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Here are the answers to CodyCross Camping Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Outer clothing, worn on the upper body.

The main language spoken in Egypt.

Someone who goes camping.

Person who assists in a job, e.g. helps a sheriff.

People who eat no animal products are called __.

"Was raw" backwards; the capital of Poland.

Hot, humid region; __ of Cancer.

Apple music app.

Rhyming term for group jogging race.

The bat in table tennis, or used to power a boat.

Puzzle 2

Headache remedy.

Thick layer of material for extra warmth at night.

The dot in a number such as 0.75 is a __ point.

West African country, capital Dakar.

One part in a television series is called an __.

The older son of Prince Charles, married to Kate.

Six-legged bugs.

If you're not with me, you're __ me.

Spheres of soap that float.

The main language that is spoken in Milan.

Running for fitness at a fairly leisurely pace.

Puzzle 3

Popular on the Internet.

Information that is valuable to police.

The round window on a ship.

Setting of George Orwell's animal novel.

Extremely hot water and the blistering from it.

A rectangular pad for sleeping on.

Invisible light.

Strong silver adhesive.

Work out angles and shapes in this maths subject.

Split your legs apart in gymnastics.

A __ of sugar was Mary Poppins's wonder cure.

A happening that awakens the werewolves.

Logs that are collected for burning.

Ariel's tropical fish best friend.

Puzzle 4

Skills for staying alive.

Someone who runs at a very fast pace.

Biblical boat.

Cooking food outside, over smoking coals.

Someone who performs card tricks or illusions.

Large black/gold dog also called a German shepherd.

Children's game of jumping over each other's backs.

Electronic device that makes sounds louder.

Fruit in pastry, often served with whipped cream.

Clothes made from wool.

Hedgehogs have these - and so do brambles.

A book or film that is scary and full of suspense.

__, tens and units.

The "Center of the Renaissance".

Another word for a PC.

Puzzle 5

Another name for sunglasses.

Inflatable mattress that makes camping more comfy.

Winter sport, not snowboarding.

A meal eaten outdoors, sitting on a blanket.

__ Out, 2015 Pixar film about a girl's emotions.

Bullet point plan for a meeting.

Collections of songs by a band or singer.

Simon Pegg played this Star Trek character.

Popular Internet search engine with colorful logo.

Round table wedding gift recipient: King __.

How you turn a frog into a prince.

Puzzle 6

Hand-rolled figure built in winter gardens.

Clothes that need washing.

Where horses live.

A regional form of language.

Preparing food for a meal.

__ and Barbuda, Caribbean islands.

Apple laptop.

The flowers seen on trees in spring time.

Puffed maize kernels.

Story of a boy who finds a magical lamp.

Female water creature with a tail instead of legs.

Spongebob's boss.

Catching trout or carp, for example.

Puzzle 7

Restaurant leftovers are carried home in this.

Bars on top of a vehicle for carrying luggage.

System where the king or queen rules the country.

Egg, milk, flour batter, fried.

Ornithorhynchus anatinus, semiaquatic mammal.

A circular diagram with slices for percentages.

Buildings where soliders live.

Tin Woodman's home, __ Country.

Using an axe to cut wood.

Rosh __ is the Jewish New Year.

Stuffy, serious and bald raptor from The Muppets.

Puzzle 8


Number of countries in Africa.

A decision where everybody agrees.

Film where Kevin gets stranded for Christmas.

Sand __, an artistic beach creation.

Writer of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Baby bird.

Warm underclothes that conserve your body heat.

The sound a burning fire makes.

Space walker.

Puzzle 9

Shopping website and Brazilian river.

__ and ChumChum is a Nickelodeon cartoon.

To multiply something by three.

The act of climb up a mountain.

What a queen sits on.

The __ Strikes Back, second Star Wars film.

A garden structure with roof but no sides.

The Toy Story dog is one of these springs.

Neptune is one, and so is Mercury.

An area of dense woodland.

Snow White had seven of these.

At the back of a ship.

Puzzle 10

Two-wheeled vehicle with pedals.

"Jambo" in this language means "hello".

Preserved, cloth-wrapped bodies from ancient Egypt.

What you pull when parachuting.

Monstrous creature formed of various animal parts.

Hotel Transylvania 2, 2015 Adam __ movie.

Language of the air, used by pilots, airports.

Electrical device for making toast.

A rocket launching from its pad.

Red-nosed reindeer.

Marge's birth surname in The Simpsons.

A hole dug in the ground for lighting coals.

Paleontology tools for dusting off loose earth.

Puzzle 11

Something that is rough or rubbing.

Genre with lots of twists that keeps you guessing.

A killer.

Mobile phone app, good for group chats.

Tchaikovsky ballet featuring Prince Siegfried.

A place where people stay in tents and caravans.

Heavy storm, with strong winds and snow.

Bony Halloween costume.

__ kit, emergency help for injuries.

Someone who makes cartoon films.

Purple vegetable (name used in US).

Puzzle 12

Study of celestial movements, yet not scientific.

Large rocks with Viking inscriptions on them.

The final form of Dratini Pokemon.

All of the people.

A gadget for opening food cans.

Change a liquid to a gas.

A large waterproof canvas sheet.

Kal-El's alter ego.

Mollusc with a large foot such as a slug or snail.

Mosquito disease causes small heads in newborns.

Adventure game, firing dye-filled pellets.

Oceans are filled with this type of liquid body.

Indian film center, based in Bombay.

Central American country, means "rich coast".

Puzzle 13

Batman's butler.

A popular instrument to accompany campfire songs.

Sandwich royalty, Home of the Whopper, __ King.

Tasty rewards used for obedient dogs.

The __ are touch, taste, smell, etc..

Mossy __ Farm, where Shaun the Sheep lives.

To run away or break free.

The prickles on a rose bush are called __.

Not obvious; anagram of "bustle".

The month before Christmas with a special calendar.

Flint's pirate ship in Treasure Island.

Invisible, floating spirits.

Puzzle 14

To give someone a shock; anagram of "rattles".

Wind, rain and snow are the worst __ for camping.

Mythical horse with a horn.

The amount of space for data a device has.

Make scratches on the skin leaving marks.

Lego cartoons with dragons, in a Japanese setting.

Straw or sawdust for gerbils to sleep in.

The wearing away of rock along a coast.

Land where things grow easily.

A camper that is towed behind a car.

Dropping to the bottom, not floating.

Crêpe __, traditional French dessert.

A referee blows one to signal start of a game.

Puzzle 15

Coffee element; where the buzz comes from.

Iceman companion of reindeer Sven in Frozen.

A popular species of tortoise to keep as a pet.

A blood-sucking insect.

Inner or inside; the opposite is external.

Non-acidic substance.

A gas bottle used by campers for cooking.

Sliding downhill in the snow.

Hero's helper.

Animated feline lasagna lover.

__ biking is riding through rough terrain.

Puzzle 16

Insects that light up at night.

NY Times puzzle.

Small plastic particle, a danger to animals.

Controversial boxer with a face tattoo.

Quasimodo of Notre Dame in 1996 Disney film.

Louis __, One Direction singer.

Furry fruit with green interior.

Substances that are added to a camping toilet tank.

Store things in these cabinets.

What the Grinch stole.

Lunar glow.

Jelly that tadpoles hatch from.

Puzzle 17

Decorative strip of velvet or satin for the hair.

The "M" in "BPM" in music.

__ Panda, cartoon character who loves martial arts.

A princess's male counterpart.

A cushion for making sleeping more comfortable.

A mixture of red and blue.

Baden-__ founded the boy scouts.

Don't put all your eggs in one of these.

In Twitter, what is the "D" in "DM"?.

Large root vegetable that can be cooked in tinfoil.

Another word for your little finger.

Name for the tent in which circuses are held.

Capital of Greece with many ancient monuments.

Puzzle 18

Tallest bird native to Africa.

A type of flask that keeps drinks hot or cool.

The angel who told Mary she was having a baby.

To move forward.

__ Stone, iconic music magazine.

Social media site with little bird icon.

Rectangular toaster sweet pastry.

They go with crosses in the popular grid game.

Red-masked turtle named after Italian painter.

Roman god of the seas.

Part of your foot that is sometimes painted.

Spaces for campers to set up their tents.

He delivers letters, bills and bumpf to your door.

Puzzle 19

General term for an interpretor or translator.

The name of the last tsar of Russia.

Silicon Valley town.

Sterile __, used in first aid for covering wounds.

Something that is light enough to carry easily.

Two- or three-wheeled passenger cart from Asia.

Moshi __, virtual pets to collect.

What actors say to each other.

For Christians, the childhood town of Jesus.

Ghouls with pointed teeth that suck blood.

Someone with magical powers, like a wizard.

Containers or tools that are used for cooking.

Puzzle 20

NP, to texters.

Construct a shelter from sticks and branches.

Seed that chocolate is made with.

Mobile game where players catch pocket monsters.

They secure the slopes.

A screen to help shelter from a strong breeze.

__ Young, Disney's mountain gorilla.

Stand on one leg, arms out front, one leg out back.

Popular hair colorant, once for elderly ladies.

Severe strong winds in the Atlantic Ocean.

A person in a book, play or film is called a __.

The tools and supplies you need for an activity.

Romantic, colorful small parrots.

Doctor's home visit.

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