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Here are the answers to CodyCross Buying Books Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Arguing academically about something.

Pop-up city center skating venues.

Reduction in the selling price of an item.

A __ agent connects authors with publishers.

Bright, warming beams in the sky.

Burial place for those who have passed over.

Another word for envy.

Family name of maker of mayonnaise.

Storybook writer.

Lovable and cute.

Gathering to sleep at night (of birds).

Puzzle 2

Style of leather jacket worn by aviators in 1940s.

Turn into ice.

__ Five; adventure books about four kids and a dog.

Pull up your chairs at these to share meals.

Number of players in a soccer team.

Not casual; official.

Hardy's counterpart.

Thin biscuits that decorate ice creams.

Get older and more mature.

Strange apparition or illusion seen in the desert.

Brightly colored bird that can learn to talk.

What's good for the goose is good for the __.

Describes a book printed on shiny pages.

Puzzle 3

To suffocate; cover something until it's airtight.

First name of Ollivander the wandmaker.

Genre of books that feature love stories.

To continue to live after a terrible ordeal.

Shot with a beam of light.

Hazelnut-chocolate filling.

__ Shipman, plays Kenzie Bell.

Graceful, oriental cat, pale body with darker face.

Bugs, creepie-crawlies.

Noticed or caught sight of.

Hitting a nail with a hammer.

__ novel; perfect reading material for a flight.

__Stone, Irish landmark to kiss to become eloquent.

Puzzle 4

Take a book home from a library.

A garden insect, for e.g. a ladybird.

Very, absolutely.

Tiny small flying bugs also called gnats.

To be happy and bouncy, like a bird.

__ Bravo, plays Gooba Gooch in Henry Danger.


__ & Noble; US chain of book retailers.

Balls of ice cream.

Transforming robotic toys made by Tonka.

A type of cap popular in baseball.

Puzzle 5

Sewing up raw edges of cloth; shortening trousers.

Ice-__, open-air winter sport in city centers.

Making holes in mud and sand with a spade.

Books for recording daily events or experiences.

Sound made by bees.

Dried grapes paired with rum in ice cream.

Made-up identity used by some writers.

Lift higher.

Spotting fish, with a face mask and breathing tube.

Able to bend or shape, like Play Doh.

A hand tool for turning and tightening.

"__ -Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock".

Puzzle 6

Eating too much, having a vast appetite.

Pool of rainwater that collects on the ground.

Cyndi __, sang about girls wanting to have fun.

Plastic pail for making sandcastles.

Bookstore section for holiday destination guides.

Not the top.

Moves smoothly like ice skates or swans on a pond.

Light emitting __, technology used in calculators.

__ display; seen by customers entering a store.

Chili __, dried pepper for sprinkling on food.


__ health; your emotional well-being.

King __, Elvis movie set in New Orleans.

Wax art stick, especially used by children.

Handbags or wallets for ladies.

Puzzle 7

Tall stone posts that support a building.

Party __, people who like beastly fun.

The O in CEO.

Dustin Hoffman cross-dressing comedy.

Can be chocolate, or a fungus found underground.

Neatly, in a chic way.

Dropping down to the floor.

Books containing maps of the world.

The muscular part of a bird's stomach.

Bouncing on one leg.

Raining soft ice, in winter time.

Fire __, street water source for firefighters.

Islamic ruler of a tribe or a royal family member.

Giant paper artwork for displaying on walls.

Machine that plays music when a coin is put in it.

Puzzle 8

French car manufacturer with arrows logo.

Viewpoint, what someone thinks.

Dream __, net circle with feathers to protect.

Male goats.

Forever, an __ flame.

Followers of Islam.

Person who mops, dusts and vacuums for a living.

Main meals of the day or formal banquets.

Athlete who clears obstacles.

Leave in a hurry, escape.

__ Hubble, witch in Jill Murphy's books.

For __; instruction guides with yellow covers.

Drinks mat.

Coats, outer clothing.

Guinness Book of __; collection of amazing feats.

The name of the castle for Prince Harry's wedding.

Puzzle 9

What you learn at school, for example maths, art.

Book __; exchanging books between friends.

Sources of cakes and bread.

__ bag, camping accessory to snooze in.

Four __ and a Funeral, a British comedy.

The noise keys make in your pocket.

A container holding six bottles of Champagne.

Dec 31 reminiscences, or __ of the past 12 months.

Book with a solid, rigid cover.

Words said quietly, like secrets.

Puzzle 10

To spoil someone with extreme care and attention.

A day of rest in most western countries.

Able to carry a lot, physically or emotionally.

Books ranking according to popularity ratings.

Chewy sweet made from sugar and butter.

Scores you get after sitting an exam or test.

Narrow valleys or ravines.

Phoebe's best-known song in Friends, __ Cat.

__ and hell, paradise and purgatory.

Inspector __; hi-tech kids' TV action figure.

Additional food flavors, often ground up.

Amazon's branded e-reader device.

A fly larvae, popular with fishermen.

Puzzle 11

Sugar-coated, fried dough filled with jam.

It is rung to alert a homeowner to visitors.

Story carried on from a previous book; __ novel.

Someone who greatly enjoys reading for pleasure.

Turdine refers to what type of birds?.

Winter weather drop.

Chain worn around the wrist.

Annual celebration of coming into the world.

Where to place books you want to read soon.

Made lighter, e.g. her hair was __ with chemicals.

The one that weighs the most.

Puzzle 12

Tropical fruit with a crown.

Pleasant, enjoyable, could be a place or person.

__ ever after; when things go wrong.

It seals plastic or glass containers of liquid.

Famous dogs and cats shelter in London.

Recorded version of literature being read aloud.

Written account of someone else's life.

Take __ Me, ABBA hit.

Another name for legislators.

Entrance; being allowed into a place.

Puzzle 13

To show or display, especially in a museum.

A baby that can move around on its hands and knees.

Hitting the first ball in a game of tennis.

Renovated; with new information added.

Writing that is not based on facts or real life.

To complain about or speak out against something.

Short work of fiction.

Protection with a roof over your head.

Orange fruit, like a peach but smaller.

Keri __; actress and ex-Mickey Mouse Club star.

Puzzle 14

Brooks, small rivers.

Round decorations for a Christmas tree.

Pretended you were going to do something.

Garments, things to wear.

Go downwards.

Someone who competes at sports.

A savory cracker shaped as a knot.

Medium-sized marsupial, smaller than a kangaroo.

Written book critiques, often with star ratings.

Caribbean island, capital St. George's.

Arrangement of goods to attract customers.

Puzzle 15

Respiratory disease with a difficult spelling.

__-eagled, a position with limbs wide apart.

Diamonds and rubies.

__ time, time spent in front of TV, phone or PC.

Nice material tied around a braid.

Southern African country, capital Lusaka.

Smooth, clear and slippery.

__ Pieces; peanut candy with an orange wrapper.

The seat on a bicycle.

Used to decorate a wall or create a piece of art.

Writer of a book.

Tool to grip, cut and bend metal and wire.

Electronic versions of novels or literary texts.

Crocodile __, hunter comedy movie trilogy.

Friend of Charlotte and Henry Danger.

Puzzle 16

Super __; a giant water pistol.

The name for a group of eggs laid by a bird.

Flat, paved areas of gardens.

Something that needs to be mended.

Animal whose hole Alice fell down.

Travel books are also called destination __.


__ Diaz; star karate pupil in Cobra Kai.

Group of books featuring the same characters.

Cocktail-making container for mixing ingredients.

__-mâché, modeling material.

Apple's calling device.

Nursery rhyme: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, __.

Smells, perfumes.

Expensive to buy.

Puzzle 17

Unexpected events, things planned in secret.

Strong personality traits; not weaknesses.

Liquid gargled to freshen the breath.

Hooked up to electrical power or the internet.

Plot of a novel.

Collection of short stories or poems.

Matilda's kindly teacher.

Clients, people who buy a business's products.

Book that contains lists of synonyms.

Hot air blower for styling wet locks.

Puzzle 18

Bouncing on one foot.

Disorganized mess; untidiness.

Weeping loudly.

Money that you spend in the US and Australia.

__ pear; sour cactus fruit.

Used with spades to build sandcastles.

Someone who boasts.

__ Hill; movie with Hugh Grant as bookstore owner.

Great __, home of England, Scotland and Wales.

Comment that gives away a book's plot twist.

Wax sticks.

Hard-working, strong dogs that pull sleighs.

Puzzle 19

The aristocracy or upper classes.

Publication with recipes and meal ideas.

The most angry or grumpy.

Shops that sell breads and pastries.

Fired a missile.

Data measurement of 1,024 bytes.

Prince sang about this car, Little Red __.

Logs and kindling for the hearth.

Books for recording daily thoughts or experiences.

Iconic literature, such as Jane Eyre or 1984.

Puzzle 20

Fasteners such as on shoes, belts, or seat belts.

Nearest, least far away.

Blow up a guest mattress, fill it with air.

Whitewater __, a water sport on the rapids.

Cooling beverage made with leaves.

A ghost or apparition and a 2015 James Bond film.

Event to show off your pup's skills.

__ Jackson, pop superstar who sang Thriller.

Book with anecdotes about someone's life.

Sleeping for a short while.

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