CodyCross Celebrity Chefs Pack answers

Celebrity Chefs PackCelebrity Chefs

Here are the answers to CodyCross Celebrity Chefs Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Me __ the World, Tupac Shakur album (1995).

Historical area of central Europe, known for glass.

Annoying, irritating, tiresome.

Fanatics; those dependent on drugs.

Galloping __, TV chef of the 70s Graham Kerr.

Smartphone platform represented by a green robot.

Cultivated green areas with plants and lawns.

Surname of stuntman Colt from The Fall Guy.

Orient Express route Venice to __; Swiss tunnel.

Auguste __, Ratatouille's talented masterchef.

Leave, set out on a journey or trip.

Sword on a rifle.

Puzzle 2

Indian state, borders Pakistani state of same name.

Mario __, TV chef of Molto Mario.

Soothed and made still.

French term describes a young waif-like girl.

US soap Falcon Crest was based on this venture.

Largest natural satellite of Neptune.

__ Ages, period between antiquity and Renaissance.

System to turn Chinese characters into Latin ones.

Kate Bush song, Hounds __.

Tim __, German TV chef of Bullerei restaurant.

Hope; anagram of praise.

Puzzle 3

Angela __, Ramsay protégée at The Connaught.

Hugh __-Whittingstall, chef who supports foraging.

Safeguarding; fixing in place.

Sanskrit word for a great ruler.

It's happening right now.

__ and carry on, WWII poster slogan.

Best Supporting Actress winner, and an Oscars host.

A flower supposed never to fade.

Roman silver coin, equivalent to ten asses.

Seafood rich in Omega-3, e.g. sardine, tuna.

Puzzle 4

St Jerome's Australian music festival.

Hélène __, chef at her eponymous French restaurant.

Simmered, boiled.

A bevel.

Red-necked __; colourful rainforest bird.

Antony __ Thompson, author of GI diet books.

Not genuine or real; pretended.

Emperor who introduced the Chinese calendar.

Poorly tended.

Unveiling of a new product.

The L in a BLT sandwich.

The __ Overcoat, beyond the grave desire.

Puzzle 5

Pierre __, La Tante Claire chef with pig trotters.

Country described as "the sunny side of the Alps".

Plant alcohol used as a substitute for sugar.

Joël __, Michelin-starred chef of pommes purée.

English monarch who signed the Magna Carta.

Best friend of Antonio, the "Merchant of Venice".

Carved water spout on a church.

__ on someone; check up on a person's activities.

Highest numbered metal club in a golf bag.

Radioactive metal (Po) discovered by the Curies.

Use these for making smoothies.

Common wild ducks.

__ Bacon, Michael Moore's non-documentary.

Frenzied, feverish activity.

Tissue death, often ends in amputation.

Puzzle 6

One who brings water to plants.

Nursery rhyme about gathering edible kernels.

Wrapping, outer covering.

Taken away, reserved or introverted.

US Civil War campaign led by General Rosecrans.

Doctrine associated with John Wesley.

Doyenne of cookbook writers; former Bake Off judge.

Acoustic music of the Appalachian farmers.

Letter sent by post.

Storage building for produced goods and materials.

Dale __, father and son Daytona 500 winners.

Alfons __, Bavarian chef, author and TV star.

Bulky black-headed bird that eats fruit and buds.

Circus pyro performer.

Lines a jet plane leaves in the sky.

A dissolute person, an anagram of Berlin tie.

Atomic number of radon; two times forty-three.

Puzzle 7

Elizabeth __, Citizen Cake chef with spiky hair.

US state that wants R Dean Taylor.

Scented, aromatic, fragrant, perfumed.

Traversed by bridge.

Mother of Biblical fraternal twins Jacob and Esau.

__ Chef, the incomprehensible Muppet.

Shrivelled up.

An April Fool's Day trick in France: __ d'avril.

Cardinal Wolsey's gift to Henry VIII: __ Court.

Capital of the Dominican Republic: Santo __.

Vertical piece for foot digit, used in flip-flops.

__ Street, road synonymous with the Swinging 60s.

Aussie cricket player Max Walker's nickname.

Puzzle 8

Mrs __, 19th C writer of eponymous cookbook.

Main choreographer and member of Jackson 5.

Like humid, flyaway hair.

Fertile, producing many offspring.

A round hollow in a hillside; cirque.

Allocate, dole out, consign.

A picnic basket.

Meryl __, played Julia Child in Julie & Julia film.

Bone __, reddish substance within bones.

Country whose national animal is the takin.

Puzzle 9

Athletics event that ends in the pit.

Pierre __, French chef of Sketch, Peir, Twist.

La __, Fernand Point's iconic place in Vienne.

__ Amour, song about Stevie Wonder's girlfriend.

Traditional UK Christmas dinner veggie: __ sprouts.


Sugar __, people who convert raw into edible.

Moving, but not backwards or forwards.

Weight measure equivalent to 2.20 pounds.

Governed, was in authority over.

Puzzle 10

Pass the __, kids' party game.

__ and the Beast, or how opposites attract.

French designer known as "Le Magnifique": Paul __.

Largest man-made lake in Bangladesh: __ Lake.

Religious probationer; someone inexperienced.

Gordon __, famously hot-headed and successful chef.

The most serious, most terrible.

Huge metal nails hold the hulls of ships together.

__ brown cow, elocution teaching phrase.

Groups of witches.

Michael __, Gidleigh Park chef with filmic name?.

Puzzle 11

Underwater swimmers providing rescue services.

Pots __, cooking containers.

Artist who painted "Woman with a Hat": Henri __.

Lorraine __, chef became famous for cake-making.

Building for bovine shelter.

Bob Geldof's 1985 fundraising global music event.

UK Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016: David __.

Massimo __, chef patron of Osteria Francescana.

Debilitating plasma cell cancer: multiple __.

Opposite of the genre that is about real events.

Takes care of children temporarily.

Digital currency.

Everything is __, according to The Lego Movie.

One followed by nine zeroes.

A reddish-orange gem.

Coerce, pressurise into doing something.

Puzzle 12

Lying in court during a trial.

__ pipes, examples include briar and meerschaum.

Mountain with a crater.

Story set before a current work.

__ Roden, author famous for Middle Eastern Food.

Keenly, enthusiastically.


80's folded hairstyle.

Utmost knowledge and skill.

Paper on a sweet.

Archangel whose name means "God is my strength".

Nico __, chef of Chez Nico and Simply Nico.

Puzzle 13

Organizer of the Free French forces in WWII.

The answer to a problem, such as a crossword clue.

Unrolled, spread out.

Damaging something; indulging someone.

Country that celebrates the New Year April 13-15.

Vegetable, turnip-like small cabbage.

Cookies for the dog go in this.

Launching the sphere as part of a tennis serve.

Ainsley __, TV chef of Ready Steady Cook.

Have your cake __, have the best of both worlds.

Welsh maiden whose name means "more love".

Chicken restaurant owner in Breaking Bad.

Anthony __, author of Kitchen Confidential.

__ Papers, Dickens book written in serialized form.

Man of __, 1960s musical about Don Quixote.

Puzzle 14

Marcus __, had an eponymous eatery at the Berkeley.

Sections of broccoli.

What someone with a ton of money has: "deep __".

Author of Solomon Gursky Was Here: Mordecai __.

Lesser or great woodpecker species.

Caesar __, chef who created the Caesar salad.

Thin swords for fencing.

York __, cathedral church hit by fire in 1984.

New Zealand's 1st female Prime Minister: Jenny __.

Shorten a book; anagram of brigade.

1978 disco floorfiller from Chic.

Cop __, or police car, seen in The Blues Brothers.

Insulin research pioneer: Frederick __.

Melanesian islands named after biblical king.

Puzzle 15

__ Kerr, TV chef whose audience tasted his food.

John Singleton __, Colonial American portraitist.

Slogan, Have __, Have a KitKat.

Coaxes, entices.

Eldest son of King Henry VII: __, Prince of Wales.

United __, birth country of Brad Pitt.

__ chair, office chair that revolves 360 degrees.

Bank robber Bonnie __, partner of Clyde.

Split, apportion.

Severe throat inflammation.

Foremost name in Chinese cookery since the 1980s.

A hunting attendant.

Puzzle 16

__ Records, British label for reggae and ska tunes.

Chemise for female.

French chef with New York restaurant Daniel.

Another name for the Chinese New Year: __ Festival.

Play by Joe Orton: Entertaining Mr. __.

__ party, social event that introduces a show.

Wine region borders San Marino and Adriatic Sea.

James __, famous chef on BBC's Saturday Kitchen.

__ dance, performance of bees.

Saying of surprise, contraction of by God's wounds.

Puzzle 17

Gennaro __, Greedy Italian who taught Jamie Oliver.

Cash __ wholesale stores.

Dance With My Father singer, Luther __.

Charles __, invented Eggs Benedict at Delmonico's.

Mrs __, The Graduate's older woman.

Scott __, Australian PM in August 2018.

Nagorno-__, unrecognized republic, also Artsakh.

City where the novel The Birth of Venus is set.

__ goose, bird with a white face and black beak.

Basketball attempt that hits the backboard.

A flaming torch.

Kitchen tool for extracting juice from citruses.

Puzzle 18

Stuffing made from fish, vegetables, etc.

Marked with deep gashes.

Dick __, triple drat Wacky Races villain.

Admired and held in high regard.

All mimsy were the __: by Lewis Carroll.

French king crowned in 987 who created a dynasty.

Large presumed extinct marsupial: __ tiger.

Type of snapdragon and Pilgrim Fathers' ship.

In 2002, the youngest-ever Spanish Michelin winner.

City home to Australian Open tennis.

Nickname for Briton voting to leave the EU.

Three tens plus one, plus one.

Bravo's crime drama starring Eric Bana.

Exhibition for businesses.

Footwear adaptations to increase personal height.

Two __, TV name for Paterson and Dickson Wright.

Puzzle 19

__ Brothers, Italian siblings focus on risotto.

Insect that builds a nest of clay/sand with saliva.

Boat with three hulls.

Describes the up-and-down action of a ball.

Symbol of __, a fingered gesture for rockers.

Richard __, Pop Art collage artist.

From the start.

Grabs quickly.

The latest epoch of the Tertiary.

Charles __, played Bligh and Quasimodo on film.

Tom __, owner of gastropub Hand and Flowers.

These map lines describe the surface of the land.

Puzzle 20

Lie to.

Seismic shakes.

Laboratory equipment, a straight-sided clear tube.

Cobweb, Mustardseed, Peaseblossom, Moth are all __.

Cleveland's baseball team.

Fred Flintstone's boss at the gravel pit.

Catalan cuisine mecca, home to chef Ferran Adrià.

Alberta, Canada annual rodeo festival: __ Stampede.

Inky marks from smearing.

Huge shark-like creature of Japanese mythology.

Magnus __, New Nordic chef in the Arctic Circle.

Spend time looking at again.

Campanologists are also known as __.

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