CodyCross Childhood Dream Jobs Pack answers

Childhood Dream Jobs PackChildhood Dream Jobs

Here are the answers to CodyCross Childhood Dream Jobs Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Empathy, rapport, likeness.

Signature South African red wine variety.

Sporting games that began in ancient Greece.

Madonna's version of this was blond.

The moment one day turns into the next.

When a landlord throws out a tenant.

Central character in medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

Farmer who tends to sheep.

Germs that cause infection, need antibiotics.

A natural ability to do something; talent.

New York's main theater region.

Spelling board game with tiles.

Puzzle 2

Wife or husband.

Train __, in charge of a keeping an engine going.

Online chat and discussion sites.

__ Korps; German army division led by Rommel.

A wooden utensil used for writing or drawing.

The mind or personality; also Cupid's wife.

Country of which El Al is the national airline.

I Put a Spell on You singer Nina __.

Tech company known for its search engine.

Heavy metal object attached to a ship to moor it.

Fine sugar granules, used for baking.

Loose-fitting women's shirt.

__ School, enduring book series set in the Alps.

Once __, twice shy; caution after a bad experience.

Black __, a murder victim in 1940s Los Angeles.

Worker who joins very hot materials together.

Circular festive greenery.

Proportional relationships between two numbers.

Wildcat native to Central and South America.

Puzzle 3

Michelle __, Frankie and Johnny star.

Fur coughed up by cats.

The E in UAE.

A written, binding document signed by both parties.

To sum up; in a __.

Roald Dahl book about a pet tortoise.

__ cream, egg custard and gelatin made in a mold.

Singers of "The Scientist" and "Clocks".

Brass instrument played by Jim in American Pie.

Cartoon about the bewilderment of puberty.

Type of number that's less than zero.

Like John Cena or Trish Stratus.

Person who landscapes and tends to green spaces.

Puzzle 4

Caught fish with a sharpened pole.

Meat and eggs are a source of this.

Vampires can't see themselves in these.

Bringing to mind, recalling.

Internet __, managing money online.

Saint-__, French city or English dance band.

__ Cohen, he and Elton John sang Born to Lose.

Julie who played Mary Poppins.

Sifting out lumps.

Measure of a person's running performance.

UK's second female prime minister, __ May.

Why? __ I said so.

Works with meat, cutting and selling it.

Artist who works with brushes on canvas.

These Hillbillies moved to __ Hills in California.

Santa's vehicles.

Puzzle 5

Cooking food over smoldering heat.

More meek.

Variant spelling of a nomadic person, gypsy.

Politically progressive.

British F1 team and technology company.

Flower-power people.

Piece of clothing.

Native people of Bratislava and Košice.

Dutch media company that created Big Brother.

They fix pipes and install heating systems.

Form of writing that's made up, not a true story.

Chief who wears a star-shaped badge.

Another word for a snake.

Puzzle 6

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Grammy winning duet.

The Italian word for Venice.

Low-lying, load-carrying railway truck.

The __, De Niro kidnaps natives to sell.

South American country on the equator.

Outer scoring areas on a dartboard.

Fruit that's like a smaller, more tart peach.

__ Ditko, full first name of US comic book artist.

A tight embrace.

__ artist, swings high in a big top.

Young dogs.

Prince Eric's servant in The Little Mermaid.

Army member.

Movie or book plots.

Nottingham __; home for Prince Harry after wedding.

Puzzle 7

__ wrap, air-filled plastic used in packaging.

Mickey __, actor in 9½ Weeks and Angel Heart.

Dresses as a furry animal for their sports team.

__ Express, luxury train service across Europe.

Black Friday's Cyber counterpart.

Rhyming stanzas written by lyricists.

Balkan republic that declared independence in 2008.

Animal often called a bug.

Caribbean cuisine, featuring rice, beans, seafood.

__ Park, Boston's world-famous baseball ground.

__ or later; eventually, in the end.

Paste used between bricks that hardens when dry.

__ Criss of Glee and Little White Lie.

Puzzle 8

Def Leppard sings Love and __.

Italian spaghetti sauce with meat and tomatoes.

Fairground game with poles to catch quackers.

King who set his own time zone at Sandringham.

Extreme or severe in a description of the weather.

Mirrored tube to see above water in submarines.

Can play bass or acoustic in a band.

Deport someone to another country for trial.

Home appliances maker; water vortex.

Person who helps those who have lost keys.

Puzzle 9

Jean __, blonde bombshell mentioned in Vogue.

Mystical and supernatural practices, black magic.

A thing that is done.

Baby __, a person born between 1946 and 1964.

__ Smile, charity version of online shopping site.

Study of the properties of light.

Red-nosed funny entertainers.

Aviation company that built the giant A380.

Country that was victorious in the "Six Day War".

__ Cook; British travel agent from 19th century.

Grouped together for a sporting event.

Last name of the inventor of the light bulb.

Hunter who catches swimmers.

__ shells, bivalve casings in Mary Mary's garden.

Soap-filled steel wool scouring pad brand.

Many smartphone games require refills on this.

Swiss dish of bread dipped in melted cheese.

Forklift voiced by Teri Hatcher in Planes.

Attacked with surprise.

These are walked down by brides and grooms.

TV show__ King starring Chris Pine.

Puzzle 10

Bung, cork.

Just inhale and exhale.

Milan opera house.

"I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" musical.

Sahara, Mojave, Gobi.

__ Saddles, Mel Brooks satirical Western movie.

Adopted Spanish word for having courage, balls.

What a chef is usually doing in the kitchen.

Called hot dogs, Dachshunds are also named this.

This doctor operates on people.

Change a measurement from one unit to another.

Alloy of mercury used in dental fillings.

Nymph who held Odysseus hostage for seven years.

One of a Star Trek villain species.

Podium, raised platform where medals are awarded.

Create a fake social media profile.

Puzzle 11

Rabbit that asks Doc what's up.

What you are, according to James Blunt.

Wood worker.

Waxy bee product that can be eaten.

Book keeper of sorts.

Personal diary device brand designed for the hand.

Treasure at the end of a rainbow.

He's Harry Potter's nemesis.

The tallest is 3,212 feet high in Venezuela.

Indian filmic style of Bride & Prejudice.

Puzzle 12

1999 Steve Martin comedy about a filmmaker.

Stephen King's car possessed of evil intentions.

Put a candidate up for an award or job.

Natural resource that is easily replenished.

London square with four lions.

Mediterranean herb that looks like parsley.

More badly behaved than another person.

Drawer of blueprints for buildings.

Lady Gaga's debut hit single.

Flight __, person who looks after you in the air.

Going the __ means doing more than is expected.

Puzzle 13

Twisting force that causes rotation.

Dairy slang for tacky, corny or uncool.

Overhanging canvas canopy outside a shop.

Worker who fixes the very top of houses.

Marvel's Claire Temple actress Rosario __.

Too Much __ Business: Chuck Berry classic tune.

Eight Legged __, 2002 horror with mutant spiders.

TV show named after Madison Avenue.

Sport of Joe Frazier, Evander Holyfield.

One runs under the Channel between England, France.

Precious metal, symbol of 25 years of marriage.

The opposite of tragedy, in drama.

Surname of English sisters, all authors in 1800s.

Worker who delivers letters and other mail.

Edible bulbs often sliced, diced and fried.

Reflective surface.

Puzzle 14

Reprehensible lowlifes.

Prison island in California.

A company or person unable to pay their debts.

__ designer, one who plans and styles rooms.

Italian explorer; US City.

Starting point in a piece of crochet.

This person fixes vehicles.

Ripe tomatoes dehydrated by warm solar rays.

Twelve men who worked with Jesus.

Chilly sports venues originally called glaciariums.

Ironing clothes to remove creases.

Small crack or break in a bone.

Puzzle 15

Title bestowed on Napoleon in 1804.

__ sky, vodka cocktail for Tom Cruise.

Hold of the upper limb in judo and wrestling.

This Valley is where technology companies are.

To set up new appliances.

Umpire in a sports match.

__'s Feast, Danish Oscar-winning film of 1987.

__ force; main factor, motivator.

Photo taken with a zoom lens.

Relating to the religion with Muslim followers.

Person who shampoos and brushes dogs.

Professor Henry in My Fair Lady.

Arachnids, bird-eating is the largest.

__ disease, embracing term for mononucleosis.

They cast spells at Halloween.

Puzzle 16

Disaster that snowboarders need to look out for.

Deranged, giddy from injury, illness or joy.

Rules of quality.

Glass case for a turtle.

One of three stages during a pregnancy.

Nutritionist who plans food choices and goals.

Not using a real name, going undercover.

A children's story about imaginary places.

The main ingredient in jellied Thanksgiving sauce.

Academic who studies past events.

Kenny G's instrument of choice.

Footwear for frosty weather.

Puzzle 17

Business or political liaison, perhaps.

Legal advisor to represent people in court.

Joseph __, patented Portland cement in 1824.

Spotted deer native to Indian subcontinent.

Evening meal enjoyed with family or friends.

__ worker, assigned to help people in need.

Blades for chopping food.

__ River, waterway that runs by West Point Academy.

Casablanca song As Time __.

A dedicated place for art or historical relics.

Someone you like or who can read your social posts.

__ Morphin Power Rangers.

The floor of a boxing ring.

Golden __, Jason & his Argonauts chased it down.

Steve __ and __ Short, actor bffs.

Puzzle 18

Planned time table of personal events and meetings.

Formal dress code worn at some weddings.

Person who makes cartoons come to life.

Small fishes of the herring family.

Combing someone's hair.

Home to the most famous US horse race.

Peter Parker's red-headed girlfriend.

William __, author of As I Lay Dying.

One who designs bridges and machinery.

Greek dish of minced lamb and aubergine.

Boldness or gall, a Yiddish term.

Puzzle 19

Biggest American football game.

Liev __, Scream horror film trilogy actor.

Thrust or pushed forwards.

Space voyager.

University lecturer who heads a department.

Buenos Aires is the capital of this country.

Instrument also known as a mouth organ.

__ Empire, series about Atlantic City in the 1920s.

Express or priority service, usually in shipping.

Scarlett, the Avengers Black Widow.

Steinbeck novel __ of Wrath.

Cocktail of tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice.

Puzzle 20

French comics character, a Gaulish hero.

To have filtered out all the impurities.

A performing gymnast, usually at a circus.

Robert de Niro's April film festival in New York.

Mouth doctor who checks teeth and gums.

Fastened paper with metal wires.

Finely slicing cheese into tiny flakes.

Trade up to better equipment or software.

Single-piece baby clothes.

Hired helpers who look after children in the home.

1980s slang for I agree; completely.

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