CodyCross Bodies of Water Pack answers

Bodies of Water PackBodies of Water

Here are the answers to CodyCross Bodies of Water Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Looking with special attention.

Metal or plastic item for carrying liquids, sand.

A person with white hair and pink iris.

Event, circumstance.

__ Messi, Barcelona, Argentine soccer master.

Small baked bread, blueberry is popular.

To cook food just at the boiling point.

First name of Taxi Driver's star.

Someone who has bad luck.

Spiritual leader of Islam, Muslim ruler.

Planet of Spock in Star Trek movie.

Not as big as a lake.

Puzzle 2


Italian pastry with sweet filling.

Asia's longest river.

A corridor in a building; an entrance area.

These are really high when a TV show is successful.

Kids are usually afraid of it.

George __, singer of 80s band Wham!.

Type of record that shows if you have been sick.

They help in case your canine gets lost.

Unsinkable ship outdone in its inaugural voyage.

Male partner after getting married.

The site of King Arthur's palace and court.

Puzzle 3

Document stating where possessions go after passing.

Radiant, shining, shimmering.

__ food is very bad for you.

Area outside of a car driver's field of vision.

Attention-grabbing news titles.

Rome touristic arena where gladiators used to fight.

Scammer, con artist.

1960s Italian mouse puppet with gigantic ears.

Person with antisocial personality disorder.

Collective game.

Collier who works underground with black minerals.

One who spreads malicious rumors.

Pertaining to astronomy.

To go back to the blackboard.

Cate __, Australian actress starred as Elizabeth I.

DJ and lead singer of Culture Club.

Puzzle 4

Assignment, expedition.

Thick and yellow or brownish-yellow condiment.

__ Ravel, French composer of Bolero.

Returning symptoms of a disease after improvement.

Official building where legislators go to work.

African-American waltz-like dance from the 1930s.

He, she, we, you.

Lightweight transparent fabric, similar to silk.


Exercise that involves increasing your heart rate.

Hero of an Arabian Nights with 40 thieves.

Everyone wants to have millions.

Inhabitant of unknown lands.

Huge ape.

The power or opportunity to choose.

Warning sign.

"__ of the world unite" said Karl Marx.

Puzzle 5

Nationality of Miso soup.

Uncontrollable emotional state.

Green turf covered table for a game of pool.

Launches projectiles, wooden in Middle Ages.

Most populous city in China.

Game known as soccer in the US and Canada.

Large Christian church.

Largest snake in the world by weight.

Principal tributary of the Mississippi.

World's highest navigable lake in Peru/Bolivia.

Despisement, disdain.

1973 US crime film with Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek.

Muted, kept from speaking.

Puzzle 6

Identical reproductions.

Physical or emotional harm.

The skeletons of the heads of vertebrates.

Periodic counting and enumeration of population.

Swiss brand best known for its chocolates.

Things will happen in due __.

This government style lasted 1,500 years in Rome.

City of Brahms, Mozart and Beethoven.

It protects your hearing organ.

Ornamental border, short strips hanging from edges.

Not animals or insects.

River where Christ was baptized.

Puzzle 7

Filter gradually through a porous surface.

Mark Antony's lover, Egyptian beauty.

Mechanical piece used to spray water.

One who speaks very softly.

Hindu fall festival that lasts nine days.


Period before and up to 28 days after a birth.


Type of ride in an amusement park using cars.

The __ of Notre Dame.

Government where power is controlled by a few.

Supplementary, accessorial, peripheral.

Puzzle 8

Underground rooms or cells within a castle.

French bread widely used for sandwiches.

To drive close behind another vehicle.

Invisible power in Star Wars.

East African country.


Octopus' arm.

Right to trade on water or air in a specific place.

Things shouldn't be put off until that time.

Law enforcement entity in Europe.

Where there is no light.

Secretions from an endocrine gland.

To complete or create an official record.

A Summer Olympic sport.

__ Atwood, Canadian author of science fiction.

In __, it means "remembrance" in Latin.

Recorded a number 1 version of You're No Good.

Puzzle 9

Fountains, wells, dives.

Heelers are dogs who love __ cattle.

Chair part; a seat can be uncomfortable without it.

Diffusion of a solvent through a membrane.

Nordic country located to the far east.

When the heart fails to keep up, heart __.

Someone who examines data in detail.

Theory that explains the creation of our universe.

Brass instrument very popular in jazz.

Movie with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Large mammal, not a cow.

Puzzle 10

Neither large nor small.

Bowl-shaped depression on the Moon.

Home of a historic tower and a famous clock.

They chase prey using speed, sight and/or scent.

So many people live inside one.

Word requested by a snapper to get people to smile.

Type of film that is not funny at all.

Extreme and overwhelming scarcity of food.

To go to another place for business or vacation.

Fable, myth; inscription below illustration.

__ saint, guardian of a place, people or trade.

Puzzle 11

Horrible spouts.

Popular pasta often served with meatballs.

Jack __, US actor and star of The Shining.

No pity.

Pyrotechnics used in holidays or celebrations.

Dishes, utensils, glasses, coasters, forks.

Table listing the positions of the planets.

The War Cry is the __ Army official news publication.

Canadian city home to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Sea containing the West and East Indies.

Drop that made glass overflow.

Puzzle 12

Large, controlled celebratory flame.

Batter that is filled with fruit or meat and fried.

Mozart's middle name.

Giant yellow character on Sesame Street.

Gathered into a pile, food or money.

Anagram of "reforms".

Louis __, created a language with embossed dots.

Swinging amongst waves on a board.

Night club or pub with live entertainment on stage.

In Greek mythology, a race of one-eyed giants.

Central part of an atom.

Much more refined than glass.

Puzzle 13

It means "cheers" in Japanese.

Someone with special powers or abilities.

The more you have, the stronger you are.

One of the countries next to the United States.

Placed at end of word to change meaning.

Olympic event of jumping in water.

__ Aurelius, Roman emperor, writer of Meditations.

Someone who writes a book or composes a song.

Testamentary gift of property after death.

To wilt, dry, shrivel, wizen.

Stringed instruments a bit bigger than violins.

Being currently in operation; room for lounging.

Puzzle 14

Vital job of the lungs, also called respiration.

Jelly made with citrus fruits.

They don't know each other.

Easternmost of the Canary Islands.

Related to serious crime.

Specialist in money, finance, goods and services.

Electricity machine.

Misgiving, skepticism, distrust, incertitude.

US city famous for country music, Tennessee.

Person who supervises in detail.

City whose airport is named after John Lennon.

Puzzle 15

The act of killing someone.

Dependent on chance.

Hungarian capital.

Clothing to protect from precipitation.

H2O mattress.

Pirates are always pursuit of this.

Kids love to watch these shows.

Michael Jackson's hit.

Person who plays or works with you.

Worldwide board game that rewards wealth creation.

Team of Marvel superheroes.

Means of communication.

Da Vinci's enigmatic dame.

Jewish festival commemorating the exodus.

Metal-finding device invented by Gerhard Fisher.

Coffee-flavored Italian dessert with mascarpone.

Puzzle 16

Someone who keeps watch.

Beautiful dogs come from there.

Doorway formation.

Personification of Time in pre-Socratic philosophy.

Robert __, starred in Out of Africa.

Italian potato pasta.

A girl's best friend.

Lower course of a river where it reaches the sea.

A rubber band.

To have confidence something is true without proof.

Date a company, organization, school started.

These glands generate food for babies.

Puzzle 17

Technique necessary for making cheese, tofu.

Speedy __, cartoon mouse, 1955 Oscar winner.

Improbable, dubious, far-fetched, questionable.

Song recorded by the Beatles.

Member of criminal band.

Unwanted electronic and postal correspondence.

Auditory tube, can become blocked with wax.

Most abundant and lightest element universe.

Vessel that travels the skies.

It looks like silver, a lot more expensive.

Norwegian tale of farmer's son by Henrik Ibsen.

To cleanse your body.

Crafter of headgear.

Capital of Chile.

Puzzle 18

Land or area in or predominantly in grass.

Sporting dog, can be prefixed by Cocker and Field.

To jump from a plane.

Someone skilled in art, a craftsperson.

Flat shape with six sides and angles.

Irish low cost carrier that flies throughout Europe.

To act in accordance with standards.

Famous US comedian, quirky glasses, Marx Brothers.

Act of taking money for the purpose of corruption.

Among the biggest waterfalls in US and Canada.

Long knife connected to end of gun.

Puzzle 19

Art of rolling and gluing strips of paper.

Nasty, frightful, grim feeling.


Dust mite, dander or plants.

South American country who's capital is Bogota.


Ideas or opinions that go through your mind.

To contest through legal action.

__ Woolf, English writer of Mrs Dalloway.

In the open air.

The strongest male in the world.

Cartridge with a recorded tape.

Puzzle 20

Record keeper who collects and catalogs.

The black one in the rack, in pool or billiards.

The monthly release of an egg from the ovary.

Inversion pose.

Smell enhancers.

Generally, unfavorably known and talked of.

German city with courts and 18th-century palace.

Elvis Presley's mansion, now a museum.

Agent 007.

Enumeration of items.

Small fruit meaning "a sweet rose-colored wine".

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