CodyCross Bugs and Insects Pack answers

Bugs and Insects PackBugs and Insects

Here are the answers to CodyCross Bugs and Insects Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

A type of beetle, used as a charm in Ancient Egypt.

Having a meal.

Lilo's best buddy.

Red __ cake, fluffy sponge with icing.

If you've stopped a bike, you've __.

Rigid strip that immobilizes a broken limb.

__ spinner, a toy to distract you.

Alternative window covers to curtains.

How wasps and bees move around.

A university's grounds.

Very cold, unable to move, __ with fear.

God of the underworld for Egyptians.

Puzzle 2

Short form for vegetables.

She flew the Atlantic: Amelia __.

__ mantis, insect with raised forelegs.

School subject where you learn about the past.

Stick __, long, thin, green or brown minibeasts.

The word for 80 in Spanish.

Packed, with lots of people.

The writing underneath a photograph in a newspaper.

Severe winds and storms in the NW Pacific Ocean.

Food mixer.

An insect that lives in a colony and eats wood.

Puzzle 3

20 percent as a fraction.

Arachnid with a poisonous tail sting.

Daddy __, bug with a small body and thin limbs.

Famous Knight of the Round Table.

Day of the week when Thanksgiving is celebrated.

Current affairs that relate to the government.

Patches worn by animals to block out vision.

Official language of China.

Another name for a traffic jam, nobody's moving.

Daddy __ is little orphan Annie's father figure.


Safety; protected from risk or danger.

Puzzle 4

Cone topper.

Popular songs, enjoyed by the masses.

In Harry Potter, Ron's pet rat is named.

You knock them down in bowling.

Long-legged flying insect with a long, thin body.

Manager and conserver of wooded land.

Coming out of an egg.

Really happy, delighted and overjoyed.

A shop that sells medicines.

A state where the people elect those in charge.

Identification used to sign into a computer.

Puzzle 5

Eccentricity, peculiarity.

Breakfast drinks made from fruits.

A rifle shooter, killing the enemy from a distance.

Ice houses built by the Inuit.

Bob and Bobby are shortened forms of this name.

Bee __, someone who looks after beehives.

Snow White's dwarf chum with a cold.

Japanese sword, as held by turtle Leonardo.

The name for a group of ants or termites.

The main topics in a book.

Puzzle 6

Small cake with icing on top.

One thousand times one thousand.

To get better after an illness or injury.

__ Hat, sorts students into Hogwarts houses.

Make something paler.

Beetle with an abdomen that lights up at night.

Partially dried grapes.

The lowest possible value in a set.

Outdoor sling for resting, swinging.

__ lady; pretty, orange and black butterfly.

A clever marine mammal with flippers.

Books that contain maps of the world.

Puzzle 7

Truck who is Lightning McQueen's best friend.

The E in EU stands for __.

Going red in the face.

Flying insect that sucks the blood of humans.

What Roman numeral M stands for.

Following closely behind.

Computer program.

Popular sports drink.

A place where dead people are buried.

Flying insect that is found around stables.

Puzzle 8

A sea-dweller with a pointy nose, a weapon maybe.

Worn on the arm by inexperienced swimmers.

Her porridge is too cold for Goldilocks.

A sideways somersault.

Small, slim, salted fish, good on pizza.

Not permanent.

Night __, when you can't see well in the dark.

Springed pole for bouncing up and down on.

The opposite of southwest on a compass.

Large insect with brightly colored wings.

A bad dream.

Sci-fi cartoon film about a huge metal robot.

Letting the air out of something.

Another word for a creepy crawly, bug or insect.

Puzzle 9

The words of a song are called __.

To stay, not move.


The Santa __, Tim Allen's festive film trilogy.

A butterfly uses this to drink nectar from flowers.

Large groups of flying bees or locusts.

Norwegian sunken valleys.

Someone who breaks into a computer system.

Ghost-fighting dog, __ Doo.

Wood stick used to make shish kebabs.

To do with the mind.

Dogs that have no home or live on the streets.

Prize for an achievement.

The girl __ (ran after) the ball.

A follower of Islam is a __.

Orchard fruits that can be cooked or eaten raw.

Puzzle 10

To describe something in detail.

Little __, Disney underwater flick with Ariel.

Bird infamous for stealing chips at the seaside.

Jump out of a plane with a parachute.

Words on the bottle that Alice sips from.

Openings in buildings that let light in.

Heap of wood that is a good habitat for insects.

A glass home for watching worms tunneling in soil.

When you take in air, you __.

Large bend or loop in the course of a river.

Shapes that are arranged in a certain order.

Pocket Italian pasta covered with sauce.

The main language spoken in Moscow.

Puzzle 11

A fantasy vampire book and film series.

A wet 24 hours.

Wriggly bug that shines in the dark.

Bouncing stones off the waves at the beach.

Mixed grains fed to budgies and canaries.


Purple skin fruit used as vegetable.

To astound and amaze.

Large ocean between Europe and the Americas.

Measurement from tip to tip of an insect's wings.

Twin blades for cutting paper.

Downhill venue for winter sports.

Puzzle 12

Fun place to spend time with rides and attractions.

Wax cells made by bees in their hives.

Central America country where Mayans once lived.

Not the computer's fault.

Peter __, wizard also known as Wormtail.

These can be carried home in a doggy bag.

To transport pollen from flower to flower.

Oldest reigning monarch in 2016, __ II of the UK.

Musical intro to a TV show.

Chemical spray used by farmers to repel insects.

Puzzle 13

"If I only had __", the Scarecrow's wish.

The capital city of the Republic of Ireland.

Mega online shop; first started with books.

Another word for "get", rhymes with "abstain".

Corn __, a popular breakfast cereal.

A single human being, not a group of people.

King of the fairies.

Small bloodsucking pest that lives where you sleep.

The stripes on a wasp's body are black and __.

Madagascar: __ 2 Africa is a 2008 cartoon.

Puzzle 14

Batman's headquarters.

Relating to health; anagram of "decimal".

__ butterfly that sounds like a king or queen.

Sweet or salted movie snack food.

The month that Halloween takes place.

Give a substitute for something.

__ dog, canine Monopoly piece.

Water __, a pond beetle with legs like oars.

Traveling across water in a wind-powered boat.

Bars that attract iron and has a north and south.

The queen of the jungle, big cat.

Puzzle 15

A word for something that bends without breaking.

Mighty __, Disney's mountain gorilla.

An insect that preys on others for food.

Fast runner.

__ artist uses chalks to create street drawings.

Lamps you can carry, sometimes made from pumpkins.

Insect that attacks apples, bananas, grapes.

Usual accompaniment for a fajita.

How a spider makes its web.

A company that buys and sells things to make money.

A car that drove backwards.

Puzzle 16

Fleshy red outgrowth on the head of a cockerel.

Covered in white icing, it is eaten at Christmas.

The opening or beginning of a book.

Minutes 1 to 45 of a soccer match.

Punctuation made up of a point and a comma.

ET used a Speak and Spell to try to do this.

Silver/gray metal used in batteries, symbol Mn.

Carrot-eating menace, What's Up Doc?.

Stream or smaller river which joins a larger one.

Occurring at odd intervals.

The hard shell that protects a butterfly pupa.

Puzzle 17

Commercial buildings that you can stay in.

Honey, I __ the Kids was a Disney box office hit.

Table of numbers in rows and columns.

Overseas, in or from a foreign country.

Santa's Little __, Bart's dog.

To insert medicine into a person's vein.

Large bug that makes a droning sound at night.

Translator for the deaf.

A light waterproof sleeveless coat with a hood.

A bird of prey or dinosaur starting with "veloci-".

The caterpillar Eric Carle wrote about was very __.

Rescuing, preserving, maintaining.

Lunchbox fruit or teacher gifts.

If you have good manners, you are __.

Puzzle 18

Part of an insect's body joined to the thorax.

__ and the Galaxy Trio, animated TV series.

A box of 64 is a colorful gift.

Baby flies, worm-like creatures.

Science subject that is the study of living things.

A dark, damp underground prison.

Large, sweet/savory cupcakes, often contain fruit.

David killed this giant with a slingshot.

Operating a car.

When tired, you hit __.

The study of the past.

Puzzle 19

Gaps that are inserted between words.

Small scuttling insect with hard wing covers.

A light wind.

Water __ are a plant Monet painted a lot of.

Small horses less than 14 hands high.

Antonym of subtracting.

__ Cricket, the friend and conscience of Pinocchio.

Large bodies of water.

Little brown bug with pincers at its back end.

Farmer's __ was a Shaun the Sheep film short.

Water container usually round in shape.

Rewards that are given to winners of party games.

Hinged jewelry with space for a photo.

Food eaten in between meals.

Someone who practices judo.

Mythical fire-breather that's a Chinese boat.

Puzzle 20

Publication with articles and photos.

Lower-leg protectors in soccer and hockey.

Beetle larva that is edible by humans and birds.

The solar energy that kills vampires.

Deer-like animal, can be a waterbuck.

How ants and beetles move.

The Wizard of Oz's feeble lion.

Infrared source of warmth in a reptile's vivarium.

Multi-grain cereal hoops you can snack on.

With a jagged edge, like a saw.

Computing unit of memory equal to 1,024 bytes.

Another word for false teeth.

Luna __, magic naturalist daughter of Xenophilius.

An information or instruction notice for traffic.

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