CodyCross Canadian Stars Pack answers

Canadian Stars PackCanadian Stars

Here are the answers to CodyCross Canadian Stars Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Painting by Flemish artist Bruegel: The Fall of __.

Keanu __, actor played Ted (not Bill) and Neo.

Balls, like the Earth.

Supple, pliant, flexible.

They can be obtuse or acute.

Animals, creatures.

Mix, or mix up; befuddle.

Donovan __, sprinter won 1996 Olympics 100m gold.

__ press, tube with plunger to dispense dough.

Hogwash, snake oil.

Puzzle 2

Jean, prisoner 24601 in Schönberg's Les Misérables.

German artist of disturbing works like The Trench.

Honestly, bluntly.

The League of __, created by the Versailles Treaty.

Liveried servant admits visitors to a grand house.

Canadian comfort food of chips, gravy and cheese.

Constituent part of a novel.

Army hairdo.

Looks at, e.g. a TV show.

__ kingdoms of the Five Barbarians, Ancient China.

Anne __, the heroine of Green Gables.

Received or perceived by ear.

Puzzle 3

Threshold of a building.

The whispering game, played with stones on ice.

Made an angry dog noise.

Dry white burgundy wine.

Not important when.

__ Jones, hero of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Part of AccorHotels, named after US railroad man.

Legacy, inheritance.

Flair, élan.

Highest mountain peak of Morocco.

First tenet of the French Revolution, in English.

Avril __, singer of the misspelt Sk8er Boi.

Gave an old employee a new job.

Crafters who make material from interlaced threads.

Puzzle 4

Where rivers begin.

Level __ field: a balanced and fair situation.

Norma __, actress of the Talkies and Silent films.

Eldest child and nominal narrator of The Waltons.

Took something to someone, carried it.

Shakespeare's Jewish moneylender.

Goodbye __, grey day for Pink Floyd.

Fishing boat.

Crash Test __, Canadian rockers with Brad Roberts.

Lightweight, transparent cotton fabric.

__ O'Keeffe, US artist of flowers.

Puzzle 5

A duck-billed __.

Country with the highest mountains in the UK.

General name for the Crusader states.

Not consume enough.

Canadian-born UK PM with the shortest tenure.

The creator of Wallace & Gromit.

Annual planner showing all days, month by month.

Hitting a door with knuckles.

Jeff __; USA national basketball coach (2017-).

Shows designed to make people laugh.

__ vehicle; assists broken down cars.

Utopian fantasist.

Canadian jazz pianist Oscar __.

Twilight or dusk.

Puzzle 6

Transition from childhood to adulthood.

__ time, modern naming of Greenwich Mean Time.

Covers visage with hand in embarrassment/shame.

Comedy actor starred as Uncle Buck.

Henri __, Devil's Is prisoner, writer of Papillon.

Scots bonnet with ribbons, cockade and toorie.

Filled, windblown bite-size pastry.

Cross between a ukulele and a banjo.

British agency for weather forecasting.

Rink sport played for the Stanley Cup.

Mixture, combination.

Puzzle 7

Yale's conspiracy theories in a movie: The __.

Look for.

__ Grande, Venice's waterlogged main thoroughfare.

Six-legged creature, e.g. wasp, beetle.

Organised event, often as a charity fundraiser.

North-east England cathedral city.

Shoot the __.

In German, this number is zwanzig.

Grace-and-__ properties are given rent free.

Justin __, Canadian YouTube breakout star.

Billy __, Canadian airman and fighter ace of WWI.

Puzzle 8

Eat, drink and __, for tomorrow we die.

Horseshoe Falls are the biggest cascade here.

Untied a shoe's fastening knot.

Squirms in pain.


Goes amongst people at a party.

Tanning bulb providing ultraviolet light.

The state of undisturbed solitude, not public.

Gary __; played by DiCaprio in Parenthood.

Nelly __, singer famous for debut I'm Like a Bird.

Hot cereal.

SI derived unit of electric charge.

Pre-Christian Egyptian sickle-sword.

Puzzle 9

A cartographer.

Depression-era caper movie with Newman and Redford.

__ Union, trade area originally the EEC.

Happy, in a good mood.

Puts billiard ball somewhere unplayable.

Queen who popularized the Christmas tree tradition.

Marriage vows, for better __.

René __, a founder of the Parti Québécois.

James __, inventor of the game of basketball.

Italian kitchen appliance company.

Song by The Fortunes: You've Got Your __.

Bearded __ is a tropical marine bristleworm.


__ War, major North African conflict with France.

Numbers with six zeros.

Meteor showers peaking on August 12/13.

Puzzle 10

Simple arithmetic.

Famous avian ballet by Tchaikovsky.

Chris __, astronaut who sang Bowie songs in space.

Tree whose name means "fig-mulberry" in Greek.

Peanut-caramel chocolate bar.

Roared, shouted from the stomach.

Breakfast at a Parisian cafe: petit __.

Entrepreneur linked to SpaceX and Tesla.

African country where Christmas is called "Ganna".

Rays that escape through a hole in cloud cover.

A feeling of unease.

Aero wings on the back of cars.

Repeated catchphrase of Robin Williams as Mork.

Puzzle 11

Where Elvis was crying, In the __.

Sylvia's __; tragic novel by Elizabeth Gaskell.

__ Howe, ice hockey player who scored 1000 goals.

Paul __ played Paul Buchman on Mad About You.

A tall monument.

"Do you speak French?": __-vous Français?.

Capital and largest city of Mali.

Aromatic spice buds for soothing toothache.

Banana __, lengthways cut fruits with ice cream.

Covered, open-sided walkway aside a building.

Artificial hills created over burial sites.

George A __, director of Night of the Living Dead.

Puzzle 12

Loving, idolising.

Cleansing, as Jesus did to feet of the disciples.

Toronto construction, once the world's tallest.

Lester __, Canadian PM and Nobel prizewinner.

Dispatch-scroll of ancient Spartans.

Psychological test.

Court __, disciplinary arena in the military.

Trod heavily and carelessly.

Exhibition centre in London W14.

Sleeping chamber.

Puzzle 13

Squid, for eating.

Outer and Inner country, with Red Hero capital.

Passenger class of DiCaprio's Titanic character.

Female emblematic allegory of the French Revolution.

Brits call it icing (on a cake), in the US it's __.

It has four rooks and two kings.

Additional play if score is tied in basketball.

TV format where celebrities are interviewed.

Shivers, trembles.

High-ranking bureaucrat, civil servant, diplomat.

Seafood recommended for boosting brainpower.

Easel for reading material.

Jean __, Canadian PM oversaw creation of Nunavut.

Pungent-smelling liquid once used to paint fences.

"It's in the game" software company division.

Canada's iconic police force on horseback.

Puzzle 14

Pink wading bird.

Adjudicators, moderators.

Joni __, singer of Big Yellow Taxi and Blue.

Raw-fish eatery.

Michael __, Booker winner with The English Patient.

Month when Panama celebrates its independence.

Vocations particularly suited to the right people.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader __.

Unexpected or forceful rant.

Halophyte plant of Australia.

Small streams of water - or even sweat.

Also called bumbershoot.

Puzzle 15

Narrow parallel trenches created across a field.

Sterilising a female cat.

Gathered content together, with expert knowledge.

Got less wide or less hair.

Joan of __; married King Henry IV of England.

People who go, people who don't remain.

__ teg; fairy folk of Welsh mythology.

South American men.

__ Burr, actor who played Detective Ironside.

Pulitzer winner for The Stone Diaries, Carol __.

Russian Romantic composer who was also a chemist.

Arany __, traditional Hungarian "golden" dessert.

Puzzle 16

__ Horseman, animated show.

Refuses with contempt.

Book by Mikhail Gorbachev: "The New __".

Chinese soup dish cooked at the table.

First capital of Upper and Lower Egypt.

French town where De Gaulle was wounded in 1914.

Deanna __, 1930-40s child film and singing star.

St __, Swiss winter sport location with Cresta Run.

Small mole-like mammals with pointy snouts.

__ fiber, synthetic material used to make bicycles.

New Orleans music with accordion and washboard.

__ Black, former Daily Telegraph owner and peer.

Puzzle 17

(Lord) Alan Michael Sugar's first computer company.

James __, film director of Titanic.

Non-believer in gods.

Even __, settled equally and fairly.

Stunned and upset.

Yvonne __, actress played Lily Munster on TV.

Kenya's two official languages: English and __.

Pond __, investigating what lives in pond water.

Hidden spy called into action when needed.

Rebel slaves in 17th century Jamaica.

Recluses, people who choose to live alone.

Alistair MacLean's first novel: HMS __.

Puzzle 18

Inflexible, tough, uncompromising.

Disappear unnoticed.

Meat, oven-cooked in a container.

Happening twice a year.

War of the __; war between Jerusalem and Cyprus.

Places where rock is mined.

Spanish centre of the package tourism industry.

Guards, defends.

Mary __, silent film star, founded United Artists.

Something indeed remarkable.

__ Dancer, racehorse won the 1964 Kentucky Derby.

A power metal band from Sweden.

Puzzle 19

A car engine __ over.

80 in the German language.

Enters a venue.

__ stick, plastic rod for stirring cocktails.

The __, Neruda befriends a public worker.

When disappointed, you feel __ by someone.

Winter sculpture.

Channel-__; indecisive about what to watch on TV.

Singer with a Fenty x Puma fashion line.

Wayne __, Canadian ice hockey superstar.

Leaving the car in a proper spot.

__ disc, back injury requiring rest.

To transfer data to a peripheral device.

Napoleonic War battle in Spanish Galicia.

Sandford __, engineer, inventor of Standard Time.

Organic matter used as a source of energy.

Another word for platelayers.

__ Bank, Cheshire's radio telescope observatory.

Puzzle 20

Ridiculous, silly.

__ the 13th; long-running horror franchise.

Mercutio's killer in Romeo and Juliet.

Black birds found at the Tower of London.

Heavenly servants of God, with wings.

__ butter, savoury spread patented in Canada.

Placed out of view.

__ Twain, singer of That Don't Impress Me Much.

Your relations, your kith and kin.

__ Rose, English golfer and a world no. 1 in 2018.

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