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Black and White Movies PackBlack and White Movies

Here are the answers to CodyCross Black and White Movies Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

A mischievous scamp.

Haven for African cichlids: Lake __ National Park.

Alexander __, Eisenstein film about this ruler.

Dean Martin hit based on an Italian original.

Pre-WWI narrow skirt fashion trend: __ skirt.

Sally __, pivotal person in the decadent Cabaret.

The __ of Oz, ruby slippers that are B&W at first.

Fishing boat with a dragnet.

Sergio __, Spanish 2017 Masters champion golfer.

French term meaning grape variety.

Puzzle 2

Cut back an area of woodland, to promote growth.

Modern art movement of figurative paintings.

With skill; anagram of dilatory.

__ Smile, film with song The Heart of Every Girl.

Steal company funds.

Desert epic with heartthrob Rudolph Valentino.

French brandy that has been distilled only once.

Russian autonomous okrug, Anady is the capital.

Debating fallacy that swerves the issue.

Eric Clapton's nickname.

12 __, judicial argument with Henry Fonda.

Puzzle 3

In the __ confidence; totally confidential.

Freshwater insect that spins around on water.

Convert computer code into readable source code.

Dome-shaped peak in Rio de Janeiro, __ Mountain.

Nickname of Sweyn I after his facial fuzz.

Hitchcock movie, with Alice White as a murderer.

French Foreign Legion's periodical (white cap).

The study of religions or sacred literature.

Flamenco dancer was in Around the World in 80 Days.

The highest peak of the Urals: Mount __.

Ear-splitting, extremely noisy.

Revolving device powered by water to grind grain.

John Wayne movie about a cavalry officer.

Alternative name for Puzzle Bobble arcade game.

Historic Memphis recording venue.

Weatherproof barriers across roof joints.

Puzzle 4

Writer and famous atheist, Richard __.

__ of the Will, Riefenstahl's poetic fascist film.

Pirate ship.

Asian cake made with adzuki beans.

Medical term for the loss of sense of smell.

2007 B&W film about Ian Curtis of Joy Division.

Moon of Uranus; a sprite in The Rape of the Lock.

Inhibits a plan from being realized.

Underwater medieval England East coast seaport.

John __; inventor who manufactured sulphuric acid.

Sucking sound, like boots in mud.

Title of Russian empresses.

Phrase used to sum up.

Her hit song "Complicated" hit no. 1: Avril __.

Ceramics decorated with a colorful glaze.

A rod with a hooked end, carried by a bishop.

Puzzle 5

Laughing __, enigmatic painting by Frans Hals.

Name given to a glockenspiel in a marching band.

Where brown, green and yellow balls lie in snooker.

The Great __, Chaplin mocks fascism and Hitler.

Robber who was freed instead of Christ.

Half cooks something in hot water.

Device to soften brightness of light in camerawork.

__ Cops, slapstick filmic troupe of policemen.

Portuguese region to the south of its major river.

December 23 holiday celebrated on Seinfeld.

Name for blue, describing the heavens.

Puzzle 6

Confuse, perplex, baffle.

A US state bought under the Gadsden Purchase.

Roman __, romcom with Hepburn as a princess.

Healing ointment or balm.

Musical instrument associated with Bastet.

Longest river in Ireland.

French term for raw vegetable stick.

The Ghost and __, Rex Harrison as an old sea dog.

Marcel __, French artist known for urinal.

Smiling through __ teeth; a forced expression.

Polish metal until it shines.

Puzzle 7

Process of separating cocoa nibs from husks.

__ on a Train, Hitchcock film about a murder pact.

Davey __, guitarist with Elton John.

Primary hub city for Lufthansa Airlines.

Said to one celebrating Hindu festival of colors.

Oprah's spiritual Sunday series.

__ Laurent; Iconic French fashion designer.

It's a __ Life, George Bailey and angel Clarence.

Originally a type of soldier who threw hand bombs.

Peppa Pig's equine chum.

Navigations, explorations.

Informal speech, jargon word for jargon.

Beach area between high and low tide marks.

Bemoaning, grieving.

Festival day known as Fat Tuesday in some quarters.

Casting off tissue, like the skin of a snake.

NHL commentator and ex-pro, nicknamed Grapes.

French Revolutionary month, the month of fruit.

Puzzle 8

Australian director of Dead Poets Society.

"And did __, in ancient times"; Jerusalem opening.

Protective metal strip at base of a door.

"Did they or didn't they?" film, Last Year in __.

Leafy cabbage with crinkly leaves.

16th-century Italian anatomist of females.

Another name for kaolin.

Radical, rebel, activist.

Baggy trousers ending at the knee for golfers.

Catalan dialect, named after a Spanish city.

Notebook brand popularized by writer Bruce Chatwin.

Stippled markings, like those on hard limestone.

Native of the country once known as Ceylon.

Secret plottings, conspiracies, schemings.

Schindler's List director.

Ability to think ahead.

Aircraft jumper who then rides clouds on a board.

Low oxygen conditions in a mine prevent breathing.

Puzzle 9

Points on which things turn or tilt, as on seesaws.

Mary __, aka Typhoid Mary, spreader of disease.

In the Bible, Moses's sister.

Iron Man's computer assistant.

Sons of the __, Laurel & Hardy go to a convention.

Chennai before 1996.

City __, Chaplin's love for a blind flower-seller.

It's good manners to keep these off the table.

Creme de __; sweet drink made from blackcurrants.

Croaky, rasping.

North American elk, its name means pale or white.

Puzzle 10

Got gas from the earth by blasting water.

__ Hall, synonymous with US political corruption.

Duties of someone who represents another.

__ Thieves, Roman film about a father-and-son hunt.

Intervening time.

Disturb, excite, stir up, shake.

Hosni __, president of Egypt from 1981-2011.

Toasted English bun.

__ National Forest, home of the humongous fungus.

The __ Falcon, Sam Spade hunts down a statuette.

Puzzle 11

Merrily We __; Furth and Sondheim musical.

The __ Chalk Circle, a play by Bertolt Brecht.

Maori chief.

Someone employed in disaster relief, say.

Westernmost Normandy landing site of 1944.

Slobodan __, Serbian leader died while on trial.

Remote dwelling, hideaway.

Lubitsch comedy stars Garbo as a Russian envoy.

Deepest pitch female singing voice.

Ship's instrument telling the time by the stars.

Mitch __; Baywatch lifeguard played by The Hoff.

I am a Fugitive From a __, Paul Muni film of 1932.

Drink of Scotch and ginger ale.

Karl __; German designer of handbags, shoes etc..

Wife of King Edward III: __ of Denmark.

Division of Buddhism also called Southern Buddhism.

Waterway that Da Vinci tried to divert.

An outsider, an unexpectedly successful candidate.

Palindrome for the edge of a reflecting glass.

Olympic diving event that is 10 m up.

Small gray Australian parrot.

Puzzle 12

When an online thread goes OT, it means this.

Hosts of entertainment shows; emcees.

Capital of Kosovo.

Dried meat mixture eaten by Arctic explorers.

Method used to catch a trout, rubbing belly.

Neurologically caused loss of ability to write.

Spanish word for "winter".

Capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

A ship's highest platform.

Animal that Apollo used to create Hermes's lyre.

Moved someone from a familiar location.

The __ Man, David Lynch's story of Joseph Merrick.

Russian chess grand master, Garry __.

Distorted words online to prove that you're human.

__ demonstrandum, or QED by any other name.

Luther __, US R&B singer.

Protective layer beneath a carpet.

1915 movie named after Chaplin's iconic character.

Orange feldspar gem with a glitter effect.

Anne __, author of Bel Canto.

Puzzle 13

Bishop associated with rain; his day is July 15.

Carved whale ivory made by whalers.

First woman awarded Nobel in Medicine in 1947.

Astaire-Rogers film with Pick Yourself Up.

Motto of New York State.

Fitful, erratic.

Jessica Biel crime drama with Detective Ambrose.

Poet who was impelled to go down to the sea again.

Longest muscle in the human body.

Bubbles and Buttercup are two of these girls.

Pasolini's tale of a pimp in post-war Rome.

Flour that soba noodles are usually made from.

Électricité de France utility company.

King of Spain who married Mary Tudor in 1554.

Partially blindfolded racehorse.

Chicago festival of new and emerging music talent.

A Soviet chief minister in a government department.

Area of communal gardening away from a home.

Administrative divisions managed by local councils.

Dormitory in a single building used by cowboys.

Tool for measuring the rate of water evaporation.

Roman Emperor who commissioned the Colosseum.

Protected from slipping off road.

Insects with intricate, see-through flappers.

Puzzle 14

Bossa nova jazz saxophonist.

Water that is slightly salty.

Digital media/blogging site; anagram of same blah.

Cartoon Archer's first name.

Country that holds an annual Boon Luang festival.

Formal meetings of parliament.

The bottomless pit of the Underworld.

Term given to residents of Birmingham, England.

Visualize what you want in life, on a grand scale.

The __, film noir movie with Bogart and Bacall.

Ancient Roman bedrooms.

Guilty; at fault.

__ Night and Sunday Morning, Albert Finney film.

Breed of pig, such as the two escapees in 1998.

Making clumsy errors.

Puzzle 15

Common term for synchronous diaphragmatic flutter.

Love story where Garbo dies of consumption.

Insulting name for cricket bowler who throws.

__ Lynne, theater name and choreographer of Cats.

Thuggish, coarse and boorish.

Avian rapper, aka Bryan Williams.

Spicy or pungent.

Mystery film with time shifts, stars Guy Pearce.

Russian ballet legend Anna __, inspired a dessert.

Persian empire descended from Genghis Khan.

Largest lake in Mexico: Lago de __.

Crack-filling paste.

Made a witty remark.

Puzzle 16

Someone with knowledge of many disciplines.

Slang for "puts a stop to something".

Song by The Fortunes: You've Got Your __.

With a spring in the step, cheerily, chirpily.

Dogs of indeterminable mixed breeds.

Comic tumble on the buttocks on stage.

The __, movie where Chaplin eats his shoes.

Harry Longabaugh, American outlaw aka The __ Kid.

Criminal genius with a distinctive long mustache.

Swiss-German modern painter of Flower Myth.

American word for what Britons call a hair slide.

Eggplant dish in Italian cuisine, with capers.

Carry out business deals.

Number of championship grass courts at Wimbledon.

__ salesman, someone selling something a bit bogus.

Psychological thriller starring Ingrid Bergman.

Mountain chain that runs along the length of Italy.

Puzzle 17

Things for initiates only, those in the know.

High upswept hairdo named after a French courtesan.

The Magnificent __, Welles film after Citizen Kane.

County-named pig with black skin and white socks.

Cuban singer, the Queen of Salsa.

In a rule-following, accepting manner.

Oskar __, Austrian Expressionist painter and poet.

Western Australia port and name of a wind.

"Little sleeves" of ricotta-stuffed tubular pasta.

Invasion of the Body __, film on an alien attack.

Golfer Mickelson nickname, Phil __.

Formal agreement between the Papacy and a country.

Alter ego of Ant-Man.

Puzzle 18

A Night to __, film about Titanic and the iceberg.

Soft French cow's cheese created in small rounds.

Chilean dictator from 1973 to 1990: Augusto __.

Country whose capital is Bridgetown.

Describes contempt, sometimes of a monetary offer.

Vivienne __, British punk designer.

The __ Hill Mob, crooks try to bump off a landlady.

Dutch canine, a guard dog for Dutch barges.

Ancient Celtic religion worships at Stonehenge.

German word for forbidden.

Stepping gloomily.

Puzzle 19

Fruit like a grapefruit.

Siege artillery used on Medieval castle walls.

Blanket for swaddling newborn babies.

Another term for blackberry bushes.

Passed power and responsibility to local level.

Poor-quality, badly written poetry.

Gripping or securing with a tool.

Roman war god whom Romulus was deified as.

The bullfighter who actually kills the bull.

Fast, square-rigged vessels carried tea from China.

Kurosawa's film about the killing of a samurai.

How you would swear in a court of law.

Essential nutrient that helps the blood clot.

__ Rock, Attenborough runs amok on the S coast.

New Year's Eve song, Auld __.

Puzzle 20

Rarest natural element on Earth, symbol At.

Marx Bros movie with Groucho leading Freedonia.

Heavenly name for a female wolverine.

__ Santo, Vanuatu island popular with divers.

__ Press, publishing co founded by Robert Maxwell.

From Here to __, romantic drama at Pearl Harbor.

Jewish mystical theory.

Stop working, and stop being paid.

Igneous rock, such as found in a volcano.

Shouted loudly and deeply.

Mass of throat tissue alongside tonsils.

The ship bound for America in the novel Kidnapped.

Beer made in monasteries in the Low Countries.

__ Lange, photographer of the Great Depression.

An oath, an exclamation, from God's hooks.

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