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Here are the answers to CodyCross Building a House Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

1997 film set in Vietnam, The Scent of Green __.

Expensive Bordeaux wine made from Merlot grapes.

According to 'Til Tuesday, these carry.

__ War, Japanese battle with imperial victory in 1869.

Metal used in medical lasers, symbol Er.

Swiss administrative division.

__ Queen, pseudonym used by writers of crime fiction.

Fashion designer Rudi Gernreich's job in 1942-1948.

Salmon of Knowledge in Irish mythology.

Lake __, Rift Valley soda lake with flamingos.

Ancient capital of Egypt under the Hyksos ruling.

Designer Mary Quant's first boutique.

Triangular end areas beneath the roof of a house.

Ren's manx cat sidekick, 90's cartoon.

Door style that is hinged in the middle.

Laffit __, Panama-born jockey with over 9000 wins.

Occurring at the same time.

Unintelligent, clumsy, foolish.

Puzzle 2

Who killed Cock Robin.

The final 20 feet of the lane.

Country where the Split seaport is located.

__ light, illumination suspended from ceiling.

Platform between flights of stairs.

Opera by Modest Mussorgsky, Boris __.

Showy flowers named after an Ancient Greek physician.

Rock work.

Ancient Chinese term for emperor; supreme deity.

Screeching ghostly night predator.

Prospero's slave in The Tempest.

Man whose wife is unfaithful.

Xbox, for one.

Puzzle 3

__ Gulbenkian, Armenian philanthropist.

They weigh the same.

Legendary Irish queen of the banshees.

Naughty __, 1935 film based on operetta.

__ designer, one who makes their mark on a home.

Crafty swindler.

Off on __ foot.

A-ha's 1985 hit.

Cosi __, Mozart opera about fidelity.

Gunfighter's hour.

Witchy sounding name for a bunch of bats.

City on the Dniester River, in Moldova.

Japanese sponge cake with Portuguese origins.

Title bestowed on land owners in Maharashtra, India.

Aristocrats, lords, men of high rank.

Hägar the __, Viking comic strip character.

Religious observance.

Concrete foundation slabs that support a building.

Violent troublemaker at a sports match.

Puzzle 4

Priestess of Apollo whose prophecies were doubted.

Chewy ursidae.

Skilled worker, e.g. electrician, plumber.

Wooden or stone strip below an exterior door frame.

Influential musician, played a rectangular guitar.

Dick Grayson's post-Robin comic book persona.

Arrangement of electrical components.

Staying after school.

DPM or __ membrane, keeps walls moisture-free.

Without a doubt.

She won an Oscar for playing another Oscar winner.

The three Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia, and __.

Forms of life, from single cells to animals/plants.

It has 30 days.

Painting in grey monochrome.

Table tennis balls are made of this substance.

Archduke whose assassination set off WWI, Franz __.

Large, predatory snake-like fish.

Puzzle 5

Rude (but rhyming) term to insult the intelligence.

Capital of Equatorial Guinea.

Shallow channel for carrying off rainwater.

Flat board for smoothing concrete.

A substantial meal, filling and nourishing.

Bernie __, Elton John's lyricist.

Siege of __, WWII Libya campaign lasting 241 days.

Name given to a boxing assistant in the corner.

Étienne __, Belgian inventor of combustion engine.

Renault mid-range van; badly spelled congestion.

Militant anti-fascist political movement.

2006 fantasy film starring Ed Speleers.

Body of Jewish civil and religious law.

Christopher __, Stabler on Law and Order: SVU.

__ suit, safari attire worn by Zambian president.

She-Ra's cartoon nemesis.

Co-founder of Sony, Akio __.

South by Southwest Festival City.

A senior's past and future.

Watership Down fictional rabbit language.

Puzzle 6

A pig's treasure.

__ Dietrichson, a film noir antagonist.

Famous North Italian violin-making city.

Author banned in Hunan, China for talking animals.

Part of Russia where Lake Baikal is located.

Non-barking African hunting dog with a curly tail.

Upright dividing section of a window.

Satanic, evil.

The fast lane.

Medium-__ fibreboard or MDF, building wood.

Medical term for excessive teeth grinding.

Puzzle 7

Up to date.

__ Gustav, became king of Sweden in 1973.

Spreadable wall covering made from lime and cement.

Acidic, permafrost soil types in high latitudes.

David Bowie's heavenly song.

Guyana region, once a Netherlands colony.

Catch-22 opens, "It __ at first sight".

People onboard a plane, easing the journey.

Wipe-clean laminate brand for kitchen surfaces.

Honestly and bluntly.

Voyagers' train.

__ Incident, French-English dispute in Eastern Africa.

To burst inwards.

Put money in the bank.

Genetic copying.

Korean "fire meat" dish.

Puzzle 8

Preserved Neolithic Orkney village.


Norwegian cod dried in the open air.

Living frugally.

__ Hills, brown grassy mounds in the Philippines.

Foreign adversary of Bond at the gaming tables.

Nine __, band wrote the Johnny Cash-covered Hurt.

__ chloride (PVC), durable window frame material.

Number organizer, Little __.

Glass viewing space, with polygonal shape.

Win distance in a horse race, greater than a nose.

Flowing with milk and honey.

River with a great view of Nitmiluk National Park.

Puzzle 9

Don't try herding this croaker.

Atomic cloud.

French-speaking Belgians.


Savory crepe that's a popular Chinese street food.

Country in which Dar es Salaam is located.

Freelance or part-time journalist on a newspaper.

Serena or Venus.

Don't pay him until the ride is over.

Squashes into a smaller size.

Vertical spindle in railings next to stairs.

Roman Catholic address to the virgin mother.

Protective horizontal wooden strip, in UK.

Term for Carnival season in Greece.

Kate Winslet's debut film, __ Creatures.

A projecting support of stone built against a wall.

Puzzle 10

Upright elements between individual stairs.

Annual Chinese dragon boat festival.

Long armaments.

Main ingredient in saganaki.

__ Palace, ex-Lhasa residence of the Dalai Lama.

Actress cast as the first Bond girl, Eunice __.

Barney __, Homer's drunk, belching best friend.

Umm al-__, least populated of the seven Emirates.

Painting by Bruegel, Landscape with the Fall of __.

Blushing; with a flushed complexion.

Horizontal row of elements in chemical table.

Roger __, bass and vocals in Pink Floyd.

Enid Blyton island where ginger beer is drunk.

Parallel support beams.

Puzzle 11

Chariots __, inspiring 1924 Olympics tale.

A wooden block tied to the feet of grazing horses.

__ Wallbanger, a vodka cocktail with Galliano.

Developing offspring.

Composer regarded as the "father of Russian opera".

Type of poem exemplified by Ozymandias.

Card room.

Upward movement as a tennis ball hits the ground.

Bite __, cream to stop the itching.

Main airport of Singapore.

Germanic tribe settled on the Dutch Rhine delta.

__ level, builder's device with a bubble.

Bricklayer's levelling tool.

Small flag used by the French military.

Puzzle 12

White wine from a region near Lake Garda.

Tower from where the faithful are called to prayer.

Bone element.

External ridges on a supporting beam.

Scores, one below par.

Middle part of the small intestine.

Irish warriors, literally Finn's people.

Prince Charles' second wife.

Major city in Argentina, with ancient university.

German archaeologist who worked in South America.

Arthur __, French "boy" poet and lover of Verlaine.

Flooring with geometrically arranged wooden blocks.

Not righteous.

Slang for professional tap dancers, not horses.

Long necklace ending in tassels or a pendant.

Auction action.

Smokeless explosive made with nitroglycerine.

Claim, assert something.

Puzzle 13

Where animals gather to drink, __ hole.

Bovine, sacred animal to the ancient Egyptians.

Metal with symbol Sm, used in magnets.

Where some files are kept.

Ibsen play about a Norwegian folk hero.

Hebrew word for the Torah parts read on Shabbat.

Noel Coward's play about flirtation at the Blisses.

African capital named after the 5th US President.

Scoop out, e.g. to prepare foundations.

Piazza in Venice.

Ruler of the Ottoman or Mughal empires.

Overlapping roof coverings.

Doorbell sound.

Puzzle 14

Fictional sport played by wizards on broomsticks.

Extra storey of a building between floors.

African nation that was once home to the dodo bird.

Sugar alternative.

Largest European seaport.

2006 Guillermo del Toro film, Pan's __.

Blue stone; rhymes with her boys.

Arch used in bridge construction since 1817.

Guilty of misleading others.

The one who gets the worm.


__ drill, rock-breaking jackhammer.

Potsdam palace, museum and home of Frederick II.


Unique identifying number of a hardware on a network.

Their profession is researching plant life.

Puzzle 15

Looked covertly.

B vitamin in green vegetables, lentils, liver.

Lucky number in German, as elsewhere.

Save files to another disk.

Of inconsistent quality, not evenly covered.

Key horizontal support beam in a building.

George __, James Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life.

A funny feeling.

Led a music festival line up.

Brendan Behan's prison setting play, The Quare __.

1859 conflict between US and Britain over a porker.

Sandstorm of northern Africa, Arabia and the US.

Destructive timber decay caused by fungi.

Water spirits in Celtic mythology.

Puzzle 16

Foul-mouthed, prone to blaspheming.

Horizontal beam of timber that supports a window.

By any means.

Stefan __, Swedish serve-and-volley tennis player.

Window in a loft conversion.

__ Dance With Somebody, hit for Whitney in 1987.

Iranian city and red wine grape.

Nonsense, insincere or foolish talk.

__ piscis, the intersection between two circles.

Loose skin hanging from the neck of a bird.

Horror film director, Wes __.

Detective in Edith Ngaio Marsh novels, Roderick __.

Biggest river in Andorra, Gran __.

__ Fáil, Republican Party of Ireland.

Swift-__, comet orbits the Sun every 133 years.

Bento box lunches served on trains in Japan.

A sea anchor or a small parachute for planes.

Named after a senior.

Puzzle 17

Novel featuring the character of Leopold Bloom.

Opening between vocal cords.

Wooden containers seen stacked in builders' yards.

Sloping timbers that support a roof's frame.

One is worried is on pins and __.

World's largest Chinese eCommerce firm, __ Group.

Joined sides.

Nationality of saxophone inventor Adolphe Sax.

Author of Love, Loss, and What We Ate, Padma __.

Small Italian island off the Tuscany coast.

Puzzle 18

Foundation excavations.

World's second largest landlocked country by area.

Dark amber beer.

The speed at which an object moves.

Kind, thoughtful, giving money and time.

Previously, once.

Ancient harplike musical instrument.

Up to now; an anagram of "other hit".

Hand-dyed batik fabric produced on Andros Island.

Cushioned layer beneath a floor covering.

They are incomers.

McLovin has a fake ID from Hawaii in this movie.

Abstract artistic style based on art stains.

Puzzle 19

Chicken stew, served in stock sauce.

Herbal preparations in cloth to draw out infection.

Storage or living area in the roof of a house.

Gandalf's horse in Lord of the Rings.

Gruesome, dire.

Early Mesopotamian script.

High kings of the Anglo Saxon period.

Indonesian Buddhist temple, the world's largest.

Applying a layer of textured cement to brickwork.

In a trance-like state or drunken stupor.

An actor's luminary ideal.

Puzzle 20

Main protein in cheese and milk.

Talented murderer takes the identity of his victim.

Initial base coat of paint.

Song by U2, Angel of __.

Spanish company with handcrafted ceramic figures.

Shape-shifting, galloping Celtic sea monster.

Astronomical measure, about 3.25 light-years.

Scottish checked cloth.

Degrade, devalue.

Concrete slabs that line roads/sidewalks.

__ Pooch, martial artist behind a janitor disguise.

Horizontal wooden panels with guttering attached.

Algerian infantryman with colourful uniform.

Country with an airline called Aeroflot.

French word for bird.

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