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Here are the answers to CodyCross Breakfast Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Short and stout pot for brewing a hot drink.

Author of "And Then There Were None": __ Christie.

Large lizard.

Wedding helpers who show guests to their seats.

Electric leads or cords with plugs on the end.

How many months are there in a year.

__ pastries, sweet bakery treats.

Language of Ireland and Scotland (not English!).

People whose job is to pose for photographs.

Military exercises, or DIY tools for making holes.

Tortilla chips coated in melted cheese.

Teenage __ Ninja Turtles, 4 Renaissance reptiles.

Puzzle 2

Central __ Republic sits next to Chad and Sudan.

To work out what you expect an outcome to be.

Frosted flakes and muesli are examples of these.

An out-of-control fire; also describes Hell.

Three-hearted mollusc.

Lion-headed fire-breathing beast with a snake tail.

Long disappeared from Earth, like the dinosaurs.

A __ picture appears on your Facebook homepage.

A kitchen appliance for making toast.

The __ Chair, magical tale by Enid Blyton.

Warmed up white dairy drink.

Catching things in water with a line and a rod.

Puzzle 3

Purposefully not noticing somebody.

These can be cut into fries or mashed.

Medium size breed of dogs; bred to be hunting dogs.

Your name.

Make sure you do this every night.

Slow running on a horse.

Bluish, silvery metal, symbol Cr.

A sweet spice sprinkled on breakfast pastries.

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's were ruby red.

Slices of bread with a filling between them.

Severe headache with nausea and vomiting.

Puzzle 4

It's unlucky if this feline crosses your path.

Chocolate puffed rice cereal.

Where Harry Potter goes to school.

The way into a building, opposite of exit.

To arrange objects or items in categories.

The thin covering around a white and a yolk.

Length from your thumb to your little finger tip.

__ of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky.

Describes small snow showers.

Vomiting or nausea.

Puzzle 5


A red juicy salad fruit.

Wound, contusion, fracture.

A sky that is full of constellations.

Collective term for kittens and an e-reader.

Riddle, mystery.

People make clothes with a __ machine.

Power that comes from electricity, sun or wind.

Having muscles and being powerful.

A Roman or Greek ship with oars.

The __ Baron, ghost of Slytherin House.

Another word for material; can be cotton, silk.

Where the horizontal and vertical sides meet.

Potato __, tool for removing vegetable skin.

Underwater predators with sharp teeth.

Going for a long walk in the countryside.

A decision that does not feel justified.

Fire-breathing mythical creature with wings.

The evil sea witch in The Little Mermaid.

Fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruit.

Puzzle 6

Usually a military or police school.

Fried __, bird with wings and drumsticks.

Cross __, running event in natural landscapes.

A country's goods, services and spending money.

Eggs that are cooked slowly in water.

Sun__, yellow paintings by Van Gogh.

Car with meter that takes passengers.

Try (to do something).

__ your steps; go over a route again.

Smoked yellow fish, with a strong smell.

Spotty big cat.

J. K. __, wizard-writer extraordinaire.

Harrison Ford's adventure hero __ Jones.

Candle material.

Female distinguished pilot lost in Pacific.

Puzzle 7

Part of the UK where Glasgow and Edinburgh are.

Bart's best friend in The Simpsons.

Moving as if not to be seen.

Everything in existence.

Substance in coffee that helps you stay alert.

An animal that eats both plants and meat.

Controlled outdoor flames.


Knife __ is a dangerous circus act.

Giving a horse a pampering session.

Comedian great of Ms.Doubtfire, Aladdin.

Sliced chicken or ham, that comes from the fridge.

Line at the back end of a tennis court.

Puzzle 8

Mounted rotating wheel turns freely in all paths.

Paddington's preferred sandwich filling.

A sense of belonging, being the proprietor.

Lung condition, can be double.

1D singer/writer known also as Payno.

Being lively and able to run about.

The opposite of knowledge.

Fungus that can be spotted.

South American country, capital Caracas.

Ursine soft toy.

What happens to fingers exposed to the bitter cold.

Bats come out at night, so they're __ animals.

Jungle Book's tiger and Mowgli's adversary.

Carried by a businessman, holds papers.

__ ram, heavy beam used to break down doors.

Hot __, sweet drink, sometimes with cream on top.

Small Mexican dog.

Making plans and drawings.

Wooden stick traditionally carried by the police.

An animal-shaped money box.

Puzzle 9

Rides horses in races wearing colorful silks.

Things made by hand, e.g. pottery or weaving.

Yellow curved fruit; tasty on pancakes or porridge.

Cannot; anagram of nebula.

In Codenames, you try to find secret __ names.

Sensible green frog Muppet chased by Miss Piggy.

English word order is often subject, verb, __.

What is left on your plate after eating toast.

Walk on these long pieces of wood to feel taller.

Italian island with mafia history.

Deathwatch __ makes a sound like a ticking clock.

Puzzle 10

The oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Crying loudly.

Helps, attends to.

Talk quietly in class.

Hanging Gardens of __, an Ancient Wonder.

Time of day when people eat breakfast.

Mr. __ is always trying to catch Timmy's fairies.

Knock pins down in this game.

Round thin batter, fried on both sides.

High School __, teen singalong movie series.

Puzzle 11

Kitchen storage units.

Breakfast oats cooked with water or milk.

Another word for a bandage.

The movement a bird makes with its wings.

Old Narnian black dwarf, lived with Trumpkin.

Baseball with not-so-hard spheres.

Parceling something up, e.g. a birthday present.

To get off a horse.

Ancient weapon used for firing stones.

Go back over what you've learnt, before exams.

Jumping movement on trampolines.

Very heady.

A stick of French bread.

Something lots of people are searching for online.

Puzzle 12

First city to fall to the A-bomb.

Military-style training games with colorful kills.

Australian singer hides behind big fringe.

Gru's partner in crime in Despicable Me.

Ice crystal that falls with many others in winter.

Halloween costume of a straw-stuffed man.

Fun to play with family and friends, e.g. Monopoly.

Beaten eggs, stirred and then cooked with butter.

This blessed liquid repels vampires.

Utensil used for cooking sausages and bacon.

A small round sweet superfruit.

Timing device that has sand running through it.

Ironically mock somebody; rhymes with "bombastic".

Puzzle 13

Selected, chosen, collected, as with fruit.

Doggy inventor friend of Wallace.

Take a trip in a car to see wild animals.

Some people need a big cup of this in the morning.

Witches cast these on people.

Cheddar or Edam, for example.

Discussion between two groups with opposing views.

__ butter, nutty spread for bread or toast.

A field, often with flowers in it.

Amount, bulk, mass; degree of loudness.

Formal neck wear.

Head bones.

__ notes, peel-off paper memos.

Puzzle 14

Long knitted garments, worn in winter to keep warm.

Hypersaline lake in the Middle East.

School bully on Fairly Odd Parents.

To move backwards or retrace your steps.

Hot breakfast food made from rolled oats.

Another word for killing, especially for dragons.

Telling a lie.

Saber-__ tiger, also called a smilodon.

They star in American films with indians.

Substance in milk that is good for bones and teeth.

Puzzle 15

Small sailing craft for rescuing people at sea.

When the cat's away the mice __.

Evening, just before darkness, the witching hour.

Man of Steel.

If you have a job, you are __.

Dr. Seuss's big-hearted moose.

A monument or other distinctive place in a town.

Star Wars stolen imperial ship and movie name.

British astronaut who went into space in 2015.

Bending the rules of a game is __.

__ toast; spiced, sugary, buttery bread.

How soldiers on parade walk.

Seller of goods to the public, in stores.

Someone who is puny and not strong.

__ bag, a bag with a warm lining used by campers.

What you should do to teeth as well as brushing.

Puzzle 16

They work for a company full-time.

Throw at this target circle with numbered sections.

How you put butter onto bread using a knife.

Nemo was one of these fish.

Praising, showing great happiness and joy.

Red fruit jam (jelly) with lots of seeds.

Hogwarts house, founded by Salazar.

A loud screaming noise.

Liquid for rinsing and cleaning your your teeth.

Long line hanging from a tree, fun to play on.

Puzzle 17

__ Hours, time when businesses are open.

Milky, foamy and full of little bubbles.

To skip backwards on a DVD or music track.

Country with Jerusalem as its capital.

Necklace that is worn around the throat.

Antonym of "harder".

Anne Frank was this nationality.

A small dish that a tea cup stands on.

Close-knit group of people who won't let others in.

Punctual, not late.

Speedy reindeer.

Puzzle 18


Bram Stoker's __; film and novel.

To remove ice from something.

To blow air into a balloon.

Board on which an artist mixes colors.

Bread that is twisted into a knot shape and baked.

Milk with the cream removed so it is lower in fat.

A car's fumes come out of this pipe.

__ horse, a moving steed for young children.

To make images appear on a photograph.

Jewelry worn in your lobes.

Puzzle 19

Something that gets in the way.

Regulated dress code worn by supermarket staff.

A reduction or saving in price.

__ points are north, south, east and west.

San Francisco transport.

Made to leave forever.

Legendary beastly carving that wards off evil.

Breakfast cereal brand.

Thin, hard biscuits.

A two-humped Asian camel.

Sitting on bended legs.

Children's game involves vaulting over one another.

Stadium horn created in South Africa.

Lumps of carbon that help bonfires burn.

Puzzle 20

When a liquid spills over, it __.

Long pot of plants or flowers on an outside ledge.

Deep love, deep respect or worship.

Alvin is one of these animals.

Sheltered from harm.

Mountains in the desert.

Nemesis of Harry Potter.

A maze, inhabited by the Minotaur.

Using a computer mouse to move pages on a screen.

They were traditionally made of ebony and ivory.

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