CodyCross Celtic Mythology Pack answers

Celtic Mythology PackCeltic Mythology

Here are the answers to CodyCross Celtic Mythology Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Sunglasses; curtains.

Norwegian battles of WW2.

Kitchen shredder invented by François Boullier.

Plant-sucking insects.

Pyramid of __, step pyramid at Saqqara.

__ the Great, ruler famed for burning cakes.

Alloy of tin, copper and antimony.

One-eyed giant monster of Celtic legends.

Light measures.

Mythical place mentioned in Coleridge's Kubla Khan.

Randy __, US songwriter and Academy Award winner.

Spirits of the restless dead in Celtic folklore.

__ Nord, busy rail terminus in Paris.

Stalag prison camp complex for naval types.

Puzzle 2

American canine breed with a bad rap.

Our Gang member with a cowlick.

Most common isotope of hydrogen.

Alfred Hitchcock's dizzying film.

New word or meaning.

Expanse of land.

Largest and lowest pitched woodwind instrument.

Author of Bossypants.

Ancient voyage tales from Celtic mythology.

Retirement investment payments.

In swimming, races using different strokes.

Turkey organs.

Celtic sun god, worshipped in Beltane festival.

German city freed from Napoleon by Cossacks.

Relating to the kidneys.

Puzzle 3

Warrior title; "son of power" in Celtic tradition.

US 2015 World Cup champion goalie.

Giant associated with St Michael's Mount, Cornwall.

Signs of illness.

Strict disciplinarian.

Uniquely South African red wine grape.

How people propose a toast in French.

Cleansed, refined.

Horse whose head is discovered in The Godfather.

__ Towers, twin tall buildings in Kuala Lumpur.

Wall painter.

Nissan's luxury car brand.

Opera that includes the aria Nessun dorma.

How to kill two birds efficiently.

Marauds, stampedes.

Puzzle 4

Touched base with someone.

Elephant, rhino, or a hippo.

Absolute, without conditions.

Japanese religion.

Fowl abode.

Blood-drinking legendary Irish chieftain.

Inventor of homeopathy, Samuel __.

__ Dream, 60s German pioneers of electronic rock.

Features the Blue Steel modeling move.

Grumpy Muppet, Oscar __.

Flapper cartoon heroine.

Gateway of the Athenian Acropolis.

Expression for going to sleep, in a stable maybe.

French cast-iron cookware, notably in orange.

Lover to Julius Caesar who died in 30 b.c..

Levels or expectations to be met.

Malaysian holiday treat that isn't cooked.

Close seats.

Enigmatic Celtic god with shrine in Cambridgeshire.

St Petersburg venue named after Alexander II's wife.

Puzzle 5

Rick __, Never Gonna Give You Up singer.

Cocky, arrogant.

Celtic warrior goddess; sister of Morrigan.

Howie creator of Bobby's World.

High priests in ancient Celtic culture.

To move from Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens.

Children's imprint of Penguin Books.

Paraffin lamp that was popular in the 1920s.

Older and wiser.

Measure of alcoholic spirits, about 1.5 fl oz.

Shooting star secrets.

Puzzle 6

A tapper's move.

Irish druid who caught the Salmon of Wisdom.

Fits glass into windows.

German word for "keyboard" instrument.

Not straight.

Member of Italian organized crime.

Big Mac leafy ingredient.

Emma __, wrote the sonnet on the Statue of Liberty.

Tragic heroine in Irish folklore.

Western India state with an Asiatic lion sanctuary.

Puzzle 7

What a surgeon might ask for.

This Smurf hates everything.

Apple coating.

Russian revolutionary leader.

Road for faster speeds.

God of thunder in Celtic mythology.

Taxonomic rank.

Members of a religion founded by George Fox.

Improve your software to a better version.

Exceptional, extraordinary and unique.

Black gibbon found in Sumatra and Malaysia forests.

Describes Miles Davis or Dave Brubeck, among others.

Subject of Fionn Mac Cumhail's unrequited love.

She turns to prostitution in Les Miserables.

Puzzle 8

The way one goes.

Fierce supernatural Scottish water-horse.

What words are off when spoken in confidence.

Spend too much time dwelling on something.

Stay off of Elvis' __ shoes.

Wine expert and server in tastings and restaurants.

Stone Age tomb near Drogheda, Ireland.

Supernatural enemies of Tuatha Dé Danann.

Toxic substance, like chlorine, used in warfare.

Brown sauce that forms the basis of many others.

Puzzle 9

__ Pankhurst, one of the first Suffragettes.

Cambodian tourist hotspot, near Angkor temples.

Arrow maker.

Military standard in Ancient Roman times.

Someone who looks for (and finds) a way out.

Describes all avians living in an area.

Lugh's invincible hound in Celtic folklore.

Lead singer with Erasure.

Wannabe, with a specific ambition.

Supportive handle for easy access to a bath.

Eggs with hollandaise.

Organic deposit.

Dutch sport for mixed teams of men and women.

Christian hymn or prayer in praise of God.

Ancient megalithic tomb in Wales.

Swords affixed to guns.

Knocker alternative.

Pronounces with a hissing sound.

Archduke Ferdinand's former castle in Trieste.

Halo, lunar circle made of ice crystals.

Fictional private eye of The Maltese Falcon.

Puzzle 10

Shrink back in horror.

Musical singing brothers Don and Phil.

It drives screws.

The Book of the __, early records of Irish legends.

Feeding __, an attack by predatory animals.

Crom __, fertility deity in pre-Christian Ireland.

Indonesian condiment of chilli, lime, vinegar, etc.

Miranda __, Cynthia Nixon's Sex and the City role.

River that flows through the center of Prague.

Mario's enemy.

Political prison camps in Russia.

Leading female character in The Horse and His Boy.

Group of eight deities in Ancient Egypt.

Silently clowning.

Bathroom plumbing fixtures for bodily cleansing.

Puzzle 11

Mongol ruler, grandson of Genghis, __ Khan.

Ruins, deliberately damages.

Cold lead single on Madonna’s Ray of Light album.

Brushing leaves into a pile.

Gradually develop, e.g. a drama or plotline.

He fixes tiles, slates and thatch.

Luca __, 2018 World Cup Golden Ball winner.

Taking up weapons.

Chinese computer manufacturer of ThinkPads.

Fruit-destroying witch of Celtic mythology.

Enjoy something; a spicy side dish.

Traditional Mexican loose tunic for women.

Another name for a Russian wolfhound.

Bands of independent warriors in Irish mythology.

Month when the Welsh Eisteddfod festival is held.

Puzzle 12

Military medical evacuation.

Novel by E.M. Forster, __ End.

Opportunistic thieves.

Restaurant fee imposed for bringing your own wine.

Celtic warrior goddess, associated with bears.

Lower singing part in a duo.

To declare a deep feeling.

Celtic deity of war, equivalent of Roman god Mars.

Danish place, famous for standing runestones.

Someone who posts video updates online.

Builder's headgear.

Jibber jabber.

Puzzle 13

Banana buzzer.

Large tube like Italian pasta.

Celtic sea deity with horse-drawn water chariot.

Blatantly disregarding the rules.

Amazonian tributary.

Source of The Sound and the Fury.

Scottish warrior who trained Cú Chulainn at combat.

Narrow passages on a ship.

Romance language used in Switzerland.

Repeated geometric patterns in science.

Got the nod.

Puzzle 14

A waterway that can be sailed or rowed down.

Sheepdog named after a Swiss canton.

Poor quality book.

Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Battle crow; goddess of war in Celtic mythology.

Sky diver's assurance.

Quick-fire, snappy retorts.

The sword of Celtic sea god Manannán mac Lir.

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

Munich beer, turquoise-labelled lion's brew.

Old musket.

Onlookers, spectators, bystanders.

Puzzle 15

Harum __, irresponsible or reckless.

World's tallest palace, former home of Dalai Lama.

India's largest international airport, __ Gandhi.

Blue __ of death, when computers have a wobble.

One-time, former.

Irish small pot drink, illegally produced.

Soak up, like a sponge.

Shopper’s destination.

Netflix sci-fi flick starring Will Smith.

Persuasive Celtic deity, with powers of eloquence.

Hooter, loud horn to start a race.

Pronouncement, aphorism, popular saying.

__ Sidhe; Celtic vampire with red cauldron.

Joyfulness, happiness; famous Dublin theatre.

Brightly coloured coral reef cleaner fish.

Every Rose Has its Thorn glam metal band.

Apparition of water in hot conditions.

Puzzle 16

__ Kingdom; ancient Chinese name for China.

Clavell's novel of Japanese feudalism in the 1600s.

Sea north of Greenland aka McKinley Sea.

Animal used to make Pule cheese.

Pagan religion.

Japanese math and logic puzzle.

Japanese makers of instruments and motorbikes.

John Lennon's son whom Hey Jude was written for.

Legendary island in Arthurian folklore.

Site of more than 3000 standing stones in Brittany.

__ mac Róich, Queen Medb's ally in Irish mythology.

Brief star appearances in a film or TV show.

Puzzle 17

Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest.

Give confidence and strength.

Sick as a dog.

UK music style of the 90s featuring Blur and Oasis.

Douwe __, coffee brand founded in the Netherlands.

Old golf club, equivalent to a 9 iron.

Large South Korean city that adjoins Seoul.

Nickname for Myanmar, "The Land of the Golden __".

Dove constellation.

The Hero's __, myth narratives structure.

A bandit, a gang member that ambushes people.

Organs or languages.

Eye protectors.

Brothers Ralph and Joseph.

Celtic celebration of May Day.

Puzzle 18

Cannon such as Big Bertha used in WWI.

Kept away from others.

Part of one’s morning routine.

Traditional footwear worn in Irish dancing.

Piano composing Muppet.

Icelandic avant-rock band from Reykjavik.

Birds' egg expert.

Recently discovered.

Popeye's girl.

Powerless and unable to act.

Berlin museum and Ancient Greek city.

Typical pear used in brandy and liqueur.

Celtic moon goddess whose name means night queen.

Puzzle 19

Loose baggy trousers worn by gauchos.

The Jungle Book orang-utan voiced by Louis Prima.

Lever that keeps a vehicle stationary.

Oriental orange fruit that matures in the autumn.

Conceivable, can be imagined.

First geologic epoch of the Paleogene Period.

Leading newscaster on a television broadcast.

Old hag of Gaelic mythology, also called Beira.

Unseated, dethroned.

Great strength.

Doing really well.

Giant, destructive sea serpent of Orkney legend.

French Protestants of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Puzzle 20

Doorway or entrance, sometimes virtual.

Comfort in time of great distress.

Light reddish-brown coloured horse.

Magic Johnson's real first name.

__ Street, Roman road running from London to York.

Soft sulphate mineral used in plaster.

Indoor breezes.

Canadian chocolates named after a war hero, Laura __.

Tiny but tasty.

Old age, senility.

Murderous goblin with bloody hat in Scots legend.

Maori greeting meaning "hello" or "be well".

Gong with repetitive name.

Comics produced in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Celtic river goddess of slaughter and battle.

Central character of Trainspotting and Porno.

Euphemism meaning dead and buried.

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