CodyCross Bits and Bytes Pack answers

Bits and Bytes PackBits and Bytes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Bits and Bytes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Fictional anthropomorphic Tank Engine.

Subdivisions of Russian rubles.

Milder and more cowed than another.

Greek god of wealth; luxury brand.

Extinct South African zebra.

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits.

Sweet, clear liquid with magical, curative powers.

Long rectangular ad positioned across a screen.

Name given to a group of geese.

Admiral Horatio who won the Battle of Trafalgar.

NBA All-Star, last name Wade.

Knitted material and the garment it can make.

Circle 66 degrees north of the Equator.

Individual dots that create computer images.

Loaf mass day, Christian festival on August 1.

Puzzle 2

To have the physical features of an eagle.

Creatures that don't actually jump cliffs together.

Group employed as contract killers.

Motor-racing series in electric cars.

Pressure unit equal to 100 pascals.

Deadly 1812 battle described in War and Peace.

US state famed for horses and bourbon.

Built up, accumulated debts.

Unit of digital information equal to 1000 GB.

Stage musical about Billy Bigelow.

Lovin You soul singer Minnie.

Bathroom rails to aid disabled or elderly people.

US maker of blue jeans, especially for cowboys.

Boot option with minimum system files running.

Staple of mediterranean diet pressed from fruit.

Not known for sharpness.

Percy Weasley's girlfriend in Harry Potter.

Manner that's funny or flippant.

Leo, prime minister of Ireland from 2017.

2015 drama starring Saoirse Ronan set in the 1950s.

Puzzle 3

Male newborn, sought by King Herod.

Files that enable PCs to link to hardware devices.

Ask a professional for advice.

Small pellets of hail or ice.

A horseracing measure, there are eight in a mile.

Elizabeth, Philip, and William.

First name of ex-Australian prime minister Fraser.

Grease extracted from a sheep's fleece.

Test environment for computer software.

Liquid dropper tool in science and medical labs.

Puzzle 4

Unable to pay one's bills.

Early search engine purchased by Yahoo! in 2003.

Reclusive hero in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Board game of trying to get all your pieces home.

__ Internet Protocol, VOIP; Internet phone calls.

Settled in place comfortably and securely.

The highest peak in The Alps.

Courtney, Anna, and Glenn on Family Guy.

Cavity-preventing chemical anions.

Puzzle 5

Capital of Venezuela, sacked by Francis Drake.

Of or relating to foxes.

Decorative needles for securing a chapeau.

Give someone wrong information deliberately.

Type of curry cooked with two types of onion.

Acquire something for use in business.

URL, uniform resource __; website address.

Cosette's mother in Les Misérables.

Workers' councils in Russian Revolution.

Surface for Japanese martial art.

Copying data onto a writeable CD or DVD.

Puzzle 6

Plug-in, especially in Java programming language.

Fungal timber decay.

Name of the Grumman F-14 fighter jet.

Nickname for Perry the Platypus in Phineas and Ferb.

Rocky and steep mountain face.

Antarctic glacier named after Hungarian composer.

Hanson hit with nonsense word.

Slanderous remarks, slurs.

Evil; Broadway musical about a witch.

Steep in liquid like cherries in brandy.

Country where Milton Obote was president.

Fabric with soft texture; fuzz on a deer's antlers.

Astronomers search for one in a habitable zone.

Thames town, hosts the annual Royal Regatta.

My name is __ for we are many.

Alternative name for the Mongolian wild ass.

Mrs. Tripplehorn; in Basic Instinct and The Firm.

Search __; software that handles Internet queries.

Land inhabited by the wee people.

Puzzle 7

Variety of pool with numbered spheres to pot.

Poisonous inkberry substance that removes toxins.

Close-up conflict, similar to face to face.

Extraterrestrial humanoid race in Doctor Who.

Actress known for American Hustle, Her, Vice.

Irish singalong tune aka Londonderry Air.

Save a website for future reference.

Small hints.

Greeted with fanfare.

With various options for wearing, e.g. a bra.

Type of carbon often used as a pencil lead.

Warm weather front between two cold fronts.

Windows database that stores configuration files.

Ancient Greek oil-storing vessel.

Puzzle 8

Made fuller, e.g. cushions or lips.

Russian metal container for boiling water.

Software that allows a hacker to access a computer.

Barbara, author of the novel The Guns of August.

Music concert that raised funds for famine relief.

The angel who visited Mary before she gave birth.

Grandiose-sounding claptrap.

Italian phrase meaning "in the oven".

Task __; panel showing active PC processes.

Fighting, belligerent.

Ellen DeGeneres created this app to play charades.

Puzzle 9

The tightened, laced, upper part of a dress.

Week where viewership is recorded.

70s British folk rock vocal group.

Traditional Inuit meal of frozen whale skin.

Portuguese site of pilgrimage and a shrine.

Movement of peoples, often due to war/persecution.

Edward, US artist of Nighthawks.

Tooth with a single point.

Lists of pending documents waiting to be printed.

Pawn sacrifice in early stages of a chess match.

Newly hatched juvenile turkeys.

Ocean that the Zambezi River flows into.

Al who starred in The Jazz Singer.

Slang for bottoms or derrières.

German sportscar with interlocking rings on logo.

Linux operating system with name meaning humanity.

Triangular chunks.

Puzzle 10

General term for four-limbed animals.

High-performance central computer in a network.

Popular beach tourist destination in Queensland.

Person who gets their power from their money.

The state of being positioned next to something.

Story by Plato of friends talking at a banquet.

Last part of a filename saved on a computer.

Harry, actor and singer of The Banana Boat Song.

Covered in fine ornamental wire.

Athletic outfit with a matching top and bottom.

Puzzle 11

To have presence and a magnetic personality.

East African archipelago and historic trading hub.

2D or 3D images displayed on a computer screen.

Tissue lumps behind the nasal cavity.

Decorative wooden strip running around a wall.

Large black-and-white cattle from the Netherlands.

Geologic Era of the dinosaurs.

Make into a mounted man-at-arms.

Uncompromising in political views.

Computers linked to a company's internal network.

Vivid, Day-Glo.

White wine grape mostly from Germany.

Monies brought into government by taxes.

Puzzle 12

Process of getting rubber latex from a tree.

Having the appearance of an evil spirit.

Unicorn of the sea; yes, it's real.

Italian city with an ancient medical school.

William Bailey's performing name for Guns N' Roses.

Greek shipping magnate Aristotle.

Integrated __; tiny silicon chip.

1920s fashion movement.

Chief person, a bowling analogy.

Corporation that developed the Firefox web browser.

One who ventures or attempts.

Puzzle 13

Loyal to the end, like in Fast and the Furious.

Used to sharpen knives in olden times.

Worker who removes bituminous lumps from a mine.

Germany's largest airline.

Successful English golfer of the 1980s and 1990s.

Animal with a diet of mainly raw fruits.

Audio component inside a computer.

Stage name of Scissor Sisters' Scott Hoffman.

Individual section of a hard disk.

Water passage from Great Lakes to Atlantic.

Oscar-winning 2016 film directed by Barry Jenkins.

Puzzle 14

Search engine that funds reforestation projects.

Roman god of agriculture and wealth.

Emmylou, a Trio member with Parton and Ronstadt.

Describes laughing schoolgirls.

1978 Victoria Wood play.

Online ads that open in new windows.

NYC district, to settlers the "road to the farm".

Measurement of depth of water.

Traditional game of throwing rings over spikes.

An ominous collective term for a group of crows.

Plain white cotton cloth.

Often adapted Nabokov novel.

Tree whose bark is called "nature's aspirin".

Lawyer Kardashian who married Kris Jenner.

Puzzle 15

Britain ceded control of this colony in 1997.

Style of glasses that grip the bridge of the nose.

Meat, tofu and veggies in sugary soy sauce.

Glycoprotein that neutralizes a pathogen or germ.

Musical instrument owned by Captain Corelli.

Gradual escapes of liquids/gasses through fissures.

Youngest of the Beatles' biological children.

Well-known saying or proverb from the past.

Program restricting external access to a computer.

Castrated horses.

Hard mineral: red = ruby and blue = sapphire.

Regal figure associated with Brazilian carnivals.

Controversial playwright of What the Butler Saw.

Lockable frame for spirit decanters.

Happening quickly, fast as Barry Allen.

Used by programmers to find and fix coding errors.

Puzzle 16

Meat pounded thin, breaded, and fried from Austria.

Lead singer of Culture Club.

Marriages or engagements.

Protected ring of countryside around a city.

Female buzzer that can't reproduce.

__ 64; 8-bit home computer launched in 1982.

Greek conqueror tutored by Aristotle.

Michelin books listing restaurants and hotels.

Apple multimedia technology for playing .mov files.

Writer of disastrous or calamitous plays.

Puzzle 17

Yield, surrender.

Computer mouse that uses an LED.

Largest city in Belgium's Flemish region.

Relaxing atmosphere or lighting.

Knit the first few stitches using needles.

__ point; reverts a computer to previous settings.

Sacred sayings chanted in meditation.

Literary pseudonym used by an author.

Common freshwater aquarium fish species.

1916 Swiss avant-garde intellectual movement.

Puzzle 18

This Matt created The Simpsons.

Method and styles of teaching.

Head in hands gesture.

Adult movies might have this parental warning.

List of options when restarting a computer.

2013 puzzle game from Compulsion Games.

Durable material often used for picnicware.

Faithful government supporter.

The Clash's single on weaponry and terrorism.

Network of computers linked with cables.

Jewish headwear for men.

Pale mineral, gives its name to a mountain range.

Large fish with a bony spine, caught for sport.

Ropes used for lowering or raising sails.

Puzzle 19

Listing in order of preference.

Husband of Phaedra.

Design style of the Chrysler and Hoover buildings.

Fictional Indiana setting of Stranger Things.

System of logical thought in digital computing.

Edible rodent delicacy of the Romans.

Juli, US women's golfer and grand slam winner.

Joker, wag, a writer of farces.

"__ by Nature": Mongolia's tourism slogan.

Flintstone daughter of Fred and Wilma.

Piratical sword such as used by Jack Sparrow.

Reddish-purple ink in computer printing.

Puzzle 20

Zosimos of Panopolis is an ancient one.

Speed of 1 million cycles per second.

Children's theatrical style of slapstick comedy.

Building at the entrance of a country estate.

Tissue staining to clarify a microscope sample.

Name of Billy Idol's 1983 album and hit single.

Tamale wraps.

Shogun residence and part of Tokyo Imperial Palace.

Computer script that contains a list of commands.

Roman Abramovich, Pyotr Aven, and German Khan.

Badly thought-out plan, not fully planned.

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