CodyCross Celebration Feasts Pack answers

Celebration Feasts PackCelebration Feasts

Here are the answers to CodyCross Celebration Feasts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Memo, dispatch, note.

Small insects that suck the sap from plants.

A species in the onion genus.

Frozen area over the North Pole.

Square root of 144.

Plastic container (usually round) with a handle.


Artificial organ used in dialysis treatment.

Worker responsible for setting up scaffolding.

Home to the Bolshoi Ballet.

Lace-up girdle.

Cousin of the cheetah and the leopard.

Watch these timepieces for the midnight countdown.

Binary, base 10, hexadecimal are all __ systems.

Puzzle 2

John __, famous US tennis player from 70's and 80's.

__ Bear, 2003 Disney animated feature film.


Turns upside down.

Special Spanish ham (jamón) from black pigs.

Country where the Battle of the Bulge was fought.

They decide if it's good or bad.

Dr. House's first name.

Seafood eaten on Christmas Eve in the southern US.

Something or someone that can be seen.

Musical group with four people in it.

Rolled cream cake, such as a Yule log.

Dominican folk dance.

Graceful, not clumsy.

Puzzle 3

Cutting fast into small pieces.

At a hunt, smearing a novice's face with the kill.

Another word for wedding celebrations.

WWI German spy and exotic dancer.

Pale southern inlet of the Barents Sea.

Burns used this adjective to describe a mouse.

Brutal Pokemon that evolves into a mega state.

Rosh __, Jewish New Year.

Resistance to a toxin through antibodies.

Item of IKEA furniture called Billy.

__ on deck, pirate call for collective help.

Insects known for their chirping.

__ of Arabia, 1962 epic historical drama film.

Very hungry.

Puzzle 4

Noted time and date.

Ancient Greek tunic for men.

__ Schwarzenegger plays the Terminator.

Festive creamy milk drink.

Detective, anagram of hustle.

Boeing rival.

All together.

Big __, German howitzer gun of World War I.

They released The Kids are Alright in 1965.

Cooked with a sticky or sweet coating.

Ocean surrounding the island of Zanzibar.

Tool used for striking a nail.

Peeping Tom.

Steve __, political advisor to President Trump.

Puzzle 5

Shouting out loud with fear.

Santa Claus fills these with gifts.

Starting point.

Environmental contamination.

Stages in from birth to death.

Series of steps that links storey to storey.

Major temple of Athena at the Acropolis.

Ordered somebody to do something.

Mountain range that includes Mount Everest.

It gives you more savings than a regular sale.

Online photo-sharing Web service.

Bubbly French fizz for Christmas dinner toasts.

Similar to entertainer.

A very short one-piece garment.

Puzzle 6

Very close relative to concrete.

Condiments, seasoning and herbs.

Ancestors of dogs.

Walking up mountains or over rough ground.

Adopted homeland of Grace Kelly.

French brandy sometimes added to Christmas pudding.

1973 bond film Live and __.

Announcement, warning, note.

A faux pas, a muck-up; Yogi's sidekick.

Jewish holy day known as Feast of the Tabernacles.

Cousins of the whales.

A mythical dead person in a trance.

Second-place medal.


Puzzle 7

Mini Hawaiian guitar.

Meringue, cream and fruit layered dessert.

Disputing, giving reasons for or against something.

Large extinct elephant.

The first Queen and senator of Naboo in Star Wars.

Rotating steam-powered device developed by Parsons.

Outlined, delineated.

Introductory piece of music.

What Cinderella's pumpkin transformed into.

Sweet dessert sauce made from milk, eggs and sugar.

November's birth yellow gemstone.

Puzzle 8

Animal that's a national symbol of Thailand.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith star __ Jolie.

Your Royal __.

Cooking surface that's easy to clean.

Marginal, borderline.

When people, animals or things are not apart.

A hot dog is a type of this.

Three plus twenty minus ten.

Proclaiming the glory.

Traditional Christmas spice made from bark.

Avid reader.

Puzzle 9

Animated series about mystery-solving with a dog.

Clearly and undeniably.

The edge of a country where it meets the sea.

Evergreen plant, people kiss underneath it.

Optimistically, encouragingly.

Ennio __, Italian composer of film scores.

Attorney's assistant, not full lawyer.

The philosopher Nietzsche's first name.

__ pudding, festive dessert made with dried fruit.

Baked Christmas speciality with dried raisins etc.

German gingerbread-style biscuits.

Puzzle 10

__ butter, classic partner to mince pies.

To state that something is true.

Disney's A Christmas Carol in 2009 starred Jim __.

Dessert with layered fruit, custard and sponge.

Evil; morally unacceptable.


The coldest season.

A bird of prey found in almost all continents.

Reflective surface where you can see your image.

The basic units of a screen image.

Inundations, alluvions.

French ball game also called pétanque.

Authorities, commands.

To turn something around on an axis.

A prickly plant that grows in the desert.

Famous French art museum.


Soap suds.


Puzzle 11

Steal cows.

Wristy tracker for recording daily activities.

Someone who shoots at a target from a hidden place.

Sweet substance that attracts insects to flowers.

Joints between legs and feet.

How articles and photographs are arranged on paper.

Pairs perfectly with bread.

Synonym of dumped.

Jewish ram's horn sounded at New Year.

Arty projects, such as collages or model making.

Essential items to use after taking a shower.

"Murder on the __ Express" by Agatha Christie.

Tiny pastry served at parties.

To eat a lot in short period of time.

Facial hairs, mostly in men.

Film genre that makes you laugh.

The capital city of Germany.

"I now proclaim you __ wife".

To oversee, supervise or be in charge of people.

Puzzle 12

Fritz Haber won for the synthesis of this gas.

Salty or dry-roasted snacks.

Orange veg sometimes left out for reindeer.

Restraints for dogs' mouths.

The __ of Sunflowers, Gauguin renders Van Gogh.

Name of the natives of the Easter Island.

Trick medicine.

Arched, bay, casings, picture, etc..

__ the gunner's daughter was naval punishment.

TV show that launched Idris Elba.

Battle of __, key Napoleonic victory in Italy.

Bet, anagram of ragweed.

First Russian president elected by popular vote.

More topical, anagram of wieners.

Puzzle 13

Claudia __, German supermodel.

Christmas cocktail made from Advocaat and lemonade.

Indoor greenery.

Machines powered by rotating blades.

The person in charge of a gaming table.

Errors, faults.

Funeral home.

Anna __, novel by Tolstoy.

Making a short high-pitched sound, like birds.

Essential relaxing oil.

In cards it can have any value the player wants.

No extremes in behavior or expression.

Seedless, easy-to-peel citrus fruits.


Puzzle 14

Lumberjacks call this out when a tree falls?.

Spanish fortified wine added to trifles.

South India state on Malabar coast.

Sport associated with Frank Bruno.

Gingerbread __, decorated edible dwellings.

Space rock, anagram of remote.

Idol made by Aaron in Moses' absence: __ calf.

Humans have one of these on each hand.

Campers sit on folding ones.

Bruce __, US actor played John McClane.

Not graceful.

Powdery sticks used on blackboard or in art.

A group of musicians numbering six.

Like tomato, it has different spellings.

Puzzle 15

Flowering branches.

Boiled potatoes crushed with milk and butter.

Not fastened.

Half male, half fish.

People collect these envelope stickers.

If in time, it saves nine.

Crowds, anagram of shored.

To be connected to the Internet.

Pinkish-brown edible nuts, often baked in pies.

A man who is engaged to be married.

City known as the Mistress of the Adriatic.

Futuristic movie starred by Mel Gibson.

Table between a couch and television.

King James, US star of Cleveland Cavaliers.

__ Murakami, Norwegian Wood writer.

Frasier Crane's first wife.

Meritorious, deserving, good.

Moved the body to the sound of music.

Religion that reveres nature.

Like a small horse with large ears; obstinate.

Spoken intention of violence, punishment.

Puzzle 16

"Merci" in Spanish.

You've __, US romantic comedy with Ryan and Hanks.

Leafy vegetable that can be red, white or pickled.

Gloria __, Miami Sound Machine, Cuban beat.

Fashionable and chic.

Stuffed bears.

A travel __ lets you access electricity worldwide.

Fish that are caught unintentionally.

To improve the quality of something.

Pitcherless baseball for little kids.

Pouring fat over meat or poultry while roasting.

Daytime cinema showing.

Horse creature with the torso of a man.

Art __, "new" art style.

Species with no living members.

Gives up employment.

Puzzle 17

Wee Willie Winkie wore one on his head.

Traditional baked festive treat for royalty.

1996 live-action/animated sports comedy.

To wrap up, to bring to an end.

Snakes, anagram of pertness.

Jonas Brothers starred in this 2008 Disney movie.

Mrs __ is Virginia Woolf's hostess.

Model, paradigm.

Largest of the Canary Islands.

Sweet pastry dessert filled with dried fruit.

Unsolved, even forgotten criminal investigation.

Not as intense as a migraine.

Puzzle 18

Etymologically, out of breath.


Madeira sponge, topped with chocolate and marzipan.

__ the Great, young Macedonian conqueror.

Gadget to locate items for unlocking cars etc.

The end of a hand digit.

For she's a __ fellow, song for a birthday girl.

Electric staircase.

Raining lightly but continuously.

I Know Why the __ Sings, a story by Maya Angelou.

Small gray bug that can roll up into a ball.

A person who is bold and daring.

To beg for food or money.

Roasted gamebird from the grouse family.

Puzzle 19

Greek goddess, became immortal after marrying Eros.

On the __ of midnight, the New Year begins.

Roasted bird that is a traditional Christmas feast.

Physical exertion; mental process; attempt.

White collar workers work here.

To wreathe, garland.

East coast India state, home to Mukteshvara temple.

Ground spice sprinkled on eggnog.

Vicious, savage.

The Amityville __, supernatural film.

Opposing dual personalities: Dr. __ and Mr. Hyde.

Sister __: Debra, Joni, Kathy and Kim.

Bad at something? Don't give this up.

Puzzle 20

The meaning of philosophy is the pursuit of __.

National laws, such as devised by Hammurabi.

Zodiac sign covering New Year's Day.

Traditional Xmas dinner: turkey and all the __.

Famous American rapper with canine nickname.

Sweet filling of pies eaten at Christmas.

Admit guilt, tell the whole story.

Sint __, Dutch Caribbean island known as Statia.

Yellow citrus fruits come from a __.

Greek god of medicine.

Henri, who wrote a biography called Papillon.

This person looks after wild animals in cages.

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