CodyCross Blue and Yellow Pack answers

Blue and Yellow PackBlue and Yellow

Here are the answers to CodyCross Blue and Yellow Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Mini trampoline for low-impact exercise.

Star-spotter with glass lenses and mirrors.

Painkilling drug of Advil and Motrin.

Mythical creature of earth, air, fire, or water.

The Beatles lived in this yellow underwater boat.

Another word for a honey farmer or apiarist.

Large celebration in New Orleans once a year.

2013 apocalyptic zombie film based on bestseller.

Dorothy followed this yellow path to Oz.

Edvard Munch's famed painting from 1893.

Set up software.

Puzzle 2

Wrist decoration, can be a gold chain.

Knowle's boarding school adventure A __ Peace.

Shade of blue reminiscent of the last hour of day.

Trump-owned resort in Florida.

Brand of plastic-coated paper cartons.

The Ronettes' song featured in Dirty Dancing.

Blazing meteor.

Jawbone that moves to speak or chew.

Thing that causes a reaction, like pollen, gluten.

Constructed, above-ground channel to carry water.

An object with magical powers that brings luck.

Puzzle 3

__ card, one of series of themed collectibles.

Symbol that represents one, two, three, etc..

Tim __-Lee, computer scientist, invented the WWW.

Day off; vacation.

British yeast spread eaten for a B-vitamin boost.

Drinking vessel in shape of a man with a tricorn.

Slang for having a nap.

Kneading of the shoulders and neck.

Italian yellow dish made from corn, can be creamy.

Skin contusions that are black and blue.

Puzzle 4

Object that protects from the rain and sun.

Roger Hargreaves Little Miss who's like a mule.

Chemical element with atomic number 7.

Jeers, whistles, yells from an audience.

Chess supercomputer that was profoundly azure.

2019 movie directed by Lulu Wang: The __.

Yellow pasta often smothered in cheese sauce.

Study done on patients for research: __ trial.

Creative, fun language puzzles or puns.

Buildings where stained glass is commonly found.

Ambiguity that allows wiggle room around a law.

Performing without musical accompaniment.

Winter sport where athletes sled head-first.

The name of many Egyptian pharaohs.

Former President Obama's wife's first name.

Puzzle 5

Longing, wanting.

Hockey player who guards against scoring.

Its shaker can usually be spotted with salt's.

What a magician pulls a rabbit out of.

A hairstyle with a middle strip pointed upward.

Evening party, normally small in nature.

Quick run of intervals for training.

Olive, forest, laurel, and mint.

Spiral-horned antelopes with drum-like name.

__ Planet; travel guide book series.

A protective hat worn by cyclists, athletes, etc..

Folsom __ Blues, by Johnny Cash.

Donald Duck wears this type of neck accessory.

If life gives you these, make a drink.

John Maynard __, British economist.

Style of pronunciation varying by country, region.

Puzzle 6

Christie Brinkley's ex who sang Piano Man.

Luminescent flying insects.

Flaws on the skin.

Vehicle for commuting pupils, yellow in the States.

Yellow-bodied cartoon character with SquarePants.

__ pudding; batter roast accompaniment.

Tom Hanks film that shares a name with a fast dog.

Storyline, plot of a book or play.

The I in HDMI: High Definition Multimedia __.

Upbeat ballroom dance, similar to a fast foxtrot.

Puzzle 7

To believe something is the case.

Mammal species also called Greenland right whale.

Electronic device that amplifies tunes.

Feeling of sorrow or the blues.

Poseidon's three-pronged spear.

All Quiet on the __ Front, WW1 story by Remarque.

Shakespeare tragedy also called the Moor of Venice.

Expensive spice from crocuses, turns food yellow.

Small, mild onion variety.

__ Portman, Black Swan and Léon actress.

The mind __; expression of astonishment.

Puzzle 8

Site where household waste is taken.

Supermarket ledges where products are arranged.

Legal cases.


Union with blue flag and yellow stars in a circle.

These are people who rent rooms in a house.

Printed collection of recipes in a volume.

Yellow bundle of dried grass in a field.

Schwarzenegger fought an alien in this 1987 film.

YouTube phenomenon of opening new products.

Brazilian self-defense combat sport of grappling.

1975 Queen song, Bohemian __.

Puzzle 9

To be extremely tired or drained of resources.

Early ship that brought pilgrims to the New World.

Golden neck chain with a circular award.

Places where plants are grown en masse.

Practical style of leadership.

Major honor for an actor or a play.

Cardio-in-place movement of quickly lifting legs.

English rock band that gave us Sting.

Hole in the skin caused by clogged follicle.

This red fruit is blue when it's ice or slush.

Puzzle 10

Laid by a water bird, it's a pale blue shade.

Science, study of the earth.

CCTV stands for closed-__ television cameras.

Type of plain ice cream that can be pale yellow.

Compact Toyota car that's a best seller.

Swiss brand of sewing machine.

Singer nicknamed Ol' Blue Eyes.

__ on skills, refresh knowledge.

Tom __; lead actor in original Magnum PI.

Controversial figure from The Merchant of Venice.

You could cut the __ with a knife; pulled tight.

Ugandan town and hijack site.

Puzzle 11

A creature with a human's head and lion's body.

Mile __, stone indicators by the roadside.

__ wabbit, how Elmer Fudd describes Bugs Bunny.

The Notorious B.I.G..

Continent that has the most countries.

Spicy yellow root used in a soft drink called ale.

Shot through the hoop or into the goal.

Suffocated, stifled.

Yellow dot-munching video-game character.

Languages of Scotland or Ireland.

This is removed by brushing your teeth.

__ wrench, tool aka an adjustable spanner.

Puzzle 12

Christian Bale movie about rival magicians, The __.

Disorder where people fear shattering: glass __.

TV networks broadcast on different ones.

__ personae, list of characters in a play.

Music and dance style from the Dominican Republic.

The overall moisture content in the air.

Clark Kent's alter ego in a blue suit.

Zuckerberg social site with blue and white logo.

Sushi cylinder wrapped in seaweed.

Someone from the German capital.

Puzzle 13

Shade of bluey-green, like tropical seas.

River that flows into another river not the ocean.

Like a book that was released for sale.

Plastic that transfers money from a bank account.

A person's life story written by another.

Yellow wildflower, scatter its seeds with a blow.

Leading the artistic aspects of a film.

The O in OCD, __ compulsive disorder.

Green Day song; __ of Broken Dreams.

Puzzle 14

Leafy green vegetable eaten on St Patrick's Day.

Hat, for a person from France.

The Flintstones' daughter, also small-sized rocks.

Not just for kids, dogs are dropped off to play.

If a dress needs to be made, it’s a __ order.

Eddie __, US rocker of Summertime Blues.

Van with seats for several passengers.

Blue and green bird with tail-feather display.

Here's __ at you, kid.

Solid compound found in nature, like a crystal.

Female big cat; the male has a mane.

Jails, institutions that house convicts.

Puzzle 15

The largest rainforest in South America.

Brandy variety distilled in western France.

How's __?; friendly way of asking how it's going.

The ability to articulate thoughts with sound.

Sea waters with rough waves.

Author of High Fidelity, About a Boy.

Strip of yellow fabric tied around ole oak trees.

Eldest son of Jacob; Joseph's older brother.

Checked security credentials.

Light "Fabric of Our Lives".

__ Pie, Sylvester likes chasing this cartoon bird.

Large pictures painted directly on walls.

Roof beam.

__ Eilish sings Bad Guy.

Child's vehicle that might have Hot Wheels.

Puzzle 16

Speed beneath the sound barrier.

Huge snake native to South America, can be yellow.

Greek figure who endured eternal punishment.

Some picture books with toilets teach potty __.

Pesto is made with oil, basil, cheese and these.

Dead animals found at the side of a motorway.

Homer's cartoon family with yellow skin.

Lake __, also known as the Sea of Galilee.

Underground tube for liquids to travel through.

Kristen Stewart played Bella Swan in this series.

Puzzle 17

Snow __; wheel fixtures for driving on ice.

A baby swan.

Registration, trademark for a product.

1996 Wes Craven slasher film.

Change the course of a river.

Do this and hear "Bless you".

Flashing light used in high-speed photography.

Jobs around the house that need to be done.

__ Puddle-Duck; Beatrix Potter's farmyard tale.

Bunches of wine fruits, can be dark purply-blue.

Winter sport played with a puck.

Tree parts that start green, turn golden in autumn.

Hindu festival of lights.

Puzzle 18

Triangle with two equal sides.

Furry, yellow-striped flying insect that buzzes.

State of purity, like a child untouched by evil.

People tasked with enforcing sports rules.

The Egyptian queen who married Mark Antony.

Blue Ridge __, range of hills in the US.

Spy movie starring Halle Berry, John Travolta.

Pains in the brain.

One of the new 7 wonders, located in China.

A moving staircase that carries people up and down.

Puzzle 19

__ omelette; egg and potato tortilla dish.

Assistants, e.g. Santa's little __.

Blue Suede Shoes singer's last name.

Pays attention when the radio is playing.

Nationality of tennis players Edberg and Wilander.

Bottle teats in the UK, __ in North America.

Magical horse with a single horn on its head.

Nation with blue and yellow flag, capital Kiev.

Glass footwear lost by Cinderella.

Toni Morrison's novel inspired by Margaret Garner.

Puzzle 20

Home appliance for cleaning clothes.

These are golden on the McDonald's logo.

Peter __ of Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Country bordering Luxembourg on the south.

Relating to apes and monkeys.

Someone born between September 23 and October 22.

Croquet-playing implement.

Pluck one's eyebrows with a gripping tool.

People in charge of courtrooms.

Genie claims: Aladdin has never had a __ Like Me.

Georgie, who kissed the girls and made them cry.

Search engine with blue Gs and a yellow O.

Salad of romaine, croutons, Parmesan.

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