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Here are the answers to CodyCross Birds Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Remains of chopped down trees.

__ crow, black and white corvine.

Naval battle, Antony and Cleopatra vs. Octavian.

"Cat got your __?", said to someone remaining quiet.

The Stranger opens: "__ died today".

Some of Maria's favorite things, warm __ mittens.

Two strikes in a row.

Clock bird.

Five ball color.

__ goose; common, black-necked waterfowl.

Puzzle 2

Famous WWII American nurse, Colonel Ruby __.

Cliff-dwelling seabirds, nest in burrows or rocks.

Ron __, actor of Hellboy.

An elegy written in stone.

England's "Bend It" soccer star.

Substance given to control groups in clinical trials.

Handel's opera about the First Crusade.

Red North African beef sausage with cayenne.

Hen, Marsh or Northern bird of prey.

Armenia's capital.

This von Sauerbronn invention was wheelie good.

Popeye's adopted son.

Country where April Fools' Day pranks end at noon.

One who provides food.

Front of the coin; heads.

This tree is all bark.


Puzzle 3

Mock munchers.

What you keep up to appear confident.

Star pony.

Common North American crested garden bird.

Areas of woodland that are regularly cut back.

Outstanding feathery mimic from South Australia.

The Azores Islands is an autonomous region of __.

Pre-metric system, or London research college.

A pumpkin to you is a __ to Cinderella.

__ in Blue, Gershwin's classic jazz piano piece.

Utensils for table use.

From point A to point B.

Roman __, Polish director of Chinatown and Tess.

Puzzle 4

For donkey's years.

Murder mystery.

Long distance weapons.

Ancient Greek writer called "Father of History".

Fake bread spread made from milk (like margarine).

Long-legged shorebird with cutlery-shaped beak.

Ignition charger.

Taxi alternative.

Two ones.

Pitted, scarred skin.

Vienna __, art movement led by Klimt.

Another name for the Bodensee is Lake __.

Arturo __, Italian conductor/director at La Scala.

Distinctive wader that moves rocks with its bill.

Puzzle 5

Away in a __, carol.

From that place or source.

US state with Union Jack flag as part of its flag.

__ Griffin, Family Guy's talking baby.

Saint-__, Parisian gateau of choux balls and cream.

Critically endangered fish-hawk.

Tania __, tried to kill Goldfinger as Tilly.

Walk sadly and slowly.

Sighting targets on the lane.

Condor species of South American high altitudes.

Latin for "according to custom".

Wound covered in dried-up blood.

Without risk.

Wearing hand protection.

Novel by D.H. Lawrence: "Sons and __".

Puzzle 6

Common bird spotted in towns and garden hedges.

Jury’s answer.

Star of "Driving Miss Daisy": Morgan __.

The N in LAN.

These hold breakfast while you dip toast.

Ethiopia's northern neighbor.

__ gear, wheel structures seen above mineshafts.

Cowboys' cinematic nemeses.

Bird family known for elaborately crafted nests.

Throwing the ball in the air past the foul line.

Lamp rubber.

Robin Ellis was the original.

Smallest and highest pitched woodwind instrument.

Molten salt's role in a reactor.

Poser, aspiring star.

Puzzle 7

It holds the rim.

Dutch painter of The Laughing Cavalier.

Genus of wading bird, including godwit and snipe.

Grouse that changes plumage according to season.

One who is taken.

The quality of the cats in Old Possum's book.

Sweet citrus fruit, eaten at Chinese New Year.

Move past something that is bothersome.


Cornish village where rodents enter through a gap.

__ machine, for beating grain to remove the straw.

Puzzle 8

Migratory brown duck with bold white eye stripe.

Seven and seven.

When __; 1984 Prince hit about weeping birds.

UFC rings.

__ stone, white stone used to build the Cenotaph.

Frank __, director of The Green Mile.

Sugar, the same as fructose.

Related to the way you stand or sit.

Issued entry passes.

Scottish mashed rutabaga, onions, potatoes dish.

Residence of the Dukes of Marlborough: __ Palace.

Italian for almond; used in Christian iconography.

Helpful hotel attendants.

__ macaw; bright blue parrot of South America.

Puzzle 9

Peter __, many deaths in this fishy Britten opera.

Falcon species with wizard-like name.

Denmark's third-largest city.

The name that Everest was known by until 1865.

Shrek's best friend.

Town in Italy noted for expensive Balsamic vinegar.

Blame for a crime.

Walter Scott tale of reiver Mr McGregor.

Peeping tom.

Baldpate deepwater dabbling duck.

Discarded, threw away.

Turn it up when rocking out.

Reciprocal, anagram of umlaut.

Fashion __, originally hosted by Joan Rivers.

__ and tails, formal wedding attire.

Code sent out by an aircraft's transponder.

Puzzle 10

One who reels 'em in.

Small, tiny.

Laura __, the murder victim in Twin Peaks.

Living on borrowed time.

Hamlet knew him well.

Country with volcanoes and mountain gorillas.

It's a head.

Scotland's bright orange "other national drink".

The M in MASH.

Storm __; coastal bird found over the open sea.

Also indigobird; species with extremely long tail.

Puzzle 11

Surroundings, environment.

Removes financing from.

Hitting the links.

Notes added to the bottom of a document page.

"Perfect" singer: Ed __.


Relating to or concerning the liver.

Winter thrush with rust-colored flanks.

Scandinavian deep fried pastry, aka struva.

Unassuming 1970's TV detective.

Large domesticated duck with red wattle.

Territorial capital of Nunavut.

Winged horse.

Peter __, inventor of the pocket watch.

Puzzle 12

Vehicle ID, __ plate.

Only a maiden could subdue this one-horned creature.

State that's the "jewel of western India".

Strong vitals.

Pitch signaler.

Busy shorebirds, with bobbing movements.

Step on the gas.

Afternoon performance of an opera or play.

Barn visitor with forked tail.

Male "Lolita" character.

Dagwood's series.

Alien leader, Trinity killer, Shrek prince, John __.

Saintly act.

Member of an army.

Puzzle 13

French Mediterranean region of white horses.

Disproves a rumor.

Hormone that acts in opposition to insulin.

__ goose, small, white-faced Arctic waterfowl.

__ Heath, scene of German surrender in May 1945.

Taking fluids.

Single mountains that are not part of a range.

Tree ceremony.

Colorful ornamental waterbird, lives near trees.

King __ Mines, rescue mission to interior Africa.

Channels that carry water under roads.

James __ posited the Gaia hypothesis.

Puzzle 14

Collection of deserted buildings.

Architect of the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Some thought this Sperry invention wouldn't fly.

Egg style, __ up.

__ and Bristol fashion, meaning neatly arranged.

MTV acoustic series.

Montenegro's capital, once called Titograd.

WWII resistance fighter, The White Mouse.

Red-breasted fish-eating duck with a sawbill.

Swallow-like seabird with dark plumage.

Puzzle 15

Actress and model, Charlize __.

Country with an airport named for Copernicus.

Early to bed, early __.

__ Mountains, skyscraper sandstone peaks in China.

Afro-Colombian ballroom dance.

Blackbird-sized songbird, often with gold plumage.

The blossom part of a plant.

It could kill you.

First human character on Sesame Street.

Office fetchers.

Snowboard event sees large ramps and aerial tricks.

Carnivorous predatory butcher bird.

Clothing or armor to cover the throat.

The Heart is a Lonely __.

Expensive French wine label: Chateau __ Rothschild.

Puzzle 16

Swiss river flowing from Lake Zurich.

Bought and sold.

__ & Newton, provider of art supplies and inks.

James __, governor Neil Grayling in Bad Girls.

Puts windows in.

Shorebird that forages with its long, curved bill.

Female patron saint of Ireland, died 523.

Population count.

Latin name for the genus of true thrushes.

Holy breakfast treat.

It is pulled by the engine.

Let go from a job.

Puzzle 17

Catalans __, rugby side with mythical nickname.

The Simpsons' Mr. Burns' first name.

Moving a mass.

Music style popularized by Harry Belafonte.

__ Punch, cocktail from 1882 bartender manual.

User of a pointed weapon.

Brown woodland bird with pinkish plumage.

Political tension surrounding Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Arm of the Baltic between Sweden and Finland.

They bring flies together.

Small Eurasian gray-headed crow.

What one passes when avoiding responsibility.

Decepticon turned Autobot.

Peninsula between Egypt and Iran.

Showing one’s muscles.

Diameter of a bullet.

Puzzle 18

Raspberry-flavored liqueur in a spherical bottle.

Breathe it in.

Bogart and Bacall played on the Florida island.

__ gull, second-largest member of the gull family.

Small warbler with dark-colored headwear.

Capital of French island of Saint Barthélemy.

Hamlet's mom.

Wrist adornment.

What one queers when ruining a plan.

Street toughs.

Plural form of criterion.

Pre-Easter week, to some.

Puzzle 19

Tiny songbird with flame-colored head stripe.

Being of low intelligence, having no knowledge.

Peter __, promotion to a level beyond competency.

Obese Cosby cartoon character.

Gangster target of the St Valentine's Day Massacre.

Migratory waterfowl with distinctive white plumage.

An unknown rising to prominence.

Symbolic character.

Hidden, as a weapon.

Ruling as a group of politicians.

Artist of Sudden Shower over Shin-Ōhashi bridge.

South America's highest peak at 6,962 meters.

The 2-7 or 3-10.

Official who can perform marriages.

Puzzle 20

__ Opera, arts company based in Beijing, China.

Contribute towards.

Small, dull brown wading bird.

Highly intelligent Pica corvid.

Indecision about particular subjects.

Yakker or snapper baseball delivery.

Italian island chain, including Elba and Pianosa.

Burmese secretary-general of the UN, 1961-1971.

Posh French pancakes.

The Island of Dr __, story of a mad scientist.

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