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Cats & Dogs PackCats & Dogs

Here are the answers to CodyCross Cats & Dogs Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Tiny seeds that are used to make tahini.

Jump around like a lamb.


America's ice-box.

Paris suburb synonymous with international airport.

Not harmful or malignant.

Sport where you have to "lose the love" to win.

To smash a bug.

Long-haired cat named after an African country.

Mr __, the faun from Narnia.

Florence family and patrons of Renaissance art.

Black __, promotional shopping madness day.

World-famous UK dog show since 1886.

Puzzle 2

Blue-eyed cat goes limp when picked up.

Unscrupulous casino dealer forte: __ of hand.

Having dark or light spots.

English singer who had a hit song "American Boy".

Former Soviet country with Kiev as capital.

Dog breed also known as African barkless dog.


Small flower and a rabbit in Watership Down.

Sliding, box-like containers that fit in furniture.

Luggage carrier.

Nearest and __, those you care most about.

Suckerfish that attach to sharks.

Hungarian stew with paprika.


Second Indochina War location.

Puzzle 3

Extrusive igneous rock; black, volcanic and glassy.

Hungarian sheepdog with corded fur.

City that's home to Topkapi Palace, now a museum.

Carrying a gun; short of cash.

Roman army leader founded the Gallic state.

Asking someone to attend an event.

Anne __, won an Oscar for Les Miserables.

Dutch barge dog, a spitz variety.

Divisions or separations.

Iphicles' better known half-brother.

Online delivery – by boat....

Double-__ jacket, with two rows of buttons.

End of the line.

Puzzle 4

A word used to describe a noun.

Thai breed of cat known as Diamond Eye.

Tune from South Pacific; hit for Captain Sensible.

Quick to anger.

Social media site with posted ideas called "pins".

Puff pastry overlapped filled with whipped cream.

Anatomy subfield, study of ligaments.

Lean racing dog possibly numbered 1 to 6.

River or stream that flows to join a larger river.

Persian prophet with a religion named after him.

Dutch artist who painted Belshazzar's Feast.

__ your chickens before they hatch.

Viola's twin in Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night".

Taking paint or wallpaper off walls.

Evergreen bush with prickly leaves and red berries.

Puzzle 5

French water dog with curly coat and beard.

Rectangular array of numbers, can be dot.

Mr. Man who is blue, smiley with long spindly legs.


The J in the international phonetic alphabet.

Haitian rapper in "Hips Don't Lie": __-Jean.


Part of Spain where Picasso was born.

Long thin doormat for halls or kitchens.

Where the Egyptians fought the Hittites.

Creme de __, popular mint liqueur additive.

The initials RAM for computers: __ Access Memory.

"Punk Princess of Fashion": __ Rhodes.

Cinéma __, real-life films using hand-held cameras.

Pythia was the priestess and oracle here.

Wild-looking domestic cat, name close to ocelot.

Post-Soviet state.

Liar, liar, pants __.

Puzzle 6

Supernatural, mystical, or magical practices.

Smoothed wood with rough paper.

World's leading travel guides publisher: Lonely __.

Vivid blue-eyed cat from the French for Burmese.

Influence or impact of something.

Sophie Tucker was "the last of the red hot __".

Sidecar alcoholic components: cointreau and __.

Celestial tree toppers.

Inferior, a metal vessel maybe.

World's tallest mountain is in this US state.

Acting sisters Catherine, Niamh, Sinead and Sorcha.

Cleaned the floor with water.

WHO: World __ Organization.

Sand trap in golf.

Logical and convincing.

__ A. Haas, Levi Strauss former CEO.

They cover 70% of Earth's surface.

Waugh's story of 1920s decadence, Vile __.

Puzzle 7

__ collie, dog resembles Old English Sheepdog.

Shallow sea between Borneo, Sumatra.

William __, US chewing gum industrialist.

Hairy drug.

Rules of a language, how to use sentences, words.

Protected with a policy.

Hole where five shots is a bogey.

Ed Sheeran lyrics: "Darling, you look __ tonight".

The Latin name of the cat family.

Walk in a slow, relaxed way.

Puzzle 8

Latin phrase seen in referencing; q.v..

To adorn.

Country whose official language is Khmer.

A noise made by a digital alarm.

__ gland produces tears through its ducts.

Gray cross between Burmese and Chinchilla cats.

__ Pekkala, witch queen from His Dark Materials.

Swedish botanist: Father of Modern Taxonomy.

Map of the facilities on each level of a ship.

__ de Compostela, capital of Galicia, Spain.

Recorded a resounding victory.

Modern cat breed named after its white feet.

__ Sans Frontières won the Peace prize in 1999.

Wearables, including dresses, T-shirts, shorts.

__ the bride, groom's new female relative-in-law.

One who can read.

Puzzle 9


Merry Wives of __, a Shakespeare's comedy.

Canine beauty contest.

Temperature scale where water freezes at 0 degrees.

Teaching; describes fees paid for uni education.

Immense dog can be preceded by Tibetan and English.

Helmut __, German Chancellor of the 70s.

Set of characteristics representing you publicly.

Popular Egyptian script.

Primary mineral used for making aluminum.

What is as good as it seems beforehand.

Cyberpunk action film, futuristic Detroit officer.

Simpson's character who owns a nuclear power plant.

Large cushion filled with polystyrene balls.

Coming back to the ground on a plane.

Puzzle 10

With a strip of leather around the waist.

Archaic expression like hooray.

Wooden surroundings of photos behind glass.

New breed of cat designed to look like mini tigers.

A black suit card.

Thomas, boxer known as Hitman.

Sparkle, or blind someone temporarily.

Greek island in the Cyclades, with Sariza spring.

Grandson of Genghis Khan, founder of Yuan dynasty.

With increasing volume.

Hank, lead guitar for 60s band The Shadows.

__ roti, Indian bread eaten with Tandoori dishes.

Liam __, the star of Taken.

Macau's tallest building: Grand _- Casino & Hotel.

Quidditch player tasked with getting golden snitch.

Puzzle 11

To publicly state or declare.

Candle __, stepped illumination creates an arch.

Danish "celebration" movie, the first Dogme film.

__ Pradesh, south-east Indian coastal state.

It is what's happening.

Place to worship a saint, holy person, or deity.

Portuguese explorer claimed Brazil for his country.

__ in the act, to be spotted doing something wrong.

__ wine, warm beverage with winter spices.

Slim Arab racing dog used for hunting gazelles.

The middle number of a sequence.

Dog comes in three types: standard, miniature, toy.

Jamaican music associated with Rastafarianism.

Puzzle 12

Small part of an acorn tree.

Natural gas by product, used as fuel.

Wuxia means "__ hero" in Chinese fiction.

Camembert, Gorgonzola, and Roquefort, for example.

Faith, hope and __, the "Virtues".

Dandy __, dog named after a Walter Scott character.

Costa Rican capital, Spanish for St Joseph.

Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus.

Steve __, cofounder of Apple (not Jobs).

The __ Policemen's Union, by Michael Chabon.

1970s horror about antichrist child Damien.

The Latin name of the dog family.

First name of "Nessun Dorma" composer Puccini.

"Look what the cat __ in".

Puzzle 13

Anagram of desserts; rhymes with pressed.

Short cats share Wizard of Oz characters' name.

Dominican Republic leader for 31 years: Rafael __.

Japanese Spitz dog that in the past hunted bears.

Word game where a piece of writing omits a vowel.

Put together from parts.

The C in PVC; polyvinyl __.

Something done in a haphazard and rushed manner.

A musical way of talking.

Warm rum drink with black tea and plum brandy.

__ Luke, chilly Newman movie.

Catherine's surname in Wuthering Heights.

Passing bought items through a machine.

Puzzle 14

Describes moving in a slow, heavy "wooden" manner.

Strict laws from Ancient Greece.

Mistress of Harlequin in commedia dell'arte.

Where a feline curls up with a blanket at night.

Honey harvester.

Zippers, buttons, hooks, etc.

__ dog, sledge canine from world's biggest island.

Novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford: "A Woman of __".

Old __, sugar and bitters muddled with alcohol.

__ steel is used for making cutlery.

Presumed birthplace of Jesus.

Japan's snowy volcanic peak.

Raining, but not heavily.

Paper decoration of cut out and varnished papers.

Puzzle 15

To move to first class from economy.

Till __, paper evidence of your shop purchases.

One of the letters of the Greek alphabet.

Pus-filled cavity that requires draining.

High Plains __, western by/with Clint Eastwood.

Around 12pm.

Vague; an outline without much detail.

Long-haired cat breed with snubby nose from Iran.

Nickname of Captain Pierce in MASH.

Surname of the family of Hundred Years of Solitude.

Capital of Estonia.

Eyelash thickener.

Young __, disregarding actual age.

Tomato-based condiment.

White Siberian dog breed nicknamed Sammy.

The __, colorful domestic scene by Matisse.

Taking on a new risk to protect against loss.

Hero of Venezuela's independence, Simon __.

Puzzle 16

Lung disease.

__ of Caryanda, Greek explorer of the Indus.

Feline that chases and disposes of small rodents.

The most northern capital of North America.

Radio __, tuned to no station = white noise.

Dog breeds suffixed by Frise, Maltese and Havanese.

Get away.

Ancient horn used to usher in the Jewish New Year.

Product associated with Juan Valdez.

A band of actors.

Foot races with teams of four passing a baton.

From the center of a circle to the circumference.

Puzzle 17

Rainbow __, Greenpeace boat sunk in 1985.

African hunting dog also called a Berber greyhound.

Large crater lake in central Italy.

Nationality of the first man in space.

The Vanishing __, Disney, 1954 best documentary.

The ability to stay upright and not fall over.

Decorated with a brush and pot.

Spaniel takes its name from a park in Nottinghamshire.

Made holes on a wall or wood.

Creamy white sauce with meat.

__ Family, basic social unit, immediate family.

Puzzle 18

Queasy, bilious, feeling sick.

Toe of Italy, "land of wine".

Game with pieces with varying numbers of spots.

2004 film on the last days in Hitler's bunker.

Opposite, incompatible.

Describes over-the-knee winter footwear.

Very high male singing voice.

Large, long-haired cat breed from Russia.

__ mountain dog, huge white canine from France.

Offshore place to stash your cash!.

Playing a principal role in a film or play.

Large cooking pot, for witches.

Puzzle 19

Covered a bare wall surface so it is smooth.

Outlaw turned folk hero Ned Kelly's country.

Air force officer units.

Mighty meaty cat named after a US state.

UK's capital for the Romans.

Decree from the Vatican.

__ exits; safety escapes on a plane.

Devoted spouse murdered by husband Othello.

Norwegian __, big and strong wooly-coated feline.

Sending up a rocket.

French term for food served on skewers.

Yard hydrator.

Each person's inner "biological clock": __ rhythm.

Unsteady, unsettled conditions.

Type of Jasper, describes a rosy African equine.

52 of 88.

Potential provider of blood or organs carries one.

Puzzle 20

Russian seaport on the Gulf of Finland.

__ collies, traditionally at sheepdog trials.

Dated expression of concern; euphemism for Christ.

__ Tomatoes, movie review site, spoiled produce.

Type of grape and wine.

Egyptian cat deity.

The creator of Peanuts (comic strip, not food).

Overly sentimental.

Second wife of the Biblical patriarch Jacob.

Another word for noughts.

Piercing in the center of the lower lip.


For __, for poorer; traditional wedding vow.

Damon __, comedian actor in The Last Boy Scout.

Staring in wonder, perhaps at stars.

Long-haired Manx cat with a Welsh name.

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