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Here are the answers to CodyCross Bread Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Moving flour through a sieve.

Ruler of ancient Egypt.

2018 movie with Dwayne Johnson vs. giant beasts.

Clothing alterers.

The first name of the playwright of Hamlet.

One Direction, BTS or Jonas Brothers.

Making cuts in the top of unbaked bread.

On cars, this may vary.

Mount Vesuvius or Krakatoa.

Vacation in the US, this in the UK.

A navigating tool with N, S, E, W.

Stories handed down that may not be true.

Puzzle 2

Blind Marvel superhero.

Vigorous cleaning.

Some children act out when they want this.

Middle East yeast-leavened flat pocket.

Plant that does not lose its leaves in winter.

Not portrait.

Looked at constellations.

Tiny integrated circuit.

Taking the cargo off.

Bliss, according to a popular saying.

Statements that negate themselves.

Participating in the WWE.

Baking ingredient made from ground chickpeas.

Home of country music in the US.

The singer of Tiny Dancer and Circle of Life.

Puzzle 3

Creepy crawler who spends a lot of time reading.

Plastic ring that's fun to twirl around the hips.

Shack built for an exterior toilet.

Bicycle tricks of balancing on just one tire.

Bread that has been baked using yeast.

Gas with the chemical symbol N.

Annie's signature song.

RuPaul's reality competition series.

Bread-based substance used as a filling.

Shots given to protect babies.

Flying machine.

Fictional city-crushing monster from a 1954 film.

A face made of punctuation marks.

Swinging weight on a string.

Month when President's Day is observed.

Puzzle 4

Dairy product spread on bread.

Artist who made prints of soup and celebrities.

YouTube selections.

Shout of joy or jubilation.

Tiny pieces of bread left on a plate.

Turquoise lake near the sea.

Humans are this type of warm-blooded animal.

Spanish for money.

Large reptile that hides inside its own shell.

Revoke or rescind a law or ruling.

Cotton garments with collars, worn with ties.

Puzzle 5

The children of one's children.

Longest stream of flowing water in Africa.

Comedy full of clumsy antics.

Nickname for Miami.

Provide someone with spiritual insight.

Soft French bread used for making sandwiches.

Seven is the square root of this number.

Diseases, sicknesses.

Westley's true love in The Princess Bride.

Last word spoken in a chess game.

Scented spheres that protect clothes in storage.

Irish dough baked with buttermilk, but no yeast.

Puzzle 6

Portable accessory to keep the rain off you.

Wrinkly pachyderm.

Spice sprinkled on top of a sweet glazed bun.

Single-cell organisms also known as germs.

German brand of hand-painted toy animal figures.

Dipping breadsticks with Italian origins.

Picking out individual hairs.

To formally reject a request in a court of law.

Theatrical street in New York.

Ghost stories are often told around one.

Computer systems connected to the world wide web.

Father of Queen Elizabeth II.

Puzzle 7

What can be cut to save money or time.

Cushioned footstool with a hinged top.

This Tower of Pisa is known for its slouching.

Surname of Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie.

Men wear this knotted accessory with a suit.

Doctor who treats teeth.

Rich, fluffy French bread.

Orange gourd carved during Halloween.

A large one-eyed monster.

Relating to war.

Country in which pumpernickel bread originated.

Puzzle 8

Water that is carbonated.

The director of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

Bread in which a hamburger patty is served.

Discard when no longer useful or needed.

A nut native to Australia also called the bush nut.

Descending a building by rope.

Going backwards on a VHS tape.

Founder of the Foo Fighters.

Oval office occupant.

Washed hair with soap.

South American country between Colombia and Guyana.

A person who studies the behavior of animals.

Loosening the edible part of grain from the chaff.

Puzzle 9

Trimmed a shrub's leaves or branches.

Writing structure in songs, poems, the Bible.

Catching some Z's.

Rules for appropriate professional actions.

Bean-shaped blood-filtering organ.

Horror film monster risen from the grave.

The Men in Black character played by Will Smith.

Black spice; Sgt. of the Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Salad that is topped with croutons and Parmesan.

British biologist known for theory of evolution.

Thin-cut squares of bread used for sandwiches.

Dried nasal mucus.

Neckwear given to Olympic champions.

Puzzle 10

Italian wide flat bread with holes.

Describes a candlelit dinner for two.

Popular Pakistani bread and meat street food.

Reaching a destination.

Animated movie with Simba, Mufasa and Scar.

Profession of Al Capone or Bugsy Siegel.

What Roman numeral M stands for.

Cleopatra and Nefertiti's nationality.

Propulsion motor on the back of a watercraft.

Online video game where you can Save the World.

Famous Knight of the Round Table.

Puzzle 11

Flat doughy accompaniment to Indian cuisine.

Baffled, confused.

Comedy tales of Irish priests on Craggy Island.

Broadway musical; substance to keep locks in place.

Fruity filling of Paddington's sandwiches.

Inflatable rubber pipe inside a bicycle wheel.

Jazz variation of two-step dances popular in 1950s.

Maiden friend of the Seven Dwarfs.

Measurement of how easily a fluid flows.

Larger than states, smaller than continents.

Group of musicians led by a conductor.

Puzzle 12

A two-wheeled vehicle propelled by pedals.

V-shaped pattern as found on some leaves.

People go to Hollywood seeking fame and this.

Agreement signed when renting a property.

Things, items.

Gluten-free grain used as a wheat alternative.

"Call __," sang Carly Rae Jepsen.

The L in a BLT sandwich, with bacon and tomato.

Sesame Street's large yellow-feathered friend.

Withdraw from contest.

Toy car made from molten metal.

Long-eared burrowing animals that love carrots.

Puzzle 13

Punctuation mark used to join two words.

It's often difficult to thread this.

Get a book from the library.

Drink that made Starbucks famous.

__ toast; sliced bread soaked in milk and eggs.

Takedown in American football or rugby.

Unleavened bread eaten during Passover.

Large marine mammals, e.g. blue or humpback.

Take-off, witty imitation.

British comedian Eddie, starred in Ocean's Twelve.

Put heads together.

Puzzle 14

Middle Eastern flatbread with sliced cooked meat.

He's stuffed with honey but his friend is the pig.

Tools used to eat, like cutlery and chopsticks.

Penguin species with distinctive yellow crest.

Usual direction of the y-axis on a graph.

Legal procedure for parents taking on a child.

Disorder that causes sleeplessness.

The Sierra Nevada Batholith is in this US park.

Asking a politician to support a particular cause.

Someone with a grudge has a chip on this body part.

Water feature in cities or yards.

Traditional shape of a croissant.

Puzzle 15

Felt-brimmed hat with a dent down the middle.

Walt Disney World is located in this US state.

Products that are sent back.

Kitchen appliance for browning sliced bread.

TV singing competition created by Simon Cowell.

Delicate tropical flowers with links to fertility.

Boiled cornmeal that can be baked or fried.

Visitor from the Red Planet.

Criss-cross pattern, like on top of a pie.

Needed between body and mind for overall health.

Puzzle 16

Only garb worn by Tarzan.

Bread sphere eaten in Italian cuisine.

Things solved by Scooby-Doo and the gang.

Turtlenecked CEO who revealed the iPhone.

Rock band fronted by Steven Tyler.

A flat piece of wood that returns when thrown.

Marine animals with stinging tentacles.

Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins.

Meditative session with postures.

The magical place where Peter Pan lived.

Jocular term for abandoned wife of a links player.

Holy sacrament with altar bread and wine.

Political scandal named after a hotel in Washington.

Puzzle 17

Sneak out, especially from prison.


Tiny seeds on top of a burger bun.

Disk used for storage before CDs were made.

Deliberately blocked or diverted a river.

Cabinet or room for storing food staples.

Birds with red breasts that have blue eggs.

Style of horror novels or medieval architecture.

Carbohydrate found in wheat and corn flour.

Exclamation of discovery, perhaps in the bath.

The name that follows Helena Bonham.

Bargain for a lower cost.

Puzzle 18

Canine trained to bark at intruders.

Memorial, statue.

Governmental form of South Korea.

Sia and Guetta sing about this chemical element.

Oven-baked Italian bread, similar to pizza dough.

Green-bodied insect with delicate flight organs.

Ape who carried Fay Wray up the Empire State.

Chip & Dale are examples of this animal.

A short summary of a story.

Piscine pet, lives in a bowl.

Smoked sandwich meat commonly served on rye bread.

Inhaled and exhaled.

Fond way of bidding someone goodbye.

Canadian ISS astronaut Chris, who sang in space.

Puzzle 19

Celestial event when moon hides the sun.

Homemade, quality, rustic bread.

Scare or disgust.

Author of A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist.

Souls, minds.

African bird known for long neck and legs.

Oven in which naan bread is baked.

Study of the physical structure of living things.

In Monopoly, the Electric Company or Water Works.

Places completely surrounded by water.

Puzzle 20

Against, e.g. in a sports schedule.

Mashed yellow fruit used to make sweet bread.

Wearable wraps for carrying infants.

It's bad if you're up a creek without this.

Spiders spin this to trap their prey.

The zodiac sign represented by twins.

Female niblings.

Careless playboy spy whose mom is his boss.

Circular bread rolls with a hole in the middle.

Metallic icicles draped on a tree.

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