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Here are the answers to CodyCross Brunch Menu Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Female monarchs; wives of male monarchs.

Baby porker.

Argue over the price of an item.

Luc, director of the 1997 film The Fifth Element.

The noise that thunder makes.

Heavenly messengers; found on top of the Xmas tree.

Beef cured in salt, sometimes added to hash.

Vivacious, with movement.

Dillydally, likely at the table while others wait.

Taxonomic classification between order and genus.

Ruins, spoils a car.

Facial openings, with teeth inside.

Puzzle 2

Swollen and twisted blue leg veins.

Incomes, wages.

Long French bread loaf with slashes on the crust.

Threshold, doorway into a building.

Accommodation sharer.

Cloth beds tied between trees.

A pause, rest or respite, especially for the lungs.

Sparkly, shiny.

Another name for children's clothing department.

Mr. Ford, aka Han Solo.

Classroom instructors in schools.

Worldwide hit for TLC in 99, what they don't want.

From the continent with Spain, Germany.

Breakfast cereal brand.

Parroted, copied.

Boxing daughter of boxer Muhammad.

Puzzle 3

Take care of.

Classic recipe of fried shredded potato.

Files, paperwork.

Degree of plushness of a pet cat, say.

"The make-up of make-up artists".

Large canvas circle used in children's games.

Three tens plus one, plus one.

Shakeable winter scene in spherical glass.

__ at Tiffany's, Capote's novella on Ms Golightly.

Muscly actor; Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Swelling and pain in joints.

Puzzle 4

Goes up a mountain.

Green gemstone.

Firefox was developed by this company.

Adele sings theme song for this Bond film.

They unstraighten pipes.

Appreciates, thinks highly of, approves of.

Basic travel accommodations at a budget price.

Baked oats, nuts and honey mixture.

Great pleasure.

Your wish is my __; said the genie in the lamp.

Male hen, also known as a cockerel.

Spanish drink of wine, fresh fruit and spirits.

Puzzle 5

Good farm land.

What the commandments are carved on.

Hard work or purposeful exertion of power.

Champagne and orange juice mixed drink.

Noontime, right around lunch.

Grand __; famous deep gorge in Arizona.

Small shellfish also known as a prawn.

Beauty and deep cleaning treatment for the visage.

International Airport and city in New Jersey.

He can do anything if there is spinach around.

Puzzle 6

Evilly, nastily.

Thickly mixed fruit drink.

Ring thrown into water to save those drowning.

Prepaid payment method for a specific store.

Breathe this in when you are in the countryside.

Verifying; putting bags in at an airport.

Longest-distance running event in the Olympics.

Nocturnal bird, once an assistant Brownie leader.

Sugar ground so fine it's almost fluffy.

Gusty, windy.

Many-headed dog guarding Underworld gates.

Park City, Utah film festival.

Puzzle 7

Whisky, vodka or gin, for example.

Sea animal with shiny shell used as currency.

Leaves a property empty, moves out.

"Just call me angel of" this time of day.

The Gabor sisters' homeland.

French term, and spelling, for large creamy cakes.

The Simpsons' reverend.

Make sure something is involved or shared.

Tearing material or clothing.

Goes up and down on a trampoline.

Celebratory day for these female parents.

Puzzle 8

Behind the __; out of public sight.

Season of Christmas and New Year.

Silverwares that may be to the left of the spoon.

Rod fisher.

Tree storing water aka a monkey-bread tree.

Get on a ferry, or to begin a long journey.

Agreed by moving the head up and down.

Occurs yearly.

Bun, beef, bun.

You want this to swallow you up when embarrassed.

Medication used to calm someone.

Liquid rock.

Establishment where betting takes place at tables.

Puzzle 9

Curved strap to hold hair off the face.

Said again, reiterated.

Draws roughly.

Formal government representative posted overseas.

Grid of dates of upcoming months, weeks, etc.

Crustless quiche from Italy.

Welsh singer of the Green, Green Grass of Home.

He led the Spartans in the Battle of Thermopylae.

Become progressively greater in amount.

Relating to the Holy Book of Christianity.

Sugary round snack.

Short, strong shot of coffee.

Private, pertaining to the individual.

Describes a zebra's stripes or a leopard's spots.

Wrestles with.

Puzzle 10

Performer with metal plates on his/her shoes.

Prince's beret was like this seeded fruit.

Especially mouthwatering food.

Boiling steadily.

Medical loss of movement.

Causes admiration and respect in someone.

Entertainers who pull rabbits out of hats.

Scent, nice smell from flowers.

Britain's rock, at the southern tip of Spain.

Evidently, without doubt.

Puzzle 11

Assorted, a range of.

Type of shakes that bodybuilders drink.

A plant with prickles that grows in hedgerows.

If eaten first, sweet treats start the meal.

__ down, lowering oneself onto a chair.

The tip of this cold mass is the start of an issue.

Digital program downloaded from Internet.

Swallowing greedily and noisily.

__ the Looking-Glass.

European home to Vienna.

Within the law, not criminally.

Baby cats, cute on countless videos.

Sweeter than normal bread of French origins.

Rules over.

Stretchy, rubbery.

Puzzle 12

Fall down and roll, rhymes with "stumble".

Machine to assist with lifting heavy objects.

Not the past or present.

Very thin biscuits.

A shape or sign that represents something.

Large, dark, hollow space under rock.

Main course; introduction.

A boat is this, when tied to the port edge.

Someone who performs on an instrument.

Snow White's bad-tempered dwarf chum.

Overseas, a foreign country.

Black game tile with dots.

Books featuring Superman, Spider-Man, Garfield....

Strappy shoe, worn in the summer.

Sounds like a duck.

All-you-can-eat food spread.

Process food in the intestines.

Puzzle 13

Line dividing northern and southern hemispheres.

Brain teasers as crosswords or word searches.

To be overly critical; find fault with.

Machine that copies an image as a file.

Egg baked in a ramekin.

Secure a table for later.

Vocation or profession.

To have let go of something carelessly.

Two people who are legally life partners.

Popular activity that involves singing in bars.

Textile, often made of wool, a bed covering.

Sticky liquid worn to style and control the hair.

Actress Lohan of Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap.

Small insects that invade flour and other foods.

Puzzle 14

Athletic event with a sandpit.

Female mythical sea creatures.

Planning, plotting.

Round crustacean patty with breading.

Articles of clothing.

Person's day of origin, often celebrated with cake.

A polite way to say "move out of the way".

Ham on a Benedict is often this type of bacon.

Not inside the home; in the open air.

__ museum; institution with nautical exhibits.

Present packaging.

Where the water drains from a sink or bathtub.

Casual or lacking in ceremony.

The __ of the Moon; best-selling Pink Floyd album.

Facial sprinklings seen most on redheads.

Puzzle 15

Male circus performer who shows off muscle power.

Game in which players hit opponents with a ball.

Daily or weekly tabloid or broadsheet.

Mixed up eggs cooked in butter.

Produce recently picked at the source.

It doesn't have any value.

Unstable reactor incident in Ukraine in 1986.

Gloss- or emulsion-covered surfaces in a home.

Sword handed to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake.

Orientation of paper to fit the countryside in.

Puzzle 16

Usual full forename of someone called Babs.

Sickness, illness, infection.

Young female horses.

Opposite of comedy.

A vacation, a break from work or school.

Julian, whistle-blower and WikiLeaks founder.

What Ms Gwyn sold in Covent Garden.

Leave in a hurry, escape.

An alleyway, or short excerpt of text.

Melodious, musical.

Aware of others' feelings.

Some dishes are served in this frying pan.

Rolled cereal, boiled and served with brown sugar.

The name of the castle for Prince Harry's wedding.

Puzzle 17

Substances that are used to add aroma to food.

A lady, girl or woman; the opposite of male.

Circles on the bus that go round and round.


Cuban capital and 2017 Camila Cabello song.

Network of rabbit burrows.

Casually look at things to buy online.

Correspondence friend.

In-between, like from breakfast to lunch.

Hot, wooden places to sweat out impurities.

Popular, like the hot new gastropub.

Puzzle 18

Repurposed a material to use again.

Cooking rooms in houses.

Foot items useful at nighttime.

Linked to something, stuck on.

N in NBC.

Name is added to it, rest until a table opens.

Fried batter circles with blueberries, maple syrup.

Increase how long something is.

Characteristic of rapid spreading disease.

Gillian __, she played Dana Scully in The X-Files.

Giant ape that became a box office triumph.

Blood __, a vital sign of health.

Tallest African animals also called camelopards.

O Come All Ye __, Christmas carol.

Informal group for chatting about reading matter.

One who lives in a house, town, village.

Puzzle 19

This number comes directly after a quarter century.

Menu special for this first-comer.

Jams and jellies.

Vehicle for transporting people to hospital.

Did not agree with.

Lazy ursine?.

Supplying with kit.

Less formal word for "antonyms".

Facebook app for private communications.

Puzzle 20

Acted on stage.

Card or gift on February 14.

50s machines that select discs for audience play.

Pizza's deflated relative.

Biggest prize given to winners at the Olympic Games.

What people hope for post-death.

Very famous contemporary person; fabled story.

Coiled pastry, can have cinnamon on it.

Risk-taker, stunt person, hot head.

Publishing dept that hypes a book.

Scientist who studies wild animals in captivity.

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