CodyCross Charity Work Pack answers

Charity Work PackCharity Work

Here are the answers to CodyCross Charity Work Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

2002 debut solo album for Justin Timberlake.

If you did not fail, you __.

Personal restraints in cars.

Assistance canines for blind people.

Gathered together, accumulated.

Ride __ over someone, treat them with scorn.

Chewy and colorful Haribo teddy.

Snow or rockslides down a mountain.

Sports event with ten distinct parts.

Insulting or showing contempt for God.

A craze: squeezy, puffy playthings.

An open ledge to hold paperbacks.

Author of the Captain Underpants book series.

Of no value.

American star of Top Gun and Mission Impossible.

Puzzle 2

Direct the musicians in an orchestra.

Anything that's bent and buckled out of shape.

__ Day; Comic Relief fundraising event.

Long-necked safari animal.

Gatherings to celebrate birthdays.

An alternate or substitute for a team.

Dark brown sticky sweet liquid from sugar refining.

A __ case is where collectibles are shown off.

Not a broadsheet, a magazine-style newspaper.

__ Scale measures the intensity of earthquakes.

Ralph __; leading actor in The Karate Kid.

Someone who is receiving treatment in hospital.

Lubricated an engine.

Puzzle 3

Small dark red fruits with stones.

Chart for recording appointment dates.

Item or sum of money given to charity.

Undomesticated birds and animals.

Eating large quantiles of food.

Movie title: __ Are a Girl's Best Friend.

Sorcerers or wizards.

__ Christian, the ringleader of the Bounty mutiny.

Constructing, erecting, e.g. homes or shelters.

Rain protector; Rihanna song.

Torn into strips or tatters.

Where witches brew.

Hagrid's faithful Hippogriff in Harry Potter.

Native of the German capital.

Puzzle 4

Wonderland character that's like a griffin.

Important, severe.

__ as rain, describes someone in good health.

Writes messily.

Young dogs; can be trained as assistance canines.

Include someone's Twitter username in a tweet.

Containers with spouts for pouring hot drinks.

Liquid condiment added to chips with salt.

Someone who travels through water for sport.

Mountain peaks.

Flaming, burning, very hot.

Not anxious, chilled.

Display pictures on walls to raise awareness.

Puzzle 5

Aesop's stories about wolves, lions and foxes etc.

After third.

Abilities that can be used to benefit others.

Salty water, used in medicines.

Without any warning.

A naughty child, poor and unkempt.

People who give money to charity.

Name given to a snake's cast-off skin.

Spring, summer, winter or autumn.

Grain-based breakfast eaten in a bowl with milk.

Type of stones used to build Stonehenge.

Puzzle 6

Lip sync over audio clips on this app.

Shrek __; 2007 sequel animated comedy.

Cree __, plays Babe in Game Shakers.

Place that gives nourishment to the needy.

Sylvanian __, small toy animals with accessories.

Time of day that follows afternoons.

Italian dessert made with coffee and ladyfingers.

Name for mobile homes or trailers in the UK.

French-British supersonic passenger airliner.

Thinking of others first.

Round drops of liquid.

Purple flower species used often in scents.

A person from Venice.

The horse __ along, faster than trotted.

Begin, start.

Rapid musical stick work cueing some action.

Puzzle 7

Small raisin used in cooking.

Slowing a vehicle.

__ funds; collecting money for a good cause.

Small amounts, sticky remnants of something.

Out of the ordinary, unique, priceless.

Run quickly, like a playful puppy.

Bent, wonky; like a house, man, cat or sixpence.

__ and Ferb, brothers summer adventures cartoon.

Destitution, hardship.

When someone is having fun with games, they are __.

Puzzle 8

African antelope species with curved horns.

Fundraiser with tickets for a prize draw.

Load up this stick with meat or vegetables.

Moana's living mother island with a missing Heart.

Can be velvet, cotton, silk....

WC, lavatory.

Deserving, e.g. a __ cause.

Underground vegetable, can be mashed.

Chop off someone's skull.

Women whose husbands have died.

Ceramic dishes each person eats from.

Traveling by plane.

Gyrated to music.

Domestic assistant from a foreign country.

To accept something from a friend "on loan".

Maurice __, author of Where the Wild Things Are.

Icy, like a certain snowman in a song.

Puzzle 9

Rhymes with "jumping", expressive street dance.

TV fundraising event for charity that lasts hours.

In the end, final.

Game also known as soccer, played around the world.

The youngest of the Chipmunks.

Treachery, disloyalty.

Routinely, without a break.

Assassin who kills with toxic liquids.

Sign __; how deaf people usually communicate.

Taxonomic family of great apes, including humans.

Black iron balls used in quidditch in Harry Potter.

Main ingredient in hummus.

Belgian capital.

A round fungal infection of the skin.

Increase a number a certain amount of times.

Single-story house with sloping roof.

Boats designed for fishing.

Puzzle 10

James Bond's preferred drink – shaken, not stirred.

__ fir, conifer with a man's name.

Carol __; spreading Christmas cheer with music.

Outdoor blaze, to get rid of garden waste.

Material Girl singer.

It comes after a trio, in music.

US Ivy League University in Cambridge, Mass..

A swinging bed that hangs between two trees.

Understand speech by watching mouths move.

Dangerous to persons.

Safety straps worn on a parachute jump.

The tree-chopping businessman in The Lorax.

Puzzle 11

Shoe for rink sports.

Furniture item that houses works of literature.

Amusing TV gaffes.

Eric __, Viking king of Jorvik ruled Northumbria.

__ stand; drinks stall to raise funds for charity.

Frozen pads applied to reduce swellings.

Police surveillance of criminals.

Giggling, chuckling.

Thin parts of climbing plants that cling.

Small plastic circles used in games like Ludo.

Another name for an aquarium.

Trouble With __; 2012 baseball drama.

Marvellous concoction made by Roald Dahl's George.

One who plays an instrument as a career.

When you work, but not full days.

Where cakes are sold to raise money for charity.

Broadway musical and movie filled with ABBA songs.

Turning, e.g. the lid of a jar or bottle.

Puzzle 12

Money or goods given to people in need.

The Pied Piper was from this place in Germany.

Nordic country with Helsinki as its capital.

__ flask; a glass container used in a science lab.

Another name for spades.

Volunteered to help without being asked.

Hire a plane, privately.

Lights sets that are red, yellow, green.

Make something better, e.g. enhance an essay.

A contest to decide between singing performers.

Very quickly.

Puzzle 13

Trendy subculture on bikes in gentrified areas.

Building where sick people are treated.

Drink made from yellow citrus fruit.

White-chested ursine named after Earth's satellite.

Keeps trying to do something difficult.

Chemical used to keep a pool clean.

Becoming husband and wife.

I Love It (I Don't Care) singers.

The Owl and the __ went to sea.

26.2-mile race, where runners can be sponsored.

The noise of lashing a whip in the air.

Curls up and nestles with someone.

Greeting cards, songs, cake wish you a Happy __.

Puzzle 14


Polly __; tiny doll playsets in miniature cases.

Extreme shortage of food.

Sections of a play.

Snaps, taken by tourists or professionals.

Henry VIII's first wife, Catherine of __.

From a faraway country, e.g. mangoes are __ fruits.

Bob or Bobby are short versions of this name.

Without receiving a salary.

Pains in the stomach.

Puzzle 15

Small brown and gray garden birds with short tails.

Military hairdos.

King of the monsters from Japanese sci-fi films.

To tip something over.

Natural catastrophe, e.g. hurricane.

Legally becoming parents to someone else's child.

Josiah __, potter who created fine porcelain.

American sport similar to baseball – not hard.

Flying machine.

Homeless __; temporary places to stay.

Having fantasies while sleeping.

Children's author David __, he wrote Bad Dad.

__ The Night, 2013 JT hit with video shot in NY.

Cocktail seat.

You are my __; you brighten my day.

Theme park with brightly colored blocks.

Meals that are a hybrid of breakfast and lunch.

The level of wetness in the air.

Puzzle 16

Foul-mouthed, using obscene language.

Good __; worthy organizations to fundraise for.

Fire __, ladder/staircase outside buildings.

Blocks the sun; another name for sunglasses.

An alloy of tin and lead, used in the Middle Ages.

Jail for criminals.

Friendly race to raise funds for charity.

Shallow pool of water on a road or pavement.

Damaged, faulty.

Cat behavior when trying to get your attention.

Bathroom sinks.

Puzzle 17

Firework stick you can safely hold.

Are You There God? It's Me, __, by Judy Blume.

Vegetable meal that comes with a main course.

Small white flower that blooms in early spring.

George Lucas series of film starting in 1977.

Helps, offers practical assistance to.

Type of sausage and city in south-western France.

Online pages, e.g. Facebook, Twitter.

Women's shorts that look like a skirt.

Craft using paper spirals to create objects.

A mistake ending in damage to a person or property.

Spanish double gold coin.

Footballer who helps stop other team from scoring.

Live action film of animated classic about Simba.

Disaster relief organization with scarlet logo.

Box containing protractor, set squares and ruler.

Place where the dead are buried.

A cat's facial sensory hairs.

Puzzle 18

Frozen spikes that form in cold weather.

Jupiter and Mars, for example.

Asking for money on the street.

Waltzing __ is a famous Australian folk song.

Making snorting noises with the nose while asleep.

When the temperature rises, snow starts __.

Chinese pasta strands.

To refuse or say no to something.

Members of a sports team.

__ Tom is a game with a grey chatty copycat cat.

Symbolic red flowers sold for Remembrance Day.

Fit and able to do a task.

Institution that collects and lends books.

The sound made by a pig.

A place where you can buy things to play with.

Puzzle 19


Soldiers who serve on land and sea.

A device for playing video games, e.g. Wii or XBox.

Ice cream flavor that comes in pods.

Business get-together.

She __ the spots on the ladybird: 1, 2, 3....

Large spiral seashells used like trumpets.

Heavy wooden hammers.

Soft-toy bears named after Roosevelt.

French car manufacturer with diamond logo.

Not solids or gases; e.g. water and milk.

Without charging a fee.

Physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Nikki __; main character in the Dork Diaries books.

Saying adios in English.

Puzzle 20

Roald Dahl wrote Danny, the __ of the World.

Without a house or other place to live.

Ocean H2O.

White root vegetables, like carrots.

Catching a glimpse of something rare.

A bag with shoulder straps, worn on the back.

Back limbs of a horse or donkey, for example.

Vessel that saves people in danger at sea.

Describes Caribbean islands such as St Lucia.

Double decker sleeping.

Levers controlling electrical circuits.

Chasing after.

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