CodyCross Botanical Garden Pack answers

Botanical Garden PackBotanical Garden

Here are the answers to CodyCross Botanical Garden Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Surname of Margot, Australian actress of I, Tonya.

Sea mammals that are largest creatures ever.

Italian port city where Christopher Columbus lived.

__ garden, reflective place for thoughts.

Inflatable robot nurse in Big Hero 6.

Slowly or without concern.

Celebrations, festivals, meetings.

Church caretaker.

Snapshots of animals, landscapes, people, etc.

Pugilists is another word for these sportspeople.

Amusing acts, high jinks.

Korean fermented cabbage dish.

The uncle's child.

11th letter of the Greek alphabet, follows kappa.

Sickly or nauseous.

Puzzle 2

Rihanna hit song about anxiety.

Harbinger of a military conflict, a nimbus analogy.

Wished that one could change the past.

Received money or possessions in someone's will.

The skin of a Golden Delicious or Granny Smith.

Celebration of Fat Tuesday in New Orleans.

La Salle's sailing vessel for exploring Canada.

Horse-drawn carriage with a folding hood.

Squirting vertical plumes of water.

Plant that has fleshy, water-bearing parts.

Medical outlook.

Puzzle 3

Energy present in moving air masses.

To enhance a garden to make it look more alluring.

Typing up notes or inputting information.

Those who creep forwards.

Dale, NASCAR driver with multiple title wins.

Under-decks storage space on a ship.

Lung disease caused by particles from mining, say.

Family or the home and its occupants.

An ethnographical division of Oceania.

Is made up of.

Kew Gardens's famous glazed tropical building.

Puzzle 4

With little strength or power.

Nonspeaking, background parts in a TV show.

__ lily, a putrid plant with a deathly smell.

UK Prime Minister who Churchill called a modest man.

Famous sausages, maybe from Austria.

Disease of ancient sailors, a Vitamin C deficiency.

Japanese name for Japan.

Honesty is the best __; better to tell the truth.

Pathways and routes followed using a paper guide.

Sounded a Klaxon.

Reason for committing a crime.

Legal position of players on a sports pitch.

Puzzle 5

Leather document carrier with combination locks.

Christmas bird found in a pear tree.

__-Roussillon, French AOC wine region.

T S Eliot's cats that meet up at a ball.

Terracotta containers for blooms.

Removing the need for.

Maritime, marine, regularly going on the oceans.

Area set aside for tree cultivation and study.

Why the dogs need quarantining in Isle of Dogs.

Team that collects evidence from crime scenes.

Puzzle 6

Fly __, angling by keeping quiet to get a bite.

Measure of how many watchers tune in to TV shows.

Owner who makes a living selling pedigree puppies.

__ garden, an area appealing to smell, touch, etc.

Garden structure of colonnades for climbing plants.

North African country, independent in 1962.

__ is High; 1980 mega hit for Blondie.

Friend of Hamlet.

The most light shade.

Bedraggled and disordered.

Extraordinary event believed to be divine.

The Young Pope and Sherlock Holmes star.


Puzzle 7

Sweat __, absorbent fabric pieces for workouts.

Crusted after frying.

Schwarzenegger, starred in Predator movie.

Structure with rungs for climbing up and down.

This TV family lived in Dallas on a ranch.

Capital of Gambia.

Request to bring a price down.

Representations of data with x and y axes.

Red-faced New World monkey.

Sir Joseph, designer of the Crystal Palace.

She knows best and is your No. 1 adviser.

__ garden, plant growing for apothecaries.

Puzzle 8

Russian leader, introduced Glasnost, Perestroika.

Sleepy Hollow Boys leader who's jealous of Ichabod.

Preparedness, eagerness.

Putting in water.

Farsighted, visionary, predictive.

Road location of the Texas School Book Depository.

Entrance, fascinate.

Role of a rally driver's co-pilot.

Summer vespas or jaspers that stab with a barb.

Botanic building for cactuses and agaves.

Place where dried plants are collected.

__ story; long, rambling joke.

Puzzle 9

Coming together.

Buxom, bawdy, blonde film star of the 30s and 40s.

__ four; combo forward player in basketball.

Plant __, resource for matching plants and gardens.

Greenland's Norse ruins, "Whale Island".

John Lennon's Weybridge, Surrey home.

Refuses to see or care for any more.

Skills of shaping privets and ivy, a Roman pastime.

Herb associated with Italian, Greek cooking.

People who have been tricked or swindled.

One who creates images with acrylics, for example.

Broadway and West End show with puppetry.

Splitting of atoms researched by Lise Meitner.

Puzzle 10

Secret plotting, conspiracy, scheming.

Add comments to a book's pages.

Protect from harm and preserve for the future.

Home of Faslane and Trident missiles.

Tea type, more delicate than its male namesake.

Each vowel sound in a word is one of these.

Penguin species with a pasta-related name.

Walking slowly and heavily.

2014 hit for Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne.

Plant scientist.

Puzzle 11

Words sung to music.

Large groups of people.

Biblical character, "the first potentate on Earth".

Speed __; restrictions on how fast vehicles travel.

Fair value of a business or home.

Cultivation of dwarf shrubs and trees.

Pure as the __ snow, to be truly innocent/good.

Body clock disruptor after long-haul flights.

Dr Teeth and the Electric __, the Muppet band.

Teddy boy haircuts.

Bright oil lamp, invented by a Swiss chemist.

Sprint faster than another, when being chased.

Heated up, like sitting in front of a fire.

Showy flowers with prominent stamens and pollen.

Crete's second largest city.

Mover of ropes, pulleys and hoists on a film set.

Puzzle 12

Particular features.

The File of the first film to star spy Harry Palmer.

Paper method for entering visitor attractions.

Ornamental __, such as pampas.

Poem by Coleridge: Rime of the Ancient __.

Swigged a drink noisily.

With far-reaching effects, disastrous.


Copy, scale model.

Star Trek alien species with ridged forehead.

Movers and __, active, influential, powerful types.

110m jumping athlete.

Pink Floyd's flying pig features on this LP cover.

Thick brown sticky substance from sugar refining.

River on which the ancient city of Krakow lies.

Puzzle 13

Quality of being moist.

Astutely, wisely.

Getting around on all fours, like a baby.

__ blocks; letter cubes created by Adeline Whitney.

He tells the pious Chaucer tale about Constance.

Ornamental garden based on Eastern principles.

Guaranteed to be a success.

Adding bling to a nail.

__ condition, VGC; nearly new.

Neolithic chambered cairn in Orkney.

Instructional talks given by speakers.

Household pest that makes holes in furniture items.

Christmas main course option for vegetarians.

Puzzle 14

Non-international flights.

__ partners, inactive contributors to business.

Long-jawed __ is found in the Indian Ocean.

Surname of Robert, Back to the Future director.

Involved, required, necessitated.

Upside-down timepiece worn by nurses.

Means of escape from death or a quiz show get-out.

Lack of light.

Pass without any major or lasting damage.

Large greenhouse where citruses are grown.

Calculated; thought, had an opinion on.

Nobody Does __; The Spy Who Loved Me theme tune.

Spiky plants that are at home in desert conditions.

Puzzle 15

Braces that firmly hold two objects together.

To cause upset with words.

Aka the Siberian giant trout; anagram of inmate.

Thick strong grass with woody jointed stems.

Heraldic, dragon-like beast.

The __ with the Fringe on Top, music from Oklahoma!.

Great __, Kew, built by William Chambers in 1762.

Dish with crunchy crumb top.

Month when the Warsaw Uprising was initiated.

Country of royals Stéphanie, Albert and Caroline.

Best friend to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Dine away from home, e.g. at a restaurant.


Mrs. Nyong'o, Nakia in the Black Panther movie.

Husky, croaky, rasping.

Puzzle 16

Calmed, brought peace.

University of Kansas football team.

Object of decoration to put inside a house.

Grossest, nastiest.

Thin and curved, resembling an eagle's beak.

All of the people.

__ Gardens, a tourism spot of Victoria, BC.

__ house, place for hot-and-wet-loving plants.

Cocktail of gin, chartreuse and citrus.

Miles, American colonist on the Mayflower.

Song by the rock band Status Quo: __ You Want.

What that ghost is doing.

Take it to a higher level.

Energetic, free-moving street dance aka clowning.


Massive, gigantic.

Puzzle 17

Mountainous part of Scotland.

Handheld diagram to lead through gardens, say.

Migratory bird with downwards curving bill.

Liquid product for cleansing in the shower.

Offenbach music genre and anagram of "to repeat".

Putting up with, suffering through.

Intricate, holey patterns cut in wood.

The study and collection of fungi.

Infectious, contagious, potent.

Removes clothing.

Ship on which Gosnold sailed to found Jamestown.

Puzzle 18

The D in LDC, UN measure Least __ Countries.

Inherited from one's forefathers.

Workers, queens and drones.

Former body of water between Laurasia and Gondwana.

Workers who cultivate and care for plants.

Mancunian band famous for Picture Book and Stars.

Reverse images on transparent film strip or sheet.

Said of something that is not alive.

Prince Louis of Cambridge's older sister.

Putting on display for the first time.

Healthy and naturally produced.

Confusing maze that held the Minotaur.

Puzzle 19

Disco __, 1976 classic single by The Trammps.

Farming season when sheep give birth.

Completely and entirely.

Score enough points to progress to next round.

Stamp over, disregard.

Pro-Vitamin shampoo brand.

Blocked up, like a plughole.

Make an item worth less money.

Poem by John Keats: "Ode on a __ Urn".

Rooster __, played by John Wayne.

Taking notice of a warning.

Baggage that is bigger than the allowed limit.

Places to rest awhile when walking through gardens.

Smarter, sprucer, trendier.

Japanese white and orange fishpond species.

Nearest to now.

Brainstorm diagram.

Puzzle 20

Rey is natural enemy of this dark sider.

Winery in the Barossa Valley, Australia.

__ garden, homely English bucolic scene.

At Tenerife Carnival this small fish is buried.

Temporary defensive fortification.

Emil, the Czech Locomotive of the 1952 Olympics.

__ Testarossa, Italian two-seater sports car.

Not maintained or in current operation.

Single lens spectacle on a string.

Absorbent papers used to catch a sneeze.

One who interrupts from the audience.

Jennifer __, Donovan song about Jenny Boyd.

__ gardens, watery places for dependent plants.

Pre-Colombian site in Mexico with a pyramid.

Adorned with various willows.

The most gullible.

Met with, colluded.

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