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Binge Watching PackBinge Watching

Here are the answers to CodyCross Binge Watching Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__ Girl, TV series with a mystery blogger.

Attractively foreign.

Spanish dessert; a fried, sugar-coated dough stick.

Boating athletes with strong arms.

Small reptile with four legs and a long tail.

Motorcyclists might have to wear one by law.

Playing a role on screen.

His hits are Little Red Corvette, When Doves Cry.

Buzzy feeling.

To dislike something or someone intensely.

Unusual, excessive amount, like a huge crop.

Japanese car company with a six-starred logo.

Reason for commiting a crime.

Woven cotton or silk used to make clothing.

The largest city in Switzerland.

Third-most abundant element in the universe.

Type of bride in a 2005 Tim Burton movie.

Puzzle 2

Large handkerchief tied around neck or head.

S-shaped chair for two sweethearts.

Galaxy containing the Earth and our solar system.

Secret code needed to log in to a TV account.

Goods made in one nation but sent to another.

Judy Garland sang Have __ a Merry Little Christmas.

Enduring sci-fi series with Captain Picard.

This Lecter likes Chianti with his fava beans.

Unconscious, out for the count.

Journalist who writes about current events.

Red and gold superhero who's anything but slow.

Puzzle 3

FINA is the governing body of this aquatic sport.

TV format with contestants trying to win prizes.

Ocean at the mouth of the Amazon River.

Tourist accommodation carved in frozen places.

The idiom, Don't count these before they hatch.

Chilling, perhaps in front of the TV.

Dampness, liquid.

Males in married relationships.

This warranty gives more time for things to break.

Pies, tarts, macarons; small baked treats.

Puzzle 4

Series featuring the Fab Five doing makeovers.

Pumps that fire fighters can use to access water.

Airport section, opposite of departures.

A term for money from another country.

Oregano-like herb comes in sweet and knotted forms.

First showing of a TV series or movie.

Journey urges you not to stop doin' this.

People do this with needles to make scarves.

Those who can keep many balls in the air.

Went behind a leader on a walk.

Daniel Defoe's novel about a castaway, __ Crusoe.

Puzzle 5

A magical liquid used to cure or poison someone.

Electrical cables inside the walls of a home.

The Beatles' Strawberry these Forever.

Cliff-__, ending to a TV show, makes you want more.

Bull riding competitions.

Gooey green ghoul in Ghostbusters.

Domesticated pack animal similar to a horse.

A saltwater lake, possibly blue?.

South African revolutionary Mr. Mandela.

Four score.

Claws on large birds.

Startups work for this; expansion, evolution.

All episodes of a show in one bundle.

Puzzle 6

Habit-forming; show that makes you want more.

Jack, three-time Oscar-winning actor.

Little Richard's classic rocker, Good Golly __.

The type of fruit you're not allowed to eat.

Plant that yellow citrus fruits grow on.

A piece of stemware for red or white.

Down, unhappy, low.

Japanese electronics company, once made TVs.

An opaque blue-green precious stone.

The explosion at the end of a star's life.

Puzzle 7

Sticky, black road surface.

Genre showing ordinary lives on TV.

Ribbeted, made the sound of a frog.

Sour additives for alcoholic drinks.

Legal processes when one company absorbs another.

A tall sea wave caused by an earthquake.

Doing this to weights helps build muscles.

One segment in a series of TV shows.

Mongol emperor Mr. Khan.

Appliances for raising room temperature.

The complete lack of sound.

Bands that play before the main act.

Puzzle 8

Ground or beans, for making a hot drink.

Ancient people ruled by emperors.

Songs played at the start and end of shows.

A traditional Japanese wrap robe with wide sleeves.

Shape of a body, also a skating eight.

A plague on both your __: from Romeo and Juliet.

Verdict the prosecutor hopes for.

Processing organs.

The capital and most popular city in Spain.

Circular protection carried by Captain America.

Online retailer that also streams TV through Prime.

A white arctic whale with a bulbous forehead.

Titular character on The Walking Dead TV show.

No rest for the __, saying for someone overworked.

Portion of a sentence, a group of words.

Puzzle 9

Amorous literary genre, lots of love involved.

A left-hander, specifically a boxer.

Another word for burping.

The strong silver chemical element abbreviated Ti.

Relaxing in front of the TV.

A high school event to get excited for sports.

Medical reaction to peanuts, pollen.

1937 Picasso painting with Spanish town name.

Pixar movie with Woody, Buzz Lightyear.

Paper records of purchases.

A type of elbow-shaped or tubular pasta.

What paparazzi cameras are often doing.

__ storm, calm in a hurricane's middle.

Grab data; transfer a TV show to a hard drive.

Belgian city, gave its name to a sprout.

Puzzle 10

Cleaning the floor with a wet broom relative.

Game of __, set in Westeros and Essos.

Spotted large cat from Africa or Asia.

To have cut down in price for a quick sale.

Compilation made from several different photos.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge show; scruffy hotel or person.

Patron saint of Ireland.

DC superhero played on screen by Jason Momoa.

Mystical horse with a single horn.

Ridges, furrows.

Fruity plural ending to blue, straw, rasp.

There were 7 in the Ancient World.

Percussion kit with a throne.

Puzzle 11

Running commentary overlaid onto a TV episode.

Gives credibility to a form with a stamp.

Corpuscle that carries oxygen around the body.

Large yellow daisy-like flower with a seedy face.

It's said to never strike the same place twice.

The biggest act at a music festival.

Lions are said to be the kings of this.

One of seven on the US flag.

New York's most densely populated borough.

Documentary channel that showed MythBusters.

The edges of a large city.

The length of the Biblical Flood.

Puzzle 12

An intake of air.

This line is where the race ends.

Series set in 1960s Manhattan ad agency.

Cushion used to make a fort along with blankets.

Predicting buying habits in the fashion industry.

Hot sushi condiment that looks like avocado.

Catholic prayer said when counting beads.

Lighthearted, comedy TV series format.

These, Camera, Action!.

Lauper, Timberlake, Glee sang of your true these.

Country or sovereign __.

This famous ancient seer was found at Delphi.

Hiltons or Marriotts.

Marine term, flotsam and __.

Puzzle 13

A state governed by one person with all the power.

Kitchen appliance used to quickly heat food.

One who makes movies.

Sick to one's stomach.

A home run with the bases loaded.

Tears for Fears knows __ Wants to Rule the World.

Type of equation that always equals 0.

Describes a chair that can flatten out for comfort.

Insincere tears, like those of a scaly reptile.

Its German name literally means "midweek".

Terry Pratchett's book series about a flat planet.

Cat breed with a crew cut.

Fizzing, foaming soap exploders in the tub.

A deficit due to taking more money than there is.

Puzzle 14

Northern European country that sounds a bit rocky.

Metal receiver for getting a TV signal.

Classic cocktail often served with an olive.

A pointy tool for chipping away frozen water.

Rodney Mullen, Bam Margera, and Tony Hawk.

__ of fire, severe ordeal in a new situation.

Instruments many country singers play.

Aid provided to those in need.

Gillian Anderson series hunting Belfast Strangler.

Last remnant or remainder.

Puzzle 15

Moon-shaped alternative symbol to the Red Cross.

Articulate, silver-tongued.

This type of room only; extremely overcrowded.

Full name often abbreviated to Ted or Teddy.

US spy drama with Claire Danes in lead role.

Adjustable weights lifted for exercise.

Person who puts money into stock market.

Viewing TV.

Rio de Janeiro's impressive statue, Christ the __.

Special price for a main, fries and drink.

Puzzle 16

Writings drawn or sprayed on a public surface.

TV show that isn't live.

Microsoft's web browser program.

Cloth coverings for cuts, blisters.

Leo Tolstoy quote: "All __ are alike".

Starchier banana relative often served fried.

Military rank that drills recruits in training.

Mathematical symbol pointing to a smaller value.

Tall, like the inferno in 1974 disaster film.

Take matters into your these; take over.

Securing a climber at the end of a rope.

Person who calls the shots on a film set.

The voice of Aladdin's Genie, comedian Robin.

Popular outdoor clothing brand; space shuttle name.

Type of pens with glittery, often gold/silver inks.

Hemisphere that contains Antarctica.

Puzzle 17

A muscle with three heads.

The last car on a train.

Infant food alternative to breast milk.

TV streaming company, ideal for binge-watchers.

Send your trash to a materials recovery facility.

These "special" things include CGI now.

Gas __; vehicle that consumes a lot of fuel.

Things to press for play, pause, rewind.

Fraction between an eighth and a half.

Covered entrances to domestic properties.

You'll need this if your appendix bursts.

Body of water with too much salt for fish to live.

Puzzle 18

Name given to apples blown off the tree.

A home for a canine.

Adventures, activities, achievements.

Long, thin speaker for amplifying TV noise.

He was the vice president under Barack Obama.

A 1993 global Spanish dance craze; heyyy!.

The other name for the northern lights, Aurora __.

Cardio exercises that increase your heart rate.

Waterway flowing through Vietnam with scarlet name.

Intros to shows and movies.

Queen of England from 1837-1901.

Winged stone monster found on building tops.

Puzzle 19

Where a river meets the ocean.

Large bird that feeds on remains.

Crease-removing chore to do while binge-watching.

Financial gains.

Dressing up as character from fiction, TV or film.

A group of four singing or playing music together.

Grey's __, Shonda Rhymes medical drama.

Epic Greek tale that's paired with the Iliad.

Activity that can be Deep Sea or Fly.

Garments that allow us to have style.

A number multiplied by itself.

Celebratory meal for a large amount of people.

A female deity like Aphrodite and Gaia.

Puzzle 20

Painters of walls.

University students routinely buy them for courses.

Slowest standard swimming stroke.

Host of a TV show.

Spherical winter souvenir bought in cold countries.

Illuminator invented by Thomas Edison.

State of focusing on feelings, may include crying.

Marvin Gaye heard it through the __.

Thumb a lift.

Muscle exercises to combat sedentary periods.

Proverbially, it's the mother of invention.

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