CodyCross Childhood Activities Pack answers

Childhood Activities PackChildhood Activities

Here are the answers to CodyCross Childhood Activities Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Energy put into something; trying hard.

Willow twigs often weaved into baskets.

Dropped frozen precipitation.

Order of points to be discussed at a meeting.

Soft fabric with pile on one side, like velvet.

Flying lizard with explosive breath.

Sock with eyes or doll with strings for a show.

Krispy Kreme's basic doughnut style.

Paid off a police officer.

Game played with rackets and a ball.

The pot calling this object black.

Lady a knight might rescue, or metal band Iron __.

Type of organism, for e.g., mushrooms, yeast.

British sports car and a big cat.

Puzzle 2

People invited to attend a party.

Mr. Depp, Mr. Carson, or Mr. Cash.

Clothes that have never even been tried on.

Childish expression for the sound a dog makes.

Language spoken in Egypt, Kuwait and Syria.

People who don't eat meat or any animal products.

Crumbly sticks for drawing on the ground.

Repeated exercises or tools used to make holes.

Karate Kid lessons: Wax on, then do this.

Cultural tradition from Ireland and North Britain.

Sleep, healthy diet, and exercise increases this.

Fruity slang for it's all good.


Woods, where kids can run around.

Puzzle 3

That's the way the cookie does this.

Ambulances take the ill or injured there.

Card or letter kids write after receiving gifts.

Astronaut's preferred key on a keyboard?.

Species of eel that will shock you if touched.

Putting seeds in a pot of soil.

Ariel's fish friend in The Little Mermaid.

Athletic games originating in ancient Greece.

Another name for chickpeas: __ beans.

Fixed errors in a computer program.

Puzzle 4

Choosing to live alone without contact with others.

Princess killed by a witch's poison apple.

Warming bed for a newborn baby.

Musician "Weird Al" plays it for his polkas.

Game on one leg, jumping into squares.

Support system for a bra.

A dog or cat that lives in your home.

Wooden structure to play high up in branches.

Main character of Mad Men who ran Sterling Cooper.

Seasoning container for the spicy stuff.

Macs and PCs.

Companies often have a money back one.

An instructor and often researcher at a university.

Puzzle 5

Bunnies or hares.

David's enemy in the Bible.

Done on ice or on a board at a park.

Guitar player Jimi, of Purple Haze.

Quills were dipped in one while writing.

Stuffed, folded egg dishes.

Extra material squares sewn on to cover rips.

Someone who lies in poker.

Necks, gullets.

Daily memories written in diaries.

The raw filmed material before editing a movie.

Contact fight with bodies or thumbs.

Puzzle 6

Brightly-hued insect related to moths.

Taco shells, hard or soft.

Electric blowing tool for stylists.

Using clay to make models.

Monetary protection from a car accident.

A speech in a play given by a single person.

Ten out of ten, 100 percent correct.

Relating to Earth's south polar region.

Files such as those in Microsoft Word.

Upside-down movement on the hands.

Not having dentures or biting implements.

Puzzle 7

Beats an egg until it's frothy.

Rule, have the power to make laws and policies.

Immense jungle in Brazil with many rivers.

Feedback after a purchase or hotel stay.

Bring goods into a country from overseas.

Dance class where pirouettes are performed.

Norton, Heath, or Scissorhands.

A written warning might say to cease and do this.

This "pig" is a furry rodent kept as a pet.

Licking organ.

Place to visit that has art or historical objects.

Geiger counters do this with radiation.

Electrical cables in the walls of a building.

Partner of Ladders in a board game title.

To be supple and to warm up, to __ up.

Where your arm goes in a shirt.

Area of dense forest in Rudyard Kipling book title.

Turn an image around an axis, e.g. 90 degrees.

Modeling for a photo.

Puzzle 8

Red crustacean eaten as a delicacy.

Fighter who goes to war for their country.

Fragrant blooms such as roses.

Turn over one of these, make a fresh start.

Creating a poem or story.

Desert berry that grows on a pine bush.

Pulling something, e.g. a boat.

Soothing cream stick for the mouth.

Long lack of rain.

Clashing musical instruments.

Strips of fabric that are tied around gifts.

Rubbery ball filled with water for a fight.

Heavenly, like beings shown with wings.

Type of rhyme children repeat.

Puzzle 9

Easy-to-tear paper to stick on craft projects.

The individual blocks of a building.

This type of biology is the study of ocean life.

People who oppose, overthrow a government.

Instruments that can be grand.

Savoury egg flan.

Athletes who plunge into pools from high boards.

Armed forces based on warships.

Guardians of the __ teamed up with the Avengers.

Boggy, freshwater wetlands.

Word on a poster for an escaped criminal.

Criminals who'll end their days incarcerated.

The living dead, a revived corpse.

Toxic animal secretions (not poisons!).

Selling place with stalls touting fruit and veg.

Creating instructions for computer programs.

State of being well and free from illness.

Creative type who paints or sculpts.

Puzzle 10

Fun course with things to jump over and go under.

To be covered in tiny dark spots left by the sun.

Plaque or statue dedicated to a deceased person.

Basic line drawing of a person.

He's credited with discovering the "New World".

Consuming liquid.

Not national, not local, but this.

A rowdy soccer fan who's up to no good.

Put sweet coating and sprinkles on cakes.

Written souvenir from your travels.

Half of a just-married couple.

Shops making and selling fresh bread.

Long-living, land-dwelling turtle species.

Puzzle 11

Bouncy, like a Slinky.

Microsoft's email program.

Collectors seek out a first one with rare books.

Do this to the fire; make a bad situation worse.

Type of cards that have jacks, queens, kings.

Gathering of friends or colleagues from the past.

Your __; term of address for royalty.

Texan city or singer Whitney.

Business or other commercial operation.

Aerial pulley slide you can glide along on.

Fluid-filled skin often caused by rubbing on foot.

Moving the body to music.

A dog's tail when in motion.

Puzzle 12

Animal with a plants-only diet.

Game of following rules only when his name is said.

Enter this to get extra lives in video games.

Agricultural setting with cows reared for milk.

Stuffed toy ursine to have a picnic with.

People bark up this incorrectly.

Smooth-skinned stone fruit, similar to a peach.

Not manual.

Device for catching rodents.

Biblical punishment of fire and this.

Puzzle 13

Walk quietly on the front of one's feet.

Remote-controlled planes without pilots.

Religious or spiritual ceremony with intention.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and this.

Classic snack with a sausage in a long bun.

Popular Disney movie about an icy princess.

Ankles of the hand.

A puppy is born as part of one.

Animal park to drive through and see lions.

Instrument played by dangling in the wind.

Caught some quick z's.

Watery canal city in northern Italy.

Outdoor meal on a blanket.

The sound of bells on Santa's sleigh.

Puzzle 14

Crime of disloyalty to your country.

Premises that white-collar workers work from.

Go back over one's footsteps.

Ali Baba and the Forty __.

Thick felt pens used for making posters.

Cupboard or bedside storage.

Against the law.

Ted, John F. or Robert of this famous family.

Most populous African country, capital is Abuja.

Type of train without passengers.

Hairy-shelled palm tree fruit.

Running slowly for fun.

An apple inspired Newton's theory of it.

Puzzle 15

Played in the water and made noises.

Going up a ladder or play frame.

Willow Smith is Will and Jada's __.

Vision, how well you can see.

Video chat on an Apple device.

He was pope from 1978 to 2005: JP II.

Notice with instructions or directions for drivers.

Disney animated film about a Greek demigod.

Sphere of beef or pork with herbs.

Trade, business sector.

What pirates bury or kids hunt for.

Turn here to read the final line of a novel.

Puzzle 16

Area beside a tombstone.

Balance upside down on the palms.

City or park sculptures with water features.

Sherlock and Scooby try solving these.

Like a dead smartphone, lacking electricity.

Said at the end of a game of chess.

Hoodwink or baffle, as when watching a magic trick.

Person you spend time with on February 14th.

Active during night-time hours.

Long, thin green vegetable eaten with hollandaise.

Puzzle 17

Divisions that are equal to 20 percent.

Garaged the car.

Tubes that children ride down on a playground.

White turkey or chicken meat is from this part.

One of Santa's reindeer, sounds like a kebab.

The Sphinx makes you answer one of these.

Fortress that could be built from sand.

Another name for White Walkers in GOT.

Bleach, lighten.

Burrowing rodent with sharp, prominent front teeth.

A series of linked gymnastic moves, a fancy fall.

The Queen's "on the wall" consultant in Snow White.

US island state located in the Pacific Ocean.

Fastening option instead of laces on shoes.

US nickname for Brits, a citrus analogy.

Muscle that has been overstretched slightly.

Path a person takes in employment and jobs.

Stylistically farm-like; shabby chic.

Human upper bodies.

Puzzle 18

Man-made homes for honey-makers.

The hours when you can go and see an in-patient.

Boom period after discovery of precious metal.

Glue, for making craft models.

Take matters into your __.

You need this and the password to sign in.

Performer whose goal is to make people laugh.

Remove hair from corn.

Queen's daughter that kids might pretend to be.

People from France and Germany's continent.

This type of identity is due to eyewitness error.

Puzzle 19

Dry regions where cacti grow.

Place to borrow books.

Liquid with cider, rice, and red wine varieties.

MoMA and Uffizi Galleries, for example.

Scottish instrument with a sack one blows into.

Pilot's emergency escape seat in an aircraft.

Baby frog.

The body uses it to build and repair muscles.

Cleaning the car with soapy water.

Disney prince that traveled by magic carpet.

Dropping to the bottom of a bucket of water.

Waste, trash.

Puzzle 20

Water jet on a lawn, fun to run through.

Stretchy strip at the top of a skirt or trousers.

Numerical code that identifies any computer online.

What Jack climbed to meet the giant.

Club member in charge of club finances.

Legal protection for original books, music, etc.

Day when kids go trick or treating.

Someone who consumes animal flesh.

Energy that can be replaced or made anew.

Altitude; Mount Everest has the highest.

Greenish nut in a hard-to-split shell.

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