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Here are the answers to CodyCross Board Games Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

A cute blue extraterrestrial creature.

Port __, 1904 battle between Russia and Japan.

An animal much smaller than usual.

__ De Carlo, or Lily Munster.

Jitterbug dancing.

Calendar game with bills and a monthly wage.

Red-nosed, shock-haired chaps, from the circus.

Monopoly __, brand-based version of the classic.

Pushes along, like a train.

__ sanitaire, barrier to control disease spread.

__ and Herzegovina, former parts of Yugoslavia.

Protruding belly.

White-__ eagle, hawk or ptarmigan, maybe.

Build a house and make it your home.

Puzzle 2

For The __ Girl, Richard Dreyfuss won an Oscar.

American-Scottish band with a rubbish name.

Heating appliance for browning bread.

Das __, influential economics text by Karl Marx.

Heavy drinker.

__ Mansion, treasure-hunting board game series.


Thumbed a lift.

Cerebral board game with singing, factoids, dough.

Took a pace.

Puzzle 3

Tiles with spots, knock if you can't play.

Furrowing one's brow.

Port __, UK model village built for soap workers.

Scandinavian old-fashioned blood cake.

__ waist, scrunched pleats at waist, like a sack.

Female version of Italian form of the name John.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning musical.

Leaps out of a plane for sport.

__ Uyghur, autonomous region in northwest China.

Add __ injury; make a bad situation worse.

Twist dials on this game to get discs to bottom.

Hit, wounded, overcome with disease.

__ Covenant, store of the Ten Commandments.

Lubricated metal balls that prevent friction.

Puzzle 4

Founder of the Peoples Republic of China: Mao __.

Feel the __ of dried leaves underfoot.

__ Fair, stylish beauty magazine.

Crockery for breakfast food.

__ Alto, second-largest city in Chile.

Rummage around.

BattleLore and Memoir '44 publisher: Days of __.

Sonny __, famously fought Cassius Clay in 1964.

The queen's house.

Obtained, came into possession of.

Southeast Asian green cake.

__ vivre, French term for happiness and joyousness.

__ Burns, penman of Auld Lang Syne.

North American puma.

Lightweight summer footwear.

Hungry Hungry __, fast game with plastic animals.

__ Back to Life, returning with Pink Floyd.

Collaborate with.

Puzzle 5

Banged into someone gently.

US sprinter turned basketball player __ Jones.

Sum up, anagram of prices.

Carved artwork.

Of or relating to wolves.

Mexican standard, grapefruit Margarita.

Carcassonne board game is named after a town in __.

Catch __, guess-the-word(s) game.

Musician Adam Richard Wiles' stage name: Calvin __.

Sakha Republic river in eastern Russia.

Puzzle 6

To unburden.

An old one makes the best gamekeeper.

Order of the largest number (not 0) in a matrix.

Remove, like a tooth.

__ Things, Hasbro game with headphones.

__ khoshkar, traditional Ramadan cookie.

1967 Cream hit, Tales of Brave __.

Dr Nick, bad physician on The Simpsons.

Funny or entertaining.

Sport in which Jose Manuel Moreno won a gold medal.

Russia aside, the only other country with rubles.

__ Four, drop red/yellow tokens for four in a row.

Rugby player Mike __; wed Princess Anne's daughter.

Puzzle 7

Flutes, tumblers and hi-ball.

Ludo-like game based on medieval Indian game.

Penned by more than one.

Device invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

__ in the Ring; Boney M song and party game.

The most snooty or stuck up.

Destination for broken cars or toys, etc.

Short news broadcasts providing breaking news.

Release of an egg from the ovary.

Men's, very wide in silhouette, 1940s clothing.

Lung disease also known as potter's rot.

Embodies, incorporates.

Surgical board game, try not to make it buzz.

Boat with two hulls.

Literary pamphlets sold by pedlars.

Round nuts, roasted and skinned for sprinkling.

Rex __; served as 69th US Secretary of State.

Puzzle 8

Competition with gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Viral board game, work together to stop diseases.

Duke of Wellington led victory over Napoleon.

Sci-Fi novel by John Wyndham: "The Day of the __".

Light rays from our star.

Disease marked by high pressure in the eyeball.

Scarlet movie makeup favored by Marilyn Monroe.

Persuasion, working into someone's good books.

Heal __, Michael Jackson's global improvement hit.

Trivia game cubes on different topics, for kids.

Puzzle 9

Longest river in Lebanon.

Horse's head chess piece that moves in an L shape.

Bait, have a down on.

Jewish holiday celebrating the fall harvest.

Dickerson & Sawyer are better known as __ & Louise.

The L in TLA: three-__ acronym.

__ cheese, shredded to sprinkle on food.

Noisy disturbance but not by a lion.

Fairytale pastel citadel near Lisbon.

Go __, go directly there, do not pass Go!.

Indulging in more than one's fair share.

__ For Everyone, nirvana from Roger Taylor.

Puzzle 10

__ Lot, Stephen King vampire novel.

Feline term for a rich businessman.

As said by the Pythons: Blessed are the __ makers.

"__ is better than wealth".

Toy brand that now is part of Hasbro: __ Bros.

Robert __, who played Jake LaMotta.


__ Doo, scoop the poop game.

Blue dodecahedral gemstone from Germany/Italy.

Aussie national park named after a cockatoo.

Puzzle 11

On a smartphone, you write in these.

Fabric piece used in washing up.

Symbolic pillar, carved by Native American peoples.

"All mimsy were the __" according to Lewis Carroll.

Places category in Trivial Pursuit.

King Henry VIII's first wife: __ of Aragon.

__ tart, small Asian pastries aka Nana tarts.

Play this game with pegs on your lonesome.

1941 holiday when Hong Kong surrendered to Japan.

Leader of the X-Men.

West Germanic language spoken in South Africa.

Skin-colored tights worn by actors.

Small white dog; sounds like it goes with spaghetti.

An outsider, or outside bet; a black equine.

This Foucault invention kept him oriented.

Can be constructed.

Small shed-like control point on the railways.

Impossibly interlinked rings in mathematics.

Band took its name from Charley Parker's nickname.

__ skiing, Olympic sport with aerials and moguls.

Puzzle 12

Organizations for talented people or house-sellers.

Hang toys on a mule; don't make it kick!.

One who escapes the army.

Use for any purpose in a game; can be a joker.

Put back.

To Brits it is paraffin; to Americans __.

Beijing imperial park with ancient roots.

__ Space; music festival held in the Oz Outback.

"Not waving but __" according to Stevie Smith.

__ Day, occasional September commemoration in NZ.

Former President Obama's wife's first name.

Puzzle 13

Elands, impalas, and nyalas.

Game: __ Dentist, extract plastic teeth from jaws.

Fonts, styles of text on a screen.

Verdi opera about a hunchback jester and daughter.

Expert with local knowledge for visitor trips.

Sweet roulade from central Europe maybe.

Croatian city known as the Pearl of the Adriatic.

__ Mountain, romantic cowboy movie.

Construct a device to snare a rodent in this game.

Disaster or upheaval, literally a flood.

Puzzle 14

Richard, composer used for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Nickname given to the wedges in Trivial Pursuit.

How to tame a stallion.

Price negotiator.

Mrs __, elderly Clue character.

Felt hat with crease named after German town.

Colcannon country.

Emil __, Czech "Locomotive" long-distance runner.

This wild-wing chain is also known as BW3.

Held like a baby.

Vague bodily discomfort.

Describes a container filled right to the very top.

__ Fells, hilly region of Cumbria.

Puzzle 15

Royal __ Doctor Service serves the Outback.

Candy Land character, __ Nutt.

Stick together to form a whole.

Baby __, moisturizer especially for infants.

Garden pavilion, or tent without sides.

Kids' game with plastic trunk blowing butterflies.

Country where Kalamata olives are grown.

Shakespeare quote start: "Friends, __, Countrymen".

Capital city of Brittany; sounds like small bird.

Seat for a jockey.

Card surrounds used in picture framing.

Untidy writing.

Location of the South by Southwest festival.

Put a stop to something.

Small cheap herring-type fish.

Parker __; Camilla's surname before royal wedding.

Landed __, aristocrats who lived off land incomes.

Puzzle 16

Match the symbols on circular cards in this game.

Second largest country in the world by area.

__ Éclat, YSL highlighter.

Electric cables are plugged into a power __.

Church official that carries the staff.

__ Grieg, Norwegian composer of folk music.

Colorless liqueur tasting of cumin and caraway.

Top __, game cards with lists of points.

MasterChef's Aussie restaurateur, John __.

Board flattener.

Puzzle 17

Dice game: roll dice to score from combinations.

Vanilla __, provides taste, aroma for desserts.

Picking up something, raising it up.

__ in the Stream; Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton hit.

Dungeons & __, fantasy board game.

Struck with a fist, as in boxing.

Tapping someone with an elbow.

Russian name of a Southern Ocean's sea.

Tall, soft wood trees with catkins.

Grabbed by the short and __ means one's in trouble.

Informal way to write the expression meaning "good".

Polish war hero entered Auschwitz voluntarily.

Actress cast as Iris in "The Holiday": Kate __.

Puzzle 18

Game with people's faces, work out which one it is.

Mexican "little bell" pepper aka rattle chili.

Overthrowing, toppling.

Cushioned, protected the blow.

Protest song by German singer Nena: "99 Red __".

Country whose capital is Asuncion.

What J R stood for in Mr Ewing's name in Dallas.

Wriggly yellow Cranium character for letter games.

Redesigns hair.

Relating to the entire world.

Nationality of retired NBA player Hakeem Olajuwon.

007's Moonraker megalomaniac villain.

Puzzle 19

This stopped and sank the Titanic.

Kirk __, actor, father of another actor.

Beckett play where characters live in dustbins.

To make someone or something a drudger.

Murder-themed game from Milton Bradley: 13 __ Drive.

Event that causes public outrage.

Board game and Shakespeare's tragedy.

They cushion a train at the end of the line.

Feeling, mood.

Nicolas __, French court painter to Louis XIII.

Bones in the wrist.

Puzzle 20

__ map shows all the secret passages in Hogwarts.

Citrus fruit that has long since dried up.

Talked about.

Dog breed also known as the 'Lion Dog'.

Major river in Myanmar.

Roger __; first athlete to run a sub-4-minute mile.

The entire body.

The most excessively showy and tasteless.

Baby's daily transport.

A pleasant smell, or perfume.

Classic block stacking game with platform addition.

Natives of Windhoek or Rundu, for example.

A very small fairy tale being.

Weapons (not big) fired from one or both hands.

__ Plum, studious Clue suspect.

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