CodyCross Bucket List Pack answers

Bucket List PackBucket List

Here are the answers to CodyCross Bucket List Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Was helpful to someone in need.

Wraps a baby tightly in cloth.

Native American chief who united the Five Nations.

Sending letters by computer.

Lightning McQueen's best friend & sidekick in Cars.

Den __, making a temporary outdoor camp.

Old valuable items found in houses.

Agenda; timetable of events and appointments.

Off-road buggy used for desert expeditions.

A situation in which areas are covered with water.

Famous cereals featuring their founder's signature.

Enormous silver mammal seen on safari.

Pigs __, describes very low odds.

Agatha __, mystery writer.

Puts a boat in water.

Harmed by drinking or eating a toxic substance.

Puzzle 2

Hoping for something.

Illness that can be caught by other people.

Chilly northern European nation with Blue Lagoon.

They speak louder than words.

Heavy duty farming vehicle.

Faramir's big brother, captain of the White Tower.

Island __; spending time on various Greek isles.

Sparkles, adornment on a Christmas card.

Unkindness and spite, meanness.

Networks of tunnels where rabbits live.

Small, round meringue-like sandwich from France.

Using your eyes to see.

Zack, Kelly, Slater and Screech were __ the Bell.

Joggers, sprinters.

Puzzle 3

Small bulb flower, some species produce saffron.

With an unpleasant or strong odor.

Sigh of __, what you give when you relax.

Gentle exercise done to prepare for sport.

Scottish carbonated soft drink in orange cans.

Visit different cities or countries.

"Get Into the __, boy you've got to prove...".

__ Tower; tall iron landmark in Paris.

A scaly reptile, maybe a gecko or chameleon.

Surname of Kim Kardashian's model sister Kylie _.

Give counsel.

If you're well you could say you are full of this.

Puzzle 4

The Great __, movie with Steve McQueen.

Interval of eight notes, in music.

Multitone flowers grown in huge Amsterdam fields.

Descend down a rock face with a safety rope.

Peter __, Spider-Man's real name.

Walking into water.

Pointed toppers to church steeples.

Ask someone to a party.

The child born this day is loving and giving.

A 10-yearly survey of the population.

Street thief.

Puzzle 5

One who backs with funds.

Impaired hearing with noise.

Marches against a political agenda.


Giant white domed mausoleum in Agra, India.

Slope angle.

Sailor's tune.

Another name for stuffed animals.

Nickname given to lousy bowlers in cricket, pie __.

Greek dish dolmades stuffs this with rice.

Some business require people to wear these.

Sublime, exalted; like royalty.

Undercover place to watch avians undetected.

Scottish lake with mythical underwater beast.

Puzzle 6

Generic word for car, truck, van, etc..

Anglo-Saxon poem about a prince and a monster.

Places where pumpkins are picked.

Singing with a microphone to backing music.

Line where the earth and sky appear to meet.

Close relatives are called your nearest and __.

__ Brite; colorful doll with Starlite the horse.

This month's zodiac signs: Capricorn and Aquarius.

Spread made from chocolate and nuts.

Biceps and triceps are examples.

2, 3, 6 and 9 are __ of 18.

1970s TV series of Depression-era extended family.

Well-known football stadium, home to FC Barcelona.

Puzzle 7

Outdoor music event with camping.

__ clover; luckiest plant to find.

Something decorative placed on a xmas tree.

Another word for the one that weighs the most.

Red-and-white ring life saver at a pool.

Able to be climbed over, like a cliff face.

A pig's feet.

Content of food also called dietary fiber.

Feeling sick to your stomach.

Took and returned an item such as a library book.


Makes appear magically.

Liza __, dancer-singer, famed for Cabaret.

Moved to a higher class or better quality item.

Puzzle 8

A TV or monitor has this, and it glows when on.

School uniform jacket with a badge.

To prod or touch someone to make them laugh.

Continent that is popular with safari tourists.

A fax machine is beaten in the movie __ Space.

Cocktail of rum, sugar, lime, mint, soda water.

Space __; witness a craft being sent into space.

Small tufted wool ball.

__ box, metal, name given to a 2012 Olympics arena.

Black __; bargain shopping event before Christmas.

__ poster, mugshot from the Wild West.

Third __ burn, severe injury requiring skin grafts.

Puzzle 9

Large drinking vessels used at a banquet.

Putting freight on a truck or boat.

Two-wheeled, no-fuel way of getting to work.

Estate of the highest rank of UK nobility, a duchy.

It joins the upper leg to the pelvis.

Stunning, breathtaking.

__ chair, seating for a porch or beside the fire.

Unidentified, unfamiliar, new, mysterious.

The word for 4 in Italian.

Muslim veil.

Flying up high into the sky.

__ Kerr, star of The King and I.

Small flow or a tiny river.

Safety glasses to protect your eyes.

The blue dragon in Paolini's fantasy novel Eragon.

Justin __ was the prime minister of Canada in 2016.

Frere __, nursery rhyme sung in the round.

A ballroom dance; the letter F in radio callsign.

Ask somebody to marry you.

Solar __; when the sun is obscured by the moon.

Places where you can buy produce from stalls.

Puzzle 10

__ jump; leap from a great height with safety cord.

French word for mouse.

Change in form or genes.

The __ Mickey Mouse Club; TV show with Britney.

Carrying item, also slang for someone's name.

A flight with no stops.

Two-wheeled self-balancing scooter.

Old expression: "Out of the __ pan into the fire".

Ice cream makers Ben & __.

Moving picture files, found on YouTube.

Shiny leather for bags and shoes.

Puzzle 11

Eight sides, Stop sign shape.

A set of two lines that usually rhyme.

Leaves on a journey by ship.

Hire someone or put them in a position.

A slow moving mass of ice that doesn't melt.

Italian luxury sportscar with prancing horse logo.

Impedes plans, perhaps with a sore eye.

Aiding or assisting.

The least strong.

Toning substance, a dry powder.

Puffs of wind into the lungs.

Male bouncers.

Wholly or entirely; 1980s slang for "of course".

Sea creatures that conceal pearls.

Ninja Turtle with a red eye mask.

One-man bobsleigh event.

A five-piece musical group.

Puzzle 12

Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism are all these.

Natural cascade on a stream or river.

Bumping off.

Wrapping an injury with cloth.

Reduced the length of something.

Items worn beneath your outer clothes.

Ready for use, like a vacant room.

Filled, rolled tortilla, served with pepper sauce.

Bugs that appear to glow in the dark.

Plant eater.

Good-looking, gorgeous, stunning.

Nickname for someone who needs to hurry up.

From evening until morning.

Film star German shepherd dog of the 1920s.

Christmas __, song that tops the festive charts.

Bread seller who lived on Drury Lane.

Puzzle 13

Going upwards.

London Zoo giant panda and WWF logo.

Not winning.

__ shower; night-time display of shooting stars.

Poster, oil or watercolor art materials.

To disappear or to go missing is to __.

An Arab chief.

Got liquid from fruit.

Reindeer who runs fast.

A male witch; Harry Potter is one.

To knock something over, e.g. a tower of bricks.

Keep in custody by authority of the law.

__ Davidson; iconic motorcycle brand.

Puzzle 14

Medium-tall glass for serving drinks in.

__ seats; best view in the house.

Taped someone's voice.

Lively street parade held in Rio de Janeiro.

A horse-riding event showing control and precision.

Swells a balloon.

Scale that measures wind speed.

Tells a story or gives a detailed account.

The tone of the Owl and the Pussycat's boat.

Cry __; 2002 hit later covered by Taylor Swift.

Puzzle 15

Acting well, not being naughty.

Stunning views of early morning skies.

Give a baby their first name during church service.

Spring bulb flower and a female name.

Relax one's body with mindfulness techniques.

To send, convey or communicate something.

The group of animals that has hooves.

Makes better or clearer, e.g. an image.

Place to buy souvenirs or mementos in a museum.

Force applied to something.

Outings or excursions without an overnight stay.

The A in NATO, the mutual security organization.

Bang for __, good value for money.

Chewy slices of cake made with syrup and oats.

Kings or queens.

Toy pistol for spraying H2O.

Puzzle 16

Taking off the sum.

Knowing in advance, seeing ahead.

Ghostly cocktail, female sidecar with gin.

__ door; rotating entrance.

Cartoon canary.

Tuned wooden bars hit with hammers.

High peaks that can be challenging to climb.

Clothing worn in bed.

Used in the mouth to protect teeth in rough sports.


Hidden like a weapon.

Animal __; rescue facility for abandoned pets.


Thrilled, delighted, extremely happy.

The Dark Knight's ride.

Traders, business people.

Giving a sermon or moral advice.

Without any advance warning.

Puzzle 17

Great __ Reef; a scuba diver's dream destination.

Process of bonding two elements with tackiness.

The world's largest healthcare profession.

Walked in step like the military.

Peaks and __, a metaphor for life's ups and downs.


Dolce & __, luxury Italian fashion brand.

Parries attack.

Glossy black bird known for stealing shiny objects.

Machinery that is moved by steam or flowing water.

Wildlife-spotting tours with lions, giraffes, etc.

Greeting, especially a warm one.

Character played by Halston Sage in Before I Fall.

Topping for winter puds such as rhubarb and apple.

Puzzle 18

Optical __, eye's perception, not reality.

Yelling loudly.

Writes on steel.

Fits of temper by a young child.

Aristocrat that is part of a monarch's retinue.

Step across burning flames.

City of the first night race in Formula 1 on 2009.

Ninth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book: The __.

Damsel in __, an imperiled female requiring rescue.

A type of dark, sweet vinegar.

Skilfully tossing balls in the air.

Beauty transformation.

A weather report predicting the weather.

__ Whisper by George Michael.

Puzzle 19

Isaac's father, as mentioned in the Bible.

Jack and Finn __, twins who ran JacksGap.

__ Bricks, plastic, with interlocking brushes.

Storm __; following tornadoes as they develop.

People from Berlin are __.

One of the Three Rs, which doesn't start with R.

Minty aroma in cough sweets and medicine.

Horizontal sliding furniture compartments.


Standing __; receive a rousing round of applause.

Electric music player for guests to select tracks.

Accessory that can be a hoop or a stud.

Ball-shaped chocolate sweet.

Gentle exercise for flexibility, founder Joseph __.

Crying loudly, for a long time.

A __ family; describes parents and their children.

Large crustacean in the sea, orange when cooked.

Puzzle 20

The home country of koalas and platypuses.

A type of pen, also called a biro.

Elected leader of a republic.

Sentences asking for informations.

Sending items abroad for sale.

City with 70 different Hebrew names.

Swim without any clothing.

Collect money for particular causes.

Process of beating wheat's grain from its chaff.

Very strong wind.

Flashing light comes with a storm.

Small, round bread accompaniment to Italian food.

Kept safe.

IT developer of sites.

__ Hubbard looked for a bone for her dog.

Said of a thing that have no appealing qualities.

__ rams, heavy beams used to siege castles.

Giant ancient auditorium in the heart of Rome.

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