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Caribbean Getaway PackCaribbean Getaway

Here are the answers to CodyCross Caribbean Getaway Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Bit down loudly.

Noun referring to only one thing in grammar.

Vagrant, tramp.

Island group in the E Caribbean including Antigua.

Mermaid-style dress design.


Asked aggressively.

Describes hot and sultry weather regions.

Branch of maths dealing with shapes.

Relax, unwind.

2017 cartoon film where an infant is in charge.

The Cat __, wears a red bow tie, by Dr. Seuss.

Puzzle 2

Attractive soup the Mock Turtle sang about.

Vertical drop of a river, a tourism highlight.

Traditional holiday for Dundee Cake.

Tropical plant such as pineapple or Spanish moss.

5, 10 and 15 are __ of 5.

Monster that represents jealousy or envy.

Small figure, like owned by Oscar-winners.

Young people aged 13-19.

Disease marked by inflammation of lung tissue.

Signature of a famous person.

Puzzle 3

Following the intended route.

Icy globe; Advocaat and lemonade cocktail.

__ pools, illusionary mix of pool and sea.

Aerial route for tourists through a jungle canopy.

The KB sign stands for this.

A female chaser.

Hospitably invited into someone's home.

Celebration, a fair.

Act of being lazy.

A large, extinct elephant-like mammal.

Treading heavily.

Puzzle 4

The tray for cats ablutions when they can't go out.

Thin, not wide.

Spikes, name of two mountains on St Lucia.

Teddy, the storytelling cuddly bear.

Shedding tears.

Tangoed, quickstepped, tapped....

__ Jerry's is a famous ice cream brand.

Ubiquitous Norwegian souvenirs of ugly small men.

Plastic, paper or metal tubes for drinking shakes.

__ Gander, centuries-old nursery rhyme.

Caribbean islands and a tax haven.

Heat, emitted from a fire.

Bonnie Tyler song: "Turn around, __ eyes".

Shots that get the ball into play in tennis.

People who lay roofing slabs.

Puzzle 5

Without any warning.

Sleepy, groggy.

A digit; something you can count.

Photographic pieces slotted through a projector.

Shut one eye briefly.

Squeezed a fruit.

Clergymen in charge of churches.

Small, thin, dry pieces of fish food.

James Dashner wrote The Maze __.

Frequency, every 60 minutes.

Cuban dance form and a short jacket.

The friendly ghost.

Fairy __, washing-up product promoted by a baby.

Inflatable mattress for camping.

East Caribbean __, a major currency of the Indies.

Toing and __, means going back and forth.

A good luck object, person or animal.

Puzzle 6

Historical Dickens' novel: A Tale of __.

Without any cow's milk in it.

Very bright, or another word for excellent.

Facilities, especially at a holiday destination.

Daily rag used with paste to make papier-mâché.

O'Neal, former US basketball player.

Fancy resort vessel with twin hulls.

All the people.

Fringing growth made of exoskeletons of animals.

Country where the band Midnight Oil originated.

Puzzle 7

Pancakes made in an iron.

Pills, or stone sheets.

Spray can.

__ cars, iconic glimpse of 1950s Havana.

Courageousness, fearlessness.

Religious separatists who arrived in America in 1620.

Dutch Caribbean island and an orange liqueur.

Surname of Jim, young narrator of Treasure Island.

Plug, publicize.

The path followed by an electric current.

Concisely, in short.

Where soldiers dig in, maybe alongside a vulpine.

Dense area of small trees and bushes.

A 1994 film: The __ of King George.

Puzzle 8

Carpaccio and tartare are this; uncooked flesh.

She-Ra: Princess __; long-lost twin of He-Man.

Your mother's mother.

City where grunge music originated.

Gun, weapon, pistol.

Dense tropical forests.

Holiday places with all the facilities.

Skilled, well able to do something.

__ sign, pictorial representation of a settlement.


Puzzle 9

Workplace buildings.

Rubbers that remove pencil marks.

Domestic domains occupied by groups.

French comic book character, friend of Obelix.

Music form, a blend of Indian and Caribbean.

Creaming potatoes.

Sugary term of endearment.

Scientific name for your windpipe.

Exploring waters on flat wooden transport.


__ glass, or another word for a mirror.

Marriage, celebration of a partnership.

Puzzle 10

Vicky and Tori are short forms of this girls' name.

Ten and eight.

National dance of the Dominican Republic.

Tidies into a particular order.

Needle in a __, or something difficult to find.

Free __; not having to pay shipping charges.

A thin glass container used in the science lab.

A set of wooden pins you knock down with a ball.

Act of duplicity or treachery.

Hard-shelled fruit with milky interiors.

Bart's best friend in The Simpsons.

Puzzle 11

Cocktail with vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry.

A room for two sharing a bed in a hotel: __ room.

A war, fought with swords and shields.

West __, cricket nation comprising Caribbean isles.

In his suit and tie, he looked very prim and __.

Calmly, unflappably, nonchalantly.

Hip-hop dance with twitchy movements.

Not acid.

Tied something with smooth rope.

Final resting places; tombs.

To choose something or someone over others.

Martinique and Guadeloupe are in the __ Antilles.

Gasped like a tired dog.

__ spot; facial mole or freckle.

Cloth or material for making clothing.

__ Express; long-distance passenger train service.

Puzzle 12

Lady of the Green __, Narnia's emerald witch.

Tines on a fork.

Microblog social network with a "t" as its logo.

Zigzagging, downhill winter ski race.

Small long-eared type of horse, used for burden.

Rod Stewart sang the ballad "Have I Told You __".

Turks & __, British Overseas Territories.

Brothers of someone's mother or father.

Subcategories; types of film, music or books.

Pit workers who dig for gold or coal.

Harry, young wizard with popular Lego range.

Trophies or certificates acknowledging achievement.

Measuring devices with straight lines.

Large rolls of tobacco, a major export of Cuba.

Didn't use productively.

Puzzle 13

Squashy, squeezy toy.

If you stand on it, no one can enter a house.

The __ of a steam engine moving along.

The least amount.

Island chain whose capital is "Funky" Nassau.

Game __, tourists catching marlins, say.

Nuts from prunus dulcis trees.

Baby bird becomes capable of flight.

Spasmodic inhalations with a peculiar sound.

Bucket who won a Golden Ticket to meet Willy Wonka.

Pot of money amassed in a bank.

For this reason.

Puzzle 14

Jamaican religion with Ethiopian influences.

Collected or bought and taken home from trips.

Craft made from old boxes and bottles.

Maze; fantasy movie starring David Bowie.

Flights that land on water, alternative to ferries.

Objective, goal.

A man someone was once married to.

Nervous excitement.

Beasts that roamed the Earth before people.

They perform card tricks and create illusions.

Puzzle 15

Tiny specks of dust.

Tasty or scrumptious.

One of two lower chambers of the heart.

Barbarous flat fish with venom, in tropical waters.

Rain protectors.

Plate __, theory of the structure of Earth’s crust.

Series of global concerts.

Fruity alcoholic drinks taken at a beachside bar.

Rule out, discount, e.g. __ a suspect.

Full name for place for exercise on machines.

Richard I had this brave nickname.

Firms, businesses.

Puzzle 16

Opposite of the softest.

Bodies of water protected by coral reefs.

Gooey chocolate cake slab.

Kitchen surface.

Produce milk.

A type of shoe, same name as a university.

Series of fantasy novels by Brian Jacques.

__ Abbey, fictional TV home of the Crawleys.

Lasting forever.

Post for guiding traffic away from pedestrians.

Concentrated, converged.

Holiday getaways afloat.

A part of northern Finland, with reindeer.

A planet and a type of liquid metal.

Puzzle 17

The early culture that came before the Bronze Age.

Party game of acting out books, films, plays, etc.


Opposite of positive.

Biblical reference to a heavenly, blissful place.

The most wonderful or the best.

Caribbean mammals also called sea cows or dugongs.

Cheese sandwiches prepared under the grill.

Most common element in the universe; H.

__ scale, a balance with dishes used in cookery.

Student's food transporter.

Something that happens every two years.

Mr. & __, Brad and Angelina play assassins.

Puzzle 18

Someone who passes on information to the police.

French, Spanish, Greek and German are __.

Experiencing pain or distress.

Final leg in a swimming medley race.

Attention-grabbing titles in a newspaper.

Fiery landforms: dormant, active and extinct.

__ Republic, east part of the island of Hispaniola.

Dummy on which to display clothes in a shop window.

Cracked/broken like a bone.

Small, round, azure fruit.

Puzzle 19

Not within what is legal.

Bahamian national pink bird standing on one leg.

Emperor of France defeated by Wellington.

Crushing granules of salt to make them finer.

Horseman missing the top part of his body.

The medical term for the lower jaw.

Checks, authenticates.

Calmness, tolerance.

Fruit in pastry, often served with whipped cream.

__ white ball, a masquerade celebration.

Cuban religion, meaning "way of the saints".

Diary book series about Greg Heffley.

Toy railway.

Puzzle 20

Indicated to be quiet.

Punctual, not delayed.

Set off a rocket.

Wax light stick.

__ food, can be eaten with digits.

Person behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Chimpanzees and marmosets are types of this animal.

Popular Jamaican resort; anagram of linger.

__ bath, with small spheres of soap.

Cinders, ashy/gravelly residue from coal.

Capital of Cuba, with pastel-painted houses.

While Shepherds Watched Their __; groups of sheep.

Cleansed, removed dirt.

Metal buttons on jeans.

Medical caregivers in hospitals or clinics.

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