CodyCross Carnivals Pack answers

Carnivals PackCarnivals

Here are the answers to CodyCross Carnivals Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Twist __; fluke turn of events.

Cinderella had one the night of the ball.

Flemish Carnaval at Aalst sees this veg thrown.

The metal arm or pointer of a sundial.

__ Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin's Limelight actor son.

Bird's neck feather.

Spiky tree named after a Lewis Carroll character.

Describes knees with severe grazes.

Spanish festival has the sandy burial of a sardine.

Kingdom between India and Tibet.

Clocking a racer.

Joss __, American director of Buffy TV series.

Person who competes with dog sled and team.

Puzzle 2

Fried potato dough from Calabria.

It holds you down.

WNBA counterpart of the Suns; Phoenix __.

__ Races, unofficial theme song of the North-East.

First legal casino in Europe dating back to 1638.

Sad clown with white costume and whitened face.

Peter __, Rat-Packer and brother-in-law of JFK.

Big rat or small kangaroo.

Eye glass.

Swirling, big-dressed ladies of Carnival shows.

Solitary, singular.

Being overly attentive.

Puzzle 3

Her lust for golden apples made her lose a race.

Creator of the character Scaramouche: Rafael __.

Smooth talkers, flirts, Lotharios.

Monarch of chaos in Goa's Carnival.

The Reign of the __, Jerry Siegel short story.

Semolina based pasta cousin in Moroccan cuisine.

Last Shadow Puppets and Billy Fury hit, __ Place.

Christian denomination at the centre of Carnival.

Chess scenario where all possible moves are bad.

British-Indian forces under Wingate in WW2 Burma.

A lab vessel where substances are decomposed.

Puzzle 4

Caves in Cantabria with prehistoric paintings.

Spherical, ball-shaped.

Scobie __, Aussie jockey won the Derby aged 52.

Outdoor conflagrations form part of festivities.

Single layer of atoms in a honeycomb pattern.

Thomas __, birth name of CeeLo Green.

Running behind.

Home that continually drains finances.

Architectural style of London's Lloyds Building.

Anagram with opposite meaning of original word.

French meat and vegetable stew served separately.

Great historical lover linked to Venice's carnival.

Australian state known as the Garden State.

Tool with washing head for cleaning the lino.

Aztec ruler whose name meant obsidian serpent.

Necklaces of flowers.

State of birth of Abraham Lincoln.

Written symbol or letter of a language.

Andy __, Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption.

Puzzle 5

Snowy US state where the movie Fargo is set.

Studies and believes in the supernatural.

Medium-grained risotto rice from northern Italy.

Ceremony of lit torches at New Orleans carnival.

Writer, who travelled around the world in 72 days.

San __; major jazz festival in northern Spain.

Chaucer tale about the search for an elf queen.

Caribbean music type derived from oil cans.

Swedish producer of sewing machines and motorbikes.

Removed liquid from the lungs.

Car belonging to Bruce Wayne's alter ego.

Leaky ship that the Pilgrims had to leave behind.

North __; sheep breed from Orkney Islands.

Puzzle 6

Alexandre __; inventor of the electric hair dryer.

Where you can buy something by nodding.

Woven cotton rug from India.

Sound __, static music at Notting Hill's festival.

Passage between seats on a ship or plane.

Largest lake in Lebanon.

Shade of pale red-orange.

__ St, New York, once home to the CBGB venue.

Emeril __, chef-author of New New Orleans Cooking.

Small portable sketch.

Itching disease affecting goats and sheep.

Guard's van on an American freight train.

How they say 17 in France.

Spanish crossdressing parade here at Carnaval.

London truffle-maker founded by Antoine Dufour.

Area of open water surrounded by sea ice.

Puzzle 7

Decorative stitching/gathering on girls' dresses.

One side or the other.

Jon __, Garfield the Cat's owner.

Country for the R.L. Stevenson novel "Kidnapped".

__ Gita, Hindu scripture.

Plastic babies are found in this Carnival delicacy.

Damp lime plaster used in fresco painting.

Roman governor of Britain.

Professional cooks' knives from France.

Action of a medical charlatan.

Piazza __, the focal point of Venice's Carnevale.

One who forges with copper.

Chicken restaurant owner from Breaking Bad.

Puzzle 8

Typical white bread roll from Rome.

Miami based baseball team.

Disown, renounce, refute.

Rare, highly valuable gemstone found only in Utah.

Cell division in the body's reproductive organs.

Site of huge Japanese earthquake of 1933.

King and queen of Carnival krewes.

Hue and cry; angry complaint.

David Howell Evans; U2's lead guitarist.

Author of the essay The Praise of Folly.

J'Ouvert revellers on Trinidad, smeared with paint.

Australian protea plants of tightly packed flowers.

Incan god of good fortune and wealth.

The First Triumvirate: Caesar, Pompey, and __.

Puzzle 9

Rich brown sauce that uses espagnole as a basis.

Japanese Shinta sun goddess.

Term for a story taking place in one day: __ novel.

It pours hormone directly into the bloodstream.

West London home of the 1948 Olympic Games.

Lines of shrubbery alongside roads.

The C in OCR, or Optical __ Recognition.

Trinidadian sounds for partygoers at Carnival.

Cobwebs floating through the air; light fabrics.

Snake depicted eating its own tail.

US city also known as The Forest City.

Venetian Carnevale mask, a gullible merchant.

Abandoned baby, especially in the Victorian era.

Capital of Latveria in the Marvel Universe.

Puzzle 10

National language of Bhutan.

Yellow-flower tree with poisonous leaves and bark.

Mascot snowman of the Québec Lenten Carnaval.

Amos __, world-renowned painter from the Bahamas.

Archaic tool for removing wax from hearing organs.

Geological era that first saw birds.

Bill Sikes's dog in Oliver!.

Insects' second pair of jaws.

John __, head of the Lollard movement.

Name of Carnival in German-speaking countries.

Goldilocks character in Muppet form.

Haile __, Ethiopian leader until 1974.

Puzzle 11

The __ Dodger, Fagin's leading pickpocket.

American __; ballroom dance with lifts and spins.

Firework used as a warning sign.

Rare score (and bird), a four under par in golf.

Bitter salad plant, can be Cichorium pumilum.

The middle of the mall is the shopping __.

Pierrots, harlequins and whitefaces at carnivals.

Capital of Angola.

Minor parades/street parties at Brazilian Carnaval.

An artistic work, a French one quite possibly.

Salts containing water-soluble potassium.

Puzzle 12

Country formerly led by a former Land's End model.

Musher command to a dog to turn 180 degrees left.

The long bone in the upper arm.

Interwoven frame.

Military or naval nationality flags.

Italian turquoise bikes and accessories producer.

Binche Carnaval, in this country's Walloon region.

Truffle __, Chunk's famous dance in The Goonies.

"Che" Guevara's hometown (Argentina).

It's not fun going back to this board.

Author of My Family and Other Animals: Gerald __.

Sort of calypso popular among the Caribbean Asians.

Fat __, day prior to Lent, high point of Carnival.

Santa always puts these in his contracts.

Puzzle 13

Annual festival inspired by Spooner documentary.

Calendar month of most pre-Lenten carnivals.

Top of the arch.

Austrian born film actor and director Erich von __.

__ elastic, springy thread used in dressmaking.

Looking rather __, or attractive.

Speaking with prolonged vowels.

Time in prison.

Capital of Alberta; 1978 Commonwealth Games city.

Spar that projects from the front of a ship.

Christian doctrine, declared heretical in AD 325.

Port brand with caped man on the label.

Being hesitant, displaying wariness.

What people wear when donning fancy dress.

Puzzle 14

Labi __, Something Inside So Strong singer.

Swiss dwelling.

River flowing through Pavia (Italy).

Bowls with holes, for draining.

Powerful torpedo explosive, first used in WWII.

Highly decorated trucks on a carnival parade.

Defeated leader in the Battle of Gaugamela: __ III.

Gene __, last US astronaut to walk on the Moon.

Beatrix __, children's writer and mycologist.

If you have one, you could predict the future.

Makes coffee from beans.

__ of the Angel, Venice Carnaval's rope descent.

Puzzle 15

Noise made by a donkey.

French Revolutionary motto for freedom.

Layered pasta dish eaten at Venice's Carnavale.

Throbbing effect in a singer's voice.

__ Collection, Manchester Square gallery in London.

Actress, comedian and mental health campaigner.

Colourless hydrocarbon used as vehicle fuel.

Oruro Carnaval is staged in this Lat Am country.

The K in JFK.

Island disputed between Kenya and Uganda.

Person forced into the army.

Puzzle 16

Prix __, foremost French literary prize.

H2O mattress.

Doc __, Wild West gunslinger, also a dentist.

Bands of percussionists at the Rio carnival.

Japanese dog with cat-like qualities.

From where downhill skiers begin a race.

Taming a bronco.

Corscian doughtnut sometimes with chestnut flour.

Papier-mâché satirical dummies or large heads.

Ephemeral; unsubstantial.

Canadian gold rush region of the 1890s.

Puzzle 17

Forename of literary hero Ivanhoe.

This country has the Internet domain HR.

__ St, major parade route of New Orleans Carnival.

Highly experienced person.

Officers in charge of cruise ships.

Autocratic rulers.

Noisy celebration and festivities, carousing.

Robert __, a preacher in The Night of the Hunter.

Smaller in height or size.

German admiral, jailed after the Stauffenberg plot.

Scottish soup company.

The tenth month of the year, in French.

A lot of rain.

Antiquated term for a football.

Puzzle 18

Bone found in the wrist.

Cassatt painted Under the Horse __ Tree.

Cursive script.

Ancient Roman magistrates ranked below consuls.

Informal online language using initialisms, etc..

Papery pieces thrown at the Binche Carnaval.

Latin term meaning lamb of God.

Haulage operatives.

Joseph Marie __; invented the weaving loom.

January festival, the start of Carnival in Germany.

Nickname of Debussy's daughter who died at age 13.

Swedish tetrahedron-shaped packaging.

Capital of Canada's Alberta province.

Goat breed with prized coat.

Mathematician, his story told in A Beautiful Mind.

Twilight, dusk, as nightfall approaches.

__ Army, fighting force formed by Parliamentarians.


Puzzle 19

Specify, set out conditions.

Aperture in a ship's hull though which cables run.

Plum brandy from eastern Europe.

A rapid sliding up or down the musical scale.

__ Astor IV; wealthy victim of Titanic disaster.

Largest lake entirely within Canadian borders.

Practical joker, plays tricks on those at Carnival.

Chris Pratt's Parks and Rec character.

Details of one's abodes.

Seaport of ancient Knossos, on Crete.

Fire-__, skilled act seen at Caribbean carnivals.

Apathy, tiredness, boredom, weariness.

Disease of dogs; a type of paint.

Toboggan racing track at St Moritz.

The 12 main followers of Jesus: apostles or __.

Puzzle 20

The word for tarragon in French.

Face-__, designing elaborate creations for visages.

Tribe dominant in the Middle East c 2000 BC.

A coarse cleaner.

Record keeper, using sticks traditionally.

Any general business activity.

It makes perfect.

Nationality of someone from Sfax.

Zulu __, hollowed-out hard-shell fruit at Carnival.

Author of thrillers featuring Jack Reacher.

Sailors' single-reeded instrument with fingerholes.

A mix of all sorts.

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