CodyCross Cheese Lovers Pack answers

Cheese Lovers PackCheese Lovers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Cheese Lovers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Charm with magic powers to keep evil away.

Crisp tortillas served with melted cheese, salsa.

__ Gabor, actress and socialite.

Shades of Magic series author, V.E. __.

__-dazzle, showy show-business and jazz hands.

Country where Brie cheese originated.

Winds, reels.

Golf hole with a turn.

__ Gandhi, female Indian prime minister.


Puzzle 2

Vegetable with the Latin name Brassica Oleracea.

Water moving away from its source.

Female seahorse.

Concierto de Aranjuez composer: Joaquin __.

Governor who represents a monarch in a colony.

Clasping warmly with arms.

Creamy, tangy, crumbly cheese from Eastern Europe.

Bible passage set to be read on a certain day.

__ in the Middle, sitcom starring Frankie Muniz.

Nationality of Asiago cheese.

Puzzle 3

Cloth used by sleepers.

The __ Stage, wheeled vehicle beloved of Doris Day.

__ Jack, American mild cheese.

__ Bishop, a smelly cheese by name and nature.

Petroleum-derived liquid used as fuel.

Our Father who art __; well-known prayer words.

A sound defeat; a severe beating.

Cross between a wallaby and a kangaroo.

Reciprocally, interactively.

First African country to gain independence in 1960.

Puzzle 4

Zeus in Clash of the Titans (2010): Liam __.

__ scream therapy was undertaken by Lennon and Ono.


Mad like a croissant.

Indian curd cheese used in cooking.

Book by Michel Tournier: __, Or the Other Island.

__ Girls, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers.

Pursue someone or their activities on social media.

Coastal region of California south of Monterey.

Olde __, quaintly old-fashioned.

Country home to Norvegia cheese.

Puzzle 5

__ Nationals; early name of the Philadelphia 76ers.

__ to me, very difficult to understand.

Spanish grand house.

Gena __, was married to John Cassavetes.

Slender strand like the silk spun by spiders.

Scanned, sought.

Chutney's bulldog, who antagonises Top Cat.

Carves in stone.

Transport systems with tracks.

Goat's cheese form Loire Valley, means lumberjack.

Burns ceremonially after a funeral service.

Mild, crumbly English cheese from the North West.

Puzzle 6

Telemea cheese is from this East European country.

__ blanc, or French for creamy cheese.

Painter after whom a reddish-gold colour was named.

E.g. crosswords, word searches or jigsaws.

__ cities, carefully developed settlements.


__ Randle, starred in Bad Boys, Spawn.

Portable table often used in parties, card playing.

Sophistication; the arts, music, performances.

Coastal bird, white and grey with yellow beak.

Puzzle 7

__ sky; rows of clouds with a rippled pattern.

If it's not __, it's another.

Andean camelids like llamas with silky fleeces.

Small tubes of pasta, often baked with cheese.

Incitement of groundless lawsuits.

Holey Swiss cheese.

Describes pitted skin affected by spots, boils....


Horizontal part of a goal.

Mick __, Simply Red lead singer.

Times __, serif font created for the newspaper.

Next in line after tenth.

__ Wars; 1990s ethnic conflict in SE Europe.

Puzzle 8

Two-wheeled balancing deck used for sightseeing.

John __, author of The Thirty-Nine Steps.

Cheese, in Portuguese.

Military engagement.

Song by Sting: __ Rose.

Truthful, can be relied upon.

Makes a physical document, from a computer.

General knowledge questions.

Built by William the Conqueror in 1068: Warwick __.

Sicilian peppercorn cheese.

__ Fonteyn, English ballet dancer.

Marks & Spencer brand with three pink hearts.

Puzzle 9

Total __ of the Heart.

Bank workers.

Imitating the leader.

Insult, slight, slur.

Successor to Richelieu as minister to French king.

Shining gently.

Played femmes fatales on films, Ava __.

Dr Who character played by Matt Lucas.

__ roll, high jump style before Fosbury Flop.

Deep red.

Bell __, 70s-style trousers once worn by sailors.

English, Somerset cheese, can be mature or mild.

Coleraine cheddar is from Northern __.

Territory governed by a high-ranking nobleman.

Puzzle 10

Policemen or armed forces commanders, for example.

Dry biscuits to top with cheese.

To raise; become more intense.

Calcium build-up in fetlocks of horses.

Ashed cheeses have this black stuff on their rind.

The vegetative part of a fungus.

Braiding three strands together.

__ Told Me by The Killers.

Punky's last name.

Lift heavy weights in the gym.

Nightclubs with singers/dancers in a show.

High honour or status.

Longest-reigning Japanese emperor.

Not quite turf, and not quite surf; marshes.

Puzzle 11

White water __; thrilling water sport over rapids.

Bright bird whose seven letters include Q and Z.

__ cheese, white, crumbly, wet, mild cheese curd.

Penny __, slip ons with a cut-out to carry a coin.

Principal amino acid in sugarcane.

Make someone feel great admiration for you.

A house constructed anew.

Country that has the world's tallest church.

__ Necessities, Jungle Book ditty.

Sensational newspaper.

Welsh __, cheese on toast with a twist.

Within distance to be heard.

Puzzle 12

Without any delay, straight away.

Clayman Swedish heavy metal band.

Wimbledon snack, strawberries __.

Michelle Obama's memoir.

Woven fabrics.

Slow and lethargic.

Describes the person with the most double chins.

What old masters are coated with.

December meteor showers whose parent is Phaethon.

Tommy __ was Harvey Two-Face in Batman Forever.

Tiny organisms that can help cheese ferment.

He set a world record for water speed: Donald __.

Ancient giant associated with Cornwall.

Religious disaster, e.g. flood, in insurance terms.

Separating process used to turn milk to cheese.

Movement of a wave returning to the sea.

Marriage ceremonies.

Furniture material, steamed and molded into shape.

Puzzle 13

Unedited thoughts.

Pretend boxing.

Flying insects, live in hives, make ambrosia.

Shackled, locked up, restrained.

Relating to school; academic.

Can be turned to ice.


Soft, smoked Italian curd cheese.

Fragrant wood, the tree is on the Lebanese flag.

Snow __, eye condition of polar explorers.

Follow up to Little Women.

Capital of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Cycle without pedalling.

John __, 30s criminal, public enemy number 1.

What Aussies call a draught excluder.

Norwegian semi-firm cheese with holes.

Puzzle 14

__ Suite, Adobe software that bundles major apps.

Fishing for crustaceans with a string.

Disease that can be caused by lack of insulin.

Butter and cheese factory.

Students' down-time after their schooling.

__ Wilton, Homily in The Borrowers series.

__ Boone, John Grisham's young lawyer hero.

French, Swiss cheese wheel for melting.

Embraceable, snoggable.

Monarch whose reign led to the English Civil War.

__ Swing, equal reaction of an event.

Chain worn around the wrist.

Landing pad for a rotored aircraft.

Levelled sloping agricultural land into steps.

Puzzle 15

Lemon-__, easy as pie.

Yellow condiment.

Red __, a fish with a misleading clue.

Building style epitomized by mosques.

Put together; write a crossword.

Impish, mischievous little sprites.

Pot-__ pig, domesticated porker.

Michele __, Game of Thrones costume designer.

Thickest, most concentrated.

Italian whey cheese, means cooked again.

Alice Through the __ Glass, a sequel to Wonderland.

Puzzle 16

Medicinal tablet, taken orally.

Sounds a rusty gate makes.

Torn, like with trendy jeans.

Indonesian currency.

Ease on down the road to visit him.

Biblical king who threw Daniel into the lions' den.

What's Luv and All the Way Up rapper.

Grana __, Italian cheese, a bit like Parmesan.

Banal, over-repeated observation.

Vinegary vegetable, or chutney for cheese.

Puzzle 17

Dairy products corp founded in France by Besnier.

__ de Bourgogne, stinky, soft cow's cheese.

__ Lenin, former Soviet leader.

Person who creates or sells artificial hair cover.

A whole new __, when a situation totally changes.

Battlefield where Henry VII became king.

Apple music device that replaced a mini version.

Became more profound.

Plunge pool to protect ovines from disease.

Communication by means of words.

__ Wheel, they sang Stuck in the Middle with You.

Roman name for the modern city of Manchester.

Clarence __, the frozen food king.

German F1 constructor with Hamilton and Rosberg.

Antarctic Ocean also known as Austral Ocean.

Turtles' enemy and leader of the Foot Clan.

Puzzle 18

Yang __; one of Four Beauties of Ancient China.

__ devil, Aussie lizard with spikes on its skin.

Truman __, son of New Orleans, wrote In Cold Blood.

Add fuel to the __.

State in India with the red rain phenomenon/2001.

Financial plan.

Feta is from this country.

Start a golf game.

__ Hall, arena from The Beatles' A Day in the Life.

Italian baked breads topped with tomato, cheese.

Short sightedness.

Fresh-faced, resembling a youthful male.

Puzzle 19

Sicilian city destroyed by an earthquake in 1908.

Marjane __, author of graphic novel Persepolis.

Batu coris, or __fish, has a red face.

She Stoops to __, Oliver Goldsmith play of 1773.

Pre-boxed ingredients to make sponges and brownies.

Financial support paid to an ex-spouse.

Respectful, observant; notice small details.

Artiste who throws and catches balls or clubs.

Franche-Comté semi-soft cheese with black line.

Parallel lined patterned.

Was actually real.

Twice the speed of sound.

Singer like Crosby or Sinatra.

Dunking bread into fondue.

Puzzle 20

French, AOC semi-soft cheese from Haute-Savoie.

Two joined letters such as in æ or œ.

Room for coffee breaks in some workplaces.

Going boom.

Blonde British film star known as DD.

Renounces the throne.

Splice the __, order aboard ship to hand out rum.

Event held in Paris in 1889 and St Louis in 1904.

Creatures that are awake by night and sleep by day.

El Cid __ means The Lord Champion.

Dancing style of Jagger with a reptilian pelvis.

Brie-like French soft cheese.

Illegal action on a basketball court.

An all-__ resort has all-you-can-eat food/drinks.

Process of changing shares from private to public.

Connie Britton's country music show.

Crash __, fox-like video game character.

Removing parasitic insects from hair and body.

British four-wheel-drive vehicle marque.

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