CodyCross Bon Voyage Pack answers

Bon Voyage PackBon Voyage

Here are the answers to CodyCross Bon Voyage Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Give a sermon.

Clearly not rare.

Another word for the inbound leg of a trip.

Chief steward on a passenger ship.

Son of Princess Grace who competed in Winter Olympics.

Switch to make a light brighter.

A grain mixture eaten as breakfast food.

Last name of families in ALF and Full House.

Boy reporter character created by Belgian Hergé.

Thuds, punches.

Fortinbras is the prince of this country in Hamlet.

__ root, number multiplied by itself.

Makes a noise like a frog.

Puzzle 2

Someone who travels for pleasure.

__ behind, following slowly.

The most good looking of the Three Musketeers.

Cushions on a bed for comfortable sleeping.

Second order of angels.

Luggage that you take onboard a plane.

Relating to rain.

The only metallic chemical element that is liquid.

__ Domingo, one of The Three Tenors.

Devilish, relating to the devil.

Small fish in a __; person without much clout.

Encased tube of meat.

Puzzle 3

Shops in an airport where goods are tax-exempt.

Dutch brew brand.

Carnal, earthborn, material.

New kid on __, new to the area.

The client, the person buying the goods.

Australian director of the movie Romeo + Juliet.

Part of the stopping system of a car.


__ flyer; someone who regularly travels by plane.

Drug used to cure constipation.

Prediction of the future.

Church musician.

Moved to a higher class or better quality item.

Making a woollen garment.

Indoor __, sanitation devised by the early Greeks.

Stopped, especially by the police.

Tom Selleck's 80s crime show.

Research degree, such as PhD.

Scientist who espoused the theory of relativity.

Puzzle 4

In need of pruning or cutting back.

Shakes or twitches uncontrollably.

Chewy sweet ursine.

Useful after-shower device that blows hot air.

Contains useful local information for tourists.

Poet John Milton's physical impairment.

__ tree, under which all your presents are found.

You pay them rent.

Someone who shows tourists places of interest.

First name of three of the six wives of Henry VIII.

Desire to explore and learn.

Puzzle 5

Compartment in a jacket for carrying things.

__ Buffett, US businessman.

Happy __, the bride and groom.

Machine for extracting liquid from fruit.

The Friendly Ghost.

Country that produces Roditis wine.

Partial for one side or the other, not neutral.

Exercise performed lying face down.

Handing over money for goods or services.

Skin infection caused by virus.

Eric Knight's novel about a collie: "__ Come Home".

Puzzle 6

The three main oceans: Pacific, Atlantic, and __.

Spoken words.

Party __, streamers with a bang.

Smiled broadly, like headlights.

One who carries your bags; a dark beer.

Accommodation for holidaymakers.

__ Rouge, Parisian cabaret near Montmartre.

Catch-all term for pests; rodents and insects, say.

Shop __, the owner of a shop.

To dethrone or overthrow.

Elaborate or decorative.

Greenery grown in pots around the home.

Melted cheese dip, seen at many 70s dinner parties.

Equation that produces a straight line on a graph.

Photo-taking apparatus.

Temptations hit later title of a movie.


Gourmet chocolate brand.

Prime-time soap spanning a decade, Jr Ewing.

Detective in an Agatha Christie mystery: Miss __.

A long car for carrying the dead to funerals.

Puzzle 7

Jealousy to Shakespeare: "green-eyed __".

Comments left by holidaymakers about hotels.

One of the Batman's enemies.

Thinly sliced raw fish dish, a Japanese delicacy.

Horn, plastic, metal devices for securing clothing.

One of Lou Bega's girls in Mambo No. 5.

Scientific term for kneecap.

The ascent of a plane into the air.

Word for cats, lions, tigers, cheetahs....

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Mechanism that causes an event.

Puzzle 8

A leisure trip or a day out for pleasure.

Type of oven that heats foods but can't brown them.

In education: proven by experience.

Making music with a guitar.

A hidden design exposed when held up to the light.

One who is confined to hospital.

A traveller on a boat, plane or train.

Famous Italian shoe designer: Salvatore __.

Fluffy dog breed that guarded Tibetan monasteries.

Saying of comedian or TV host becomes popular.

Massive desert stone, also called Uluru.

Olympic competition with 10 separate events.

Puzzle 9

Identity document for international travel.

Getting a lift by sticking out your thumb.

Marine creature where the male gives birth.

Pigs __; zero chance of something happening.

Love, affection with no sexual feelings.

Open-minded, liberal.

Shaggy's real first name in Scooby-Doo.

University in which the Beat Movement started.

Dead scaly skin on the scalp.

Spice added to mulled wine or buns.

Puzzle 10

Fat used to make the dish Chicken Kiev.

The G in GPS.

Another name for nerve cell.

A holy place in any religion.

Makes a noise like a horse.

Leader of Cuba for half a century: Fidel __.

A rating of motor fuel quality.

First half of R&B.

Unit of measurement for angles.

LA Lakers basketball star, Kobe __.

The Simpsons dog, Santa's Little __.

Approved, anagram of spades.

Puzzle 11

Took a short sleep.

Pre-calculator counting device.

Always seen with its brother Herzegovina.

Nickname of silent movie star Joseph Keaton.

Thin and dry like foolscap.

__ Mary, gory cocktail.

Head covering worn by Sikhs.

Not delayed.

Despair; or Stephen King book about Annie Wilkes.

In heraldry, it means "flying".

Only planet with the letter u twice in its name.

Hair of __; hangover remedy.

Act according to the specified norms.

Shallowest of the five oceans.

Light and fragile, like chiffon.

Particularly memorable occasion, such as a wedding.

To become overrun with pests or disease.

Puzzle 12

__ gap: warning signal in metro stations.

Pete __, former American tennis player.

One of the sons of Vito Corleone.

Plate decoration.

The Birth __, Botticelli shell painting.

No-frills budget airline, offering cheaper fares.

Travelling armed thieves of the olden days.

Pamper your hands and polish your fingers here.

Trips made by aeroplane.

To make something clear, give meaning to.

Accountant who checks businesses' accounts.

A platform with railings joined to a hotel room.

Japanese therapy applies pressure to body parts.

Puzzle 13

Flights within the same country; not international.

Complete elation.

One who eats well and often.

What highway cops do to errant drivers.

Don't count your __ before they hatch.

Fabrics used in industry and clothes-making.

Vessel carried by ships in case of emergency.

Branch of medicine specializing in cancer.

Used a machine to take dust off the floor.

Making a noise like a duck.

System of money; coins and notes.

The most populous county of New York City.

Puzzle 14

Scottish north.

Walking at a leisurely pace.

What you can't teach an old dog to do.

H2O scented with petals.

Lateral curvature of the spine.

Ancient Greek combat sport at the Olympian Games.

Name of the queen who reigned the UK for longest.

Flight attendants.

Ticket that includes outbound and return travel.

Describes trees, like firs, that don't shed leaves.

Number of times something occurs.

Sequence of photographic images.

Tall shoes from the 70s.

"Wonderful" in German.

Household items for which IKEA is primarily known.

Popular bagel sprinkle.

Puzzle 15

1987 U2 album and name of 2017 tour: "The __ Tree".

Boris __, former world champion German tennis pro.

Traditionally goes with a teacup.

Accommodations onboard a cruise ship.

Made very wet.

Shaft, device for lifting and carrying.

Belluga and Sevruca: types of __.

To go on a trip or make a journey.

The __, silent romantic comedy, won the 2011 Oscar.

Only country bordering both Belgium and Spain.

Complete failure to remember.

Puzzle 16

Wedding anniversary celebrated after 25 years.

Say it again.

__-board, the main printed circuit of a computer.

Viral disease acquired from the bite of dogs.

Gaps between words.

Jewish saying for greeting or farewell.

A flight that leaves really late at night.

French word for upmarket eatery/bar.

Germany's first frau leader.

Godlike, saintly.

Decay in a tooth.

Small river running through a forest.

Island at the toe of Italy's boot.

Puzzle 17

Quality or attribute of a hero.

The __, pensive Rodin sculpture.

Ceremony following the death of someone.

USSR-USA non-military conflict.

__ reclaim; where passengers collect their luggage.

"In the land of the blind the __ man is king".

In a lower position, below.

Executive branch of Russian government.

Brand of spicy pepper sauce in Bloody Marys.

Lacking in fortune.

Large passenger vessels.

Weak opponent vs. a very strong one: David vs. __.

Puzzle 18

Deep cut made by a knife.

Type of wine in a martini.

Up-tempo commercial tunes enjoyed by the masses.

Synonym of birth.

Creator of the Donkey Kong video games.

Opposite of a recessive gene.

Famous tennis pair, Venus and Serena __.

Reducing gradually.

Buffs until shiny.

Flat nautical representation of the oceans.

A guarantee, especially on electricals.

Retriever dog named after a Canadian province.

Bible passages that are part of a wedding ceremony.

Featuring adult content or language.

Furry headhole warmers on a headband.

Automobile components.

A large bag with a handle, pulled by travellers.

Puzzle 19

Dismiss from the army.

Remove leaves.

Tiny, minute (often misspelled!).

Fashion modal replica displayed in a store window.

Insect that emerges after the chrysallis stage.

Cut of pork from the belly; Chinese cuisine specialty.

Monkees heartthrob, pirate with a locker.

Power button for closing down device.

Give someone a specific job to do.

Stripy, sweet walking sticks.

To get off a plane or a ship.

Puzzle 20

Cross between two breeds/species, e.g. labradoodle.

Athletic, energetic.

Country footpaths followed by hikers.

Meghan __, significant other of Prince Harry.

Countryside or woodland holiday accommodations.

Particular abilities, expertise.

Poem with rhyme and 14 lines of 10 syllables each.

Type of music that Peter Tosh was known for.

Grim __, the bringer of death.

Painting by Vincent Van Gogh: The __ Eaters.

Hot spring that sends up sudden jets of water.

Emma __, played Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.

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