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Here are the answers to CodyCross Biology Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Gene __, US actor of Willy Wonka.

__ Park, imperial garden with huge lake in Beijing.

The __ Desert, 1953 nature documentary.

Video game with the character Lara Croft: Tomb __.

Fashion house founded by Jeanne, bought by L'Oreal.

Double-sided cocktail shot measure.

The full set of genes in an organism.

Litter of pigs.

Roman poet of the Aeneid and the Georgics.

A monster being with altered genes.

Julie __, plays the voice of Marge Simpson.

Czech town razed in reprisal for Heydrich's death.

Country led by Boris Yeltsin from 1991 to 1999.

A double __, a twinfold blow or setback.

Colorless part of blood.

Puzzle 2

Brass __, punching weapon.

Lewis __, English F1 driver.

Film franchise with Leia, Luke and Han.

Maggie __, lead character in The Mill on the Floss.

Entomology and ecology are __ of biology.

An agent that causes a reaction.

Undisguised, flat-out.

Beijing art district aka 798 Art Zone.

Related to the chest.

Dr. __, an alien on Futurama.

Brazilian architect who lived to be 104: Oscar __.

Peter __, a Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Killed by antibiotics.

Latin name for Jersey.

Path taken by public road transport.

Puzzle 3

Understanding the emotions of others.

Prospero's daughter from The Tempest.

Police chief killed by Puccini's heroine, Tosca.

__ and Old Lace, movie with Cary Grant.

A person is known by the one he/she keeps.

Lines showing places of equal atmospheric pressure.

Popular paint first used by artists in the 1940s.

A hit below the belt.

Berlin prison in which Rudolf Hess was imprisoned.

__ the Conqueror, first Norman king of England.

Italian fashion house; crisp lettuce.

Male counterpart of maid or matron of honor.

Zip, zilch.

The one that is the most tidy.

Heavy, flat iron surface in which food is cooked.

Nick __, "Dragon" and founder of

To combine with oxygen.

City, burial place of Mouridism founder.

Picture puzzles with interlocking pieces.

Puzzle 4

Land and water animal like frogs, newts, toads.

Liquid or gas can pass through a __ membrane.

To add a signature to the bottom of a document.

Became premier of China in 2013.

A type of dessert baked in a ring shaped pan.

Highest peak in Germany, on the Austrian border.

A Woody Allen film starring Diane Keaton.


Martin __ made the engraving for the First Folio.

Musical term for increasing loudness.

Architectural flower linked to cottage gardens.

Underground tunnels forming a cemetery.

Smooth-treaded rubber for racing cars.

Puzzle 5

To turn down an opportunity.


Water __, Monet's famous impressionist piece.

To cut into two equal parts.

Opened mouth because of tiredness.

__ Emmanuel, Italian king abdicated after WWII.

Location of the "Golden Lion" film awards.

A costume.

An organism with deficient pigmentation.

A pina colada made with vodka, not rum.

La Bamba sensation who didn't speak Spanish.

__ Stanley, global financial services corporation.

Major tributary of the Congo River.

Response to stimulation, e.g. a tap on the knee.

John __, tall Python who became Basil Fawlty.

Puzzle 6

Those who are suffering from leprosy.

Icon, stand-in identity.

Nickname of The Smiths' lead singer Morrissey.

Tool for pulling nails.

Red __, headgear of Van Eyck in his self-portrait.

John __ Mill, philosopher, a follower of Bentham.

Convent inhabitant.

Type of watch invented by Peter Henlein.

Oceans bordering South Africa: Atlantic and __.

Warm-blooded animal that usually births live young.

Kif __ is Amy's husband on Futurama.

__ Senna, successful Brazilian racing driver.

Literature genre of irony, sarcasm to ridicule.

The Shining ax scene: "Here's __!".

Woolen fabric made from rags.

A __ Life, Othello makes character go insane.

Raised transport method that relies on magnets.

To dig up a corpse from the ground.

Word to describe anything that contains mass.

Puzzle 7

__ Away, Japanese animation in a magical universe.

Largest type of white blood cell in the human body.

Occurring at irregular intervals.

__-Hochwald, national park in western Germany.


Author of the novel "Swan": supermodel Naomi __.

Downloaded while watching.

__ chip, moreish ice cream flavor.

Former soccer player Robert Baggio: the Divine __.

__ hare, lepus that turns white in winter.

A living individual, animal or plant.

Played the Emcee in John Kander musical, Cabaret.

It soothes cough and sore throats.

Life is just a bowl of __.

Partner to Beavis in cult 90's cartoon show.

Coolly frightening.

Scottish lake inhabited by monster of the deep.

Followers of the Bohemian religious reformer.

Puzzle 8

Post-war Rome film, boys save to buy horse.

City home to both a Grand Prix and a tennis Open.

Mesoamerican raised fields.

Mixed alcoholic drinks.

Elizabethan term for pudding basin-shaped hat.

Machine that separates cotton from its seeds.

First female US Attorney General.

Physical shift from man to woman and woman to man.

Song from Rodger's Carousel, You'll Never __.

Holiday at the start of "Great Expectations".

Term used to denote a decrypted message.

Emanation of Maitreya, the next Buddha.

Foam swimming aid to help strengthen legs.

In __, displaying no emotion or feelings.

Hokusai's paintings of a Japanese volcano.

Community of organisms and their environment.

Ruling house of Bhutan for more than a century.

Audio or video snippet for a broadcast.

Puzzle 9

Computer that has been accessed without permission.

Magna __, magnetic drawing board toy.

Indonesian hot sauce.

Marques de __, rebuilt earthquake-hit Lisbon.

Filmic treatment of a famous person's life.

Casino de Monte Carlo French principality.

Vanquished; anagram of lessor.

Quite the opposite of anarchy.

Fantasy novels by C. S. Lewis: "Chronicles of __".

Volcano's namesake.

Ravel piece that Torvill and Dean used.

Retired figure skater Oksana Baiul: "Swan of __".

Bargain, haggle.

Longest river in Southeast Asia.

Construction for extracting petroleum.

__ fin, single or double flipper on a fish's back.

Puzzle 10

Disco dance from 1970s.

Leslie Nielson's detective Frank __ in Naked Gun.

Evil in nature.

They released The Kids are Alright in 1965.

To save online information in additional storage.

Simple cookie aka Danish biscuit.

Expression used by Shaggy in Scooby Doo.

Sierra __, mountain range of southern Spain.

Before 1939.

To win through illicit means.

Before it is a fetus.

Lower powered motorbike, loved by Mods.

Thick mucus as experienced in a cold.

Damp mold.

St Francis __, saint and missionary to East Asia.

Nickname for Mars: the red __.

Martina __, Swiss singles and doubles tennis champ.

Puzzle 11

Birth country of TV talk show host Craig Ferguson.

First smartphone released by Google, in 2010.

Willy-nilly, careless.

English name for Dutch port of Vlissingen.

Relating to hearing.

Flag carrier airline of Italy.


Valtellina wine.

Communism founder.

Polish word for sausage and staple of its cuisine.

Ferrous-carbon alloy, used in cookware.

2012 black and white 3D Disney romantic comedy.

Someone who moves a ball with lots of short kicks.

The part of your face above your eyebrows.

He fixes roofs with straw, reed or rushes.

Follow-up of To Kill a Mockingbird is Go Set a __.

Pins purely for knocking down.

Scale measuring the heat of peppers.

Has a huge head, also called sea-devil.

Puzzle 12

Radio show callers.

Bright blue or green pigment used in printing.

__ De Mornay, actress of Risky Business.

Heavy smoker.

African river, South African northern province.

Study of how organisms relate to their environment.

Ships that are propelled mainly by rowing.

Punishment of being skinned alive.

Lack of this hormone causes diabetes.

Term for an informal international agreement.

Large deer of northern and arctic regions.

Francis __, French composer of Gloria.

Roman god of wine and truth.

Small Japanese adornment of carved ivory or wood.

Hippolyte Mège-__, inventor of margarine.

Burger chain owned by same company as Carl's Jr.

Eleutherophobia is the fear of __.

Bertrand __, British philosopher and CND advocate.

Puzzle 13

Debt evader.

Jain pilgrimmage site in Gujarat, India.

To meet at a point or line, to come together.

Characteristics passed on through genes.

Related to office work.

__ Plan, US aid for post-WWII European rebuilding.

Power to exercise your free will.

Sharp-tongued lover of Benedick.

Russian republic, Ulan-Ude is the capital.

__ Adventure, Mayflower trip, 1952 movie.

To give someone too much to eat.

Access point for metal money.

Chester __ created Itchy in The Simpsons.

Lively annual street festival held in Rio.

Why some blackjack players are barred: card __.

To compliment someone for your own gain.

Cushioning protein, used in cosmetic surgery.

Big-eyed nocturnal African primate.

Common garden shrub with poison leaves.

Rat poison used as anticoagulant in medicine.

Spiked shoe plates worn by mountaineers.

Branch of criminology relating to prisons.

__ clock, a tall pendulum clock, a grandfather.

Puzzle 14

__ pole, wooden construction carries communication.

Volcanic island off the coast of Mexico.

Constant need to move a body part; disorder.

Sukru __, Fenerbahce stadium in Istanbul.

One of Elton's John's hits from the 70s: "__ Rock".

Shavian play with Eliza Doolittle talking proper.

A __ catches mice in your house.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse film debut: "__ Willie".

Chinese premier from 2003-2013.

Profession whose word origin means "star sailor".

Discs found in blood.

Italian Christmas bread similar to fruitcake.

Many a good tune is played on an __.

The act of living on the lifeblood of others.

Unit of solid angle.

Relating to color.

Islamic holy city for the Kazakh people.

Space Sci-Fi TV show Battlestar __.

Someone who is going to die soon, fish food.

Blood, bile, saliva, gastric juice etc.

Highways in Germany.

Site of the Wright Brothers' inaugural flight.

Early chemical method of lighting a stage.

Plotted against.

Puzzle 15

Claimed or purported.

March of the __ Children from The King and I.

Cleaning the Augean __, Hercules's 5th "labor".

Sponges don't have these cells.

Kingdom where the play "Twelfth Night" takes place.

Sweet, savory Moroccan warqa pastry.

Politely say no to an invitation or offer.

Currently the largest city in Canada.

Baseball player with a high hitting percentage.

Theon __, Alfie Allen in Game of Thrones.

Artist who painted "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon".

Connected set of two earlobe piercings.

Reproduction by single organism, no fusion needed.

Highest rank in biology taxonomy, like a realm.

The sun is never the worse for __ on a dunghill.

Pets, in special lamb pets.

Adriatic free port fought over throughout its past.

Puzzle 16

Italian motorbikes brand for road and racetrack.

Gladys Knight's backing band.

One-eyed mythological monsters.

Hypersensitivity, e.g. hay fever.

Silly Billy's brother.

Someone who opposes a new legislation or change.

__ Bloom, main character in James Joyce's Ulysses.

A word whose meaning is the opposite of another.

Thin, dangly part of a plant, often a spiral shape.

Barney's surname in How I Met Your Mother.

Three __, cocktail celebrates whiskey men.

"Shallow" river in Belgium and France.

Small ax with short handle, tomahawk.

Zidane and __, French soccer duo.

This person doubts what most believe.

Aesop shrimp is a __ of cold water shrimp.

Puzzle 17

Flying __, eerie vessel off the Cape of Good Hope.

Disease-causing bacteria or virus.

Nutrients known as A, B, C, D.

Ancient supercontinent, also called Pan-African.

J Walter __, advertisers created the Andrex puppy.

Japanese syllabary.

Slow cooker brand name that is now generic.

Henry __, author of Tom Jones.

Oscar-winner short documentary on pension benefits.

Continued to use; held safe.

Body of water to the west of Australia.

Puzzle 18

Lovable, engaging.

Olivia de __, won an Oscar for The Heiress.

Upright pole, such as on football terracing.

__ Palace, Louis XVI fled Paris from here.

American novelist known for Fear of Flying.

Head designer for the House of Chanel, Karl __.

The condition of not being able to see.

Byzantine emperor who collected laws into a Code.

Never give a sucker an __.

Viennese palace complex with upper and lower parts.

Large ship carrying goods rather than people.

Cocktail made from orange juice and champagne.

Round French puff pastry almond sandwich.

How a worm moves.

Gradual development/changes in living creatures.

Sir Thomas Beecham's profession.

Puzzle 19

Agreement to hold funds until both parties agree.

A black "digging" suit in a pack of cards.

Nerve cell, transmits info.

__ lock, stops you from moving text on a computer.

Thoroughly Modern __, naive woman, wealthy boss.

Port house from London with two-headed eagle logo.

Another name for a phone call.

Long-handled, curved blade tool for cutting crops.

South African antelope and sportswear brand.

Repeated behavior pattern following a round shape.

First name of four consecutive British kings.

Mount __, active Rwandan volcano in Albertine Rift.

The first day of the fifth month.

Soviet program that took Yuri Gagarin into space.

Modified classic car.

To make something stronger or more effective.

High-end Italian ready-to-wear line: Emporio __.

Country where the artist Marc Chagall was born.

Puzzle 20

US pharmacist who invented Coca-Cola.

Used to treat snake bites.

Accessible, obtainable.

Large ocean bivalve.

__ of China, man-made undulating fortifications.

Toymaker in a ballet with music by Delibes.

Insidiously erode someone's authority.

Spanish stuffed fried or baked parcels of dough.

Gene that isn't dominant.

Adam Smith's hand that controlled the market.

Decorative piece worn over chest and abdomen.

__ the Great: said to have cut the Gordian knot.

Eça __, Portuguese writer of realist novels.

What cars can do when they hit water on the road.

Top fight on the card.

Relating to the lungs.

Internet articles aimed to grab your attention.

A special designated area for cultivating trees.

Villain as played by Orson Welles in The Third Man.

Government-sponsored pirate.

German valkyrie in Wagnerian opera.

Babylonian King whose Code was first set of laws.

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