aim or motive.

Past information, events, knowledge, places.

__ Aires, Argentina's cosmopolitan capital.

Industrial __, amount of production by industry.

Charlie Smalls musical about events in Oz.

Sensei, dojo, Mister Miyagi, remind of this sport.

Puzzle 10

A miss is as good __.

Panoramic vista across city rooftops.

Hypodermic device invented by Charles Pravaz.

Non-flying bird with enormous eggs.

Long Island __, famous cocktail.

Kelsey who voiced Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons.

Capital and most populous city of Indonesia.

To put in an application for a job, past tense.

Tender __, movie with Robert Duvall as a singer.

Hades, greek god of death, __ of Zeus.

Emilio __, Charlie Sheen's brother.

Puzzle 11

Outbreak of disease that spreads rapidly.

Celebrity interviews on TV.

Pyramid-shaped tower built by Mesopotamians.

Italian typewriter and early computers company.

Take me out to the ball game, song for what sport.

All work and no play makes Jack __.

Part of the White House and TV drama series.

__ Act, legislation for a better atmosphere.

Foodies, gourmets.

Area of the sea where the water is not deep.

A cross between Yiddish and English languages.

Megalopolis containing four largest Dutch cities.

Puzzle 12

Art term, Italian for "scratched".

Long green salad veggies; really a fruit.

Vicky Cristina __, film with Penelope Cruz.

Hotel rooms that are next to each other.

Greek youth fell in love with his own reflection.

Calista who played young lawyer Ali McBeal.

Barcelona's most famous green space.

Swedish tennis player won five Wimbledon titles.

A large abode in a big country area.

Strip of protected land that can't be built on.

Soft French cow's milk cheese from Normandy.

Puzzle 13

Line of Cancer or Capricorn.

Greek god of travel, trade and writing.

A particular status or phase; angle, side.

Circus tent.

One who corrects and revises text for publication.

Caretaker of church and graveyard.

Pharaoh who voyaged to Nubia and Libya.

__ Graf, retired German tennis supremo.

__ Action, suspense creation to the climax.

Richard __, Robb Stark actor.

Protein complex found in wheat; can cause allergy.

__ town, settlement with poor quality housing.

Erik __, The Devil in the White City writer.

Stanley Tucci's role in The Hunger Games.

__ and flats, often the black keys on a piano.

Puzzle 14

Originally a French term for a brief visit.

Seller of flowers.

Game of chance with five dice.

Using your phone abroad.

__ Electric, conglomerate known as GE.

Hannah __, alter ego of Wrecking Ball singer.

Lowest rating above zero for hotels.

Opposed in feeling, aggressive about it.

Residential areas on the fringes of a city.

Scandinavian spirit made from grain or potatoes.

Pakistani city known as the Paris of Asia.

Jerry __, "Show me the money!".

Puzzle 15

An introduction or preface at the start of a book.

African megacity on the Congo River.

Second-largest French-speaking city; in Canada.

__ Proposal, inappropriate offering to Demi Moore.

Four __ is riding ATVs for fun.

Cult leader led 900 people to their deaths in 1978.

Germany's 1939 Polish action.

Botox is used to smooth __ in the face.

Cartoon hero from Krypton.

Scott __, figure skater, long time TV analyst.

Warehouse, or port-city, for imports and exports.

The art of blending drinks.

Puzzle 16

Cheers star who also appeared on CSI.

Blend endogenous and morphine; natural painkiller.

Abandoned city, with no remaining residents.

What one eats if forced to admit errors.

Nine letter word for an apiarist.

Type of hob using magnetic energy.

__ Weaver, actress of Alien.

Islands where Darwin found land iguanas.

What a funghi pizza features in Italy.

Spritz product for coiffures.

Able to catch fire easily.

Large round inflated object to play with.

Passageway for pedestrians below a road.

Puzzle 17

__under, excessively busy but not just in winter.

Capital and most populous city of the UK.

List of performers in a show.

REIT, Real __ Investment Trust, mutual fund type.

To disclose something, make known, display.

Host city of Malaysian Grand Prix.

"Half pants" used in summer, for sports.

Nissan car shares name with a type of star.

__head, or daisy parrotfish are brightly colored.

Body __, stand-in for an actor.

Battle of Port __ started the Russo-Japanese War.

Tool struck by hammer, used by sculptors.

__ Monsieur: cheese on toast French style.

Diplomatic representative in a foreign country.

Puzzle 18

Receptacle for cigarette butts.

Heavy round metal stool for elephants in circus.

Father of Isaac in the Old Testament.

Social networking website.

Hairdressers specializing in men's hair.

Rotating storm system with a low-pressure center.

In cards, to reject an unwanted card from the hand.

Craft using ceramics to make dishes, mugs, etc..

Children don't want to stop doing this.

A hedge __ keeps friendship green.

Acting family including Lloyd, Jeff and Beau.

Positively charged atomic particles.

Thailand's capital and most populous city.

Puzzle 19

One-wheeler bike.

__ Delta, plain in northern Vietnam.

Clothing worn to get into the water.

Junebug's star.

Sweet icing often found on top of cupcakes.

Two people living, working, raising kids.

Most common type of household battery.

Short, to the point.

Lara in "Dr. Zhivago": Julie __.

Chile's capital since colonial times.

Youth is wasted on __.

Puzzle 20

Domestic external piping carries away rainwater.

__ Man, Da Vinci painting showing human body.

Area of Turkey known as Anatolia.

Dried meat snack.

__ Oddparents, cartoon about Timmy Turner.

British actress known as M in James Bond's films.

Juicy and tasty like a plant with flesh leaves.

Relating to a town or how it is governed.

Spooky trick-or-treating celebration.

__Project, digital book distribution scheme.

North Korea's capital and largest city.

Easy to shape or influence.

He who sups with the devil should use a __.

Illness caused by excessive exposure to solar rays.

A PR person or press officer is a __.

Members of the Church of Rome.

POTUS helicopter.

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