CodyCross Cars on the Screen Pack answers

Cars on the Screen PackCars on the Screen

Here are the answers to CodyCross Cars on the Screen Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Temporary technical malfunction.

Catchy advertising song.

Christmas dairy and rum drink.

Take this instead of a bath, it's quicker.

Firmly fixed in place, unshakeable.

Whole, unbroken.

Vin __, he played Dom in The Fast and the Furious.

French term, shouted when the audience wants more.

Business that provides a particular service.

University or college grounds.

Spacebound vehicle.

A continuation; part two.

Museum housing Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

Invitees, especially to a party or event.

The __ Coupe, ghoulish Wacky Races car.

Primate, e.g. howler, macaque.

Puzzle 2

__ Prime, leader of the Autobots in Transformers.

Loosen a rope.

Bike rider.

Illicitly import items.

Makers of the Trans AM as seen in Knight Rider.

Composer Alexander Glazunov's nationality.

Worker protests.

Axe or motorbike.

With impurities removed.

Video-sharing social media site.

Making a dog noise.

Regal-sounding term for a payment to an author.

Puzzle 3

They're the main ingredient in guacamole.

A military stronghold.

Italian Job getaway car, azure variety.

Taste the Rainbow candies.

Hired killer.

Tongue __ are alliterative pieces of verse.

The intermission that divides a game of football.

Enrique __, Spanish singer of Bailamos.

The feeling of missing where you're from.

One who creates new things.

Beats, pulsates, oscillates.

The Autobots' commandos team.

A young plant.

Long-snouted termite-eating mammal.

Amount of salt dissolved in water.

Chirping in 280 characters like a little blue bird.

Puzzle 4

Course material used for smoothing surfaces.

City birthplace of the four Beatles.

The quality of being conceited.

Bravery in battle.

The Dark Knight drives this vehicle.

Area within the roof of a house.

Critical, mocking another's weakness.

__ Family, TV show/pop group with David Cassidy.

Hand or foot, the furthest away part of the body.

__ Pat Pending, Wacky Races scientist, drives no.3.

Puzzle 5

Crisp, chewy caramel and chocolate confection.

Speech at a funeral.

Brightly-coloured bird that can learn to talk.

Song by the Beatles: Octopus' __.

Lonely __, newspaper column for romance-seekers.

Vince __, Dodgeball and Wedding Crashers actor.

Bull zodiac sign.

Ford Gran __, or Striped Tomato, driven by Starsky.

Block, obstruct.

Avoided, flew under the radar.

Small restaurant, brasserie or wine bar.

__ chic, casual vintage, old/worn style.

Germany's capital city.

Largest hot desert in the world.


Puzzle 6

Wear wellies to jump in these wet patches.

Online marketplace with travel & product discounts.

Joking around.

Gold pieces that are panned for.

Husky animal working in the snow.

Famous vampire.

The __ Mob, insect-named Wacky Races gangsters.

Stops from leaving.

Given too much to eat.

Rolling bags and suitcases.

Acidic liquid put on salads; can be apple cider.

Decay or rot.

Puzzle 7

Soak in one to relieve aching muscles.

Moby-Dick narrator.

To forecast what will happen in the future.

Fat from tropical trees.

Refusing to accept as true.

Mental or emotional strain.

Hours of sunlight.

Identifying label with a moniker on it.

__ racing, ancient Roman two-wheeled sport.

Toddler enclosure for games.

Someone with an attractive & engaging personality.

The man who gets married in a wedding ceremony.

Venezuela's capital city.

Tomato-based condiment.

Action a rabbit is doing when moving about.

Gone in 60 __, movie about car thieves.

Item of clothing.

Puzzle 8

Anticipating, awaiting.

Mad Max: Fury Road monster truck.

Wave the white flag.


Make someone very angry.

Consoled, offered sympathy.

Sleeping platform for two.

Capital of Spain’s Catalonia region.

Carefully designed or planned.

Most iconic transport system in San Francisco.

Sparkling wine.

One of three-car set in Italian Job, not black.

Circus trainer of big cats.

Skin condition of athletes and those in hot climes.

Flaming tool used by metalworkers.

Puzzle 9

Surgical prosthetics inserted into the body.

Never goes out of style.

The process of arriving.

Strong, light metal, symbol Ti.

Cons, lies to.

The Slag __, caveman Wacky Races male siblings.

Theatre district in New York City.

Forcibly end, put down a rebellion.

Honey-makers live in these.

Soldiers are seen doing this in formation.

Puzzle 10

Spanish for white.

Bets are taken here.

Baked __, oven-cooked spud with cheesy topping.

The Ectomobile was used for hunting these.

The muscular organ in the mouth.

Wacky Races' crimson German pilot.

The desire and willingness of consumers to pay.

I am the __, Lennon song inspired by Lewis Carroll.

An educator, supporter, someone to look up to.

Taxing, annoying, frustrating.

A fourteen-line poem.

Puzzle 11

Joseph __, Communist leader and tyrant.

Bosses, or Native American leaders.

Love Bug, the onscreen VW Beetle.

Rowan Atkinson character, drives citron green Mini.

Another word for curtains.

Certificate for inventors to prove ownership.

Microblogging website, founded in 2007.

It follows a verse in popular song.

Wheel cover.

Small crocodilian.

"Do unto others" are its first words: the __ Rule.

"Good morning" in Spanish: __ dias.

Puzzle 12

__ Bear, Wacky Races anxious sidekick to Lazy Luke.

Double-__ means having flexible ligaments, tendons.

Kristen __, Bella Swan in the Twilight Trilogy.

Increasing, making larger; like building muscle.

The Maldives are these, as are the Florida Keys.

Law enforcement car in Radiator Springs.


Cake __, crown the top of baked masterpieces.

Sorcerer, man who practices witchcraft.

Posting a letter.


Puzzle 13

__ in disguise, something that turns out ok.

State where Detroit is located.

Riding without a saddle.

Another word for a long white-stemmed green onion.

Cleaning a wound with absorbent material.

A decade.

Owner of the 1957 Chevy in Family Guy, Glen __.

Newly enlisted members of the armed forces.

Gory, ghastly, horrible sight to behold.

Supporting another person during weightlifting.

Lightning McQueen's best friend & sidekick in Cars.

Specific, exact.

Mozart's first name.

Puzzle 14

Relating to the sense of smell.

Tutelage, guidance.

Stretching sessions after physical activity.

Ruthless, showing no pity.

Test, trial, contest.

Yellow Transformers Autobot.

Spotted dog that should steer clear of Cruella.

Evoking a strong emotional response.

System where phone messages are recorded.

Vintage-car rally film, starring Dinah Sheridan.

London's central square.


Smashed to many bits.

Ice cream with chocolate, almonds, and marshmallow.

Fall on __; go through a rough period.

Speaking sacrilegiously about sacred things.

__, teeny weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini.

They have 16 pawns.

Hand-held funnel device for amplifying the voice.

Of skin that is broken and sore due to friction.

Puzzle 15

The gaps between things.

Purple Chevrolet Impala, married to Flo in Cars.

Press on these to stop a car.

Hand-held shaking device for babies.

Beverage made with eggs, milk, cream, and sugar.

__-feely describes someone who is very tactile.

Double-hooked device used to keep a boat steady.

Square of folded cloth next to cutlery.

Glass container used in a laboratory.

Job of fictional character Ebenezer Scrooge.

Alert, inform of.

To see or observe.

Movie with John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John.

Only continent with land in all four hemispheres.

Puzzle 16

Thick pancake-like treat, cooked in an iron.

I'll get you my __, and your little dog, too!.


__ de Bergerac, play by Edmond Rostand.

Dam-building animal.

Lives in a Dream House with Ken.

Batter makes it to third with this type of hit.

Rough-shelled mollusc, sometimes eaten raw.

Car equipment for rain dispersal.

Doc __, voiced by Paul Newman in Cars.

A piece of fabric used as a sample.

Elaborate, detailed and fancy designs on furniture.

Queen Elizabeth II's father: King __ VI.

Valentine and Proteus: The Two Gentlemen of __.

Capital of the Bahamas.

Road-paving machine in Cars.

You're __, you probably think this is about you.

Puzzle 17


A delivery service or messenger.

__ Meekley, Wacky Races pal of Sergeant Blast's.

Ocean bordering Costa Rica on the west.

Filo pastry and honey dessert.

__ checkouts are for speedy shoppers.

French word for a closet or wardrobe.

Percussion instruments that are bean-filled gourds.

Redwood leaves.

Global __; increase in the world's temperature.

Pledge your allegiance to a shop with a __ card.

To assume or suppose.

Distressed, unsettled.

__ Todd, demon barber.

Ferris Bueller drove this flash car make, a Spyder.

Puzzle 18

The donkey's name in Animal Farm.

Location of the city of Asunción.

The firing levers found on pistols.

Obtained, gained.

Hard to be put up with; unendurable.

The Turbo __, Peter Perfect's fab Wacky Races car.

Song by Queen: Bohemian __.

__ Springs, the (warm) town in Cars, the movie.

Unfaithful, not to be trusted.

An animal that has four limbs.

Slim biscuits for cheese.

Puzzle 19

Second largest country in South America by area.

Car driven in To Live and Die in L.A. by Petersen.

Inability to move, often after an accident.

Self control.

Functional model of an item to go into production.

The __, Wacky Races log ride with saws as wheels.

Drivers, vehicle owners.

Homer Simpson's preferred treat.

Where rockets take off from.

You are barking up the __.

Large advertising display on the road or buildings.

Puzzle 20

Downward __ by Nine Inch Nails.

__ Christi, religious day, Thursday after Trinity.


Sloped typeface.

Out of breath.

Babble; speak in a confused way.

French pastry filled with cream, chocolate on top.

Ancient military leader of the Huns.

Aston __, as driven by James Bond in Goldfinger.

Baby's bed on rockers.

Male goose.

Court comedian of old.

Quagmire's Chevy is a 1957 __.

__-Élysées, Parisian boulevard.

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